Relieving Her Tension

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She was frustrated again, I could tell. Just little things, the way she would sigh softly, trying to hide it, twirling her fingers in her hair, staring blankly at the screen, as through the paper was going to write itself. Her shoulders were a bit tense as well, and her right leg was kicking out a quick, irritated rhythm. Oh but she was beautiful like that, in a strange way. Her red hair cascading down her back, over the black t-shirt she had borrowed from me, the creamy white skin of her arms as they disappeared in front of her, and slowly I found myself drifting into a short daydream about her just sleeping, so peaceful and calm, with a small smile curling the corners of her lips, in a devious depiction of whatever dream she was having.

With a small smile, I quietly uncurled myself from the couch, and stepped softly over behind her, just watching her little movements for a few short moments, her right hand absently twining fingers in her hair, her left tapping a rhythm on her leg as she fought for concentration on the paper that was eluding her. Lowering my hands to her shoulders, I slowly began massaging her tight muscles, relaxing them as a soft sigh escaped her mouth. Massaging up to her neck, I could feel her loosening, as my fingers found the soft, smooth, warm skin of her neck, and a slight shiver ran through my body, starting at my fingers, shooting up to my brain then back down through my body, building in my lower abdomen.

“I really have to finish this paper,” she half-heartedly sighed softly to me, her voice betraying her intent.

“I know, but your not getting much done like this, are you?” I replied, my tone soothing, yet slightly teasing with an almost mocking undertone.

“No,” she sighed heavily, relaxing back from the desk.

Running my fingers up into her hair, I took hold of a handful, and gently, but firmly pulled her head back, so her eyes could meet mine, as I ran a single nail around the base of her neck, then up the front of her throat to her chin, delighting in the sudden way her eyes widened, how her quick intake of breath seemed to catch in her throat. Wordlessly I guided her up out of her chair by her hair, sliding my hand along her cheek and jaw line, then trailing a nail from under her ear, along the underside of her jaw and back to her chin.

With a small shiver, she whimpered just a little, an almost inaudible noise given away more by her eyes and the shudder in her body. Releasing her hair, I ran my nails slowly down her back, watching her arch, he eyes rolling back slightly, my other hand sliding down the front of her body, over her full breasts, feeling her nipple harden quickly on my way to her stomach. Drawing my right hand back behind her, I swung it quickly down in a firm, loud smack on her left bottom cheek, my other hand tracing a nail along her waistline slowly, and leaning down to nibble her earlobe, flicking my tongue over it.

Softly from her lips, a small moan coaxed me further, telling me without a doubt that my plan was working, her body trembling already, and a slightly musky, sweet scent rising from her quickly flushing body. Nibbling down to her neck, I bit into it harder, sucking deeply on the side of it, nearly over her jugular, flicking my tongue over the trapped flesh, swinging my right hand out and back down sharply, on her right bottom cheek this time, and I felt her arch towards me. With my left hand, I drug my nails around her side, and up her back, into her hair, and pulled at it, tilting her head back, and holding her steady, as I wound my right arm back and landed another stinging smack on Betturkey her left cheek.

Releasing her for the moment, both from my mouth and left hand, I slid my hands under the edge of her shirt, palms in towards her, thumbs hooking the hem of it, and slowly slid it up her body, sliding my palms along her warm, creamy skin, brushing the sides of her breasts and eliciting a soft gasp. Continuing up sliding my hands under her arms, and along the smooth, warm flesh of them, tugging the soft cotton over her head, exposing her body fully. Taking a moment to gaze admirably at her beauty, her creamy white skin, marked with small brown freckles here and there, her full, inviting breasts with hard, pink nipples, one pierced, the other bare, her smooth, soft womanhood, uncluttered by even the least bit of hair, and her smooth, powerful legs, teasing me with their slight bend.

Leaning in, taking her lower lip into my mouth, sucking on it slightly, I ran my hands down her lovely body, feeling the warmth and tingle in her skin, then drew my nails back up her sides. Eagerly, yet with controlled patience I moved up slightly, kissing her deeply, taking her tongue into my mouth and sucked gently on it, while raking my nails stiffly down her back, and over her slightly blushed bottom. I felt her press in closer to me, and nibbled on her still captive tongue, bringing both hands out from her, and slapping them down in unison on her waiting bottom, then grasped both cheeks purposefully. Deeply into my mouth she moaned, wiggling her bottom in my hands, and in response I lifted her from that vantage, grinning inwardly as she wrapped her legs around me, her arms moving around my neck to hold on.

I could feel the warm wetness of her crotch pressing against me through the thin fabric of my shorts, and her warm yielding breasts tight against my chest, and slid my left hand up her back, grasping her hair again and pulling her head back, biting down on the opposite side of her neck, while my right slowly slid down her thigh back, nails trailing sharply into her skin. With an unbridled “OHH,” she ground her hips into me, gyrating in small circles, as I slid my open palm back up the bottom of her leg, sliding my hand under and between her legs, brushing then cupping her soft, swollen feminine lips.

Immediately my hand became soaked with her sweet juices, and I slid a finger slowly in between her lips, along the length of her, ever so lightly brushing her clit, as she moaned aloud into the small room. Licking over to her shoulder, I bit down hard, sucking her skin hard, then soft, then hard again, my finger circling the moist, warm area around her clit, mostly avoiding her throbbing clit, as I pulled back forcefully on her hair, relishing the feel, scent, and sounds of her. Smoothing the finger slowly over her clit, moving it back to slowly slide it inside her, I began moving with practiced steps towards the waiting bed.

Her moans growing in intensity, I laid her out on the bed, and moved from her, hovering over her, looking down on her with a mischievous grin, and slowly slid my hands up her body, out along her left arm to fasten it securely into the fleece lined cuff, already attached to the corner post. Drawing my nails lightly back down her arm, and side, I watched her squirm from the tickling sensations, then across her stomach. Sliding my open palms up her side, brushing the side of her soft breast, bring a slight gasp to her mouth, as I continued up her right arm, fastening it securely as well. Sliding my nails back down her arm, I delighted in the way Betturkey Giriş she squirmed and moaned, testing the arm restraints. Slowly I continued down her body and along her left leg, watching her eyes closely, the brilliant blue flashing like a clear lake in the afternoon sun.

Moving down the bed, I grasped her left ankle tight, pulling her leg out, hooking it quickly into the restraint, adjusting it properly, yet not too tightly, before moving to her right leg, restraining it as well. With the bases of my palms, I slid my hands up the insides of her amazingly soft, smooth legs, avoiding her moist lips, and up her body, over her throat, pausing to grasp it, then up over her ears and the side of her head to retrieve the gag from the headboard. Slipping it with some struggle, mostly feigned, into her mouth, I tied it behind her head securely, smiling down at her pleading eyes. Straddling her body, just above her hips, feeling her struggles beneath me, I moved my hands to her shoulders, and lightly traced patterns with my fingers against her soft flesh.

Dragging my nails down her body, I grasped her nipples in my fingers, pulling them taught and twisting them slightly, listening to her muffled moans, watching her struggle to squirm against the restraints. Reaching then to the nightstand, I retrieved the wax candle, and lit it slowly, letting it heat up. Moving it close to her body, I began dripping wax slowly onto her nipples and breasts, down the cleft between them and over her stomach, watching her writhe and hearing her gagged whimpers and moans, smelling keenly her arousal.

Reaching over to the nightstand again, I swiftly retrieved the wartenburgher wheel from the drawer while the wax cooled, I raised off of her, moving down beside her, breathing heavily on her body as I moved to the bottom of the bed. I started with the wheel at her feet, rolling it slowly up her legs, first the right, then the left. Watching her face, loving the ecstatic reactions painted plainly and fluidly there, I edged the wheel around the outsides of the cooled wax, before moving it into the stiff, cooled pool of wax, rolling it through the wax to her skin, over her stomach, up her breast and over her un-pierced nipple. Silently smiling, I shifted my hips to relieve the pressure on my throbbing erection.

I rolled the wheel heavily down the inside of that breast, and up the other, where I then carefully plucked under the wax to her nipple hoop, teasing it up and out, twisting it as the wax cracked and popped away, before setting the wheel aside to slowly peel the wax from her warm, reddened body. I relished in the way she moved her body back and forth, the sensations firing through her body, straight to her brain and sex, the soft pained pleasure moans she could no longer control, with her head snapping quickly back and forth in her prolonged ecstasy.

Moving back up the bed, with my leg resting over her hips, I lowered my head to her ear, and sucked her earlobe into my mouth, nibbling and licking it while moving my hand up to her throat, holding it heavily, then began licking down to her distended nipple, sucking it deeply into my mouth, lightly grinding my teeth over it as I was sliding my tongue along it. Feeling her body twisting and tensing beneath me, I slid my other hand down to her moist womanhood, slipping a finger between her lips to her clit, pressing lightly on it, moving it in slow circles, first clockwise, then counter as I moved over to her other nipple, chewing on it gently at first, then more forcefully.

Releasing her throat, and moving my body between her legs, I began kissing and licking down her stomach, and along her waistline, flicking my finger over her clit slowly, then sliding it down and inside her, feeling the waiting warmth and wetness, as her hips struggled to push down harder. Moving my head between her legs, and my body lower down on the bed, I licked the moisture from her inner thighs, then bit down at the sensitive spot, just a couple inches below her lips, sucking deeply as she moaned aloud, even through the emplaced gag.

Moving my hands, and grasping her hips, I licked up and over her lips lightly, her juices a sweet honey nectar driving me on, then slid my tongue slowly between her swollen, pouting folds, feeling the pounding warmth there. Her body began thrashing as best it could in the restraints, her moans and gasps coming faster as I licked along her, I rolled my tongue over her rock-hard clit, then sucked it into my mouth, letting my teeth graze it, circling it with my tongue. Her cries and moans becoming louder, and higher pitched, I released the throbbing button, and slowly licked along her cleft, up one side, down the other, then the same process in reverse, keeping her writhing, but slowing her urgency, before licking deeply into her, then sucking as much of her lips into my mouth as possible, while licking along her, pushing my tongue inside her at the bottom of each lick, holding tight to her as I felt her explode in a powerful, lasting orgasm.

I continued to lick at the sweet nectar of her for a few more minutes, cleaning her and bringing her excitement back up, before moving back from her, sliding my shorts down my legs, then releasing her legs as well, drawing them up with me as I moved up her, watching her face intently, my need and desire plainly written all over my own face. Running my hands up over her breasts, along the side of her face then back to her throat, holding at it with strength, but not too tightly, I slid slowly into her, giving her the chance to adjust to my member. Shortly, I began sliding back to nearly out of her, then back deep within, slowly increasing in both tempo and force, and began moving my hands over her, growling lowly in my effort, pulling my nails over her body, then sliding my open hands back over the same lines.

I could feel her body matching my motions, see the wildness in her face as I held myself back as long as possible, waiting, seeing in her face, as well as feeling deep inside her that she was close. Reaching down between her legs, I began rubbing her clit, and rolled her hips up a little more, allowing me deeper inside her, and reached up to release her gag, wanting to hear her. Her moans and gasps, the little high pitched whimpers quickly filled the room, and soon she was screaming aloud as the power of her orgasm took her whole body, wracking her in muscle spasms, milking me within her, as I released, bucking deep into her, pounding like a possessed man as my own orgasm exploded through my body, blanking my vision, my hearing, nearly all awareness save the feeling of my body and hers. In that moment, we were as one, thrown together more fully than ever in our ecstasy.

Our lust and energy spent, I slid down next to her, trailing my fingers along her, and releasing her arms, wrapping her in a hug, with a warm, sensitive kiss. Lying there a few moments, lingering in the energy and after-effort, I felt a calmness fill me, and felt peace in her now relaxed, yet somehow still hungry body. Leaning in to her ear, I kissed it lightly before whispering softly,

“You have a paper to finish, before we can properly wind down for the night.”

She looked at me with a devious smile on her face, and I returned her gaze with a smile of my own, before softly kissing her lips, then swatting her bottom to send her on her way…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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