Serving Rod Ch. 04

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I didn’t have a lot of time to get ready for the evening, but that was probably for the best. I had no idea what to expect. The interaction between Rod and Chrissy made me nervous, Rod using me as a pathway to get into Chrissy’s panties made me nervous, and the thought of being on a double-date with Megan Grubb made me nervous, too! Of course, Rod made me nervous – but in an altogether different way.

The more I thought about Megan, the more confused I got. I hadn’t seen her in years, and all I could really remember was she was smart – and very very distant. I really didn’t want to date her, and probably wouldn’t have gone out of my way to ask her out even if I had the nerve to do so.

However, the fact that Rod and Chrissy had so casually set us up together had fired up my imagination. I was about to be put in a situation where I knew Rod would likely “score” with Chrissy, and he had already made it clear that I was there to run interference with her wingman, Meg. By definition, it was going to be a sexual situation.

My mind naturally wondered that, if Rod and Chrissy were going to have sex, and I was alone with Megan, would there be a chance that we would have sex, too? Would I finally lose my virginity? (“That don’t count,” I told myself when thinking about all the times I’d sucked Rod.)

Even though Meg was shy and kinda plain, she had to have a pussy, right? So, while Rod was banging the pretty girl, could it be possible that I might be banging the pretty girl’s friend? Wishful thinking kicking into high gear, I stuck a rubber in my pocket as I finished getting ready.

I was just about ready to walk over to Rods house when the doorbell rang. I had another adrenaline moment, wanting to get to it first, but my mom must’ve been on doorbell stake-out. She opened the door and Rod walked in. Behind him, I could see his dad’s big black Suburban idling in our driveway. “Come in, Rod!!” she chimed sweetly.

My mom liked Rod. My dad liked Rod. Hell, everybody liked Rod. Especially Rod. I gulped, and entered the room. He stood there smiling at my mom and glanced over my way. A flood of mixed reactions surged through my body – adrenaline, terror, lust, fear, but I could not hold eye contact with him.

Damn, he looked good, but my glance immediately went down, and once again, I was looking at the bulge in his pants. He saw me, and grinned at that, but turned his sweet smile to my mom and patted her shoulder. She beamed up at him. They exchanged a couple pleasantries, then he turned to me.

“Come on, Bobby-boy, we don’t wanna keep the ladies waiting!” he said. He whisked me out of the house and I climbed up into the mammoth SUV. After leaving the house, Rod didn’t say anything to me. I thought he’d give me directions on how the night was going down, but he was silent as he drove.

He turned off the street in the business district, and parked in an alley behind a row of shops. I was about to ask if this was where Chrissy lived, but when he put the truck in park, he unbuckled his seatbelt and unzipped his fly. “Take the edge off me, boy,” he ordered. “Can’t go into tonight with a sac full.”

I sat there for a second, insulted and dumbfounded, and he reached over and casually grabbed my hair, pulling me toward him, and out of my momentary paralysis. It didn’t really hurt, but it did get the point across who was in charge, and within seconds I was tenderly fishing his half-hard cock out of his pants.

Without ceremony or giving it too much thought, I closed the distance between my mouth and his Cock to the now all-too-familiar zero.

Once his thick, veiny dick was back in my mouth, it was like I knew who I was and I knew what to do… so I did it. I reached into his fly and cupped his nuts as I sucked the head of his dick and upper half of the shaft of his Cock. I applied spit, gave suction, and swirled my tongue around the sensitive spots, but at this angle it was more difficult get him to pop quickly, so I just kept at it.

Rod moaned with pleasure and rubbed the back of my head. I drew a deep breath anticipating what would happen, and, sure enough, he started to push down on my head and lift up with his hips. I gagged and choked, but that didn’t stop his Cock from going deep into my throat.

He bucked and grunted, and I felt his nuts roll in my hand accompanied by the familiar dick pulses as he, once again, flooded me with his seed. He let go of my head, and inch by inch his penis slid out of my mouth. I looked up at him, blinking to clear my watering eyes. He smiled, but it was the kind of smile you’d give to a bank teller or a gas station attendant. “Clean it,” he ordered.

I blinked and smiled up at him. “Sure thing, Rod.”

He glared at me again. “Cocksuckers don’t get to call me by my name, boy.”

I recoiled at being called that name in such a condescending tone, reddening as if he’d slapped me, but at the same time without hesitation my head bowed and my lips parted to make room for his Cock. I nodded respectfully Onwin and quietly as I began to lick him clean.

What? What did he expect? My mind whirled, so I occupied myself by cleaning my spit and his cum off of his Cock. It was hard for me to deny that term, especially as I had his dick in my mouth and a fresh load of his seed in my belly.

Oh, god… I am a Cocksucker… so I’d better be a good one. I tenderly squeezed his balls before releasing them, and milked the last pale white drop of seed from his penis, reverently licking it from his Cock head. “That’s good.” He said, dismissively pushing my head out of his lap. He reached for his seatbelt, as I carefully put his tool away and zipped him up.

I moved back to the passenger seat. I’m a Cocksucker. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. All I could think to say was, “Thank you for the load, sir.” My voice – a cocksuckers voice – was thin and weak.

He smiled, and started the trucks big engine.

After a few moments, he became a little more talkative. Maybe he felt better after shooting a load, and maybe he just wanted to go over tonight’s battle-plan. “You stay between Meg and Chrissy as much as possible. Divide and conquer. I don’t care what you have to do to make that happen, as long as you don’t piss Chrissy off.”

I nodded. That made sense. “I’ll let you know if I need anything else, but try to keep quiet, and keep the girls apart as much as possible. It’s a big truck, that shouldn’t be too hard.”

When he said “hard” I looked at his Cock. I could see it outlined in his pants, and … and I was confused. I smacked my lips and could taste his jizz still in my mouth.

Rod noted my distraction and rolled his eyes. “Jesus, don’t stare at my dick with Chrissy around – got that, cocksucker?” I nodded. He scowled at me.

When I said “Yes, sir,” I was amazed at how weak and servile I sounded. He smiled. I’d learned yet another thing.

As we continued on the way, I was sure to check my face in the mirror, wishing to avoid another cum-splatter incident. It seems that Rod got a kick out of marking me, despite the obvious risks that leaving his cum on my face entailed. We pulled up at Chrissy’s house a few minutes later.

I more than half expected Rod to sit in the driveway and honk, but to my surprise, he shut the engine off, took a deep breath and looked over at me. “Here we go, my boy. It’s Showtime!” He opened the door and got out. I followed behind him, organically staying a step behind as he approached the door.

Despite the fact it was my first ‘date’, this was your typical front-door date-night pickup. Chrissy was there, beaming and beautiful, and Megan was practically hiding in the shadows. I did my best to try to make eye contact with her and smile. She was wearing a nice dress and looked pretty good, actually. Both her and I were practically ignored.

Chrissy’s dad gave Rod and I the typical “tough guy” routine that all fathers give when their daughters are getting picked up – because it wasn’t *that* long ago that he was picking up a girl, likely Chrissy’s mom, and we know what for – just look how that turned out! I kept quiet and formal, but the hypocrisy of it all made me wanna laugh.

Less than 20 years ago, this guy was probably banging chicks hand-over-fist, but now that his daughter was the target of a young mans lust, he wanted to pretend that his daughter wasn’t going to give her pussy away like every other one of the 4 billion horny women on earth who fuck anyone and everyone (except me!) on a regular basis.

Thank god, they didn’t ask me for my thoughts at the moment. Pleasantries and thinly-veiled threats done with, we filed out to the Suburban. Rod opened the passenger front door for Chrissy, so I opened the passenger rear door for Megan. It made sense to me to keep the girls from sitting diagonally from each other, that way it would be harder for them to reinforce each other. Divide and conquer.

Rod smiled at me, winked and nodded, as we got into the other side of the huge SUV. It felt good that he’d given me his approval, but his wink made my brain stumble a bit from the current mission. I started thinking about all the times I’d sucked his Cock, so when I got seated in the back of the truck, I was in a world of my own for a moment.

Apparently, this suited Megan just fine. As Chrissy filled the front seat with idle chatter, by the time I remembered that I was supposed to be ‘distracting’ Megan, her attention was already firmly fixed out the passenger side window. I took a moment and just looked at her.

From this angle, there was nothing really wrong with her. Her body had filled out since I’d had class with her, growing a little more proportionally “female” and she was wearing her hair a little longer. She may not have lost weight, but what she had was distributed in a much more attractive manner. I’m sure most of the kids kept up with the horrible names, but I gave her as much of an independent assessment Onwin Giriş as I could, and she was a notch above middle-of-the-road, and several notches above where she used to be years ago.

If only she’d just smile.

I thought that I should try to talk to her. The obvious topic, given this was the waning days of our senior year, would be choice of college. “Going to college?” I asked. I was disappointed in my own voice, it came out too soft and meek, not like a man at all. At first, I didn’t think she’d heard me, she didn’t turn her head, didn’t react at all.

Eventually a soft “Yup” came from the other side of the truck, but it could have been five miles away. I nodded knowingly, not that anyone could see the gesture.

“Where?” I pressed on. Two sentences into our ‘date’ and I was already driven down to one-word queries.

Again, with the long, almost sad, pause. “Tufts, Boston.” came the eventual terse reply, again with no turn of the head. Something very interesting must be out there in the fading daylight.

I was left with really only one other question to ask, and I think we both knew it, because as soon as I asked “Major?” she finally turned to look at me.

I got a good look at her face for the first time in a couple of years, and if she hadn’t had a face full of contempt, I’d have to have said that she’d actually gotten a bit prettier, too. “Women’s and Gender Studies, all right?” she said, almost defiantly spitting it at me.

“Oh.” – was all I said… then I repeated it, “Oh…”

I wasn’t the hippest character on the planet, but I figured out what she was trying to tell me.

I wasn’t very good at ‘Say something nice, quick’ – but I tried. “That’s really cool. If you’re as good at that as you were when we were in class together a couple years ago, you’ll get your doctorate for sure.” Her eyes widened and she looked at me – really looked at me – for the first time. I could see her nostrils flare as she snorted, and turned to look back out the darkened window.

Even though I was a total newbie in the world of women and this girl was trying to claim to ‘bat for the other team’, I felt like I’d gained a little ground. I smiled, to nobody but myself.

We drove on for a bit – I wasn’t even really sure where we were going or what we were going to do, with the singular exception of Rod’s overall goal for the night. The front seat was filled with chatter, but I noticed almost all of it came from Chrissy.

Rod couldn’t, or didn’t bother to get a word in edgewise. Maybe this was part of his master plan – time would tell. Megan had returned to sullenly staring out the window, so I just watched all three of them and tried to do my best to learn their human nature.

Dinner was nice – an upscale Italian restaurant, not too snobby but very good food. I thought I’d use the little Italian I knew and see if I could ‘score’ – when I ordered my food I did it in all Italian, and added “Vino rosso per tutti, grazie!”

The waiter smiled, but he didn’t buy it. “Can I see some ID, sir?”

I glared at him and said “Bah – Dimenticatelo!” – Forget it!

The girls giggled and Chrissy at least seemed to appreciate my effort to score us some wine. Megan actually briefly smiled in my direction. It was a good look on her.

After dinner, Rod was keen to see the latest horror movie. It conveniently happened to be playing at one of the few drive-in movie theaters left in the state. As we entered and Rod paid for the tickets, the attendant said, “Sorry, sir, that big truck will have to go in the back row.”

Even though I could not see Rod’s face, I knew he was smiling when he said, “Aww.. man… gimme a break, will ya?”

The attendant just shook his head. “Not my rule, sir, no one behind you would be able to see the screen.” Rod pretended to be mad, but I figured this was his plan in the first place. Now the girls were trapped in this big dark Suburban in the dark back row of a dark drive-in movie theater. What a better than a dark place for him to spring his dark trap?

We got parked just in time for the start of the first animated short movie, and Rod adjusted the stereo to get the sound, leaving the speakers fairly quiet.

Within a few minutes, I began to get a sense of deja-vu coming from the front seat. While I couldn’t see Rod, from the conversation it sounded like he’d already unleashed his python and was displaying it to a somewhat reluctant, but also somewhat interested Chrissy.

I heard snippets of familiar pleas like “Come on, Chrissy… it’s just you and me… no one will know. Get a good look. I know you wanna…” There was a lot of nervous giggling from Chrissy and I heard a few more gems that I’d heard before. “Go on… feel it… you know you want to…” More giggling.

Then the giggling stopped. It was hard to see what was going on up there but they both got awfully quiet. I looked over at Meg. She was sitting, slightly curled up, as far into the corner of Onwin Güncel Giriş her seat as possible.

I doubt she was afraid of me, but she was certainly nervous about something, likely what was going on up there on the other side of that big front split bench seat. The center console was up, making one big front seat, and keeping its’ occupants all but invisible from the shoulders down.

I could see Rods’ head and shoulders, but Chrissy was nowhere to be seen. Knowing Rod, I could imagine what was happening – and by her reaction, Meg was thinking pretty much the same thing. A slurping noise followed by a nervous giggle confirmed that the plan was already underway up there.

The short ended, and the inevitable intermission ads played, enticing us to the snack bar for all kinds of delights. Rod actually suggested we all go, and soon enough, all four doors opened and four teenagers in various states of shock and/or arousal poured out of the massive vehicle.

As we got out, I could see Rod adjust himself. I caught a glimpse of his Cock. It was hard – very hard, and the first few inches were shiny with wetness. It was evident that Chrissy was already sucking this Cock that, just a little while ago, was in my mouth.

Rod smirked at me as he struggled to get it back inside his pants. When he did, it was barely contained there, his full erection pressing hard against the fabric. I smiled at him, and he smiled back, nodding slightly. “So far so good,” he reported while the girls were still out of earshot. I didn’t bother to tell him that was something I already knew.

We got snacks and drinks and headed back to the SUV. There wasn’t a lot to talk about, but the general air was lighter than before. I tried not to stare, but I did get the impression that Rod hadn’t been fully successful in his mission yet, as he appeared to have a pretty substantial tenting effect going on in his pants.

Chrissy and Megan talked for a while, and Chrissy was giggling most of the time. I was supposed to get between them, but as I’d established no rapport with Meg, the best I could do was stand fairly close by, look stupid, and keep them from talking about anything too personal just by being there.

The screen flickered, indicating the main feature was about to start. Rod took a step or two in front of me, and opened the back door. “C’mon, Chrissy, we’ll let Bobby and Meg have the front seat so they can see next movie better, it’s only fair.” Chrissy giggled, but Megan blushed. She shook her head ‘no’ at her cousin, but like far too many young mothers, Chrissy’s libido was winning in the race over her common sense, and she too headed for the back seat of the Suburban.

It was actually pretty cool sitting in the driver’s seat – it was a big and well-appointed truck, and with the center section of the front seat folded back there was tons of room in the front as well. I wondered briefly if I should get into law.

The movie started. It was about a group of kids who won mystery tickets to one of those Escape Rooms, but this one was actually trying to kill them. I started to get into it, all the while trying to keep an eye on all three of the others in the car.

I looked over at Meg. She had relaxed a little and was watching the movie, and it gave me warm comfort to see her there, next to me, enjoying the moment. The back seat, however, was full of action and odd little noises.

I thought I caught a whiff of something, a little organic, and arousing, something I couldn’t quite identify. I wondered if it was Chrissy’s body responding to Rods advances. Casually, I pulled down the sun-visor, hoping it wasn’t illuminated.

Fortunately, there was a switch, and it was off, so I opened it and positioned the mirror to watch the back seat. Sure enough, I caught a glimpse of leg, and panties pulled down too far to be covering anything. I smiled. Megan looked over at me questioningly. I gestured to the sun-visor mirror, and she pulled hers down as well.

Her eyes got as big around as saucers, and her face had the most unusual half-smile, half-terror look to it. She did not look away. From my viewpoint, I could see Chrissy’s legs and her crotch, but her torso and face were on the other side of the car.

I could also see Rod, sitting somewhat upright, but his hand was in Chrissy’s lap – well, his hand was in her pussy. I wasn’t sure what Meg saw, so I turned the main rear-view mirror for a better view of the back-seat.

Sure enough, Chrissy’s head was in Rod’s crotch and I could see the head of his all-too-familiar dick disappearing into her little mouth. “Good luck with that, sister,” I thought silently to myself, my jaw aching in sympathy.

I looked back over at Meg, hoping to at least see her smile. Her mouth was agape, all expression gone from her face. Her breathing was quick and shallow. Even in the dark I could see the color burning in her otherwise pale cheeks.

Chrissy’s head bobbed rhythmically, and part of me was amused because I knew she was only taking about an inch and a half of that dick and Rod wasn’t going to put up with that substandard performance for long. Meg was totally transfixed on the act, her eyes bobbing up and down in time with her cousin’s fellatio.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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