Requiem Ch. 02

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I want to remind everyone reading this story that it is a slow moving plot. No, not as slow as molasses, but definitely slow. The sex will build and become more carnal as the pages turn, but one must have patience. If this isn’t the type of story you’re looking for, you’re free to look elsewhere! This chapter of the story Requiem will center on Veronica with an indirect point of view rather than how the first chapter began in the first person.

Also, I do not own any copyright to names, companies, businesses mentioned here either. Other than that, majority of the places in this story are a figment of my imagination. Enjoy.

The blade sliced through the vegetables at a gentle speed, the smells of fresh herbs and garlic accumulating in the air. First, let the flavors mix and sit for a few, and then… she thought as a swift flick of her kitchen knife sent the delicately cubed mushrooms, zucchini, and onions to a sizzling grave. Let it sit for a few more minutes and dinner is served. As if being eaten wouldn’t be terrifying enough, Veronica mused to herself while watching the stove. I could do with some lip service right about now.

Her gaze traveled across the sea of clean, neatly stacked dishes on the counter to Dylan who was seated in the living room with his fellow business partner and his wife that seemed glued to his side by an invisible force. Dylan had informed her several hours earlier that his business partner was to meet with him tonight over dinner. Apparently, his new partner Allen Frobisher had a few clever ideas to defeat the heavy competition of the company they’re both employed with.

It was all rubbish in her mind, though. The reason they had to move in the first place from Scotland was because of his career. The supervisors, CEOs, and banks he took loans from for the financing of his most recent failure had cost him dearly. The shelves of every electronic goods store within a twenty-mile radius of their hometown was stocked full of the company’s most recent new product The Edge. The advanced handheld shaver promised clean, smooth skin without the possibility of irritating razor burns or cuts. Unfortunately, more than half the majority of the male community returned the gadgets with red sores and bumps all along their jaw lines and lower face.

Not long afterwards, a mandatory recall of the product was issued when the sales dropped an exponential amount, and with it, Dylan. It was the conclusion of the lab technicians and engineers of the company to file for recall because of the material used as a chrome finish that caused irritants and allergic reactions.

Veronica had come home that night six-and-a-half months ago to expect dinner prepared for her, a plate of hot food steaming in the soft light of their homey living room following a harrowing day from hell. Work, basically. Instead she had found Dylan in his study, silently reading the newspaper like he always did. The rain from outside had soaked into her shoes as she stepped along the wooden floor towards the study, squeaking along the panels making her presence known.

She found light coming from the office, a shadow crossing the illuminated floorboards in a pacing way. The door was ajar when she knocked and looked inside. He didn’t raise his head but spoke aloud already knowing who was rapping on the wooden frame.

“We’re going to have to take a trip, Vonni. There’s been some bad feedback. with the new product, and…” He paused, letting the words weigh on her ears.

“Dylan… what about the house? We just paid the mortgage not a month ago. We can’t just up and leave for a bloody vacation! I can’t take my leave just yet either, Stuller wants me back on the ward by Thur-“

“Not a vacation. Moving.”

She didn’t hear him correctly. Moving? She thought. Has he gone mad?
“Are you mad?” The words left her mouth before she could zip them shut.

“No, dear. Just… I’m just in a tight spot. I have a friend from Grindle & Barnes who said he’d give me a position on his staff and a fuck more time and freedom then these arses at my old job could ever muster given’ me.” He rubbed the stubble along his chin as he paced on the farther end of the office.

“And, he lives in New York.”

Veronica’s head turned. “He lives fucking where?!”

“Aw, come’ on, sweetums! I promise it’ll be just fantastic! You always said you wanted to visit the empire state building. Ya told me so, I know that. It was on our anniversary, remember, darling?” He looked over at her with bizarre hope in his eyes.

Veronica felt a ping in her heart. Darling… he’s never called me that before. Almost out of reflex she turned her head out the window to the bright moon looming overhead. A voice as soft as silk whispered in her ear, palpable, “I love you, my darling.” Veronica felt her heart lurch once again at the voice. It was such a soft murmur, like the ones she’d speak of with Sherron. Veronica turned her gaze to the escort kızılay moon again, a deep sadness in her eyes.

Oh, sweetheart… I can’t love you. I just can’t… I don’t deserve you.
It’s been so long since I’ve last spoken to you. Forgive me.


She turned her eyes back to him after finishing her silent prayer. His hair was unkempt, the red curls in a craze. His grey eyes swept back over to her, noticing the slight catch in her breath. The soles of his shoes echoed along the floor as he made his way to her, his shadow blocking the window of moonlight.

“This is an important time for us. And, I want you to come with me.” He reached for her hand and held it. Veronica noticed a slight tremor in his grip, which unnerved her.

“But it’s New York City you’re talking about, Dyl. I can’t… I don’t know if I can make a commitment like the one you’re asking of me. We’ve been together for just over four years and it has been great. Dylan, but I can’t go with you to Ne-“

And it was at that moment when Dylan dropped down to one knee in front of her.

“Marry me.”

* * * * * * * * * * *

Two words. Two simple words caused Veronica Sutherland’s world to turn upside down yet again. She felt her memory being drawn backward into the cluster of thoughts her brain had become up to that precise moment.

The first time this exact feeling came to her was over four years ago. She had been having another long, fulfilling talk with Sher. They were discussing their morning routines and describing the pet peeves that drove them to near insanity when Veronica chose the moment to finish the night’s conversation she was dreading since Dylan had found out. She had just finished telling Sherron how wonderful she’d been for keeping her company on the ward shift that lasted from midnight to eight AM. And, she also told her how grateful she was for her chats, the good talks and the naughty ones.

Veronica knew that she’d been bored if it weren’t for Sherron staying online all night, even though she didn’t entirely agree with herself there; she would’ve missed her. She knew she’d be unable to stay away from her for more than a week without getting an itch. And, it was mainly because she knew how much she loved Sherron too. Veronica craved her endearments and her eloquent words. The words of a poet. After Veronica had explained to Sher that her temporary leave was on for the next two weeks, it was at that time that Tracey, her ward supervisor knocked on the open door in the nurse’s commons room.

Veronica jolted her gaze from the computer to Tracey, a shocked expression over her features.

“Hey, you okay? Your ride is just about ready, and the documentation on Phillip Marx needs evaluation. You had his rounds, didn’t you? Or was it Terrance?”
Tracey’s ditzy demeanor usually aggravated Veronica on a daily note, but there was more pressing matters that currently occupied her head. She shook her head at Tracey, her eyes returning to Sher’s continuous pings from the messenger window.

SHER: Darling where’d you go?

“…Alright then. Well, your ride’s about ready, do you want me to phon-“

Veronica held her hand up with her fingers outstretched. Five minutes.

Tracey seemed to have caught the gist because she stopped talking and the room felt less constrictive as before. She just absolutely hated when her coworkers walked in on her whenever she spoke with Sher. Once, Tracey had walked into the commons in such a rush that Veronica barely had enough time to snatch her hand from her scrubs when she asked for the week’s rotary shifts. She remembered how hard Sher said she laughed when Von revealed what had almost happened. Vonni shook her head again and gazed back at the glowing screen.

VONNI: I’m right here shereeeee.

SHER: Yes, but you have to go. You took a substantial amount of time to reply just now…

Gosh, you’re more right than you know. Veronica thought to herself. She bit her lip, not realizing that the words she’d say would be the last said to Sher. The words that would be her only reminder that she’d thrown away the one person that made her feel as if the world was made of magic and wonder.

VONNI: Babygirl, it’s that time again. You know I love you, don’t you? In my own way?

SHER: Well, …yes, I do. I do know that you love me.

VONNI: These past few weeks that you’ve been online more have really brought me out of the dark place I’d been in. You really cheered me up when I was only feeling resentment towards the world…

SHER: lol for a sprained ankle? And, I took you for such a strong woman too.

Veronica felt her cheeks itch like they always did whenever Sherron’s humor would fire at random. It also made her sad, for she knew not how Sherron would feel about her in the future with what was about to unfold. Vonni knew she had to be away from her because of Dylan. He had escort kolej found Vonni’s chat sessions and demanded the truth of the matter. Once she had finished explaining to him that she was indeed bi-sexual and partially involved with a friend she had met online, he gave her an ultimatum: ‘It’s me you choose, or it’s her you get.’

Veronica felt tears in her eyes, her lip trembling slightly. She didn’t want to say goodbye.

VONNI: Oi, you. Don’t get me started again. I can turn the tables just as quick as you, my little dove. My shereeeeeeee. My love.

SHER: I love you more than you’ll ever know. If you should ever feel lonely, just look towards the heavens and measure my love with the bright stars. And, don’t forget the moon…

A tear rolled down Veronica’s cheek. She heard Tracey’s voice again, but it sounded further and further away.

VONNI: Oh, I’ll never forget. The story of Selene and…Endy-

SHER: Endymion. The first human to discover the phases of the moon, yes. Or at least, I’ve always believed it that way. Tell me the story before you go, so I know you’ll always have it in your memory. So you’ll never forget me.

My God, does she know what I’m about to do? She’s speaks to me in a manner as if she knows we wont continue contact. Ever. Veronica pushed the supernatural thought from her mind, blaming it on coincidence and for Sher’s enigmatic way with words. Sherron loved mythology. Hindu, Greek, the list went on forever. She’d fill their discussions with magical lore, somehow incorporating it with conversation so… eloquently. Sher had a way with words that Veronica felt she could spend a lifetime with her and still feel as though she’d missed something.

VONNI: Selene fell in love with Endymion, for the look on his face when he slept. She asked Zeus to put him in eternal sleep so that she may always look upon him. And, every night, Selene visited him where he slept. In the same cave he’d spent time looking at Selene, the Titan goddess of the moon.

SHER: Whenever I sleep, I always feel your gaze.

VONNI: Because I’ll always be watching you as you drift off to sweet slumber. You’re an angel.

“Oi! Vonni! Your ride is leaving. NOW!” Tracey scolded from beyond the door.

Veronica felt another tear roll down, wishing that she had more time. And, she also wished for Sher to find it in her heart to forgive her in the future. Somehow, for once, Veronica’s luck failed her. Whenever she did anything, she always felt sure about it, or else she wouldn’t do it. She didn’t feel the same lighthearted, carefree feeling that usually followed after any decision making on her conscious. She felt as cold as the Grim Reaper wielding his scythe as she typed the words.



Veronica looked at the screen again. She felt surreal in that moment. A part of her heart was tearing at the seams.

VONNI: I love you. Never forget that.

She hovered the mouse over the ‘log out’ tab and clicked.

Her world flipped again to the moment of Dylan on one knee, his bristly face all bunched up in a confused look of dread. He had taken her silence as a no. The engagement ring was the first thing she noticed when her senses had finally returned to her. The diamonds along its edge glinting in the soft light, however the only thought to penetrate her mind was how heavy it looked, both in a material and figurative sense. Her green eyes followed Dylan’s gray ones. She knew she loved him, but she wasn’t sure how much she did. Remembering the words that had just been floating around in her head, the memory softly tugging at the walls lovingly…

Until, suddenly, it faded into the recesses of her mind. The conclusion she came to as she took the ring from its soft confines and nestled it nice and firmly on her wedding finger, was that she had finally let go of Sher’s influence on her. Ever since meeting her, she’d felt drawn to her. A certain thrum or vibration was always apparent whenever they spoke. And, it always followed her wherever she went. Now, after the four years of that sound beginning and lingering, it finally ended. The feeling of being one with something was lost to her after feeling its presence for so long. As Veronica lifted Dylan from the collar off the floor and into her arms, she kissed him.

They were fumbling with buttons and zippers as they both knelt down on the carpet by the window, the moonlight causing their skin to glow. Veronica looked up at the mysterious bright ball of light, wondering if Sher knew she was looking at her now with Dylan’s mouth on her neck, causing her to moan. She wasn’t sure if she could make love with him under the light of the moon, for how strange it felt. Veronica knew he was too far-gone in his own desire for Dylan to heed anything she’d say other than “I’m coming”.

It was so strange though, as his hands traveled down to her thighs and spread them. Her green escort maltepe eyes caught a fleeting image of a star shooting by; it’s light brighter than anything she’d ever seen in the night sky. She tried to strain her head in the direction it flew off to, but she felt him inside her. The shooting star and every thought she’d had before she saw it fly past open view left her as quick as it had come.

* * * * * * * * * * *

She shook the disorientation from the memories flooding her mind, rubbing her temples. The aroma wafting through her home had eventually brought her back to reality for fear of burning the vegetable medley. Veronica checked the roast in the oven and withdrew from the mouth-watering sight with a smile after turning off the stove. A friend recommended honey glazed pork tenderloin with vegetables and couscous a few weeks ago via email while Veronica was busy moving from Scotland to Manhattan, NY. Dinner is a success once again. Vonni took pride in her cooking often, especially when tackling a recipe foreign to her.

Veronica began rummaging through the cupboards till her hand grasped the jar of honey from the local supermarket. She couldn’t resist sneaking a taste with her finger like she always did and relished the sweet flavor, humming to herself. Her tongue curled around her finger when an image of Sherron materialized in her mind, her fingers coated with honey. The goddess-like body she possessed sashayed towards Veronica in her daydream, touching herself with the honey-coated fingers. Veronica hushed out a breath, her voice husky. She was still hearing moans when another voice invaded her conscious.


She whirled around wide-eyed with her fingertip still nestled between her lips. Dylan’s head emerged from the wall that closed off the view of the living room asking about dinner. Sucking the honey off, she feigned a smile.

“Ten minutes, I just need to finish the glaze.” Veronica, feeling the rush of endorphins in her bloodstream, turned back to her task at hand and fell silent. Once she heard his footsteps distancing from herself, she let out a sigh. Of relief? Of frustration? She didn’t know. All she knew was that ever since she encountered Sherron at the gallery, the thrum and vibration she’d felt leave her during Dylan’s proposal had suddenly manifested itself in her mind again. In her body. Her soul.

She remembered sitting down in the bare living room of the three bedroom and two bathroom house fishing for her patient log out of a cardboard box marked with a sharpie that said, ‘VON’S STUFF’. When she found it, she pulled it out along with a few fragile mugs stuffed with newspaper. The muffled clatter signaled her she had broken one of them. As she unwrapped the mug, the newspaper article caught her attention.

The column read: “SMALL TOWN ARTIST RISES TO THE BIG LEAGUES.” A smaller title beneath the headline of the column read, ‘As Sherron Fischer’s detailed oils become the new topic of discussion along Greenwich Village, We can expect to find her among the Society of Illustrators in no time with the upcoming event of her gallery showing, “The Baroque Modern” ‘

Veronica’s eyes swam over the words again and again until she had memorized it. And, she read it again afterwards. The small picture to the left of the text was indeed small, but the woman adjacent to the complex oil painting was all Veronica was paying attention to. The heart shaped face had a wavy lion’s mane that caped it, its brown tendrils resting on her strong shoulders. The arched eyebrows framed her almond-shaped eyes and the nose resting below was quaint, softly buttoned at the tip. Sherron’s full lips were curled in a smile, albeit a little seductively. Her petite frame fell quite a few feet short of her painting’s height, and it was then as Veronica burned the image in the back of her mind that she confirmed to herself that it was Sher staring back at her.

Vonni shook her head physically this time.

It’s been two weeks since the showing. I’m not even sure if I’ll ever see her again, even with the way things turned out after we parted ways. Veronica scolded herself. The way things turned out? I’m about to get married for Christ’s sake. I shouldn’t be thinking of fucking affairs before I’ve had the ring on for hot minute.

Allen Frobisher’s wife, Chloe, came in the kitchen five minutes before she was contemplating on serving everyone and offered to help. The random act of kindness took Vonni off guard, but she thanked her regardless.

“You’ve been cooking up a storm in here and I thought you could use the extra pair of hands.” Chloe said.

“That’s very kind of you. Yeah, if you could grab the plates, I’ll serve it.”

“No problem. I was getting kind of bored with the constant talk of the stock market. If I hear the word sale one more time, I’ll stuff those carrots in my ears.” Chloe reached over and plucked a carrot from the plate Vonni handed to her and chewed it softly. Veronica laughed.

“Sometimes I wonder why I settled for a man who takes more pride in his pockets than his own wife’s cooking. Those two assets went hand in hand in the fifties.” Vonni retorted while placing the silverware along the dinning room table.

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