Seduced in Style

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Thanks to TexanCowgirl for her editorial contribution.


I am a thirty-five year old male and I have been going to this particular hair salon in my town to get a haircut and shampoo for the last five years. My stylist’s name is Alicia and all the time I have known her she has been married with one child. Alicia is about thirty years old and looks great. Judging by the clothes she wears, she has a medium build with dark brown hair about mid-torso length. She has blue eyes, a straight nose, and ruby red lips. Her eyebrows are pencil-line brown and I guess her weight to be around 140. She usually wore conservative clothing so I never really got much but a tiny glimpse of her breasts, but I guessed they were medium size.

On one particular day I came to the salon for a haircut and Alicia was wearing a one piece black dress with a very high split along the legs and a low cut top exposing a sizeable amount of her breasts. Alicia greeted me with the usual formalities and sat me down in the stylist chair. I could tell immediately that something was wrong. I asked her how the family was.

She said, “Not so good. My husband left two weeks ago on a month long trip and took the kid with him. I have been so lonely. I thought of asking Kathy to come stay with me.”

Kathy was another stylist at the salon. She was around twenty-four, had blonde hair about mid-torso length and was thin in build. Both Alicia and Kathy were about 5 foot 8 inches in height. Kathy had dark eyes and pale lips and a straight nose. Her teeth were pearl white. casino siteleri I guessed Kathy’s breasts were small.

About half way through Alicia’s cutting of my hair, I suddenly had this annoying itch on the right side of my head. I am wearing the usual cape so in order to scratch my head I had to bring my hand from underneath the cape. I did not realize that Alicia was standing so close on my right side and when I brought my hand up it accidentally slipped inside the split of Alicia dress. It all happened in an instant, but my hand collided with Alicia’s bushy pussy lips.

Alicia let out a small gasp.

I said “Sorry.”

She said, “That’s okay, it felt good.”

I had told her that I was a virgin so she figured I did not mean any harm.

She said, “You are probably wondering why I do not have any panties on? I am so hot since my husband is not home. This is my way of letting off steam.” Then she said, “I think I am going to ask Kathy to come to my house tonight. Would you like to come over for a while too?”

I said, “Sure, but I can’t stay too late.”

Alicia gave me instructions on how to get to her house and said to show up at 7 pm.

I showed up at the address given to me and there were two cars in the driveway. I presumed that Kathy had already shown up. When I went inside to the living room, Alicia and Kathy were sitting on the couch. They motioned me to take a chair that faced them. Alicia was still wearing her black dress and Kathy was wearing a similar style red dress. Kathy must have slot oyna changed at some point before arriving.

Alicia said, “Would you like some of this home-made lemonade I have prepared for you?”

I said “Sure.”

For the next hour we had a simple conversation of family, friends, and job. I sat mostly quiet, but a slight stirring of horniness began to come over me.

At this point Alicia says to me, “Kathy and I would like to play a game, but we need your cooperation. Is this ok?” I was curious so I decided to go along with their plan.

“We need you to come to my bedroom first”, said Alicia. They led me to her bedroom and to her king size bed. She said, “Take your shirt off if you will and lay down on the bed face up.” So I did. Then Alicia reached from behind her and handcuffed my hands to the head of the bed.

“What’s that for?” I asked.

Alicia said, “So you don’t go anywhere.”

With my hands bound, Kathy and Alicia undid my pants and pulled off my remaining clothes. Alicia then used two more handcuffs and secured my feet. I was spread-eagle with my five inch penis sticking straight up.

Alicia said, “Looks like that erection pill I put in the lemonade is doing its job! Now for the game, don’t worry, we are both on birth control.”

Kathy and Alicia slipped out of their dresses. As I surmised, both were naked underneath. Kathy had small breasts and a clean shaven pussy. Alicia had medium to large breasts with four-inch sized areolas and a very wild bushy pussy that hid her pussy lips. canlı casino siteleri I could see clearly now the bush that I had felt earlier in the day at the salon. Neither one of them had any visible tattoos or body piercings.

Kathy approached me first climbing on the bed between my legs. She opened her mouth and blew hot air on my now tight scrotum. Then she took each of my testicles one by one in her mouth and pretended to bite them as if to say that she was in charge and I was at her mercy. She paused for a moment, smiled at me, and then began licking my scrotum again. It was a humbling and erotic experience.

Then Alicia took Kathy’s place and began sucking on my penis in a slow up and down motion. I was just about to come when she put my penis at the entrance to her cunt. She was wet and I could feel the heat from her on the tip of my penis.

Alicia said, “Any last wishes before I take your virginity?”

I remained silent.

Alicia said, “Ok then, say goodbye to it!” She then impaled her pussy on my rock hard penis. I could feel her sucking me in. The heat of her cunt made me squirm. Up and down she rode my dick. Her tits bouncing as she went. Her face had a smile as she knew she was in charge. She rode me what seemed like an eternity. Then Kathy took her place and rode me some more. Her cunt was tighter and felt like it was milking me more than Alicia’s.

They took turns a couple more times and then when my penis finally grew limp they released the handcuffs and had me take turns giving oral sex to each of them. When it was evident that I had no more energy to go on further, we decided to quit for that night. It was very early in the morning when I got home, but we three got together again, when they wanted me to play more games.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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