Sarah and Kelly

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I heard Sarah’s dad yell before I even pushed the doorbell. “Sarah! Your little friend’s here!” He must have heard me walk up the porch. I stood up a little straighter and smiled, waiting for him to open the door. Not that he would have noticed my posture or expression anyway – he was blind – but whenever I was at Sarah’s I always wanted to look my best.

“Kelly!” he said to me in his big voice, and ushered me inside.

“Hi Mr. McAllan. It’s good to see you again. Is Sarah up in her room?” I shifted my backpack from one shoulder to the other as I talked. It was heavy, and I was horribly nervous.

“Sure is! Been up there all morning, only came down for breakfast.” He paused and cocked his head to the side for a minute, as if to listen for Sarah’s protest from upstairs. He always seemed to forget that nobody else in the house could hear the things he could. “You girls must have an awful lot of work to do on that English presentation, eh?”

I blushed hard and ducked my head – Thank God he couldn’t see me! “Uh, yeah, I guess we kinda waited till the last minute. Guess I should head up there, huh?” I said, already making for the stairs.

Mr. McAllan laughed and turned toward the den. “Don’t work too hard up there, you two!” he boomed, as much for Sarah’s benefit as mine. “Try and have a little fun!” I ran up the stairs as fast as I could.

At Sarah’s door I stopped, my right hand brushing the knob, my left clenched almost painfully tight around my backpack strap, fingernails white digging into the nylon. “Is this what you want?” I thought. I still wasn’t sure, and I was so scared.

“Kelly?” I heard Sarah say softly from the other side of the door. “If it’s you, come in.” Her voice sounded as shaky as I felt, and somehow that made me feel better. I opened the door and walked in.

Sarah was lying on her bed, covers pulled up to her chin. She smiled at me when I came in, and I smiled back. I turned back to pull the door shut, and when I looked at her again, she was sitting up on the bed, naked. I dropped my backpack on the floor. We stayed like that, her on the bed and me by the door, for what felt like hours.

“Well?” she said finally, trying to sound lighthearted. “What are you waiting for?” And I started to unbutton my pants.

I had met Sarah the previous semester, the fall. We were both freshman English students, and so we had most of our classes together. I noticed her right away – she was so small, so pale with her copper hair, so timid but quick to smile. I always notice girls like that, so different from me, the big brown-haired jock. I thought she was beautiful.

She was smart, too. Smarter than me, at any rate. That’s how I got to know her. I was failing pre-cal, our required math, and the prof. steered me in her direction as a study partner. I marched right up to her after class, before she could get her books together and scurry out like she always did.

“Hey. Sarah, right?” I held out my hand, just like a guy. I always do that. Habit, I guess. “I’m Kelly.” She shook my hand and smiled, shyly. I waited for her to say something, but she just stood there, waiting and smiling her little smile.

“Hey, so, Dr. Chang says you’re doing really well in class, and, well, I’m not, and so, I was wondering if, you know…”God, why was I so nervous? I think it was the way she just stood there, looking me right in the eyes and smiling like that. I felt like I was asking her on a date. “Anyway, I thought maybe I could study with you? If you wouldn’t mind?” I finally got it out and then made myself shut up, before I sounded even more stupid.

“Sure,” she said, the first time I’d ever heard her speak. Her voice was soft and pretty. Not high-pitched or breathy – sweet, like a note played on a flute. “I’d be happy to have someone to study with.” She smiled again, and I smiled too. I followed her out to the library, and that was that.

We became friends quickly. Sarah’s one of those people it’s impossible not to like, at least for me. She’s funny in her quiet way, and not nearly as fragile as she seemed at first glance. At first, I did all the talking, filling up the long silences between us with my life story: details of volleyball matches, which professor I was pissed off at this week, what a shitty lay my ex-boyfriend was (and he was), stuff like that. But soon enough she began to open up to me and tell me about her life. About how her mom had, without any warning, one day woken up and decided she deserved better than her blind husband and teenaged daughter, and walked out on them, not to be heard from since. About how Mr. McAllan had packed them both up and moved them here in the middle of her senior year in high school, leaving her no time to make friends before college, no time to find a boy who would take her to prom. And now here she pendik escort was in college, still no boyfriend, still no friends – except me.

“Yeah, but you could get a guy in two seconds flat if you wanted,” I said. We were at lunch in the UC, splitting a double cheeseburger and fries. We were both pretty broke. “You’re gorgeous!” I meant it to sound teasing, but it came out sounding much more sincere than I’d hoped. I blushed and shoved a big piece of burger into my mouth, so maybe she would think I’d been joking.

She shook her head. “I’m not, really, “she said. “But it’s not even that. It’s…the other thing.” Now, it was her turn to blush.

“You mean, being a virgin? Oh, please!” I laughed a little and took her hand. “I don’t think any guy’s really going to care about that.”

“I care,” she said. “I don’t want to make an idiot out of myself. And I’m scared it’s going to hurt.” She stopped to take a sip of our soda, then looked around quickly to see if there was anybody close to us. She leaned over the table to me, so close I could smell her shampoo. I started to get a little breathless, without knowing why. She opened her mouth, hesitated, then said “Would you help me, Kelly?”

I swallowed. “Help you?”

She nodded. “You’re the only person I could ever trust. And you’ve had sex before – you could prepare me.” She was blushing again, and so close I could feel the heat coming off her face. “It wouldn’t mean anything. I mean, it would just be like acting in a movie together. Please say yes.” Her blue eyes were on me, steady, wide. I couldn’t look away.

“Yes,” I said. I had been holding my breath, and it came out like a sigh. “Yes.”

As I unbuttoned my pants, Sarah got up off the bed and walked over to me. Her body was smooth and white, like a sculpture, with a few freckles scattered on her shoulders and chest. Her breasts were small and round, like big, ripe peaches, her areolas candy pink. I wanted to put my mouth on one, to see if it tasted as sweet as it looked.

I stepped out of my pants and underwear, and Sarah hugged me tight. I’m taller than her, so she had to stand up on tiptoes to whisper in my ear “Thank you Kelly. I’m so glad you came.” I put my arms around her and laid my hands on her back, felt the contours of her shoulders under soft, warm flesh. We stood holding each other like that for a minute, and I became conscious of Sarah’s pussy rubbing gently, almost imperceptibly, on my thigh. I pushed my leg in a little closer and felt her lips spread apart, felt the skin inside slick like hot oil. I sucked in my breath and felt myself getting wet. I brought my hands down to Sarah’s ass and pulled her closer still. She shifted a little and I slid a hand further down, under her thigh, and lifted her leg so she could spread wider. She pushed against me harder.

“We have to be quiet,” she whispered. She was looking at me with her eyes half closed, her lips parted and flushed as if she’d been chewing them. I slid my thigh against her clit and she gasped, tightened her grip around my waist. I wanted to touch her pussy, to watch her face as I slipped my fingers into her. All my shyness was gone. I had never wanted to fuck anyone as much as I wanted to fuck her now.

“We have to be quiet,” she whispered again. “My dad can hear everything.”

I nodded, and Sarah let go of me, put her leg back on the ground. She took my hand, so shockingly tan against her creamy white skin, and led me to the bed. I stood and watched her as she lay down on top of the covers. The curves of her body were so soft, almost girlish. Her pussy was covered with short, fine ginger hair a shade darker than what was on her head. Her legs parted, and I could smell her now. It made me dizzy.

“Take off your shirt,” she whispered to me, smiling. I pulled it over my head in one clean motion and tossed it behind me.

“Oh, “she whispered, looking me over. “Your body. You’re so hard.” It’s true – like I said, I’m a jock. Years of volleyball and swimming and any other sport I could get into have left my body without much padding. I always hated it. I wanted to be soft and pretty, like Sarah, not tall and brown and wiry like beef jerky. But then she said “You’re beautiful,” and I was glad for my muscles and shoulders broad like a boy’s.

Sarah reached for me and I knelt on the bed beside her. Her hand shook a little against my back as I bent my head to kiss her. Her mouth was as wet and soft as her pussy. I sucked her tongue, chewed her full, pretty lips. I pulled away and slowly, slowly passed my hand down her cheek, between her breasts, over her stomach fluttering like a sackful of butterflies. Slowly, slowly, as she arched her back, as she bent her legs and spread them wider. Slowly, watching her mouth open wider as my hand reached her pussy and I laid a maltepe escort finger gently between her lips.

“Tell me what you want,” I whispered. I slid my finger up and down her slit, just barely touching her. “Tell me what I should do to you.”

“Open the nightstand,” she whispered. I did, and inside was a thick, flesh colored dildo. I pulled it out. “Put it inside me.” I felt my own pussy tightening at the thought. I wanted to see that cock going in and out of her.

I held the dildo up in front of her, and she smiled, nervous again. “It’s so big. I didn’t realize until now. Do you think I can?” I smiled, laid the dildo down on her stomach, and bent to kiss her breasts. I heard her begin to pant lightly as I gently sucked her nipples, licked and lapped at them like melting ice cream. My own wetness began to slide down my thighs.

“Kelly, “she whispered, her hand in my hair. I rocked back onto my knees and looked into her eyes, then picked the dildo back up. Never taking my eyes off her face, I ran the dildo up and down my swollen slit. Sarah’s eyes widened. She looked down at my pussy and licked her lips as I pushed it into me, up to the hilt. As slowly as I could stand, I pulled it out and pushed it back in again, letting her watch me fuck myself.

“Oh, yes” she sighed. “Kelly. Yes.” She reached out and began to knead my breast softly. I pressed my lips together tightly to stifle a moan. I put a hand on the headboard to brace myself and began to pump the cock faster.

Sarah got up on her knees in front of me. She took my hand from the headboard and placed it around her shoulders, then took my other hand from the dildo and did the same with it. The dildo was still in me. She grabbed it and began to fuck me. She rested her body against mine as she fucked the dildo into me and slid her thumb in circles over my clit.

My legs began to tremble and I held Sarah tighter. She fucked me harder and I felt my pussy tighten and twitch as it was about to come. Suddenly, she stopped, and pulled the dildo out. “Don’t come yet, Kelly,” she whispered, holding me up as I shook and pulled in harsh, short breaths. “Not yet.”

I held her until I trusted myself to move, then laid her on the bed. I snatched the dildo out of her hand and forced her legs wide. Her smooth white skin was mottled pink, her nipples hard. I held the dildo just at the opening of her pussy, the head just barely inside.

“Ask me to fuck you,” I whispered, twisting the dildo back and forth. I wanted to shove it into her. I wanted to fuck her as hard as I would have if it were my real cock. But I made myself wait.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, blushing. “Please fuck me. Make me come.”

I pushed it into her. She was wet, but, God, so tight. She had her eyes shut tight and her mouth open, taking deep, sighing breaths. With the cock halfway in, I brought my other hand to her pussy. I spread my first two fingers in a narrow V and slid them up and down on either side of her clit. Sarah sucked in a sharp breath and arched against my hand. I pushed the dildo in gently with my other hand as I fingered her clit, and it slipped in easily. I could feel her open up to it.

This is how I fucked her, my hands at her clit and the dildo working in perfect rhythm, sliding in and out of her slippery pussy. It was silent in the room except for the sounds of our breathing – mine slow and deliberate, Sarah’s coming faster and deeper with every stroke. I watched her face as I fucked her. She was all flushed now, her skin bright pink as if she were feverish, her eyes still shut tight, her wet mouth wide in a perfect O as she panted. Her hands clenched the bed sheets in balled up fists, her knuckles white from the pressure.

I fucked her faster, and heard the soft smacking sound of the rubber cock moving in her wetness. She began to move against me, trying to take the cock deeper. I stopped and took it out of her, looked at her until she opened her eyes.

“Please,” she whispered, writhing on the bed. “Please.”

I dropped the dildo on the floor, and slid two fingers into her. “I want to feel you,” I whispered as I began to move them in and out of her and finger her clit with my other hand. “I want to feel you come.” She held my gaze, sweat beading on her forehead.

“More,” she whispered, and I slipped a third finger in. I went harder, pushed as deep as I could. We looked into each other’s eyes as I fingered her, and then I felt it. Her pussy was suddenly tighter, wetter – she was going to come. I slid my fingers faster along her clit. “Tell me, Sarah. Say it,” I said as I shoved my fingers all the way in.

“Oh,” she panted, and suddenly grabbed her breasts, squeezed them hard. She threw back her head and panted through clenched teeth. “Oh. I think. I’m. I’m. Oh, I’m coming. kartal escort I’m coming. Oh, God.” Her legs began to shake as she thrust her pelvis up. I felt her pussy pulsing around my fingers. “Oh God!” she cried. “Kelly!” She strained against me a moment more, her pussy throbbing, and collapsed back on the bed, shaking all over. I gently pulled out of her and lay down on the bed.

“Are you girls ok up there?” Mr. McAllan shouted to us. It sounded like he was right at the stairs, and I was suddenly terrified he would come up.

“We’re fine, Dad!” Sarah shouted back. I was amazed – she sounded like nothing had happened, like she hadn’t just gotten fucked by her best friend, hadn’t cried my name out as she came. “Kelly dropped a book on my toe, but it’s ok! No big deal!”

“You sure? You guys don’t need any snacks or anything, do you? To keep up your strength?” Oh God, he sounded even closer now!

“No, Dad, really, we’re fine.” Sarah caught my gaze and rolled her eyes. Jeeze, parents! “We just need to get back to work.”

“Ok, well, holler if you need anything!” I stared at the door, as if that would somehow keep him from coming in. Please, God. Please, God, I thought and, after a few seconds, thank God, we heard the TV in den start up again.

I was concentrating so hard on listening for Mr. McAllan that I hadn’t felt Sarah sit up and slid down the bed. When I felt her tongue on my clit, I let out a little surprised “Oh!” I hoped her father wouldn’t hear. I looked down and saw her big blue eyes looking at me from right above my pussy. She was kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed. Gently, she grabbed my ankles and pulled me to her, brought my pussy right up to her face. “Your turn,” she whispered, so close to me her mouth brushed against my pussy lips. She spread my legs wide, slid her hands under my ass and began to eat me.

I had gotten so hot fucking Sarah that my pussy felt swollen and pulpy, like I was the one who’d been fucked hard. Now, Sarah was the one doing the fucking. She teased me, nibbling my lips, licking a quick circle around my clit, kissing my hole like it was a second mouth, pushing her tongue inside me.

I needed to come so badly I was almost angry. “Fuck me,” I whispered, my voice harsh. “Fuck me, Sarah.” She looked at me one more time, then shoved her face into my pussy, her tongue flat and hard against my clit. The sensation was so strong I sat bolt upright, but Sarah held me where I was. She began to lick me in firm, long strokes. I put my legs over her shoulders started running my fingers through her hair, over and over.

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” I couldn’t stop saying it, the words whispered out with each ragged exhalation. I locked my fingers together around the back of her neck and pulled her closer. She dug her fingers into my ass and pulled me closer. Her whole mouth, soft wet lips and tongue, was rubbing circles on my clit in four beat time. I could feel my wetness on my thighs, sliding down the crack of my ass, soaking the sheet beneath me. Sarah took a hand from under my ass and slid three fingers inside me. I felt faint from desire for her.

“Fuck. Oh God, Sarah, fuck me. Fuck me.” The words came out like whispered sobs. I closed my eyes and rocked against her as she moved faster, faster, my pussy tightening around her fingers and she’s going faster, her mouth wet and hot on my clit, faster, and my thighs start shaking, and I grab my breasts, squeeze the nipples hard between my fingers, thrusting my pussy against her mouth and fingers, and she pushes back against me, her mouth rubbing my clit so hard, her fingers so deep in me, and I’m getting wetter, my pussy clenching around those fingers like a fist, I feel the sweat running down between my breasts, my mouth stretched open as wide as I can to snatch each ragged breath, Oh God, faster, faster, faster, fuck me Sarah, fuck me. Make me come.

I felt the contractions in my pussy a spilt second before my body froze. Every muscle tensed as I came, came so hard it hurt. I clamped my mouth shut and moaned, biting my lips to keep from crying out. I began to shake as Sarah continued to eat my throbbing pussy, the sensation from my clit so strong it made my knees buckle, coming and coming as she licked it, and still I pushed against her. I felt the come pouring out of me and kneaded my breasts, shaking and coming until I couldn’t take it anymore and fell back on the bed, exhausted.

Sarah climbed in next to me, and I wrapped my arms around her. She tucked her head under my chin and kissed my collarbone. I stroked her hair, her beautiful long ginger hair, and whispered “So, you feel better now? About having sex with a guy?”

She pulled away and looked at me for a long time, and then smiled that shy, sweet smile. “I don’t think I’m all that interested in having sex with a guy. I don’t think I ever was.”

I smiled. “Me neither,” I whispered, and pulled her close again. We fell asleep like that: hair wet with sweat, legs entwined, Sarah’s face on my chest, her little hand resting gently over my heart.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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