Ringmaster Ch. 11: Getting a Tae-ste

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“I need to make a call!” I pushed Tae back and grabbed my phone. I rushed out the door and shut it quickly behind me, clutching my chest and phone tightly. I could feel my heart racing, and not in a good way.

“Breath! Breath Maria!” I took a couple deep breaths before opening up my phone. I found her in my contacts and held it up to my ear.

“I gotta take this call. It’s important!” I could hear Vanessa talking to other girls at her work. “Hey Maria. What’s up?” I couldn’t find my voice. All I could do was shakily breath into the phone, too nervous and anxious to really say anything. “Maria? Is everything alright? What’s wrong?”

“I…” I could barely find the words to speak, but I mustered up myself just enough to get it all out. “I almost made a big mistake.” My hands were shaking and everything felt weak.

“Mistake? Sweetie, what happened?”

My goddess, she was so kind and caring. My heart ached even more thinking about her and what I almost did. “I nearly cheated on you.”

“What? Maria, is everything alright? What happened?”

Slowly, I pulled myself together enough. “So, there’s this girl in my one film class, Tae. We were, um, doing some script writing and she was starting to come onto me.” I obviously couldn’t tell her about ALL the details. “And, then she was really coming onto me, but I just couldn’t cheat on you girls and then everything started to get really panicky and I ran out of the room and then I called you and then-“

“Deep breaths Maria!” Vanessa’s voice was soothing and caring as I took a few big swallows of air. “So, you nearly had sex with someone else? Another woman?”

“Yeah,” I said, the shame permeating my voice as I answered her. I wanted to run to her arms and apologize forever for even considering cheating on her. On them.

“When were you thinking of bringing her over?”

“…What?” Vanessa’s question caught me completely off guard.

“Yeah, when we were gonna meet her? Is she cute? Ooo, or is she hot?”

“Wait, Vanessa, what?” That was all I could manage to ask amidst my confusion.

“Maria, ?????? µ??, relax.” I took a deep breath and tried to steady my nerves. “I know you. I know how wonderful and caring you can be. If you’re that concerned, then just bring her into polycule.”

“Wait, you’re… fine with this?” A part of me was relieved and the other part of me was so confused.

“As I told you before with Danna and Summer, I’m fine if you bring other girls into the polycule. You know, spread the love and all that.” I heard her chuckle a little at her little pun. “Just make sure you share.”

“I… what?” I was still a bit too stunned at her response.

“Oh, hey, I gotta go. See you later, ?????? µ??.” With that, I heard her blow me a kiss and hang up.

Still reeling in surprise from her response, I put in another phone number and held it up to my ear.

“Mhmmmmm,” I heard her mumble something before clearing her throat. “S-Summer Fitzpatrick speaking. How may I aid you?”

“Summer? Oh, I guess I must have called you.” Apparently, I subconsciously ended up dialing Summer and holding the phone up to my ear, despite not knowing her phone number. I guess that was some of the ring’s magic or something.

“Oh, it’s you Mariaaaaaammmmmppphh.” I could hear her moaning on the other end. “I’m surprised you gooooot this number.”

“Oh, uh, yeah,” I said, chuckling a little, trying to deflect away from that question. “You sound busy.”

“Aahhhiiiaaaaa, d-don’t worry about iiiiiittttmmmmmm,” Summer said, moaning louder. “Dannaaaaaa’s just ahhhhh e-eating me out.” Goddess, how quickly I forgot how sex casual we became. “What did you neeeeeed?”

“Oh, um, so I was talking with Vanessa just a bit ago, and I wanted, I guess, you and Danna’s thoughts on a dilemma I’m in.” I heard Summer give a affirmative grunt to go ahead. I filled her in on the details like I did with Vanessa.

“So, thaaaaat’s the situatioooouuhhhhnnn,” Summer said through her moans. “Then bring her into the polycule.”

I was stunned that even Summer said the same thing! “Um, what does Danna think?”

I heard Summer a bit away from the phone talking to Danna before returning her attention to me. “Danna says when you bring her around, she wants first slice of her pie.” I was even more stunned, but hearing Summer’s moans through the phone put me a bit more at ease. It was oddly soothing in a way. “Oh, hang on. Regina says she wants to talk with you. Here you gooooooommmmmpppppphhhhh.”

“Ah, thanks,” I heard Regina said. I could hear her walk a bit, presumably to my room because I heard her flop onto a bed. “So, what’s going on, Ringmaster?” Once again, I filled Regina in to the details of the situation. “Well, that shouldn’t be a big deal, right?”

“Of course it’s a big deal! I can’t just cheat on them. I mean, I shouldn’t,” I said to Regina, once again being reminded about the nymphomaniac I was talking to.

“Maria, look, the ring wants to be used and spread around. You, and it, gain power based on sexual energy you illegal bahis do and create. Naturally, it’ll make it so that you can.” I bit my lip a little at the thought. I mean, sex is supposed to be a special thing between lovers, not something that should just be done around. I heard Regina sigh. “Look, I know you’re all romantic and stuff. Maria, you’re helping spread more love and care in this world. I mean, look at what you did already? You got Danna and Summer admitting their feelings for each other. You’re doing a good thing and spreading love and romance around, not just mindless sex slaves.”

Something about hearing her say that resonated deep within me. Yeah, I’m not just some jerk who makes any woman just a mindless sex slut. I am Maria, the latest Ringmaster, who will use its power to bring joy and romance to this world!

“Thanks Regina.”

“No problem gorgeous.” With that, she hung up.

I felt myself build back up my resolve. I can do this. I am Maria!

The first thing I was greeted to was Tae, sitting on her knees where I had left her, sensually rubbing her hands all over her body. The second thing was Carmen, bent over the table, her bra up and her breasts bouncing forward and backwards. The third was Gary behind Carmen, presumably fucking her.

“Ah, Maria, you’re back,” Tae said, excited and rushing over towards me. “I was so worried when you left, but then I watched your fine ass as you left and it made me feel so wonderful. Ah, but now you’re back!”

“Yes, I just needed to make some phone calls,” I said, shutting the door behind me and making sure to lock it. Try as I might, my eyes would just shift between Tae’s half naked body and Carmen’s naked body.

“Mhmm, yeah, talk to me like that,” Tae said, closing her eyes and pressing herself against me. “Your voice is amazing, Maria. I could listen to it all day.”

Maybe I went a bit TOO far on that one command that I gave Tae. I really should adjus- MPMMH!

Before I had a chance to think anymore, Tae pressed her lips up against mine, pulling me into a fierce and sultry face lock. Her lips felt incredibly soft and gentle against mine. She moaned into my mouth as she wrapped her hands around my face to pull me in tighter.

“Oh god, Maria. Were your lips always this amazing?” she asked as I managed to pry myself away from her to breath. “I want more! Please!” She dove back in towards my face, this time inviting her tongue to lick my lips.

Ah, come on Maria. You’re the one who did this to her. Be responsible about it. And by that, I mean I reached around and grabbed her ass. Her back arched as she gasped loudly in pleasure and surprise.

“Ah, that never felt that good whenever any of my boyfriends did that.” Her eyes were aflutter in bliss. I could only imagine what face she’d make when I’d make her cum. “Do it again, please.” Happily, I complied, giving her tight ass a much firmer squeeze. Her breath quivered as the rush of pleasure washed through her body. “Please Maria…”

I’m not entirely sure why. Perhaps it was the ring. Maybe I was subconsciously channeling Regina. Or perhaps I had just read a few too many romance novels. Whatever the reason, hearing that was like a switch was flipped in me. Like as if I was playing a dating sim for the second time. It was like I knew just what to say and do.

I pressed her in closer by squeezing her ass. Gently, I nibbled on her ear, which made her already ecstatic feeling amplified. “You gotta say something more than please, Tae,” I whispered into her ear. I felt her whole body quiver in excitement as I said that. “Tell me more about what you desire.”

Tae moaned softly into my ear. “Ahhh, f…f…. Fuck me, Maria. Watching C-Carmen get fucked is so hot and you… you’re making me so turned on. I… I need…”

“What is that you need?” I asked in my most sultry voice I could muster. Softly, I ran my tongue against her earlobe. “I need to hear you ask for it. Beg for it.”

Ahhhhh, Maria! When the hell did you get so smooth? I can’t believe I’m managing to say this stuff! I’ve become a romance novel protagonist! No wait, I’m the suave one they fall in love with!

“I need you to touch me all over!” Tae’s legs were shaking with excitement and desire. “Fondle my tits! Squeeze my ass!” She bit her lip as she was trying to bring herself to say the last bits. It was very clear that this was her first time doing anything sexual with another woman.

“All you want is for me to fondle your tits and squeeze your ass?” I asked, pulling back a little to tease her more.

Her eyes widened as she saw me do so. “Please, fuck my pussy, Maria!” Her face looked so nervous as she said that, but then as she thought more about it, her lust and desire began to win out. “Yes! Fuck my pussy. Eat me out. Finger fuck me. Please, do whatever you want to me, Maria! I just want to feel you.”

Now that deeply resonated with something inside of me. Her desire and neediness for me, the passion and the excitement. How happy and blissful that I was making her. It illegal bahis siteleri was wonderful and warm.

Slowly, I slid my hand around to her stomach, feeling her body shake in anticipation. “If you ever want me to stop, Tae, just tell me.” She nodded her head and bit her lip, breath wavering, and I could feel her heart racing. Gently, with my other hand, I guided her hand to me. No reason she would be the only one getting off. I could see her go from excited to confused to nervous. “It’s okay, Tae. Just follow along and do what I do.” She nodded her head again and I brought her hand under my panties and down to my crotch. I hadn’t realized just how wet and excited I was.

“It… you feel… wonderful,” she said, panting with need as she took my hand and brought it under her panties. She was far wetter than I was. “Use me Maria. Do what you want. Just please don’t make me wait anymore.”

Oh, I just couldn’t tease her anymore. I ran my fingers along her slit, feeling her body quiver at just my touch. Then, I plunged my middle and ring finger inside of her. Her back bucked and panted at the sudden rush of pleasure. Focusing hard, she rubbed my pussy back in small circles before sticking her fingers inside of me as well.

I could sense that all my teasing had already brought her close to the edge and with how wet and excited I was, I knew that I wouldn’t be far behind. Her legs began to buckle and she pressed herself against me more, her tits mashing together against mine. Trying to not cum immediately from her erratic fingering, I turned my attention to Carmen and Gary.

Gary was pounding away in Carmen, and Carmen was just leaning over the table, tits hanging out and just scrolling on her phone. No matter how hard Gary fucked her, and he was fucking her hard, she just scrolled on her phone like she was bored in class. Now, I could tell Gary was enjoying himself, but I could also sense he wanted a bit more out of getting to fuck one of the hottest girls in class. As the pleasure of Tae’s fingers washed through me, I focused on the ring and Carmen.

If Tae, Gary, or I do anything sexual to Carmen, she will respond accordingly and pleasurably.

Immediately, Carmen’s phone fell out of her hands as she gripped the table. “Ahhhh! Fuuuuucckkkk~ Your cock feels so good, Gary~!”

“Oh man, and here I thought I wasn’t doing a good job because you weren’t saying anything,” Gary said as he continued to thrust inside of Carmen.

“Ah, don’t you.. stop … Oooohh, keep… fucking me~!” Carmen managed between pants.

Now that that was done, time to focus back on the matter at hand. Tae was on the utter verge of cumming. A few more strokes and she’d be sent over the edge. “Don’t you give out on me yet. I’m almost there,” I panted, grinding my hips into her arms. With one final thrust of my fingers, Tae’s snatch clenched onto my fingers. My own pussy followed in suit as orgasms ravaged through our bodies. Our legs gave out and the two of us collapsed onto the ground in ecstasy. We both panted hard as Tae reeled from her first lesbian experience, a wide grin of bliss on her face.

Still, there was a small thought in the back of my mind.

I mean, I was able to affect minds. Regina earlier brought me through to a sort of hologram back to the past. Danna even managed to use the ring on me while she wore the ring. I could make Tae feel like this with the ring with a few commands, not even changing her TOO much. So, I wonder…could I affect myself?

I stared down at the ring as a simple reminder came to my head. Vanessa and the others said to bring Tae into the polycule. I could just make Tae part of it, like I did initially with Vanessa, but I had a slightly different idea. After all, why work harder when you can work smarter.

Okay, I hope this works.

I focused on the ring. After all, this wasn’t just a mind controlling ring. This was the Reality Ring, and I could alter the reality of any woman. And I am a woman. So, I focused and made my change to reality.

Any woman I have or had sex with will be receptive to joining my polycule.

I felt the ring pulse vividly as the change coursed through me. I was still in an orgasmic bliss state, so I was able to manage through the pain much better than I normally would have otherwise. Then, the heat subsided. I turned over to Tae to see how she was faring, and how the ring would have changed her. She tilted her head over to me and gave me a huge smile.

“Maria, that was absolutely amazing,” she said to me, still panting heavily. “No one has ever made me feel like that before.”

I smiled back at her. “Well, that’s because you’ve never been with anyone like me before.” Gently, I rolled over and traced along her shoulder with my finger, feeling her shiver in delight. Oh yeah, I should tone that down for her. Focusing on the ring, I reduced the effect of my enjoyment edit to Tae to about 60% of what it was. She still seemed like she was happy and smiling, so it was still affecting her, but at least now simple things weren’t canlı bahis siteleri making her ready to orgasm on the spot.

Tae then seemed to come down off her blissful high and look unsure of herself. “Um, Maria. Would we be able to do that again?”

“What?” I asked, surprised as the orgasmic tingles were beginning to wear off. “You want to have sex again?” Goddess, I couldn’t even believe that I was even saying such things to people.

“Yes, well, no, kinda. Not now, but, like.” Tae was struggling to find the right words. After a bit of struggling, she seemed to give in defeated. She gave a little huff before speaking. “Maria, are you seeing anyone right now?”

“Oh, um, yes, I am seeing people,” I said, my lips curling upwards as I thought about them.

Tae’s expression changed from confusion to disappointment, then awkward pride. “Oh, I see. Um, w-well I might have kissed you, but you were the one who started touching me. So you can’t blame me when you get in trouble for cheating.” She crossed her arms over her chest as though she had the moral high ground here.

Too bad I had a reality changing ring and very lovely girlfriends. “Well, Tae. I’m seeing multiple people actually.” I could see her confused even more by that statement, so I decided to clear it up for her. “I’m part of a polycule. It’s like a group of people all dating each other in some way or another.”

Tae bit her lower lip gently as I could see the gears in her head turning. I didn’t say anything more because as much as I knew that I made the change with the ring, she also still had to want it. After all, the change just made her receptive, but it wasn’t forcing her to join. Finally, she spoke. “Could I join?”

I smiled back at her and gave her a long kiss on the lips, softly licking them with my tongue. “Yes, you absolutely can.” She smiled back and the two of us embraced on the ground. I looked over to see Carmen panting and laying on the desk while Gary collapsed in her chair, dick limp and coated in juices. “It looks like they had fun as well.”

“Yeah,” Tae said in a dream-like state as she pulled me in to kiss again.

We enjoyed a lovely sensual kiss before I was interrupted by a notification from my phone. I reached over and picked it up to see that it was a group text that I had been added to. It was called “Girl Squad.”

I opened it up to be suddenly greeted to a photo of Danna eating out Summer. Summer’s face was in pure ecstasy with her top undone to reveal her tits over her bra. Danna’s hair was between Summer’s legs, which meant that she was hiding away Summer’s nice slit. As a consolation, Danna’s lovely pussy was on full frontal view. Below was a caption for the photo that said “Shame you girls have to work, huh?” It was sent from Summer’s phone.

Of course. Regina would absolutely send a picture like this to all of us.

I rolled my eyes, then saw a little text bubble appear. “Ugh, no fair!” This one was from Vanessa, and I smiled a little thinking wanting to be part of the lesbian experience happening on out couch. “Well, then how about this?”

Next came a selfie of Vanessa. She was in very slimming and very revealing sexy blue lingerie. Her curves were just perfect, accentuated even further by her clothes. The deep cleavage was just inviting us in to stick our faces in and take hold of her lovely mounds.

“Okay, I’m a little jealous,” said the reply from Summer’s phone, though I had no idea which of the three that it was.

Now, I wasn’t usually a competitive person. The only time I ever really was was in film competitions because that was my forte. And, I mean, technically, this was more photography than film, but the principles were still the same, right? I wasn’t about to just be shown up like that, so I held out my phone.

“Hey, mind taking a photo with me?” I asked Tae.

“Go right ahead, Maria,” she said.

I planted my lips on hers and squeezed her boob with my free hand, making her buck a little in pleasure. I snapped a photo and sent it to the group with a small caption. “Missing you girls. Also, meet the newest girl of our polycule!”

After sending that both Summer’s phone and Vanessa’s were typing.

“What? So jealous!” Vanessa said. “You better not keep her all to yourself.”

“Hope we get to meet her soon,” Summer’s phone said.

I chuckled a little in happiness and relief. I was so glad that they were receptive as well to having Tae as part of the polycule. As I looked at the messages, I noticed the time that it was. I gave Tae another firm kiss before finally getting off of her.

“We only have a few more minutes in here! We gotta get dressed!” I said, realizing that really only Carmen and Tae were undressed. I walked over to the other side of the table and handed Tae her clothes. I began to pack up, not wanting to get caught by anyone else.

“Um, so, I guess we should exchange phone numbers, right?” Tae said as she began to get dressed.

“Oh, right!” I said as I wrote down my phone number on a scrap piece of paper. Deciding to amp up my playfulness just a bit, I stuck the piece of paper under her bra, which she smiled at. I gave her a squeeze of the boobs and a kiss on the lips. Once everyone was decent, I began to head out when I felt my stomach growling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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