Roomates 2_(3)

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Korey had stayed away from Sarah for the remainder of the afternoon, fighting with himself over what to do. In the end, he decided he would be stupid not to go to her room. He waited in his room until just after 10, then went to her room. Streams of light shined from under her door, so he pushed it open no longer fearing he would wake her.

She is sitting on the bed, watching her TV, but shuts it off when he enters. Korey suddenly felt nervous, something Sarah clearly didn’t feel. She stood up, showing a pair of tight, aquamarine panties that matched her bra. Korey felt his cock harden and his confidence increase as she pulls him into a deep, passionate kiss.

“Now,” she whispers into his ear, “Let me show another of my fantasies.”

She begin another passionate kiss, as her hand snaked across his sculpted chest. Eventually it begins to work it’s way down. Briefly rubbing gentle circles around his abs, before she expertly puts into his pants. Her smooth, soft hand begins to gently stroke his hardened cock as she continues the passionate kissing.

A small moan escapes his lips. Her slow, methodical stroking gradually speeds up causing him to lose himself in desire. After several moments of stroking, she breaks off the kiss allowing him to quickly remove his shirt. Her humid breath increases his arousal as she places several kisses on his neck, before returning to his ear.

“Now the real fun,” she whispers in a sultry tone.

She quickly removes her hand from his pants, unbuttons them and then inhales his entire member in a single fluid motion. Korey balçova escort bayan almost shoots his load into her mouth, as she begins to gently suck on his cock. Spittle escapes from her lips as she picks up speed. Unable to contain himself any longer,

Korey pulls her off, then picks her up by the waist.

He drops onto the bed, shoves her panties to the side and inserts 2 fingers into her dripping pussy. A moan escapes her lips as he slowly begins to finger her. Her tight, velvety pussy clings to his fingers like Ivy to a brick as her moans become louder and louder.

“Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God,” she howls in primal pleasure.

Korey furiously drives his fingers into her pussy, as he slowly moves a hand across her smooth, silky stomach to her small, firm boobs. He pulls down her bra and gently traces small patterns around her nipples. Reaching the point of no return, Sarah screams in carnal desire as her pussy latches onto his fingers. As she begins to come down, Korey removes his fingers and plunges his cock in.

Sarah screams louder than before as she sits and wraps her arms around him. Her fingernails rake across his back as he thrusts harder and harder into her warm, velvety snatch.

Eventually, she lets go and falls back onto the bed. Seizing the opportunity, Korey traces patterns around her left nipple. After a brief moment, he switches to the right and gently starts to suck her left nipple. Her moans increase.

Several long minutes pass, before he pulls his cock from her pussy. Instantly, Sarah’s escort balçova full lips are wrapped around as she does several rapid bobs, removing her panties as well. He turns around, wrapping his arms around her waist, as he fucks her doggy style. The sounds of their fucking filled the room. He grabs her by the ponytail, driving her back on his thick, cock.

She fucks him back. Hooking an arm around her neck, he kisses her as her orgasm rips through her body. This sets off his own as he drives his entire shaft into her pussy, holding it there as he came. They untangle themselves and lay down next to each other. Sarah’s hazel eyes are sparkling with happiness. She reaches over him, rummages in her nightstand for something and retrieves a small, sliver vibrate.

Eyeing him, she provocatively sucks on toy. Despite having just blown his largest load ever, Korey felt his cock start to get hard. Sarah inserts the toy into her still sopping pussy, before putting into her ass. Korey watched as she rapidly fucked her ass with the small toy. He gave her kiss on the neck, before whispering to her, “I got something better.”

She gives him a sly grin, before removing the toy from her ass. She grabs his hard member and guides him to her tight asshole. He struggles for a few minutes, before the tip of his cock enters her tight hole. A gasp escapes her lips. He pushes slightly deeper, before pulling back to just the tip. He repeats several more times before getting his entire cock inside the tight slice of heaven.

The opportunity to pull out never balçova escort happens as Sarah drives herself up and down on his member. A consistent moan fills the room. Korey lays down on his back, grabbing the vibrator as he does. He runs his hand over the toy until he finds the on/off switch, which he clicks. The toy buzzes with life as shoves it her pussy. Convulsions rack her body as another orgasm rips through her body.

It causes her clench her ass, wildly increasing his pleasure and the chance he was about to come. She was keenly aware he was about to cum inside her ass, so she quickly removes herself. Instead engulfing his cock with her mouth. She goes all the way down, sucks in her cheeks and throws Korey over the edge.

Thick ropes of cum erupt from his pulsating cock. Sarah swallows every drop, then rolls over. Korey worms his way behind her and both drift off into a peaceful slumber. Morning sunlight peeks through the curtain as Korey groans himself awake. He tried to find his glasses, but can’t.

“You’re awake,” a voice from the door says.

“Yes,” Korey answers as she gives him his glasses, followed by a cup of coffee.

He takes a long sip of the slightly bitter coffee. They sat in silence, each one finishing their coffee. Korey stared at the freckles on her face, she hated them but they were one of his most favorite things about her.

“I have got classes today. You want a ride,” Korey asks.

“I don’t have any today, but if you want you can drop me off at the mall. I am going to see my sister,” she answers.

“Sure, no problem,” He says as he offers to take her cup to the kitchen. She gives him her cup as he heads downstairs.

“Next time, we’ll use these,” she says, showing Korey a pair of pink fur handcuffs.

“Next time.”

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