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Fbailey story number 166


Webster’s New World Dictionary defines ‘repetition’ as doing something again and again. My thesaurus adds duplication, redundancy, and repeating to the list.

All I know is that my mother makes me do it over and over and over until I get it right. It doesn’t matter if it’s brushing my teeth, washing the car, or even butt fucking my sister.

Yes! Butt fucking my sister!

Well mom caught us doing it for the very first time and I though that she would kill us both. Not my mother! No! She just makes me do it over and over.

It was new and exciting the first time I fucked my fourteen-year-old sister. That was my birthday present to her. I gave her my virginity and she gave me hers. After that we had sex at every opportunity until she had her period. Then for some reason I suggested anal sex to her and she said okay. I had no more than gotten the head of my cock inside her anal opening than mom busted into my room and caught us in the act. We both had our pants down around our ankles effectively locking us in that position. My hands were on my sister’s hips and the head of my cock was in her asshole. Mom had the perfect viewing angle too so when I pulled the head of my cock out she saw my sister’s sphincter muscle slowly close back up.

I just stood there with my erection standing up proudly and my pants down to the floor. Desiree stood up and turned to face mom. Her short shirt fell back down into place but it did little to cover her pussy and her panties were still down around her ankles.

We just looked at mom as she looked at us. Finally mom asked, “Desiree was his cock in your ass?”

Desiree replied, “Yes mommy.”

Mom asked, “Why?”

Desiree replied, “Because my pussy is bleeding and I wouldn’t let him put it in there.”

Mom then asked, “How did it feel?”

Desiree replied, “Not so good Mommy. It hurt a lot and he only got the head in when you caught us.”

Mom said, “Is that so.”

Then mom walked over to us. She reached down and grabbed a hold of my cock. It was still hard but apparently not hard enough for mom. She told Desiree to suck my cock and to get it really hard so that I could put it back in her. Desiree looked at down my cock, then she looked up at me, and then she looked over at mom in disbelief.

Desiree then said, “But mommy, you know where it has been…”

Mom replied, “Yes I do and I know where it is going back in too. Now suck it like I told you or I’ll have to punish you.”

Reluctantly Desiree got down on her knees in front of me and took my cock in her hands. She really didn’t want to illegal bahis do it but she also knew better than to disobey mom when she was like this. We had been caught in the act of incest and not only that but in the act of anal incest. Desiree knew that she had no choice in the matter so unwillingly she placed her mouth over the head of my cock. Mom could tell that she wasn’t trying to do her best. Soon mom was kneeling next to her just inches away and staring at her. Desiree got very nervous and started sucking in earnest. I could then feel her tongue slid over the underside of my cock and it felt good. I had asked Desiree to suck my cock before but she wouldn’t. Mom stayed right there the whole time to make sure that Desiree did her best.

Finally mom said, “Okay now both of you get undressed including your shoes.” When we had she said, “Now Desiree bend over again like you were before.” She turned to me and said, “Poke your cock in her pussy to get it moist and then poke the head back into her ass. Do this one hundred times. Understand?”

I said, “Yes mom.” Then I poked my cock into Desiree’s pussy and then popped the head into her rectum. Desiree jumped as she had that very first time. I knew that she wanted to say something but I also knew that she wouldn’t. So I went from her pussy to her asshole repetitively. After about twenty times Desiree no longer jumped when I thrust the head of my cock into her butt. I kept count but the feeling was getting just too intense as I slipped it into her sphincter muscle. On my eighty-third penetration I erupted in her poop-chute. I grabbed onto her hips firmly, shoved it in further, and pumped my cum in her deep.

Mom said, “Okay you two go take a shower together and then come to the kitchen. Don’t bother to get dressed either.”

Desiree started to say, “But Mommy…” before she was cut off.

Mom did not wish to have her instructions questioned.

Desiree and I had never taken a shower together before. Hell, we had never even been allowed to be in the bathroom together before. Mom had always made sure that we were separated and that there was never any chance that I might see my sister naked. Now that she had caught us together she was sending us in to bathe together and run around the house naked. Something was definitely wrong.

As long as we were taking a shower together we took advantage of it. I washed Desiree’s nice firm breasts, her great little tight ass, and her lightly covered pussy. Then I very lovingly washed her asshole. She said that it was quite tender but that my finger and the soap felt good to her. When I reached for her pussy Desiree opened her legs up to illegal bahis siteleri give me even better access. I loved her pussy and had fucked it several times in the past three weeks but I had never played with her clit before. It was her magical pleasure button. I made my sister weak in her knees, almost dropping her to the floor of the shower when mom once again opened the door and caught us in the act.

Mom smiled at Desiree and asked, “How did that feel?”

Desiree smiled up at mom and answered, “Very good…very good indeed…I just loved it.”

Mom smiled at me and said, “Then do it again…one hundred times…understand?”

I sure did. I started to attack Desiree’s clit. After three more orgasms under mom’s supervision Desiree begged me to stop. Mom said no way in hell, so I kept it up. After two more orgasms Desiree was on the bathroom floor squirming to get away from my finger but I was bigger and held her down. Mom watched as I gave Desiree her thirteenth orgasm and she was crying uncontrollably. During number sixteen Desiree passed out but Mom told me to keep going. Believe it our not Desiree continued to experience thrashing orgasms even in her unconscious state. After number twenty, mom handed me a tube of K-Y Jelly to help out. She said that Desiree’s clit was more than raw enough already and that she would be very uncomfortable in school for a few days. However I was not to stop until I hit at least twenty-five orgasms.

Desiree finally woke up during her twenty-forth orgasm and cried and begged me to tell mom that I was done. No way I was afraid of mom too. On our way to the twenty-fifth orgasm Desiree was crying, squirming, and trying to push my hand away from her crotch. When I was done I opened up her legs to see what had happened to her and was she ever raw, just like mom had said. I felt sorry for my sister, got the tube of antibiotic cream out of the medicine cabinet, and applied a generous amount to her very tender clit and the area around it.

When we got into the kitchen Desiree was walking bow-legged so as not to rub her pussy lips together. Boy was she sore down there.

Mom took one look at her and said, “Desiree bend over that chair. Your brother owes me seventeen more anal penetrations.”

I looked at the smile on mom’s face then I looked at the shocked expression on my sister’s face. Desiree bent over the back of the chair. I got in close behind her and poked my cock into my sister’s pussy then into her fudge highway. She reacted a lot more to her pussy getting poked rather than to her butt getting probed. Seventeen more insertions and I was done, but mom noticed that my cock was canlı bahis siteleri still hard.

Mom said, “You might as well fuck her and get rid of that hard-on.”

Desiree started to cry but mom said, “Shut up. You’re the one that let him fuck you in the first place now bend over that chair again.”

Mom looked at me and said, “Stick it in her pussy and don’t worry about hurting her. The quicker you cum in her the quicker you can pull it out of her.”

I couldn’t argue with her logic but I grabbed onto my sister’s hips again and then I sipped my cock back into her pussy. As I was fucking my sister mom told me to grab a hold of her tits and try it. Mom told me to pinch Desiree’s nipples too.

Then of course mom said, “Do it again. Pinch them a hundred times. Understand?”

Sure I understood and so did Desiree. I reached around and cupped both of her breasts in my hands. Her nipple landed perfectly in the curl of my thumbs so I just pinched her nipples between my thumbs and my index fingers. I felt Desiree jump and I felt her pussy constrict around my cock. I could sure learn to enjoy that a hundred times that’s for sure. So as I fucked my cock into my sister’s pussy I pinched her nipples then I pulled it back out just to do it all over again. I didn’t last for all hundred but I left my cock in her pussy until I finished pinching her nipples just as mom had required.

After we ate dinner and helped mom with the dishes she told me that I still needed to finger Desiree’s clit for another seventy-five orgasms. When Desiree tried to bargain with mom I knew it was a big mistake. Then Desiree made the ultimate mistake of all time…she said that she would do anything to get out of the seventy-five more clit orgasms.

Quicker than Desiree could change her mind mom said, “Okay young lady in exchange for the seventy-five clit orgasms that you still owe me I’ll expect you to a few thing. For the next seventy-five days you will allow your brother to fuck your pussy before and after school and you will give him anal sex every night before bed.” Mom took a breath and continued by saying, “And you two will shower together, sleep together, and remain naked within this house. Then in seventy-five days I will decide whether or not it will continue.”

Desiree replied, “But mommy…”

Again mom cut Desiree off when she was speaking and said, “But nothing young lady. You were innocent but you gave yourself to your brother sexually. Now you belong to him. Boys only think with their cocks. Now his has you. You will be his little fuck toy and the sooner that you get used to that the better.”

Desiree said, “I understand but can’t I enjoy some of it too?”

Mom replied, “Oh believe me you will learn to enjoy it. I did when I was your age and I had three brothers.”

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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