Senior Thesis

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Big Tits

I was working hard on my graduate thesis, but just to pay the rent, I also had responsibilities tutoring undergrads, and between all of that, trying to maintain my sanity.

There was this particular girl I tutored, and every time we worked together, I left totally distracted and burning with desire.

She had the most amazing eyes I had ever seen, deep, dark brown, with skin that looked so soft and glowed with a dark caramel color that was stunning, if not the most incredible I had ever seen.

She would come into see me right after gym class, freshly showered, fragrant with her perfume, I do not know what brand it is, but it is so heady and intoxicating.

She always wears these skirts with blouses that fit like a glove and betray her round and pert globes. They made me ache with the desire to touch them.

Her lips were full and pouting. She frequently licked them to keep them moist, and when she did, her tongue slowly glided along their width and length, an action that made them glossy and SO kissable.

I frequently left these sessions with an urgency to masturbate, and the thought of her kisses, and the mere image of her sitting there with those always slightly erect nipples of hers, drove me easily to roaring climaxes.

I often would catch myself lost in other sessions with other students, having them ask if I was paying attention to them, as my mind constantly wandered to her.

I knew it would be beyond dangerous to my position to be involved in any way with her physically, but it was becoming harder and harder to focus when she came for her tutoring sessions.

Then, that fateful day, it happened. I was talking with her about her lessons from psychology, this time talking about abnormal human sexuality.

I noticed her squirming in her seat, and that she was totally distracted.

We were focusing on the topic of illicit relationships, where non-consensual sexual activity was discussed, and she told me that she was fascinated with the subject.

I, almost choking on my words, asked her why?

She said to me that she had never had sex in her life, which amazed me, as she was by far incredibly beautiful and sensuous, and said she had always put guys off as they were always trying to seduce her. She admitted then that her idea of the first time was not of being seduced, but of being taken by force.

My prick twitched at the thought, and looking over at her, she was licking her lips, and her nipples were hard and totally visible through her thin bra and white blouse.

She said she often masturbated, but had not found that right turn on that would allow her to let go of her strict upbringing that taught her that sex was casino oyna dirty, and that her only release was her own fantasies.

I was floored. I never expected this conversation to have taken place, and was consumed with the need to take her, and show her what it was about, but I knew she would not be a willing participant.

I got up from the desk with the excuse that it was getting hot in the room, and while adjusting the thermostat I covertly reached over and bolted the door to the room.

I walked to her and told her that I wanted her to stand up, as I wanted to rearrange the chairs, as mine was uncomfortable and wished to trade with hers.

She stood up, and stepped back from the desk, and instead of moving the chair I reached around her and tore her blouse totally off, and picked her up and forced her to the top of the desk, and jumped on top of her and held her wrists to the desk top.

She screamed at me, saying “Stop this, what is wrong with you, you are insane, who the hell do you think you are tearing off my blouse and holding me down, you are a sick bastard, let me go.”

I took off my necktie, and tied her hands together, and tied them to the one leg of the desk, all of the time covering her mouth with mine to silence her screams.

She twisted and turned, trying to escape, but my silken bindings had her totally and completely bound, and she had no escape.

I covered her mouth with my hand, and ripped off the flimsy bra that covered her now heaving breasts,

I licked down her neck, her collarbones, and then circled her aureola with the tip of my tongue. Her nipples were as hard as bullets, and crinkled from my ministrations.

I took one, then the other into my mouth and sucked and flicked them with my tongue, and I realized that she was not fighting me as hard, but was now moaning not screaming.

With a free hand I reached between her thighs, forcing them apart, and rubbed my hand on the front of her panties, finding them to be soaked.

She said to me “I have wanted you for months, but I knew that you would never have the nerve to approach me unless I made you so hot you would have to take me” I want you to do everything to me, all that I have dreamed about but was afraid to do. I will be your little slut, the dirty little slut that I am, and I want you to do anything you want, just do it now!”

I stepped back, but just to observe her body, bent to pull off her skirt and panties, and to just look at what I had fantasized about for months.

I grabbed her ankles, and said to her, “You want to be taken like a little slut, then you are going to get it, and get it all, hard, and over and over again”

She slot oyna cooed with delight, and spread her legs to show me her dripping wet pussy, now dripping onto the top of the desk, and down her ass crack.

I slid my hands under her ass, and stuffed my face into her slopping wet hole and licked her cream, the odor of which had been filling my nostrils with their sweet perfume.

I swung my body atop of hers, and told her to take my hard cock into her mouth, and to suck it good, or she would receive the spanking of her life.

She said, “No way am I going to take that thing in my mouth, it is nasty, and, well I just won’t”

I took the flat of my hand and slapped her ass, leaving a rosy mark, and she said, “No, I will not do it”

I slapped her again, and she wailed with tears, and said “Ok, stop spanking me, I will lick it, but that is all”

I slapped her again, and told her. “You will suck it, and you will take it down your throat, and you will swallow every drop of my cum or your ass will scream with more pain.”

She had tears streaming down her face, and her nose was running from crying, her lips trying to stop the flow. She said, “I cannot believe you are making me do this, but, you know what, that spanking really turned me on, and I have to be honest with you because I wanted you to spank me hard so badly I told you no.

When I was in high school, my daddy would take his belt and slap me, and I would always run to my room and masturbate afterwards because it made me SO hot”

Then, she slathered my cock with her tongue, circling the head, and licking the pre come from my pee hole.

Then she started to lick it like a Popsicle, taking long strokes of her tongue all the way from the base to the head, making me shudder.

She took my balls into her mouth, one at a time, and gently licked and sucked on them, and them in one stroke, took my entire length down her throat.

As she deep throated me I resumed lapping her steaming hole, flicking her clit, and tongue fucking her, taking time to lick her juices from her thighs and ass crack. She told me “Lick me there, lick my asshole, it feels so good, and I want you to stick you finger in there, like I do, as I come SO hard when my ass is full”

I told her that she would get more than my finger in there is she did not behave, and she told me that would hurt way too much and I do not dare stick my cock in there.

I thought to myself, not yet, but trust me, you will feel it there I guarantee it.

She was sucking me for all it was worth, my cock twitching with ecstasy, and her sopping cunt was puffy and swollen from my licking and tongue fucking.

I pulled my cock out canlı casino siteleri of her mouth, and slapped the head of it on her nipples, she squealed with delight, and said, “Fuck your little slut bitch, please. Fuck me hard, just like you have always wanted to.”

I climbed between her thighs, spreading her legs totally apart I then slammed my cock into her dripping cunt with all of my might.

She screamed, and I thought she blacked out for a second, but she lay there gasping and moaning.

She said, “I never imagined it could possibly feel this incredible, you are amazing”, and I pulled my cock out of her and told her that she did not deserve such pleasure, that her game just went up another level”

I looked at my cock, and it was bloody from taking her virginity, and I told her, “Now you will feel that pain you seem to like so much, your asshole is going to get fucked and now.”

Playing along, she screamed, “Oh no, anything but that, I cannot possibly take that huge cock of yours there.”

I took the tip of my cock and pressed it against her tight brown hole, and stuffed it into her amazingly tight ass, almost coming in the process, and she screamed at the top of her lungs, “God, it hurts SO good”

I started slamming my cock in and out of her tight ass, my hands rubbing her sopping cunt all if the while, and she started pushing back to meet my every stroke, her chest heaving with excitement, her breath hot on my chest, and her tongue flicking my nipples.

She was quaking from head to toe, and shrieked with her first orgasm, and told me to take my cock out of her ass and shove it into her pussy, as she wanted it there so badly, and wanted to feel my cum shoot into her hot cunt.

I obliged her, as I wanted to return to that once virgin hole and fill her with my semen.

Her cunt lips dragged along my shaft, her walls squeezing me and making my spunk boil in my balls.

I came with a scream, shooting what seemed to be gallons of cum into her hole, and I felt her body rock with a second orgasm.

She begged me, “Let me suck the last of it out of your cock, I want to taste it.”

I slid my cock into her mouth, and she licked it clean of my come and her juices, with a deep look into my eyes, and when she had finished, told me this.

“I have wanted this since the day I met you. Every time I came for a session I would leave here soaked just from looking into your eyes, and if you think I never saw how hard you got when I was here, you are sorely mistaken, and now that we have done this, you have your own little slut, and I have my man, who will take me and treat me nice, or nasty, and often.”

I smiled, and then we then kissed, and I untied her hands, and she cupped my face with her hands and looked deep into my eyes and said, “Do we have a deal?”

I said, “Yes, we have a deal.”

We kissed, and started again, but that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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