Secret Admirers Ch. 04

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After the threesome between Jimmy, Angela, and I, things changed somewhat. Change is always an interesting thing. Don’t get me wrong, Jimmy and I still went at it every now and then, but as he and Emily started getting more serious it did cut into my time with him. John was still gone on business quite often, even more than before, now that Jimmy had graduated. I wondered if he had a mistress or something,but I kept myself busy as I could. Frankly,the thought of him having a mistress sort of turned me on. I had become such a deviant!

Angela and I became more close though. She was always so conservative prior to that night, and she was still reluctant to drift too much farther into a sordid lifestyle. However, I was her demon, if you will. She would be reluctant to talk about that

night, but I could always find a trigger to get her to open up. Sometimes it would be a porn movie “accidentally” playing on our TV, or an “innocent” back massage. Anything to either loosen her up or make her horny would get her talking, but since that night, she still wasn’t going farther than mutual masturbation with me.

One night Angela and I were watching TV and Jimmy got home. I asked him, “What did you and Emily do tonight?”

He said, “We made out by the lake.”

I remarked, “Usually you look more excited after you two get together, what’s wrong?”

“I better not talk about this right now, Angela is here”, he responded.

I answered, “You’ve shared enough things with Angela that I am sure she’d be glad to listen too.” Angela chuckled, but she looked a little uncomfortable at the same time.

Jimmy sat down, and reiterated what we actually already knew, that Emily doesn’t like giving head, or at least she hardly ever does it.

I told him, “Angela and I, if Angela is willing, will talk to her and see if we can help.

Jimmy objected at first, saying “Mom (I loved it when he would call me that, I was more of a mom than his real one anyway), don’t do it, who knows how upset she might get if she realizes I told you.”

“Jimmy, I am smarter than that”, I responded. “She will never know that you told us” , I added.

Jimmy then replied, sort of jokingly, “Also don’t make a move on her mom, I saw you and Angela going at it that night!”

Angela’s face started turning red. It didn’t embarrass me, but I did agree to not make moves on her.

Over the next few weeks we invited Emily over to the house for differing reasons trying to get to a point where she might open up to us. I just didn’t want to go from 0-100 immediately and say, sincan escort bayan “Why aren’t you giving my son head?” Finally, we got to a point where we were ready to start “the talk”. It was mid-summer, and we were sitting by the pool. Emily was wearing a tiny white bikini that barely covered her small, petite 18 year old breasts. Her ass looked so cute in it as well. I know I agreed to “not make moves on her”, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t lust over her. I talked Angela into wearing a 2 piece also, and she filled it very well! It was a red bikini, and it really showed how well she took care of her 42 year old body. I was wearing a purple bikini that barely covered my tan lines.

Angela and I already had the conversation planned out. Emily let me rub some lotion on her back, so I figured this was the time, and I nodded to Angela. I made a little comment about John’s love making prowess, and how horny I am with him gone all the time. Which is half true, as I am horny all the time, but that isn’t the reason, ha ha. Emily giggled to herself.

That opened up things for Angela, who all of a sudden started talking about her late husband. She talked a little about his love making talents, then she added, “One of the things I enjoyed the most was being able to take his dick in my mouth.” By that time, Emily was back sitting upright in her chair, and her eyes got really big. Angela said, “I felt like making him happy was my job and I was glad to do it.” “It got to the point where after the first couple of times that I did it, I couldn’t wait until the next time.”

Emily asked, “Weren’t you afraid of gagging?” She added, “What about the taste, and weren’t you afraid he’d cum in your mouth?”

Angela looked at me as she didn’t want to do all the talking, but she did add, “I enjoyed the taste, he was my man and I loved everything about him.”

Now it was my turn, as we figured out what her turn-offs were. I stated, “Emily, there is so much about blow jobs and how to do them, that you just don’t know. “First off I agree with Angela, the taste isn’t bad at all.” “If your really interested in your man and giving it all, in your sex life, then taste isn’t an issue.” “Secondly, I don’t care where the cum ends up.” “If they cum in my mouth, or on my face, I just know how good I made my man feel. “That makes it all worth it, besides I’ve gotten to where i like the taste and the feel of the cum in my mouth.

Emily looked so embarrassed, and said, “Nikki I can’t believe your saying those things to me!”

I responded, “Look Emily tandoğan escort bayan we are almost family, and I would like nothing better than for you to marry Jimmy, so I feel like we should be able to talk about almost anything.”

Emily said, “I appreciate that Nikki, I care for you a lot too, but this is weird.”

I replied, “Look, oral sex is a part of making your partner happy, and I am just wanting to help.” “I think I can at least get you off of the issue you have with it gagging you.” “All it takes is practice.”

Emily responded, “I can’t do it on Jimmy, I don’t want to gag with him and get embarrassed.”

I replied, “You won’t need to, Angela and I will help you.”

I led Angela into the house and left Emily by the pool. We grabbed 3 dildos from my collection of sex toys, and I even took 3 small vibrators out there, hidden in a towel. Emily’s eyes widened when she saw the dildos. She’d never seen one up close. Angela and I proceeded to give her blow job lessons on it. She took to it rather quickly as she was able to put almost all of the 8″ black dildo in her mouth without gagging. I started rubbing my crotch as I watched her suck on it. Angela was watching my hand massage my clit through my bikini bottoms and she was getting turned on as well.

Emily opened her eyes and noticed this and she said, “What are you doing?”

I said, “Emily haven’t you ever played with yourself?” “This sucking and licking on the dildo’s, have made me so wet that I have to do something about it.”

Emily said, “Maybe in the bath or shower, but I always try to stop myself.”

I said, “Well here’s lesson number two”, as I pulled the 3 vibrators out of the towel. Emily asked, “What are those?” I said, “They are vibrators”, as I stood up and pulled my bikini off and exposing my shaved pussy and tits to her. Angela must have really been turned on as she followed suit without any urging.

Emily said, “I don’t know if I am comfortable with what you want to do.” I responded, “just try it and if you don’t like it, you won’t have to keep on doing it.” She said, “OK, but I want to leave my bikini on.” We agreed.

I said I wouldn’t make moves on her, but mutual masturbation and/or aided masturbation was OK in my book. We all had a vibrator and our reclining chairs around the pool were placed in a circle so we could see each other. I demonstrated to her how to touch it to her clit and where to move it. I also told her she would figure it out for herself as we are all different as to what pleases us. She slid the tunalı escort bayan small vibrator inside her bikini and massaged her clit, and she exclaimed, “Man this does feel good!” She closed her eyes and you could tell she was in ecstasy, as her hips squirmed all around.

The vibrator was moving all around and her bikini bottoms were barely even covering anything now. Angela and I were dripping our love juices all over our chairs as we slid our vibrators all over our drenched pussies. I asked Emily, “do you want to go ahead and pull your bikini off?”

She said, “yes, but I don’t want to stop.” “We’ll help then”, I exclaimed. I took her bikini top off and Angela got the bottoms. As I pulled the top off I “accidentally” grazed the quarter sized puffy nipples of hers. They were so soft, it was all I could do to keep from putting them in my mouth and sucking on them. Angela slid the white bikini bottoms ever so slowly off of her hips and down her long luscious legs.

I asked Emily, “Can I try something?”

She answered, “I don’t care, do what you want, you haven’t been wrong yet.”

I took the dildo that she laid to her side and started sliding it in to her well lubricated lovehole, while she kept attending to her swollen clit. She started moaning and writhing about. All the while Angela positioned herself below me and started licking my pussy while she kept using the vibrator on her moist pussy. All three of us were so turned on! I proceeded to start shoving the dildo in faster and faster. Emily screamed and moaned as she squirted all over my hands and all over the chair. I sped up even more and the smell of her juices got me even hotter as my juices went all over Angela’s face.

Emily went limp and lied there exhausted on the chair. My knees felt weak, but I felt like I should return the favor for Angela. So as Emily relaxed there with her eyes closed, I took the dildo and started doing the same thing to Angela while she used the vibrator on herself. I also alternated that, with licking her clit. She stopped using the vibrator, as she wanted my tongue probing her pussy instead. The next thing I know, Emily is over here massaging Angela’s tits and licking her nipples. Angela started convulsing, as she came as well. We just collapsed on to each other in all of our nakedness.

Emily ended up coming out and saying that when she was 16, she and her best friend did some soft touching, and pressing bodies against each other during a sleep over once, but it never went any further than that, other than some kissing. That turned me on again as well, but I figured we did our job. The next time Jimmy and Emily did it, it must have been awesome. Jimmy came home and thanked me, then he asked “What can I do for you now?”

I responded with, “Some sex in the morning would be great.”

He said, “You got it!” That’s another story for another day though.

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