Saturn Rising Pt. 02

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This is part 2 of the story of my first love, Becky, when I was 20 and in my second year of University. The details are fairly close to how I remember them, and I’ve thought about them a *lot* over the years. Any details I’ve got wrong can be firmly blamed on me.

Thanks once again to Charlotte and Monica for their support and proof reading!

Huge thanks to Suzy: I dedicate this chapter to you.


We lay there, kissing, and almost as if we were reading each other’s minds, we simultaneously wrapped our arms around each other. One of Becky’s hands was stroking through my hair, the other was lower down on my back. I felt her pull me closer, and I was acutely aware of our bodies touching. I could feel her breasts pressed against mine, our bushes lightly touching. Becky lifted her leg and I felt her thigh rise and wrap around me. I shuddered with desire and delight.

I felt a gentle pressure and I found myself lying on my back with Becky above me, her hair hanging down framing our faces. She planted a soft kiss on my lips, then started placing kisses on my neck, down between my breasts, and on down to my stomach. I felt her kiss my mound, and I opened my legs in preparation for what I knew, or at least hoped, was coming. Sure enough, she placed herself between my legs and I felt a kiss on my clit. I groaned as I felt her tongue flick gently across me. The tingles from my last orgasm were still there, and this lifted me up again.

I opened my eyes, wanting to capture this moment for ever. I looked down to see, in the ghostly moonlight, Becky between my legs, her eyes looking straight back at me. It was such a beautiful sight, I brought my hands down and ran my fingers through her hair. I felt her tongue slide down between my lips and work its way to my entrance, probing me, tasting me. The feelings coursing through me were beyond anything I had ever known. I felt her tongue slide back up to my clit. She took it into her mouth, cupping it and sucking it in. She held like that for a moment, and I felt one of her fingers at my entrance. I shuddered as it slid into me. I was so open and so ready. It was a heavenly feeling.

Then I felt something completely new, and for a second, slightly worrying. Becky did something that gave me, for a brief moment, the feeling that I needed to pee. There was an unfamiliar pressure inside me, and I felt Becky’s finger slowly moving, applying pressure and then releasing it from whatever it was that was giving this weird but wonderful new sensation. My god, she really knew what she was doing. I felt her tongue flicking side to side in time with what she was doing inside me. She slowly increased the speed and I couldn’t do anything but close my eyes and drown in the feelings that were now infusing my insides and my outsides. I could feel the rise of my orgasm, and it just kept building and building. At the point where I would normally have gone over, it didn’t stop. It kept building and I started shaking and moaning incoherently. When the beautiful release came my mind whirled as the shocks ran through my body, lighting up every nerve end.

Becky didn’t stop, but she did slow down. My orgasm just kept going. Wave after wave. It was like nothing I had ever known. I would think it was over, and on the wane, and suddenly it would be back again. I really don’t know how long it went on for, or how many peaks Becky made me climb and descend, but it seemed like an eternity. A beautiful, orgasm filled, eternity.

I could feel myself subsiding finally, and I felt Becky’s finger slide out of me. I was dimly aware that she had made her way back up next to me, and then I felt her kiss. Oh. My. God. I could taste myself on her, and it didn’t gross me out. In fact, it was quite the opposite. The fact that this was my taste after all the pleasure I had experienced made it taste like the most perfect of nectars.

Becky pulled back, and I opened my eyes to look into that beautiful face. She smiled.

“You taste heavenly, Anna. So, so wonderful.”

I smiled lazily and when I finally found my voice, I said, “What on earth did you do to me? I’ve never felt anything like that.”

“Did you like it?”

“Oh god, yes! I loved it! I wasn’t complaining.”

She smiled and kissed me softly, “I’m so glad I gave you so much pleasure.”

“I want to do that for you. What do I do? What did you do?”

“Let’s not make this too analytical, we’re not in a lecture now. When you put a finger in, curl it upwards a little and feel around for a little circle that’s is a slightly different texture, and stroke it. That’s it.”

Summoning reserves I didn’t know I had, I pushed myself up, and Becky back onto the bed. I looked down at her, my long locks now framing us, as hers had before. Her hair splayed out around her head like a halo. I kissed her lips, then her neck, and down to her breasts. I stopped for a moment to linger over one of her very erect nipples. I pulled it into my mouth and was delighted to hear Becky pendik escort moan. I savoured this feeling for a moment, and then carried on down, over her tummy, kissing her mound, and down until I was between her legs.

I was nervous. I’d often fantasised about this moment, but what if I didn’t like the taste? What if I didn’t do it properly? Of course, I couldn’t stop, but these were genuine worries that went through my mind. I wanted to give this wonderful woman as much pleasure as she had given me. I put my fears aside and took a moment to study her beautiful pussy. Her clit was proud and out of its hood, the folds of her lips were spread out, and she was glistening wet. I tentatively placed a kiss on her clit and was rewarded with a delighted sigh and shudder from Becky. I took her into my mouth, and tasted her properly. Well, that was one fear out of the way. Her taste was heavenly. Slightly musky, with a tinge of sweetness underlying it.

I slid my tongue down to her entrance, between those puffy, spread lips and slid it into her as far as I could, which wasn’t that far, my tongue is only so long, and tasted more, slightly different flavours.

Becky moaned again, “Oh yes. Yes.”

I slid my tongue out and back up. Instinctively I circled her before placing my mouth over her and pulling her clit into me. It was hard, and I let my tongue flick side to side. Now I had to remember my lesson. I tentatively placed a finger at her entrance and pushed in. I felt no resistance at all and my finger was enveloped by her pussy walls. Remembering what she said I curled my finger upwards, and slid around inside. To begin with, I didn’t think I was going to be able to find it, and then I found a little spot that was slightly different. It felt to my finger tip like one of those buttons that’s protected by a squishy coating. I pushed on it, and Becky moaned, “Yes, Anna. There.”

Remembering what she had done to me, I started applying pressure and easing off in time with my tongue flicking her clit. She squirmed under me, and I could feel her hips rising a little as if to get closer to me. I sped up a little, and was thrilled that I could feel her pussy walls starting to squeeze down on my finger.

Becky cried out obscenities, “Fuck yes. Fuck. Oh god, oh god, oh fuck,” and then I felt her clamp down harder on my finger, and her clit grow slightly under my tongue. As she had done with me, I didn’t stop, but merely slowed down, and was so excited when I felt her second wave start, and as that subsided it was joined almost immediately by a third and a fourth. I felt the clamping inside her subside, and I took this as a cue that she was done, at least for now. I withdrew my finger, took my lips away from her clit, placing one quick little kiss on it before sliding back up next to her.

Now it was my turn to smile at her. My elbow on the pillow, hand propping my head up, I looked down at my beautiful lover.

She smiled back and grinned, “Well, you are a good student. I think that deserves a First with Honours.”

I giggled. I loved her silly sense of humour. “Well, I did say that you would be my First.”

She laughed softly. “Come here,” and with that she pulled me towards her and we kissed, and wrapped ourselves around each other.

When finally broke and Becky looked at me and said, “So, Anna, are you still okay with this?”

I nodded and looked at her, “I am more than okay. I’m happy. And fulfilled like I’ve never been before. I have one worry, though.”

A small frown creased her beautiful face, “Oh?”

It needed to be said, and discussed. “Um… you’re a lecturer, I’m a student. Isn’t there some rule against that?”

I was relieved to see the frown disappear to be replaced by that radiant smile. “If you were a student of mine, yes. It would be a problem, I could be in trouble for either favouring you or otherwise controlling. But you’re not. We’re both adults, over the age of consent, and as long as we don’t do something to get us in trouble with the law, it won’t be an issue.”

Two things crossed my mind at that moment, “Okay, so are you saying you want us to be a ‘thing’?”

A worried look came back, “Yes. I am. I know, I’m an old crone from your perspective, but I would love for to be your girlfriend.”

I thrilled that she said that. So I was someone’s girlfriend again, and this time with someone who was definitely my type.

“One more thing,” I said and a questioning look came into her eyes, “um… you seem to know that this is okay. Am I just one of a line of students who you have seduced?” I know it sounds horrible now, but that genuinely had come into my mind, and I really needed to face it now if this relationship was going to mean anything.

Becky looked mortified, “No! God no! Genuinely, I have never had a relationship with another student. Of any sort. I promise. When I saw you this evening, I somehow just knew I wanted to be with you. I’ve been attracted to you ever since I first maltepe escort saw you walking round campus with Jake, but didn’t think it would come to anything because that told me you were straight.”

I looked into those beautiful eyes and saw nothing but sincerity and concern. I placed a peck on her lips.

“Then you have to take back one thing you said to me.”

She smiled and my heart flipped again, “I do? Which thing in particular?”

“You called yourself an old crone. You are not. You are beautiful, and I have also fancied you from afar ever since Jake pointed you out and wouldn’t stop talking about you.”

She laughed, “Okay, I’m not an old crone then.”

“No, you’re not.”

We kissed again, and Becky suggested we get under the duvet, since the temperature was dropping a little. We did, and I thrilled at being with my new girlfriend, cuddling under the covers. There were of course all sorts of worries, but I would leave them for now and be happy in the moment, something I had never been particularly good at in the past.

As we lay on the pillows, wrapped around each other, I reflected on how differently I felt about making love with Becky.

Oral sex was something I had never particularly enjoyed, and I now realised it was because the ones giving weren’t very good at it. I’d also been self conscious about being quite so exposed, but with Becky none of that had crossed my mind. It told me a lot about myself, and about how the world was likely to be for me. Again, I decided to put it aside and think about it more another time.

Becky looked at me, “Lost in thought?”

I smiled and kissed her. I was amazed at how quickly just being with her had become normal, “Oh, well, you know. Just wondering how I got so lucky. Thinking about how wonderfully different everything is, and just how happy I am right now.”

We kissed again, softly stroking each other and eventually we just drifted off into a blissful sleep, wrapped in each other’s arms.


I awoke the next morning momentarily confused at being somewhere different than my own bed. The sun was beaming in through the windows, and suddenly the memories of the night before came flooding back to me. I opened my eyes, and there was Becky, staring down at me. A smile on her face. My heart flipped as she lent down and kissed me. Her hair was a bit mussed, but it made her even more attractive to my eyes.

“I was wondering when you’d wake up. I’ve been lying here watching you, and dying to kiss you.”

I smiled, “Oh, if you ever want to kiss me, just kiss me. I will never get enough of it. Even if I’m asleep, wake me with a kiss. Just kiss me, always.”

She laughed and kissed me again, “So, still no regrets?”

I looked earnestly at her, “None. How about you?”

She grinned, “Well, maybe one.”

I knew she was teasing me, but played along, “And that would be?”

“We didn’t finish our drinks last night. Perfectly good gin gone to waste.”

I laughed and slid up so I could sit, the duvet falling away. I realised how unselfconscious I was for my breasts to be on display. I was usually much more shy and conservative, but everything felt so natural with Becky that I didn’t give it more than a second’s thought. She sat up with me and we embraced and kissed some more.

When we finally broke, Becky said, “I don’t know about you, but I need a shower. Sort my hair out at the very least.”

I put my fingers through her hair and my heart lifted again. Here I was, with my perfect woman. I think that was the moment I realised that I was falling in love, but it would take me time to really believe it, and to really trust that feeling. “Can we shower together? Is there room?”

“Let’s find out, shall we?”

“Um, I need the loo first…”

Becky smiled and said, “Yeah – me too. You can use the one in the bathroom, and I’ll nip downstairs, I’ve got another one down there.”

She slid out from under the covers and I slid out behind her, looking at her beautiful body in full light for the first time. We embraced and kissed, and I felt her hands drop down and stroke down over my buttocks. It sent a thrill through me. Without a word, we broke and Becky led me by the hand out into the hall and down to a dark oak door. We entered a sumptuous bathroom, complete with a giant bath and a glass walled walk in shower that looked like it could easily take both of us. The floor was all art deco patterned tile, all squares and angles. The window provided a wonderful natural light.

She gave me a peck and said, “Okay, I’ll see you in a couple of minutes,” and walked out, closing the door behind her.

I sorted myself out and took a look in the mirror. My hair was all over the place, but there wasn’t much point doing anything until we’d showered. I heard a knock and Becky said, “All done, Anna?”

I went to the door and opened it. She walked in, and I was taken in once again by her grace and beauty. Glancing at kartal escort the enormous shower I said, “I think there might be room for us both to squeeze in there.”

She chuckled, and opened the shower door, leading me in. She took the large shower head off the wall and turned the water on, waiting for it to warm up. I watched her every move, taking in the shape of her hips, the curve of her breasts, the matted thatch of hair on her pussy.

After only a matter of seconds, she said, “Perfect,” and placed the shower head back on the wall. We both stood under the powerful jet of water and I was taken back to my shower the day before and my little play time. As if I wasn’t already turned on just by being naked with Becky, this sent an extra charge through me.

Becky took a bottle of shower gel off the little soap stand and squeezed some into her hands.

“Right, you first,” and proceeded to lather me all over, from my neck, down over my breasts, my arms, down through my bush, lingering teasingly between my pussy lips, and down over my thighs and on down to my feet, she then turned me around and repeated down over my back, my bum, where she lingered a moment between my cheeks and slid a finger down and around until she found my entrance. I instinctively opened my legs to her touch and was frustrated when she stopped, stood up and took the shower head down and started spraying the soap off my body. It was an incredibly powerful spray and, once most of the soap was gone, my skin was alive and tingling everywhere. It was at this point that she aimed the jet directly onto my clit, facing it upwards and I had to lean back against the glass wall to stop myself from falling over. As she played the spray over me I felt her fingers slide down and softly squeeze either side of my little bud, and the combination of tingling and pressure pushed me over and I started crying out as I came, the feelings not subsiding and once again she managed to drive me through peaks and troughs of orgasmic waves.

My head was all muzzy, and when I was finally, properly aware once again, I realised I’d slid down the wall and was now sitting, legs wide open, on the floor of the shower.

I looked at Becky, and she smiled, kissed me, and said, “I love watching you. It is so wonderful.”

“Oh wow. Just wow. I love how you make me feel. Nothing has ever been this good.”

“Nothing? Really? I feel honoured.”

“Truly. Nothing. I’ve known you properly for what, 12 hours? And you are by the far the best lover ever.”

She blushed, and her dimples showed and my heart skipped another beat. “Well, let me tell you, for one so inexperienced you did more for me last night than I’ve had in a long time, and it was by far the most wonderful first time ever. I think we’re just so in tune.”

A sudden pang of irrational jealousy went through me. Of course I wasn’t her first lover, but I now envied those who had been with Becky in the past.

She obviously could read me very well, because she said, “What? What’s wrong?”

I dissembled, “Oh nothing. It’s okay.”

“No, Anna, it’s not. If we’re going to be in a relationship,” and hearing her say that sent another thrill through me, “we’re going to be honest. No bullshit, okay?”

I swallowed, “Yes. Okay. You’re right. So, I was just suddenly aware that you’ve had lovers before me, and I felt a pang of jealousy.”

Becky stood up, and I thought she was angry, but she merely held her hand out, so I took it and she helped me to my feet.

“Now listen to me, for a start I don’t make a habit of sleeping around. I’ve had exactly three relationships, and the last one finished about two years ago. Since then I’ve been pretty much single, with the exception of a couple of dates that never worked out. I am a very loyal person, and will never knowingly hurt you, and I certainly won’t cheat on you. If I do do anything to hurt you, tell me there and then. Don’t bottle it up. Okay?”

I looked at her, saw the passion and honesty in her eyes, nodded, and said, “Yes. Yes. I’m sorry. Silly jealousy isn’t how I am. It’s just that all these feelings are so new to me.”

She smiled, put her arms around me and kissed me on my nose.

“Now, I think you owe me a wash.”

She reached over and handed me the bottle of gel. I took it, poured soap into my hands, put the bottle back and started to apply it all over. It was so wonderful, I was exploring every inch of her with my fingers and my eyes. I lingered over her beautiful breasts and she moaned softly as I circled a nipple with my fingers. I got more gel and put some on her pussy, massaging it in, and delighting at how proud her clit was as my finger slid down to her. I circled it with my finger and she leant back against the wall, the shower streaming down over her body. I knelt down in front of her, and she opened herself to me. I kissed her clit, and took it in my mouth, flicking it as I had the night before. I felt her hands in my hair, gripping me softly. I brought my hand up and stroked her entrance, then slid my finger in, once again feeling the wet, velvety softness of her pussy walls.

She sighed as I found her little pad once again and then whispered, “More.”

I stopped for a moment. “More?”

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