Risk Versus Reward Ch. 06

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Author’s Note

Risk Versus Reward is a prequel to Girl Friday and focuses on the story of Karin, the ‘H.R. Lady’ who provided Charlotte’s rather unique interview experience when she was hired. You do not need to read Girl Friday to understand what’s going on in Risk Versus Reward. But if you enjoy this story, Girl Friday should most definitely be on your reading list.

When we last left our heroine Karin, she and Desi had just put on an impromptu show at one of The Academy’s outdoor showers. Their public display has attracted the attention of two very different people — the gentle and shy Elena who treats them to a slathering of sunscreen, and the rather intimidating P.E. teacher Mistress Nguyen who has invited them to partake in a game of hide and seek. Seems harmless enough, doesn’t it?

I hope you enjoy Karin’s continuing story.


* * * *

Chapter 6: We Have a Winner

If you’ve never engaged in a game of naked hide and seek, I highly recommend that you try it out sometime weather permitting. It was an absolutely gorgeous day for it here in The Academy gardens, and trying to conceal myself among the flora, tucking into as small a form as possible knowing one of my classmates or one of the faculty was out on the hunt was a thrill in itself. Add to that my nakedness, the feeling of vulnerability as I hid out beneath a hedge shivering slightly in the cool shade with my nipples as hard as diamonds, and it really was no surprise to me that I began to feel a stirring need rising from between my thighs. So being all alone and horny, I took the only logical course of action and slid my finger over my folds as I squatted out of sight beneath a tall and sculpted evergreen shrub and waited for the inevitable seeker.

Knowing that I could be discovered at any moment only served to ramp up my excitement. I avoided pressing inside since I was understandably a bit sore from what Desi had put me through earlier, but even so it was a good kind of sore if that makes sense. It was a friendly reminder of the kinky fun we had been up to earlier, and so even the tenderness was becoming a turn on for me. I thought about Desi’s slowly shifting fingers and gently twisting wrist as I began running slow circles over and around my clit. Soon I was really rubbing and I began to think about what it would be like if Desi weren’t so gentle about it next time, if she really went after me with no holding back.

Listen to me talking about next time. Maybe it was because I was squatting naked under a bush in a garden and playing with myself, but the more I thought about it the more I thought I might want to do it. I didn’t know how good it would feel if she didn’t hold back or even if good was the right word, but I knew it would be intense, and I knew it would be with someone I liked. That was important. I liked Desi a lot even though I had only known her for two days, and I thought if she were doing it again then it would definitely be one of those good hurts, like the burn after a long-distance run. Thinking about this got my body quivering and I thought for sure I was going to have an orgasm by my own hand, right there in the hedges.

But then I heard a rustling and I froze. Mid-stroke, I froze. My pussy was not happy about this, not one bit. My thighs quivered as I squatted there trying not to make a sound. The rustling continued for a second longer and then stopped. My poor pussy clenched and spasmed, its desire for release delayed for too long, but I didn’t dare pick up where I left off. One of those long ago forgotten senses honed by our cave-dwelling ancestors told me that I was not out of danger yet. I peered up from my hiding spot and found myself staring straight into a pair of mirrored aviator shades worn by none other than the short-haired Asian P.E. teacher from hell, Mistress Nguyen. I didn’t even know she was taking part in this game.

“Caught you,” she said, smirking. “And look what else I found.”

She had clearly said ‘what else’, not ‘who else’ as she stood there clutching Desi’s nipple between the fingers of her casually outstretched hand, quite obviously regarding my captured girlfriend as some sort of prize or plaything. Poor Desi looked like she had seen better days. The leather wrapped handle of the crop was clenched in her teeth again, her whole body shuddering now and then with her face twisted into a grimace that looked like it lay somewhere between masochistic pleasure and abject terror. Mistress Nguyen looked good though, like real good. Still bare except for her black two-piece that had now fully dried in the sun, she stood poised with her head at a cocky angle that clearly let me know that she was in charge here — and she knew it.

Desi obviously knew it too. At one point Desi’s shaking was so bad that she let the crop slip from her teeth and I watched it fall in what seemed like slow motion escort ataşehir until it landed in the grass at her feet. Poor Desi, I thought. If getting caught at hide and seek leads to being tugged around by the nipple, I wonder what the price for dropping the commandant’s crop will be. Mistress Nguyen just clicked her tongue and stood with a hand on her hip, waiting. I watched Desi’s eyes move to settle somewhere on Mistress Nguyen’s mouth and then slowly move upward to her nose. She never quite made it to those mirrored sunglasses. The mistress dipped her chin a bit and pulled her glasses down until she was staring over the tops of them. It was slightly unnerving for me and I was not even the target of her glare. The message was clear though, ‘Pick it up. Now.’

I didn’t dare move, I just stayed there still frozen, squatting in the bushes as this little scene between them played out. I told myself it was because I didn’t want to risk drawing the ire of Mistress Nguyen. But in all honesty I think it was more that I didn’t want to move my hand away from my crotch. Seeing Desi in distress, as much as I hate to admit it, was a bit of a turn-on for me and I didn’t want to leave my kitty without somebody to pet it even if that somebody was me. I started rubbing a few gentle little circles before Mistress Nguyen turned her eye toward me and I stopped.

Desi bent her knees slightly and struggled to reach the crop against the grip of fingers on her poor nipple. Mistress Nguyen frowned at this and let go of Desi’s nipple — but not before giving it a good three-quarter twist. Poor Desi didn’t look like she particularly enjoyed that, but she never once whimpered or cried out. Mistress Nguyen sure was having a good time though. Her nipples had made little tents out of the thin fabric of her bathing suit top and her bottoms were beginning to show a tiny patch of moisture in the center of her crotch. She was obviously enjoying our game in the garden.

“Good girl,” Mistress Nguyen complemented as soon as the crop was off the ground and once again safely in her possession. And to further show her appreciation, she grasped Desi behind the neck and kissed her hard on the mouth. They stayed locked together for a good ten seconds by my count with Desi looking a bit weak in the knees the whole time, and when I heard Desi suck in a great gasp at the end of it all, I figured it must have been pretty good. Probably for both of them. In fact, after they separated a dreamy sort of look came over Desi’s face, and as Mistress Nguyen held the crop up to her, I swear I saw Desi grinning when she opened her mouth to accept it.

“Mistress Nguyen?” I said as I slowly unfolded myself from my hiding place. “Mistress, may I ask you some questions? Headmistress Hendricks said we should …”

“Yes Karin, I know what she said.” Mistress Nguyen whirled around to face me. She had Desi’s nipple back in her grip now. “What is it you would like to know?”

“Well Mistress, I understand there are two paths of study here at The Academy. One is for part-time work, like the girls who wear the lab coats, and the other — the other is full-time? Twenty-four seven, is that right?”

Mistress Nguyen nodded.

“So I was wondering — um — what’s the difference? Besides the hours that is.”

“Intensity.” That’s all she said, one word. Intensity. And she gave Desi’s nipple enough of a squeeze that I saw her knees buckle and her teeth dig into the handle of the crop.

“Um …”

“Come along now, Karin. I think it’s far more effective to give you a demonstration.”

With that said, Mistress Nguyen strode off out of the hedges and toward the center of the garden, Desi tripping along in tow, and me running to catch up.

* * * *

In the garden’s center was an ornately carved stone statue of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. I suppose that made sense for a place like this. And not surprisingly, Venus looked like she was having a tough time keeping her toga on, and her big stone boobies were popping out all over the place. Situated around this profusion of heavenly mammaries in a semi-circular arc were three simple stone benches. They were backless and could be sat upon from either direction. This was Mistress Nguyen’s destination. She tugged Desi over and pulled downward on her nipple until she got the hint that she was supposed to be seated.

“Any of you girls who are still hiding, come on out,” she called. “I guarantee you will not want to miss this educational opportunity.”

As the other players of our hide and seek game came trickling out of their secret places and gathered in the center around the statue, Mistress Nguyen put her hand on the end of the crop in Desi’s mouth. Desi disgorged it with a lustful sigh and a slight upturning of the corners of her mouth. The girl’s eyes were wavering and her pupils were as big as saucers and I wasn’t sure if I should pity her or be jealous. Mistress kadıköy escort bayan Nguyen had placed her upturned palm between Desi’s thighs and there might have been an extended finger or two with it because Desi shook slightly. I think she’s having an orgasm. Or she’s in love. And at that moment pity quickly dropped into a distant second place.

“Lie down, Desi girl, on your back with your butt over on the edge here,” Mistress Nguyen whispered and tapped the business end of the crop once against the end of the stone bench. “Karin, you kneel here, between her legs.”

I did as she asked and perched myself on my haunches so that I was staring straight into Desi’s swollen folds. My goodness did that girl look like she needed to get fucked, and soon. Her poor pussy was laid out like a larger than life Georgia O’Keefe oil painting fresh off the easel that was not going to be dry for quite some time. I licked my lips. I wasn’t sure exactly what Mistress Nguyen had in mind, but I was pretty sure I knew what my part of her deviant little plan was going to be. And it was something I had been looking forward to.

“Some of you may be wondering about your choices here at The Academy. Wondering which path is right for you. The part-time service track, going home at the end of your day,” our P.E. teacher said as she swept a hand out, gesturing toward some of the lab coat girls who had gathered to watch, “or full-time submission to your dominant.”

There was a murmur of voices as the crowd pulled in tighter and more girls flowed in from the hedges. Apparently word had gotten around that it was me and Des again, and that we were up to our old exhibitionist tricks. I felt my cheeks flush a little. It wasn’t that I was embarrassed, after this morning I don’t think shyness was even part of my vocabulary anymore. I guess I’d have to say I was excited. Like really excited. Excited about what was about to come — and who was about to come.

“If you want a vision of your future girls,” Mistress Nguyen said, “this is it. Imagine a pussy grinding on a human face — forever.”

While her words sank into the minds of the assembled crowd, her crotch sank down to cover Desi’s mouth and nose. She hadn’t taken her bathing suit off or even moved it aside. I heard Desi groan, but it wasn’t an entirely unhappy sound that drifted over to my ears.

“We’re going to have a little race, girls,” the mistress whispered so that only Desi and I could hear. Well, I think Desi could hear, she looked pretty smothered.

“We’re going to have a race to see who comes first, me or your girlfriend Desi here. I expect both of you to try your absolute best with no holding back, but I also want you to know that I am very fond of winning. So Miss Desirée, you’d better try your damnedest to hold yourself back and make sure I get to come first.”

I had no idea how Desi was going to pull that off since she had to do all of her licking through the fabric of the bathing suit while I had full, unimpeded access to a pussy that looked to be already about halfway to bursting into climax. I also felt a little like I owed Desi a screamer after what she did for me this morning. But it sounded like giving her that too soon might get us in trouble.

“And if she comes first?” I asked, knowing Desi couldn’t really speak.

Mistress Nguyen touched my nipple with the little leather loop at the end of her crop. “An extra squat-thrust lesson for the both of you, privately taught be me in my office. Or worse.” She brought the crop up just an inch or two, I couldn’t really tell since all I was thinking about was where it was going to land and how much it was going to sting.

Smack. Right on my nipple.

“Yes Mistress.” I leaned forward to inhale Desi’s womanly scent while Mistress Nguyen shifted her hips and started grinding against her face.

Poor Desi, I heard a grunt as Mistress Nguyen pressed down to begin using her face as some sort of living sex toy. While she was busy groaning I took a long slow lick over her glistening folds and was treated to a nice warm face hug from her thighs. Not just warm, but wet. Warm and wet Desi-juice. Yeah, I made that word up too. I imagined what I must look like, my face all covered in slick and glistening, warm and wet Desi-juice. I bet it looks good.

I started out slow. I could have gone for the poor girl’s clit and probably sent her right over the moon in one, two, three licks. I snickered a little at that thought as I plunged my tongue deep into her folds to draw forth some thick sticky Desi-juice from the source. Her flavor was strong and so far my first taste of any woman so far. During our antics in the bedroom it had been Jordan doing all the licking, assuring us that we would get our chance after she taught us the proper technique. Well, I sure hoped that my technique was OK with Desi, but not too good. I wanted to make her happy, but I didn’t really want escort bostancı to find out if Mistress Nguyen was going to be a sore loser bent on cropping our tits pink.

So I stuck to probing Desi’s entrance with my tongue for a while hoping that it would be tame enough to keep us out of trouble. I could see flashes of black bathing suit and tanned skin every so often and hear Desi’s continued grunting as Mistress Nguyen rode her face seemingly without mercy. I curled my tongue and jammed it in deeper while Desi clenched me with her thighs. I shuddered just a little bit. I wasn’t the one being ridden, or the one being licked, but it was still turning me on something fierce. Something about having my face in a hot wet pussy I guess, feeling the tremors in Desi’s thighs and knowing that at least some of that was due to me.

I smiled. Nobody saw it, but I smiled at that very moment because a devious thought had just entered my head. I could push Desi over if I wanted to. I could make her scream in ecstasy. To hell with squat-thrusts and nipple cropping, I’m going to win. Risk versus reward, baby, and I’m totally fine with the risk.

I kept my tongue buried in Desi’s tunnel — she was hot and swollen and positively leaking like a sieve — and I began knocking up against her clit with my nose. Desi jerked when I did it, and I think if Mistress Nguyen weren’t weighing her down on the other side, she might have jumped up off the bench. I’d found the magic reward button and I was going to press it — press it without mercy. I bumped her again with my nose and she jerked, but this time she squeezed me with her thighs so hard I thought my skull might crack. Apparently Desi was none too fond of the idea of winning this race.

Nobody likes a quitter, Des. I reached up to rest my hands on Desi’s knees and pried them apart. She did her best to resist and it wasn’t easy, but she wasn’t exactly at the top of her game with Mistress Nguyen grinding around on her face. In the end she either didn’t have the strength or just lost the will to continue fighting me, because her legs flew open and I had all the access I needed.

I licked, and I probed. I knocked into Desi’s clit with my nose. The entire time I could hear her grunting and straining, trying desperately not to come, knowing what the consequence would be for us if she did. I didn’t care, I didn’t care if Mistress Nguyen cropped my tits pink and throbbing while I did naked squat-thrusts in her office, I was going to make Desi lose her mind in a fog of sapphic pleasure. Come on Desi baby, come for me. Do it. But all of this grunting and straining by Desi in an effort not to go over, must have been a real turn-on for Mistress Nguyen, because soon I heard moaning from her too. And the next time I looked over, she had reached down to move her bathing suit bottoms over to the side just a little.

Damn her. Cheating gym teacher from hell. I shoved two fingers into Desi in the space previously occupied by my tongue. She grunted and squeezed down on me, while I concentrated on rubbing on that sensitive spot that made her move like a woman possessed. It worked too, Desi writhed like a serpent. But her undulations had the side-effect of exciting Mistress Nguyen even more. She ground harder against poor Desi’s gasping mouth, and with no bathing suit in the way she was leaving a glistening trail on Desi’s lips and chin.

I fucked Desi harder with my fingers and moved my tongue up to bat her clit around as I mercilessly pushed her onward toward the edge of the cliff. The problem was, everything I did to excite Desi seemed to excite Mistress Nguyen just as much or more. I was pounding the hell out of Desi’s pussy with my fingers, Mistress Nguyen was riding her face, and Desi — poor Desi just moaned and shuddered as she tried to keep her orgasm under wraps. But in the end, my persistence won out and Desi started to come loose. I could hear her screaming, even buried under Mistress Nguyen’s thighs I could hear Desi’s scream. I smiled. I was winning.

Then at the same time Mistress Nguyen started letting out these long guttural moans. Unngh. Unngh. Unnnngh. I looked up, peering over Desi’s slick swollen mound and I could see the mistress’s face is all scrunched up. Damn it, she’s going to win. And then something magical happened that I don’t think any of us expected — the mystical aligning of the planets — they both let loose at the same time. I got a faceful of happy Desi-juice just as Mistress Nguyen let out the longest primal groan I had ever heard. I peered up over Desi’s mound and watched as she spasmed and jerked, sending sticky liquid raining down over every inch of Desi’s face. And when she finally let poor Desi up for air, my girlfriend was smiling. Hot and sticky with pieces of her hair matted to her crimson cheeks, but smiling.

“You are trouble,” Mistress Nguyen said and proceeded to slap each of my nipples with her black leather crop before dismounting Desi’s face and leaning over to kiss her full on the mouth. The two of them stayed that way for a while, engaged in their little game of tonsil hockey while I set my sights on lapping up the most glorious profusion of Desi-juice I had yet to witness.

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