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He walks in to the room quietly and sees her lying there in the white porcelain tub. The air is tinged with the light smell of the scented bath and the room is doused in quiet light from the flickering candles. He sees the glass of half drunk red wine and moves in even closer. God, how sexy she looks covered in white tiny bubbles. Her soft body prone in the tub totally immersed in the warm water. Her head propped back on a little blue towel baring the soft curve of her neck. Her silky blond hair is up and she has her eyes closed but she knows he is here.

He glances at the swell of her breasts just peeking through the bubbles and enjoys the erotic view they make. Rising and falling ever so slightly, he knows that she is relaxed. This is just what he had envisioned. She needed this and he would give it to her.

He walks over to the white vanity and takes a small sip of the wine. In his minds eye he can see her luscious lips covering the rim of the glass and remembers the times those lips were wrapped around him. He feels a surge of passion at the thought and then remembers, this is for her. Tonight she will be played as a beautiful musical instrument and his hands will make her sing.

She opens her blue eyes and begins to speak. “Shhhhhh” her Master says to her. He looks at her and states so matter of factly,” Close your eyes and do not speak. Just enjoy this moment. The only thing I wish to hear emanating from your wet silky throat is your sounds of passion”. She knows better than to disobey for she realizes this is as much for him as for her and she will not displease him this night. She nods, looking passionately into her Master’s eyes and then closes her eyes once more and lowers her neck back to the edge of the tub.

He slowly undresses. His eyes never leaving her body. He unbuttons his wrinkled white shirt. It has been a long day! He undoes his belt and unbuttons his pants slowly. Now it will get better! He knows she can hear him and wants to look but he also knows she will not. She loves her Master and wishes not to disobey him. He steps out of his black loafers and discards his socks and is naked before her. She still has not looked and her eyes remain closed. He knows this is punishment to her.

He crosses to the edge of the tub and sits there near her. He can feel the heat rising from the warm water. “Is it the water or is it her?” he wonders to himself. She is such a passionate creature! He has been fortunate to find this loving submissive. And quickly thinks back to when he first met her. It always brings a smile to his face.

Turning his attention back to her he lowers his small hands to her neck and shoulders and begins to knead her muscles. She is tense but not from strenuous work. He knows his touch always does this to her and that is why he knows how to play her. A quick stroke there and a soft pluck here and before long she sings for him. It will again be this way tonight but also different.

He is enjoying the feel of her soft skin. It is like touching a velvet cloth. Smooth and silky, soft and supple. His fingers rub her delicate shoulders and slowly caress the nape of her neck. His fingers love to touch her and he can never seem to get enough of her. Nor she, him! He lowers his lips to her ear and gently licks the outside. “God, I love the taste of you,” he whispers in her ear and she moans in acquiescence. He nibbles at her ear and moves his lips to behind her lobe and kisses her softly. He knows she enjoys this and continues his foray. His hands have stopped kneading her shoulders as they wish to feel more of her. He slowly spreads out his fingers and begins his glide over her wet skin to her breasts.

She is beginning to breathe a little more rapidly now. It does not take much to begin his sweet pet on her passionate journey. That is something that he has loved from the beginning. Her quickness to arousal. Her desire to Betturkey please him. He continues to lick and kiss at her lobes raining love down upon her. But he also senses her impalpable desire for more. His hands are almost at the swelled tips of her white creamy mounds and he longs to fill his hands with her soft orbs. Ever so slowly, while not stopping at kissing her ears and nuzzling her neck, he encircles her breasts with his hands and starts to gently caress them. They feel perfect. He cups both breasts in his hands and enjoys the way they just mold themselves to his fingers. Perfect mounds of pleasure topped by hard little nubs. Her nipples have hardened considerably on top her wet mounds and they are rising out of the bubbles like glaciers in the artic. He slides his thumbs over them and feels them spring to his touch. She moans a little more now and he realizes he has set the orchestra flowing. The beginning movement!!

His lips on her throat nipping at her skin and leaving light teeth marks. His hands encompassing her breasts he continues on with his musical creation. His fingers rise from her breast and lightly pinch at her tall hardened red nipples. He knows she likes them pinched and he alternates between soft little squeezes and harder forceful pressure. He flicks his fingers over them and then pinches again. Little circular swirls and then hard tugs between his thumb and forefinger. He has always loved the way they respond. She is moaning ever more so now and he knows it is time to move on else she cum from this intense movement he has begun.

His hands leave her breasts and continue their journey downward. She whimpers her protest and he whispers to her. “Shhhh or I will stop all together”. She hears the command in her Masters voice and obeys for she always tries to be his good little slave. She loves him. And she has from the moment they met and still doesn’t know how or why, just that it was.

His hands have moved lower to the gentle slope of her belly and he lovingly plays with her bellybutton. She smiles but does not say anything for she does not want this concerto to end. She is his instrument to play with as he chooses and she just happens to benefit from the music he plays. His hands move on even lower and he feels her intake of breath for she is hoping that their journey is headed toward her apex. But the hands continue elsewhere and she wants to groan her protest but again dares not. He will pluck whatever string he wants and she will not interfere.

His hands move ever lower now to her soft legs and the tight thighs. He lets his fingers roam at will upon her soft body. To the inside of her creamy thighs and the underside of her sculpted legs he glides his hands over her. Slowly, knowing that he will tease her, he slips his hands nearer her sweet treasure. It is hotter down here, much hotter than the water that she soaks in. Her passion is steaming the room unlike any steam ever could. He lets his fingers roam to with an inch of her pubic mound and stops. Applying light little touches he teases her with his fingertips.

It is becoming too much for her. A small moan escapes from her mouth and he hears every little note of passion she utters. He continues his ministrations all the while knowing that the movement is rising. The music is beginning its ascent to heaven. And she is the recipient. God, he loves to see her like this!

He pries his lips away from her neck and slowly licks his tongue down her body to the hard nipples that tremble. He ever so lightly flicks his tongue over one nub and feels her quick intake of breath. Now he has her attention. Her back arched and her breasts high she tries to push more of her breasts into his mouth. He backs away knowing that he is the one who will control this musical crescendo and him alone. She sighs, knowing that he will control her passion and her body. And she will let him. He Betturkey Giriş can do whatever he would like. He is Master!

Seeing her back lower and her breasts fall he swoops in with his mouth and sucks her nipple deeply into his mouth. Now he has her and hungrily flicks his tongue over the hardened moist nub. Now she begins to moan loudly. The tremble of her body takes shape in the depth of her throat. He hears her sweet music and knows that she is on her way to ascension. With great hunger and passion her assaults her nipples and breasts, loving them, licking them, gently biting them. She arches her back more and tries to fill his mouth with her orbs and this time he lets her. Feasting on her mounds he savors the heat and softness of her skin. And then he stops. Again!

She opens her eyes and pleads silently with him to continue. But it is not to be. He looks at her and mouths the words silently, “It is not time” She sees the look in his dark eyes and knows that this evening is be special. He will make her tremble with desire like a softly plucked fiddle played by a master fiddler. She can see that nothing less will suffice for him and she lowers herself back into the water.

She had forgot his hands. They came back to her senses again lightly caressing her inner thigh. It was driving her mad with desire and he would continue his light touches sliding closer and closer to her inner core. Close and yet never toughing and she knew better than to try and push her velvety mound closer to his touch. She knew it would upset him and so she just trembled and let him have his way. Master knew what she needed even when she didn’t.

He knew now was the time to regain his composure and her attention away from her passion. He was becoming insanely aroused himself and his manhood stood firm and erect wishing to penetrate her wet puffy lips. But tonight was about her. About showing her that he loved her, that he valued her, that he desired her. Tonight was about Release!

Releasing her from all the negative things that had happened to her. Release from a life of unhappiness and frustration. Release of her body, mind, heart and soul to him forever, completely.

And so he drew away from her womanhood and let her catch her breath. He could still hear her small sounds of pleasure. Gently mewling and little sighs. He had her now and it would not be much longer. So his journey continued.

His hands glided further down her muscled legs, feeling the soft silkiness of her skin. He slipped his hands under her knees and heard her mewing again as he lightly scratched behind her knees. He knew she would like this also and kept playing her. One hand under one knee and the other hand slipping further down her legs. He bent lower and kissed her knee and she softly whimpered at that. She loved his kisses, gentle, rough, sensitive, demanding, insistent. Any way that he chose to kiss her and make her feel wanted and loved. He had a way of doing that to her and she never wanted to feel the lack of it. She so desperately wanted to please him with her whole being.

Ever slowly, not mindful of time, his hands caressed her curved supple calves and grazed lovingly over her legs. She had such strong legs and calves from years of walking. He loved that about her. How she strove to take care of herself and her appearance. It was important to him. He loved how she looked!

Ending at her feet his hands enveloped her foot and gently began to work the muscles on the undersides. She whimpered a little more as he did this. It was relaxing and sensual. He kneaded the muscles with his strong hands and pressed his thumbs against her tender skin. Sliding fingers between her toes and rubbing the arches of her feet, first one foot and then the other. Gently trying to work all the hardness out of her body and draining her of any cares she may have had. He was watching her every move. She was totally relaxed. Now was the time! The final movement! The Climax!

Tenderly lowering her tiny feet he slid his hands back up her legs just pausing slightly. There was purpose now to his hands and time to make this creature of submission sing and soar. He was going to play her now and play her well. She would never forget this night! His hands closed in on her inner thighs and he felt her tensing rising again. Yet as once before, he knew this was a different tension. An air of sexual tension. And she knew too, that it was time!

Lowering his lips once again to her firm breasts he sucks them deeply into his mouth. He flicks the tender nipples once again making them strain even harder to stand erect. He nibbled and licked and licked and nibbled. Taking pleasure in every taste of her skin. Her body started responding with all the passion of an orchestra playing their most complicated piece. Her body arched and forced her swelled breast even further into his mouth. His teeth nipping and his tongue licking were taking their toll and then he added another movement.

His fingers found her treasure. Slippery and wet, hot and aching, he slides his fingers over her mound. And she jumped. Gliding through her little tuft of blond hair and gently caressing her puffy outer lips he caressed and felt. Sliding one hand over her heated mound he cupped her and felt her slippery juices starting to flow even through the water. Her tiny clit was engorged and longed to be touched. He erased that longing. His forefinger found her little hard button and proceeded to give it the attention it ached for. He softly rubbed it and then slid his fingers over it and between her folds.

She was breathing hard now, very hard. Her moans coming louder and longer. It was the music he longed to hear. She was being primed for the finality. His assault on her soft body continued. His fingers were everywhere at once. Sliding over her swollen clit, slipping in to her tender wet folds. Caressing her inner thighs and then back to her soft opening. She splayed her legs for him wider for easier access and he knew she was close. Her whimpering and low moans mingled with the sharp intakes of breath told him she would not last much longer. He was determined to bring her to that final moment!

He continued to slide his fingers everywhere surrounding her wet slippery cunt. She was crying out now as he touched and prodded and flicked. He felt her wetness as it began to flow from her canal of love. He slipped first one finger inside her and then another. She was a furnace of desire. His fingers attacked her clit. Lightly at first rubbing over all of it and then incessantly he worked at it and rubbed it till it was harder and more erect than it had ever been before in her life. She was crying out loudly now in her most passionate sounds. The music of her wanton desire was filling him with the sweet sounds he had sought.

It was time. She was on the edge. Her body strung tighter than the strings on a guitar and he went to work on her with the fury of a man possessed. He nipped her nipples and flicked her clit. He thrust his fingers inside her and rubbed her love button with his thumb. His touch was everywhere and on every part of her. And she exploded like the sound of a thousand trumpets.

Crying out to no one and everyone, “Master, uhhhhhhn nnnnnngggggggg… I’m cummmmmmminnnngggg” her voice exploded with the sweet sounds of lust and pleasure. She moaned and mewed and her body arched and twisted. She came and couldn’t stop as he continued to play with her. She screamed as she came again and again and her voice was singing with the intense orgasm he had given her. She was insane with her pleasure and didn’t want it to end. She had never cum so intensely or so many times at once before. Finally he stopped his exploration and let her descend back down from her high. She was radiant from her lust and he knew she would know.

He looked lovingly at her and said one word “Release”.

She looked back and with all the love she had within breathed, “Surrender”!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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