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Last weekend my neighbor from across the road had a little party. He sent me a text, asked if Mendy and I would like to stop by. I showed the text to her and she got all excited. “oh hell yea!!” My dick got hard as a rock. I figured she always wanted to fuck him, Bobby was his name. He was a big guy, good looking and funny. She likes big guys, says they fill her up better. Mendy would always dress and undress in front of the window that Bobby could see right in from his house, if he happened to look.

Mendy wanted to clean up before going. She emurged from the bedroom wearing a very short skirt and tube top. I could tell, no bra. Her nipples poked right through. She sat down on my lap, we kissed and my hand found it’s way between her legs. Just as I figured, no panties. Mendy’s pussy was already wet with anticipation. As I played with her pussy I asked “no panties tonight?” Mendy responded with “You don’t mind do you hunny? I want to get fucked real good tonight. I will give you what you want when we get home.” She knew I loved to watch her get fucked, then slip my dick in her while she is still wet and dripping another mans cum from her hole. It is so hot and wet, it takes no time for me to blow.

We walked across the road and joined the party. It was Bobby and about 6 of his friends. Mendy was the only woman there. They looked pretty fucked up, drinking beer, smoking pot, and doing some lines. Mendy wanted to do a line. When she bend down to use the straw, her short skirt went up and a few guys had a perfect shot of her pussy. I could see their eyes bug out and mouths drop open. The guys that saw started whispering to the other guys. When it got to Bobby, he ask if she would like another. She bent down again and 4 guys moved to get a look. One said “damn, look at that!!” I said “she does have a pretty pussy.” Mendy finished her line and stood up real slow. She turned to the guy that said that and lifted her skirt so he could see the front. Thats when about 8 pairs of hands reached for her. They were rubbing her pussy, ass, tits and legs. Their hands were all over her. It only seem to take a second and she was naked in front of all of us. Bobby said “looks like we’re gonna train your old lady.” I said ” I’m pretty sure thats what she came here for.” Mendy looked right at Bobby and said “I want you to fuck me first.” She went right to him, grabbed his pants, and lead him to the couch. She took off his shorts and sat him down. He was only about 1/2 hard, but his was already bigger than mine. Mendy let out a “MMMMMM” and put her lips around his head. His dick grew to well over 10 inches and was real thick. Mendy could only get a little more than the head in her mouth, but she could do great things with that tongue of hers. Someone moved behind her and started licking her ass and pussy. She was really getting into it and sucking Bobby with gusto. Both hands on his shaft and her mouth never left his dick head. I took off my pants and took a seat next to Bobby. I had a perfect view of her pretty face bobbing up and down on this huge dick. I grabbed the back of her head and forced her down on him more than she wanted to take. She came up gasping for air. “you fucker, just for that you will wait till last and have to watch me fuck all these guys.”

With that coment, she sat down on Bobby’s lap, facing him. She grabbed his dick and worked the head around her pussy lips. Then I saw his dick sink slowly into her tight little pussy. when it withdrew, it was shinny with her juice. It withdrew and disappeared into her over and over. Mendy sunk it deep inside and started to grind. She must have found the gspot, because her cum was soaking his balls and pubic hair. Her eyes rolled and she threw her head back. When she was finally done cumming she said “somebody stick a dick in my mouth.” 3 hard ons instantly pointed at her face. She was riding Bobby and sucking as many dicks as she could at once. Bobby said “look out fellas,” picked her up and planted her on the couch. He scooted her ass to the edge, hooked her legs and grabbed her shoulders. Then began to fuck her hard. His balls and her ass were slamming together making a slapping sound. Bobby fucked her hard like that for a good 10 – 15 minutes. Mendy’s juice was running down her asshole and wetting the couch. I reached in and started rubbing her cum into her ass, getting it all slippery. She started moaning and talking dirty. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!! YOUR DICK IS SO BIG!!! OH MY GOD!!” I saw Mendy’s hand reach for Bobby’s balls. She played with them for gaziemir escort a minute and I saw them draw up. I knew he was about to cum and I had a close up view. Her fingers were wet from her own juice and she stuck a finger in Bobby’s ass. He burried his dick in and began to pump his cum up her. Somehow it found room to run out of her, it was seeping out around his dick. Then he withdrew and a bunch more came out. He pulled out till his dick was just touching her pussy, then slammed it back in. It made a squishing noise and more cum came out, this time with a big pussy fart. He did it again and again, each time with a pussy fart.

Someone said “come on man, let someone else have a turn. One by one, each guy got between her legs and fucked her for all they was worth. None lasted as long or was as big as Bobby, but she got lots of dick in her. Towards the end, the guys wasn’t lasting very long at all. Some came on her face and in her hair. She had it all over her tits and belly.

Mendy was sucking Bobby again as the last guy finished pumping his load deep in her pussy. Bobby said “since you stuck a finger in my ass, I am going to fuck your ass.” Mendy said “ok, sit on the couch.” Bobby did and Mendy backed her ass up to him, put her feet up on the couch on either side of him and tried to guide his huge dick into her little butthole. It wouldn’t go, so she stuck a couple fingers in her pussy and pulled out some cum. She worked it in her ass, fished out some more and rubbed it on his dick. She tried to stick his dick in her ass again. All of a sudden the head disappeared, Mendy shuttered a little, but continued to sink her ass down on him. She was rubbing her pussy juice on his dick to keep it lubed up. It was working and Mendy was rubbing her clit real fast as he was pounding away at her little butthole. She was facing us and we all had a great view. She screamed “OH MY GOD!!!” and she squirted about 4 feet, then her love juice ran from her pussy and really soaked Bobby. I wanted to join in and said ” Bobby, hold up a second.” He stopped pounding her and I got between her legs too. I said “you dont mind do ya?” and sunk my dick in her pussy while Bobby’s dick was burried in her ass. Her pussy was on fire and soaked, yet tight because Bobby’s huge dick filling up her asshole. I could feel him withdraw and drive his dick back in her. It was a feeling like I have never had before. I could acually feel this guy fucking my girlfriend. I just left my dick burried in her pussy, hitting her gspot, her pussy quivered and she came again and again. Mendy’s juice found it’s way to Bobby’s pole again and he was really letting her have it. I was pulling her hard into us so his thrust would slam into her. Then he burried it deep in her ass and started to groan. I could feel his dick swell and start to pulse as he shot load after load into her ass. This was all I could take and I blew my spunk up her.

We walked back across the road and home. Mendy went right to bed and lay down. “don’t go to sleep yet” I said. “That was hot and my dick is still hard.” I grabbed her feet and pulled her down a bit. I crawled up her cum soaked body till my dick was pointed at her face, my knees had her arms pinned down. I grabbed 2 handfulls of hair and brought her face toward my dick. Her beautiful mouth opened and she took my dick in. She pressed her tongue to my dick and I began to fuck her face. I let one of her arms up and she grabbed the shaft of my dick hard. I remembered how Bobby made her squirt and my balls began to tingle. I picked up the pace and she matched it, no problem. I called her a dirty little dick sucker and blew my wad in her mouth. When I was done cumming, she tried to pull away. I held my grip tight, said “swallow it bitch, you swallow those other guys cum.” She let it spill out around my dick. I released my grip and she pushed my cum out of her mouth, it ran down her chin all over her tits. I was pretty proud of myself, that was a big load. Then Mendy said “when you grow a 10 inch dick, I’ll swallow your cum too.” She got in the shower and I fell asleep.

I woke up a short time later, Mendy was gone. I knew she was back at the party. I went over and looked in a window. Mendy was bent over at the waist, a guy drilling her from behind while holding her by her arms. Bobby had a hold of her head and fucking her mouth. I pulled my dick out and jacked off while watching. I blew a wad all over the porch, went home and to bed. Mendy finally came home about the time the sun came up, crawled in bed and slept all day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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