Reunion at Whispering Trails

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I hated work parties but couldn’t get out of this one. Since being promoted to executive administrative assistant to the V.P. of sales it was mandatory for me to attend these events. It was the summer and so we were at a Muskoka resort called Whispering Trails or something like that. It was the first evening of activities and so after a dinner in the banquet hall, we were all drinking and chatting on the back terrace.

All I wanted to do was curl up with a good book but instead I was clutching my fourth tequila and cranberry juice, listening to one of the lawyers ramble on about copyright infringement.

“It’s so fucking amazing how stupid these little shits are.”

I smiled, trying to see if there was another group to hang out with. There wasn’t. I continued to listen to the lawyer and then my whole world did a somersault. She was there.

“Oh there’s Janelle.” The lawyer motioned for this small dark haired beauty that walked over. She was wearing jeans and a golf shirt but looked so gorgeous and sexy.

“This is Tony, Heather, Jay, and Cady.”



The big-mouthed lawyer continued talking and every once in a while I glanced over at her. She smiled back which drove me crazy. It took five minutes before one of us was brave enough to say something.

“I’m heading over to the dock. I heard the view is amazing. Cady want to come along?”

“Yeah sure.”

The group nodded and continued listening to Craig drone on about legal matters. We escort rus scurried towards the water but then diverted towards the cabins.

“Tell me you have a room to yourself.” Janelle was whispering and I knew she was trying to hide her tone of voice, which was urgent and desperate.

“Yeah I do. Fifth cabin on the right.”

We waited until we entered the cabin then I spoke.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“I work for the same company. Just go hired.”

“Wow. And so what are we doing in your cabin?’

Janelle grinned. “Tell me that from the moment you saw me to now that you haven’t thought of anything sexual.”

“You know I can’t do that.”

“Exactly.” I watched as she undressed and then motioned for me to do the same. I leaned back with my legs spread wide. I had no idea what she was going to do but I didn’t care. She was going to make me feel so good and I needed this.

She spread my legs even wider and nuzzled her nose against my inner thighs. It was such a sexy feeling but then I felt her tongue lick my sensitive skin. She licked in circles until she got within one lick of my pussy lips. I was breathing hard and I had my eyes closed. I gasped as she licked my pussy lips and then licked up and down but not quite touching my clit.

My whole body was on fire and I wish now that I hadn’t drunk so much alcohol. I was lightheaded as it was and I wanted to remember every moment. Her hands were caressing my stomach and escort sıhhiye I cried out in pleasure as she fingered my navel ring. She was so gentle and it was driving me crazy.

“You are driving me crazy!”

She didn’t respond with words but she did wrap her small pink lips around my throbbing pink bud and sucked hard. She did that three times in a row and by the third time my legs were vibrating. She sucked so hard I could feel my clit swell and I was so close to cumming. I opened my eyes and saw that she was lying on the bed with her arms wrapped around my hips. I had not been thrashing around but even if I wanted to I couldn’t. Her dainty manicured fingers spread my lips wider and she continued her tongue assault on my clit. I was so wet I could feel it. My juices were dripping down to my butt. She must have known what I was thinking because she licked up and down. I expected her to go back to sucking but she kissed and then bit one of my cheeks.


That was all I could say before she slid up my body and kissed me. It was a passionate kiss and soon our arms and legs were tangled together. Her petite body rested on top of me and I could feel her hard nipples rubbing my chest. I saw that her eyes were closed and I smiled. She was so cute.

She pulled away from my lips. A grin spread across her face and then she spun around. I looked up and was presented with her gorgeous pussy. I wrapped my arms tight around her hips and began to tease. escort sincan I licked and sucked her lips. I licked my tongue around her clit. She was doing the exact same thing to me and the room was filled with our moans and cries.

“I need to make you cum now.”

“No you first.”

Both of us were aggressive now, wanting to win the superficial prize of making the other orgasm first. I pushed two fingers inside her, the pads of my fingers pushing against her sensitive spot inside. It didn’t take long.

“Oh dear god. Push harder, faster. Damn it you fucking win Cady.”

Her words made me smile because we both knew that I had won. I always did.

“You are amazing baby.” She twisted around and pulled me up. We got into a position where our wet pussies were touching and we could caress and hold each other. Our bodies were flush with arousal and I couldn’t help but sigh when I felt the familiar feeling of her trimmed pussy against mine.

“Why did we break up again Janelle?”

“You said you were bad for my career.”

“I was fucked up then. Can I change my mind?”

Janelle nodded. She quickened her pace and I kissed her again. I had made some stupid mistakes and breaking up with her was one of the biggest blunders I had ever made. My mind was racing with emotional and romantic thoughts, so much so that I didn’t even realize how close I was. She knew though because she leaned me back and after sucking on her index finger she slid it against my clit. I exploded. My whole body arched and I gushed juices all over her hand.

“That’s it baby. Release for me. Let me make you feel good.”

She kissed me again and then pulled back the covers. I cuddled against her and soon we were both asleep. I wasn’t going to let her go again.

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