Secrets of Camping

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I was tired. We all were. It had been a long day, having been up since 5:30am. My friend Alex and his dad had picked me up in the morning to take me on a long planned Boy Scout camping trip to the local mountains. This was what we called “car-camping” which meant no hiking with packs. It was mostly for fun and experience for the youngest scouts. But Alex and I weren’t the youngest, nor were we the oldest. We had enough experience to know what we were doing, but we were not old enough to be in charge of anything major. Which was great for us. It meant a more or less carefree weekend of minimal supervision out in the wilderness where we could get into all sorts of the mischief that young boys get into. It turns out that my experiences wouldn’t be remembered quite as fondly as my friends.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. My name is Jason. I’m what you would call the shy, quiet kid at school, and that was the case even in scouts. I was smaller and lighter than most of the kids my age which contributed to my general insecurity. I had black hair, light skin and blue eyes. I stood out against my friend Alex who was larger, several inches taller than me and built for football. He loved football. I never saw the appeal, but we were best buds, so we could often be seen throwing a football around in between rounds of me stomping him in whatever the video game of the month was. He was different than me in many ways, his curly light brown hair, light brown eyes, and strong build made me look even smaller than normal. But he was always by my side. We had each other’s backs, and no one messed with me because of that.

The car ride was long, and we picked up several other boys on the way. We quickly got bored and most slept due to the early wakeup. Once we got to the camp site though, the mood quickly changed. Excitement spread through the car and we began talking about all of the things we would get to do over the weekend. We hopped out of the car into a bright sunny day and an endless expanse of trees and wilderness around us. Being good scouts (well, at least in our parent’s eyes) we began setting up tents and the camp.

Alex and I quickly found two other friends of ours, J.D. and Matt. They had been waiting for us because we were planning on piling the four of us into one large 8 man tent.

“Sup guys,” Alex said as we got close.

“Finally!” exclaimed J.D. “We’ve been waiting to set up so we can go exploring. Matt said he knows a lake around here that we can hike to and get away from these other losers.”

I smiled as we got to work setting the tent up. J.D. was adamant about setting up our tent as far away from other people as possible, which I thought was odd, but I went along with it. I was just glad to be back with the group. While I hadn’t been friends with J.D. or Matt long, they were both longtime friends of Alex and they had welcomed me into the group unlike most of the kids at school or in scouts.

“How far is the lake?” I asked.

“Only about a mile and a half. Not far, but far enough that no one else will want to go out with us,” said Matt. I liked Matt. He was taller than me and had blonde surfer hair, but was slim like me. He shared a lot of my personality traits and we got along great. J.D. on the other hand was very different from the rest of us. He grew up in a rougher household that didn’t have as much money. Our Boy Scout troop sponsored him a lot so that he could go on trips with us. He was about the same height as Matt, but his brown hair was scraggy, and his white skin was darker than the rest of ours. He was nice – as long as you were his friend.

“We should get going,” said J.D. “If we take too long, we’ll get roped into teaching the younger scouts.” We all agreed, so we grabbed a few things we thought we’d need, told one of the adult leaders we’d be going on a hike to the lake and set out.

The day was great. We laughed while hiking and went for a long swim in the lake despite it being freezing. As we lay warming in the sun afterwards, I caught J.D. and Alex looking over at Matt and me sitting away from us. They were whispering about something as they looked over at us, but I thought nothing of it. I was more interested in warming up. Eventually, J.D. and Alex came down to join us and we all lay shirtless, with wet bodies, sunbathing in a row. Our young bodies glistened in the sun as I looked down the line. I noticed Matt’s thin form breathing gently with his eyes closed. Alex’s looked like he was having trouble getting comfortable on the rock due to his build. I watched his muscles shift around, stirring feelings inside me. I knew I was into boys. Alex knew too, as my best friend. It wasn’t every day I got to see three almost naked bodies lying in the sun. There wet shorts pressed tight against their skin and I could see feint cock outlines on all of them, which was amazing for a young gay like me. As I looked out to J.D. at the end of the row, I noticed him watching me. I looked away in embarrassment, but not before I noticed a slight smirk on his face.


Eventually, after a long day at the lake and running around, and a campfire, it was dark and it was time to get into our tents. While I was rolling out my sleeping bag I heard a whispered argument coming from outside the tent. I looked out into the now dark wilderness to see my 3 friends huddled close having some sort of heated discussion, but I couldn’t make out the words. I then saw Matt storm off towards the cars with his sleeping gear.

Strange, I thought. But whatever, more room for us. “What was that about?” I asked as Alex and J.D. got to the tent. They shared a look I couldn’t make out because of the low light.

“Oh, nothing much,” said J.D. “We were just annoyed that Matt preferred to sleep in the car instead of with you.” The way he said ‘with you’ was odd, but I thought nothing of it at the time and simply completed getting ready for bed.

Once we were all in our sleeping bags, we continued chatting for what seemed like hours under the glow of a small light, just enough to see if we had to get up in the middle of the night. As the conversation eventually died down, I began to roll over to get some sleep. Tired, I was getting comfortable on my sleeping mat when J.D. asked “Hey, Jacob, are you a virgin?”

I paused, confused by the sudden change of subject and how personal the question was. I was friends with J.D. but it still felt odd he would drop that out of nowhere and single me out.

“Um. Ya.” I said. “Why.”

“Oh, just wondering,” said J.D. “Just wondering because you are gay”

“Uh. Ya, but what does liking guys have to do with it?” I didn’t hide the fact I was gay, but I didn’t broadcast it either. No need to make my life more difficult than it needed to be. And what did being gay have anything to do with losing my virginity? If anything it was harder to find another gay boy my age where we lived.

Everything got quiet for a while, and I rolled over to forget the weird question and go to sleep. As I tried to sleep I heard whispering between Alex and J.D. I tried to ignore them, but they began shifting around out of their bags so finally I asked “Hey, what are you guys doing?”

“Oh. Um. Hey Jason. Alex and I want to compare dicks, to see who’s bigger. We have a bet going. We want to see yours to so we can settle the bet.”

Now I was confused. The conversation was odd and out of the ordinary, especially for Alex, and J.D had a weird tone in his voice. I wasn’t necessarily against the idea, just something was off about them, almost like seeing a bad actor in a movie. It felt almost like they were reading a ***********.

“No man, I’m good,” I replied.

“Come on Jason, I’ve seen it before, just show it to J.D.” said Alex. Something was off and it was making me uncomfortable, but they kept insisting that I pull down my pants.

“All teenage boys do this at some point,” said J.D.

“Dude, its ok, trust me,” said Alex.

Reluctant, I told them fine, and we all got out of our sleeping bags to pull our pants down, but I made sure they did it first. Immediately I saw a size difference. Alex and J.D. both had similar sized penises, probably about 6.5 inches. buca escort Mine was obviously smaller, at about 5.5 inches, and thinner. While I had seen Alex’s before on accident when we changed or something I had never really paid attention. In the low light of the tent I could just make out how both of them were thick and veiny. Also different between us was that both Alex and J.D.’s dicks were getting harder and mine was not – I thought I was the gay one…

“Ok you saw it,” I said. “Mine is obviously smaller. You guys settle you damn debt. Now let’s just go to bed.”

“But I thought you were gay, Jason. Don’t you like seeing our dicks?” said J.D. I looked over at Alex for support but he seemed to be following J.D.’s lead. Alex was looking at me weird, eyeing me hungrily. For the first time, I went from weirded out to nervous.

“What’s going on guys?” I said. “We’re friends. Not some weird boyfriend threesome.” Then something unexpected happened, J.D. grabbed my shoulder. I flinched, but he held firm.

“I’ll tell you what,” J.D. whispered firmly. “Both me and Alex are horny, and – well – you’re gay. So since you enjoy that kind of queer shit, why don’t you let use you for a bit. You’ll like it, so there’s nothing to worry about. Right Alex?”

“Right,” he replied, still eyeing me in a weird way.

“You guy are fucking crazy. Go fuck each other over a log in the woods if you guys want. Leave me out of it. I’m not in love with either of you, and I’m definitely not losing my virginity to one of you assholes. I thought you two were both straight.” I was getting very annoyed. This was out of character for Alex, and while I knew J.D. could be an asshole, he’d always been nice to me. I pushed his hand off my shoulder and grabbed my sleeping bag, but as I did I felt Alex and J.D. grab me and quickly pin me to the floor of the tent. Before I could cry out, they had stuffed a shirt in my mouth.

“Mmmph,” was all I could get out. I squirmed under their weight. My heart was starting to race. My mind was racing. I couldn’t figure out what was going one. Slowly I began to realize that all three of us were naked and they were both on top of me. Holy shit they are serious, I thought. No they can’t be serious, they’re not going to fuck me.

The next thing I knew I felt a hand rubbing my ass, slipping a finger into my ass crack near my hole. I instantly tried to recoil, but it was useless against their hold. That didn’t stop me from struggling as I went into a full panic. But my efforts only wore me out, and they were content to wait me out.

“Are you done Jason? We haven’t got all night.” J.D. laughed. “I’m going to be nice and use some lube, but if you keep struggling, I might wipe it off. Now be a good gay boy and stop moving.”

I felt J.D. shift on top of me, mounting me from behind. Alex held my arms and head down, while my muffled yells went unanswered. I felt something hard moving around my ass crack which I could only assume was J.D.’s throbbing cock. On feeling it, I again started flailing, or rather tried to, doing everything I could to break free, but it was no use. Alex was too strong and heavy. I whimpered, as J.D. searched for my hole with the head of his penis. On finding it he said “Don’t worry Jason, gay boys like you enjoy this kind of thing.”

What came next was something no boy can prepare for. J.D. began to push his Vaseline lubed penis inside of me. As he pushed I felt my tight hole stretch, and stretch until I thought I couldn’t take it. And I couldn’t. The pain hit me like a sharp knife cutting my insides as he slid inside me. I cried out to no avail, my eyes beginning to water and blur from the pain. “Please stop” I tried to yell, but what came out was a wordless, muffled scream.

“Oh my fucking God,” cried J.D. “Alex, holy fuck this is good.” J.D. began to thrust. Gently at first, but it didn’t matter. The pain was excruciating, my ass had never been stretched like this before. J.D. started to ramp up the pace, each thrust increasing the sharp pain and throbbing ache in my ass. His hard dick slammed against my colon wall with each thrust sending shocks through my abdomen, and leaving me with sensations I couldn’t describe. He thrust harder and harder, faster and faster, until I couldn’t bare it anymore. I began to sob, worn out from struggling, my body gave into the abuse and I gave into the unending pounding. And still he continued for what felt like an eternity.

Each thrust rocked my small body. My arms were held firm by Alex’s hands and knees, my face rubbed against the cold, smooth tent floor. I kicked my legs behind me, but J.D. simply pinned them with his own legs and continued using me. The pleasure in J.D.’s voice and breathe was obvious and each moan of pleasure only reminded me of how my sensations were opposite his. My hole was stretched past the limit and each thrust felt as though it was ripping my ass to shreds. His long cock reached deep inside me, filling like I didn’t know was possible.

I did my best to twist and look up at Alex. He was my only hope. My best friend. But as I looked up, I didn’t see my friend. Looking down at me was a wild animal, with that hungry look, eyeing me like his next meal. I saw his throbbing hard cock above my head, and his face showed no mercy for my struggle. He noticed me looking up at him with tears streaming down my face, and he shoved my head back down to the tent floor, tightening his grip on me. All the while, J.D. continued his incessant pounding.

I have no idea how long he fucked me, but eventually I heard his breathe quicken and his moans get louder. “Oh shit. I think I’m going to cum.” His breathe quickened even more. “Shit, should I cum inside him?

“I don’t know,” said Alex. “I’ve never done this.”

Next I felt a few hard thrusts, J.D. cried out in pleasure, and collapsed on top of my defeated body. But I didn’t care about him. My only thoughts were about the pain and the tears streaming down my face. I should have felt relief that he had stopped fucking me, but I didn’t. I felt betrayed. Used by the very people I trusted as my friends. J.D. felt heavy on top of me, his heavy breathing causing him to rock my small frame. Alex let go of me and leaned back. I took it as my opportunity to shake J.D.’s tired body of me. I crawled to the corner of the tent, yanked the shirt out of my mouth, and curled up. Crying in the corner, my hand felt my aching hole. I winced as it was tender to the touch. I felt sticky cum dripping out and my hand recoiled back realizing what it was.

“You liked it?” said Alex.

“Fuck ya,” replied J.D. “You taking a turn now?”

At the sound of that, I looked up in fear at Alex. My best friend, the one who had not only let J.D. rape me but held me down, was going to fuck me too. I trembled in the corner.

“Please Alex. Please no. It hurt.”

He looked at me, and I could see him thinking it over. His dick was rock hard, throbbing in the low light of the tent. He sat there for a while, then eventually crawled over to me. I froze, dreading the inevitable.

“No not tonight,” he said. I breathed a sigh of relief. My body sinking even more into the floor of the tent. Alex reached out and stroked my hair. “You’ve had enough I think. You did great, bud.” He smiled down at me. I didn’t know what to think. He gently helped me get into me sleeping bag. Once he was in his, he gently moved next to me and again stroked my hair. I continued crying for a long time. I was in pain, and I could feel J.D’s cum leaking out of me soaking a spot through the sleeping bag.

J.D. fell right asleep. His gentle breathing mixed with the peaceful sounds of the wilderness outside the tent. Alex continued to stroke my hair and head. As calm as my surroundings had now become, I was in a state of shock and confusion. I didn’t know what to do, who to tell, how to feel. People had always told me sex felt good. What J.D. had done to me had not. All I remembered was pain, a pain I still felt aching. I laid awake for hours, thoughts racing through my head, crying on and off. Eventually, as the pain dulled and the exhaustion took me, I fell into a restless sleep.

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