Sally’s New Office Experience

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Elsa, the secretary, and I were alone in the office. All the sales team were out and Dave, our boss, had left early for another appointment.

“So Sally, how long have you and Dave been screwing at the office?” Elsa smiled at me as she strolled across to my desk.

“I happened to come back to the office a few days ago for something I had forgotten, and could not help hearing you and Dave at it. It sounded like you were both having a great time. So why don’t you tell me about it,” were Elsa’s opening comments.

I froze in panic and just stared at her. How on earth did she know about this? Surely Dave had not told her about our escapades. If she knew, who else did? A dozen questions whizzed around in my mind.

“NO,” I retorted, “What I do with my life is my business and nobody else’s.”

I was trying to put up a brave front while my mind was racing as to how I could get out of this sticky situation. How much did Elsa really know?

“Well I guess your husband doesn’t know about it, or any of the other office girls. Would you like to keep it this way???” Elsa replied, smiling smugly at my confusion.

I couldn’t risk the news or rumours spreading further, no matter how much she actually knew.

“Elsa, PLEASE don’t let this go beyond you. I would be devastated if anybody else, and especially my husband, got to know about this little indiscretion.”

Elsa broke into a wicked smiled, her face showing that she felt she had a victory over me.

“Okay – I will keep it to myself, but of course there will be a little forfeit to be paid.” she said boldly.

“I guess I don’t have an option. So what do you want from me?”

“To start with I want to see that body of yours that Dave so obviously enjoyed.”

“What do you mean?” I replied shocked, not quite knowing what to do at her request.

“I mean that I want you to come and stand in front of me and strip. I want to see you stark naked, like Dave did,” Elsa said in a tone that told me she was quite serious.

I was desperately hoping that Elsa was just trying to humiliate me, and didn’t have any sexual ambitions. I had never had any inclination to be with another woman.

I walked around my desk and stood in front of her. She indicted for me to continue so I reluctantly pulled my zipper down and let my dress slide to my feet. I hesitated, not wanting to go any further.

“Well you are a little vixen aren’t you, dressed up in that see through bra and tight little thong? I bet you were hoping that Dave was going to give you a good fucking today again?”

I didn’t answer her, but had to acknowledge to myself that she was right.

Elsa got up, walked behind me and slowly caressed me across of my back and then even more slowly across my butt cheeks, which were left exposed by my small thong. It felt surprisingly pleasant but I tried not to let this show. Still not saying anything she then slid her hands around to my tummy and up to my breasts. She gently caressed them making me squirm a bit.

“Elsa, I am not that way inclined. I’ve NEVER been with a woman before” I blurted out.

Elsa responded by giving each nipple a tweak through the sheer bra material, before sliding her hand down over my panties and giving my crotch a quick escort kartal rub.

“Elsa, I have never had another woman touch me before. Pleeeease – I will do anything else!!”

“Sally – I thought you understood that I am in control here. Do I get my way or do I give your husband a quick call.” Elsa said reminding me how vulnerable I was.

“Your way then” I replied meekly, realizing that things could end up totally out of my control.

“Goooood! Let’s get on with it then. I want you to strip absolutely naked for me, keeping only your high heels on.”

I undid my bra and let it slip off, feeling a bit exposed to Elsa’s prying eyes. I did feel some sort of eroticism in it and thought to myself that I should be doing this for Dave or my husband, not our secretary. Feeling rather self conscious I turned my back on Elsa while easing down my thong.

“Bend over Sally and spread you legs as you take you panties off. I want a GOOOOOD view of your arse and pussy!!”

Blushing, I followed her instructions and much to horror experienced an excited tingling at the thought of such a open display of my private parts to someone who had me under their control. As I stepped out of my panties, Elsa instructed me to stay bent over at the hips in my highly exposed position. She moved next to me and slowly caressed my butt.

“Nice tight arse Sally. I bet your lovers like screwing you from behind,” she commented as her fingers trailed gently down my slit.

I couldn’t shrug off the erotic sensation of being crudely exposed to Elsa while she gently stroked me around my pussy lips and anus, all at her will. Much to my disgust I was actually getting a little turned on, but dearly hoped it wasn’t showing in any way.

I complied with the next instruction to sit on the edge of the desk, trying to keep my legs clamped together, partly to avoid any further touching by Elsa, but also to hide the wetness that was slowly developing between my legs. Elsa stood in front of me openly ogling my naked body while massaging my tits and nipples with both hands. This soon progressed to sucking and licking of my nipples.

I could not stop my body from reacting to this stimulus. It was sending electric signals to my pussy and even elicited a little moan from me as Elsa nipped a nipple in her teeth.

I was sure the response was not lost on Elsa, as she then leaned forward and kissed me open mouthed. I tried to move away but she had me leaning back on my hands and had her one hand behind my head. I quickly forgot about this intrusion as I felt her knee easing my legs apart and her other hand sliding up my thigh. When she touched my pussy I shivered involuntarily at the pleasurable sensation.

I couldn’t believe I was reacting this way to a woman touching me. I certainly felt no attraction to Elsa, but the sheer eroticism of what was happening was having a serious effect on me.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh, no Elsa – PLEASE don’t do this to me!!” I moaned as Elsa slipped a finger up my now very moist pussy.

“I am going to do with you just as I want” she responded, slipping another finger up me and finger fucking me while brushing my clit with her thumb.

Elsa was touching all the right spots and getting my body throbbing. maltepe escort bayan I starting wanting an orgasm but thought it would be very embarrassing if another woman actually brought me to orgasm. I was not a lesbian. How could my body be reacting this way? My body was starting to shake with pleasure, making me ache for a man’s cock.

Elsa suddenly withdrew her fingers from me, eliciting a disappointed moan from me. She reached into her handbag at her feet and produced a huge vibrator. I was shocked at the size of it. Was she really going to use that on me? I had never used a sex toy before and didn’t know whether to be excited or scared.

“Open your legs nice and wide now so my toy can give you maximum pleasure” Elsa smiled smugly again.

Her attitude made me nervous but my legs opened almost automatically, with my body craving some sexual release at this stage.

She rubbed the tip against my wet opening briefly and then plunged it right up my cunt.

“AHHHHHHHH – my god Elsa. That thing fills me up completely!!!” I cried out, almost involuntarily sliding my body more horizontal to accept the whole huge vibrator.

Elsa fucked me with it smiling knowingly at me, for the obvious pleasure and eroticism I was experiencing. After a short while she switched on the vibrations as well. My body responded instantly to the new sensations and I started rhythmically fucking the monster inside me. As my orgasm built up rapidly I realized that I was totally accepting and enjoying another woman to fucking me to orgasm.

“KISS ME!” Elsa instructed as I approached my peak.

I did not hesitate. Almost instantly, the erotic combination of the open mouthed kiss and the gorgeous sensations in my pussy just pushed me over the edge.


Elsa continued pumping me as I rode the rest of my orgasm and as the tide of pleasure subsided. When I came to my senses again Elsa was standing in front of me smiling.

“Now that you know how good a woman can make another woman feel, you are going to give me a little pleasure.”

I had assumed that my forfeit had been paid but clearly Elsa had other ideas. Although I had just had my mind changed regarding women touching me, I felt very uncertain about me having to be the active women.

“Let me guide you Sally. You can start by slowly undressing me and caressing my body all over,” instructed Elsa as she took control again.

Rather nervously, I started to carry out her instruction. I was quite intrigued to see Elsa’s good figure being revealed as I peeled off her blouse and then let her skirt slide down to her feet. Suddenly I stalled as it came to removing her very sexy underwear. Sensing my hesitation, Elsa took my hands and cupped them on her breasts.

“Touch and fondle my tits a bit and then carry on undressing me. I am getting quite turned on by you.”

It felt strange, but surprisingly good to have a woman tell me I was turning her on. Encouraged and emboldened by this I unclipped Elsa’s bra. I found myself staring at her tits and tempted to suck them. Elsa seemed to read my mind and gave me a smile of encouragment.

She moaned lightly as I bent down and took a nipple pendik escort bayan in my mouth. It made me feel good that I was able to stimulate a woman and this made me give her nipples all the more attention. I was experiencing a real erotic thrill at getting moans of pleasure from Elsa as I sucked her nipples to hard buds.

A little comment from her reminded me to get her naked so hiked my fingers under the sides of her tiny lacy panties and slipped them down. I was stunned to see her pussy completely shaved. I had never seen a shaved pussy before and had not realised ho incredibly sexy it looked.

She moaned as I gently squeezed her erect nipples and simultaneously stroked my hand over her exposed cunt.

“Sally – you are almost a natural. You are really working me up.”

She kissed me deeply and said” Now I want you to eat my pussy!!”

With that she sat on the edge of the desk and motioned for me to kneel between her legs. Oh my – am I ready for this, I found myself thinking. Elsa did not really give me chance to think about it, as she put her hand behind my head and pushed me between her legs.

I did not really know what to do, so just imagined what my husband did to me, and tried to lick Elsa’s wet pussy in the same way.

Surprisingly I found the slightly salty taste of Elsa quite erotic. I had not been licking her pussy for long when Elsa started moaning.

“That’s GOOOD. I knew you would be a good pussy licker. Now suck my clit Sally.”

“AHHHHHHHH – oh yessssssssss,” came her reaction as I followed her instruction.

Elsa was starting to buck and ride my mouth, when the next instruction burst out.

“Now finger fuck my pussy and my arse. QUICKLY!” I had never stuck a finger up anybody’s arse before but found myself complying hastily, while still sucking and licking her clit. I was getting extremely turned on by Elsa’s crude commands and knowing that I was having such an effect on her.

“YES, YES, YES. Fuck me with as many fingers as you can Sally,” Elsa encouraged me.

I eased one more up her arse and her pussy. Not able to stand the throb building between my legs I started masturbating myself with my other hand. I had never even touched myself in front of anybody before, but was so swept up by the eroticism of the whole scene that I was beyond caring.

I sensed Elsa was close to her orgasm, as her body starting shuddering and her moans became louder and more frequent.

“OOOOOOOOOOHHHH – you are fucking gorgeous!!!!” Elsa yelled as she came really hard, ejaculating more wetness from her pussy.

Her orgasm was enough to push me over the edge again and I collapsed at Elsa’s feet moaning and shaking as a huge orgasm hit me.

We both sat back and just smiled at each other as we got our breath back. Finally Elsa spoke, giving me a gentle look.

“Now that you know how good and sexy it feels to be fucked by another woman, I am sure you will enjoy many more women in the future.”

With that she got up and started collecting her clothes. She scooped up my panties and bra as well.

“I am going to keep these as my souvenir of the day that I introduced you to sex with a woman. I want you go home naked under you dress, so that you are turned on and totally ready to fuck your husband once you get home.”

“That is you final forfeit. Dave and you can carry on screwing. Your secret is safe with me.”

“Thanks Elsa” I said relieved.

“I just hope that we can fuck again soon,” slipped past my tongue before I knew it.

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