She stayed for the night

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She stayed for the Night

(Long story, if you want the “good part”, scroll down to about the middle. But it may be a little difficult to understand some things, so it’s better the reader reads end to end. Thanks for your patience. )

It was getting cold. The sun had begun to set, causing the pleasant winter afternoon to turn into a chilly evening. Paras shivered in his four layered armour, wondering what the ideal thickness of winterwear should be in a cold region like this.He had tried his usual woolens and tshirt combo earlier in the day, and had promptly fled inside to cover himself in two more layers. Layers which made him feel like an overstuffed Santa Claus, but were proving increasingly inadequate in the cold wind which hit him straight in the face.

He had no choice now. Having recently joined the Forest Department and completed their mandatory training course, he found himself packed off to a corner of human civilization. Not a corner actually, considering it was hardly two hours drive from the nearest tourist attraction, and the proximity had allowed a number of seedy hotels to crop up. But they were in the town, from which his quarters were a good four miles away : four miles of narrow and deserted forest road, which he had to traverse every time he wanted some supplies (including liquor and the occassional weed) from the town. Today his supplies were exceptionally heavy, given that there was a weekend coming up, and he’d decided to treat himself to some whisky. As he lugged a large bottle of whisky and two beers, he almost wished he hadn’t chosen that day.

But as he’d told himself plenty of times during that rather boring walk, he had no choice now. If it had been afternoon, he could have allowed his tired limbs some respite. Now it was almost four thirty and the sun was almost gone. Not that he was afraid of animals per se – that was an occupational hazard for him. Rather he feared humans, be they tribal dacoits who were known to sometimes waylay merrymakers and partake of everything from weed to the women, or the tourists themselves, who were usually high, and best avoided. Flexing his shoulder muscles, he straightened himself, determined to get over with this unpleasant journey as fast as possible.

But such was not to be. As luck would have it, he realized his muscle flexing had caused the bottles to shift, putting too much strain on one strap, and a large tear was developing. Taking off the backpack, he checked its weight, then lifted it with both hands and began walking, even slower than before.

yet before he could even adjust himself properly,he was almost run over as a large sports car whizzed by him, its driver oblivious to the dangers of narrow roads. Likely he hadn’t even seen Paras’ sorry figure. Momentarily stunned, Paras took a few seconds to come to his senses. Realizing that he could easily have become roadkill, he simultaneously thanked God and cursed the drunken prick.

This went on till his mind had calmed and his heart had steadied again. As he became aware of the silence around him, he picked up his backpack and began walking awkwardly towards his destination again. But the going was tough, especially since the short evening was changing into the dark night by now, made even darker by the woods which flanked his path. To make matters worse, the pain in his overworked hands was making common cause with the cold in the rest of his body, making it harder still to keep up the pace without either straining a muscle or tripping over a loose stone.

Yet Paras knew he could not quicken his pace. Rather his body would have preferred to rest, then perhaps take a lift from a less drunken driver. He had done it in the past, his Forest Dept ID proof sufficient for most people. But this was peak party season, when the schools and colleges were off, and the children (overgrown children rather) were thronging every place away from home where they could drink, smoke and fuck. “Fuck them” thought the young man, as he desperately sought to keep moving at a decent pace. Unfortunately for him, he was soon forced to stop again.

The same car was returning, this time at a slower speed. Infact it was steadily slowing down, as if the driver wasn’t sure of where to go.Not surprising, thought Paras, given the very likely drunken status of the said individual. Hence he almost expected it when the car stopped and a guy, around 25 or so, stepped out. He was dressed for the summer it seemed, and for some reason (likely the alcohol again) was oblivious to the mortal chill that afflicted his pedestrian witness. Dropping his bag on the ground, Paras waited expectantly for the man to come up and ask him for directions, the price for which would be a lift to whichever destination (there were only two) he was going. To his utter surprise, the guy began walking off, away from the car. Then the other door opened, and out stepped a girl. About 18, guessed Paras, dressed in gothic attire with too much eyeliner and attitude for her own good. Slamming the door, she began to scream.

As the silence was rudely torn asunder, Paras instinctively covered his ears, but failed to prevent himself from hearing what she was saying.

“Fuck you Mickey. Fuck you and that whore Raima. Go to hell both of you, and stay there. I made a mistake…” At this point, the guy, now about a few yards away from the car, turned around abruptly and rushed towards the girl. next moment she was on the ground beside the car, her hysterical screams replaced by equally hysterical sobs. “Just shut up bitch. You know nothing.” He towered over her, swaying slightly as the alcohol in his blood vied with the andrenaline. Eventually the latter won, and he landed a hard kick on her side. Paras noted with bemusement how the kick landed on her lower abdomen, which was completely devoid of any textile protection.

She let out a scream of agony, rolling over and evidently colliding with a thorny bush, for she rolled back to his foot again. The guy used this opportunity to kick her again, repeating the process, except that this time she began to sob loudly. Satisfied that he’d kicked the fight out of her, he returned to the car, and got in. The car revved up, and the window rolled down. A bag and a coat were thrown out, and the car began to reverse. Before the girl could get up, and scream (or plead) with him to return, the car was back on the road and headed back to the town. In a moment it was gone.

Silence descended again, but not the complete serene silence. Now it was periodically broken by the girl’s sobs, his own throbbing heartbeat and the abscence of the occassional sound of birds, which seemed to complement the pristine silence. Paras sighed. He could guess what had happened, and he knew that the guy would be upto no good once he got back. Likely he’d be fucking his Raima again. Paras on the other hand couldn’t simply leave the girl, to die of cold or be raped by the tribal goons. The problem was, he had no idea how to manage both the backpack and the girl.

Nevertheless he headed towards her, carrying the backpack lest some monkey make off with it. The girl had by now achieved a sitting posture, her thin body leaning heavily on one hand as the other massaged her waist. As he reached her, he noted that she was completely covered in mud and dirt, her expensive looking (but no doubt cheap) bikini top and miniskirt having provided her little protection from the ravages of lover and nature. Bending down, he opened his mouth to offer help. Instead she turned around suddenly ,and landed a hard slap on his face.

Stunned again, this time with a stinging cheek to add to his misery, Paras had the overwhelming urge to kick her till he heard something break. Instead, he allowed her face to change from one of righteous anger to a shocked and apologetic one, followed by a whimpering apology which was half lost in her sobs. The desire to kick her still very much present, he nevertheless decided to offer his help still.

“Need any help ?” his voice sounded angrier than he expected.

Chastened further by his tone, she nodded timidly, before extending her hand, ostensibly for him to raise her to her feet. Paras extended his hand, and the thin appendage connected to his, followed by a hard pull, and the girl was up. Apparently the kicks hadn’t done much damage, for she began to brush the dust from her precious clothes with more concern than an injured person would have shown. Paras politely asked her if she could walk, for it was not safe for anyone to stay around. Plus her “friend” wasn’t likely to return.

At the mention of the guy, her eyes flared, but she nodded, and without saying a word, began walking towards the town. Paras gently took her hand and turned her around, telling her that he lived in the forest dept bungalows some way away from the town. She nodded again, and to his surprise, offered to carry his backpack. Amused at this impossible proposition, he instead decided to make use of her friendliness by asking her to carry the bottles, which were in a plastic bag. Thus relieved, he could take his backpack on his back again without fearing for the straps, and still keep his hands free should he need to support himself (or her, his mind reminded him).

As they began to walk, she introduced herself as Anindita, and he told her his full name. She appeared to realize he wasn’t a local, and inquired into his profession. As he spoke, Paras realized she could actually walk fast inspite of the moderate heels she had on.He complemented her on this. The girl smiled back, telling him politely that she was a state level athlete, and had only come to the party to celebrate a recent victory. Intrigued, he quizzed her more, and soon they had a pleasant conversation going, engrossing both the participants. As the words flowed, the miles melted away. An hour later, they stood before his apartments.

They were empty,devoid of any souls, primarily because this was the time when the officials went off for their holidays, unable to bear the cold of the hills. Even the guard was off duty tonight, and only the office guards could be seen in the distance, smoking and lighting a chulha to cook food.True that one or two villagers did cross the area from time to time, and he wasn’t sure if the canteen owner had left yet. But the latter lived some way off, and for all practical purposes it was at that moment a ghost town.

As another gust of wind knocked him back, he remembered that she was more at home in this weather, having spent sometime training in Russia, than was he. Muttering to himself, he led her into the enclosed space before his house, before unlocking it and leading both of them into the dark coldness within.

As he turned on the lights and asked her if she’d have tea, his mind suddenly made him aware that he was all alone with a girl. A very beautiful girl too, with a figure any girl would die for. As she removed her coat, he noted the thin yet curvaceous figure, with wide hips, a tight ass, a thin waist and rather large tits. As she stretched, he noted the way her fine-toned muscles bulged out, even as her stomach went in and her tits stuck out. Releasing her muscles suddenly, she allowed her tits to bounce in the bikini top before falling sideways onto the sofa, such that she was lying along the length of it. As Paras looked on, she rolled a little more to one side, causing her tits to mash against each other, the lower one almost falling out of its cage, even as her long shapely legs were stretched out before him, allowing his eyes to make out each curve and contour of her perfect figure.

Almost unconsciously he realized that he was fantasizing about her. Fantasizing about how he would rape her and turn her into his whore. His ex had never tried out anything beyond the basic sex,but he’d always wanted to take control and do whatever he pleased. But he’d never revealed this side of himself, maintaining an appearance that made women feel comfortable in his company. And he was sure he could continue to maintain such appearances for this one night when he would be seriously tempted.

Suddenly, he realized she was looking at him. As he hastily looked away, she sat up,quickly grabbing the coat , using it to censor her body from his lecherous gaze.

Embarassed by his naked voyeurism, he hastened to prepare tea. Once he’d served both of them, he tried to make some conversation, but the discovery of his sexual interest seemed to have unnerved her. She spoke in monosyllables, before lapsing into silence which embarassed him further. Eventually, she asked him when she could leave, given that her team members would be waiting. He casually asked her if she’d come with her team. “Well yes, the team and their…umm…friends and lovers. “she laughed, releasing the tension to some extent. Relieved at being able to resume a conversation, he quizzed her further, and she told him about her team, which included both Mickey (a trainer) and Raima (an acrobat). Sighing within at having diffused the crisis somewhat, he told her that given the state of the road and the security issues, if no one came for her and she couldn’t contact anyone, she would have to spend the night in his house.

Her eyes widened at this prospect, the fear and trepidation clearly visible in the brown orbs as she pondered her options. Paras too pondered his options. At about the same time, both came to the conclusion that they could do nothing but make themselves as good a company for the other as possible. Paras offered to share his food and give her the guest room with the sole heater in the house. She thanked him, and rewarded his hospitable offers with a resumption of her usual cheery self. As the tea disappeared,conversation flowed on, till she realized that it was around eight in the evening. With a start, she grabbed her phone and began to dial a number.

Surprised at this sudden end to their conversation, Paras decided to make himself useful. Since she had precious little by way of clothing, he rummaged in his wardrobe till he found a pair of shorts, and a tee. He could tell both would be excessively baggy for her, but then it was only a question of one night. Should he offer a tracksuit given he himself had woolens on his legs ? No need, his mind told him in a sly voice, there was no need to cover such beautiful legs. Surprised at his own perverted line of thought, Paras began to look for other necessary items, and soon had a spare towel, a brush and some other toiletries ready to offer to his unexpected guest.

The guest, to his dismay, had lost her cheery demeanour, and had on a peculiar expression which bordered on relief and dismay. Noticing him standing with what would be useful only if she stayed the night, she resigned herself to her fate, thanked him for the stuff, and headed off to change. Left alone, Paras fished out the dinner, made a mental note of what all to add, and proceeded to begin the process of warming the food.

This, due to the time elapsed between when it was cooked and when it was being warmed, took some time. So by the time he was done and could begin dividing the stuff into two plates, she had freshened up and reappeared, heading promptly into the kitchen, causing Paras to almost drop the casserole he was carrying. Before he could say anything, she took his burden and headed off to the dining room, where he had prepared the table for setting the dishes. Thus relieved of his burden, Paras was left at liberty to note the way her tight ass swayed in his shorts as she walked to the table. Yes, the tshirt was way too big, but the shorts,with the adjustable waistband, was just perfect, showing enough of her well toned muscular legs to produce a boner in his pants. If only he could….

By now however, she had turned and was returning, and Paras prudently pretended to be busy with dinner. This was just as well, for she now appeared to be at ease around him, and didn’t notice when her ass brushed against his well covered boner. For Paras though, the touch sent shivers of excitement down his spine,producing a desperate urge to either masturbate or even better, grab his guest and satisfy his sexual hunger. Instead, he forced his mind to focus, completing the preparations for the dinner.Heading into the dining room, he set down the forks and spoons, marvelling at the amount of preparation one needed – he usually scooped out his food with one spoon while watching TV.

Anindita, however, didn’t seem to think the preparations complete. Rather she hoped they weren’t. As Paras gestured to her to take her seat, he saw her eyeing the bottles with a less than impartial gaze. Seeing her subtle hints producing no effect, she looked away and took her seat, serving both of them before she began eating. Paras, pleasantly surprised at her assumption of the host’s traditional duty, soon noticed her looking at the bottles again, this time with visible interest.

This worried him. He had purchased the liquor for his own consumption, not for sharing with someone else. Plus he never drank socially, fearing his hidden urges, sexual or otherwise, might find expression in the drunken haze he usually preferred as the end result of a night with the golden liquids. On the other hand, how could he deny her something which she’d carried to his home, and which was clearly meant for consumption ? If he’d bought some pricey stuff, he could still pretend it was for a superior. But this was base stuff, which he’d been drinking since his college days. He also had no intention of having to handle a drunk girl who’d puke all over the place like his ex. But if she did get drunk….

Paras was startled out of his reverie by the girl, who seemed to have decided that a direct confrontation was necessary. Putting on her friendliest girl-next-door look (which was ironical given what she wanted), she quipped “You know….I have this bad habit of drinking something while eating.” It was lame, she knew that. But lame requests from a pretty girl had a strange power which the best argued cases didn’t. Spearing a piece of chicken, she took an eternity to place it in her mouth, watching with her half lowered gaze the fine lines of his face as he studied the proposition. On purpose she’d left her glass of water untouched, and she saw him notice that. His expression became more confused. The fork was at her mouth, and she opened her lips gently, holding the piece of meat between them. She saw him looking at her, and on purpose began to slowly wrench the meat from the fork, each action tuned to the expressions on his face. She could read men well, and if her reading was right, then she was doing well. The teeth finally took the meat in, her tongue wrapping the morsel inside, as her lips closed again. Barely chewing, she swallowed the piece, her throat registering its progress. Her lips parted again, her tongue darting out, tracing the contours of those red petals before disappearing, ever so slowly, back inside again. Her wide eyes saw the final wrinkles on his face fall into place, and a sigh of acceptance emanate from his lips. She had him.

Paras nodded, wondering why he had been lost in admiring her mouth so much. His mind was again upto its tricks, and he forced himself to concentrate on the request. Strangely, the vision of those lips and the meat going in, produced an urge to try and explore that mouth, with both oral and sexual tools. His mind wasn’t working properly, concluded Paras, and he was confirmed in his fears when he gave a weak nod and watched the girl take a bottle of beer, use the opener hanging from the fridge to open it, and pour out the liquid liberally into an empty glass. He however managed to refuse the extension of the hospitality to him, protesting weakly that he preferred his alcohol after dinner.

“But this is beer, it’s not even proper alcohol.” she spoke in a melodious voice, alluding to the bottles of whisky sitting very much within her reach. Thankfully, Paras could resist her this time, and she had to settle down with her own glass, as her companion and host tried to finish his own dinner, not a little delayed by his admiration of her mouth, as fast as possible. To his dismay, however, she was evidently a regular drinker, and by the time his dinner was finished, she had gone through (with remarkable speed) the entire bottle of beer.

By now desperate to save his alcohol, he began to pick up the empty cutlery and looked to her for help. She however, was by now opening the second bottle of beer, and Paras knew the whisky was not far off. Moving as fast as he could, he carried the cutlery into the kitchen, and arranged them such that they wouldn’t be in a mess in the morning. This done, he rushed back, only to find her with the open bottle of whisky in her hand, the cap lying on the floor.

Defeated and cursing himself, Paras headed to the kitchen again, and came back with two small glasses and some soda. Dumping them on the table with undue force, he headed back to the kitchen, figuring that since she’d anyhow claimed the bottle, he might as well leave less work for himself in the morning. Hopefully, his refusal to accompany her would be construed as disapproval by his guest. However, the sounds from the dining room were not at all encouraging, and by the time Paras was halfway through the cleaning, he decided it wasn’t a wise decision to leave her alone. Arranging the cleaned cutlery, he switched off the lights, and dried his hands before arriving at the dinner table prepared for the worst.

Things weren’t far from worst. She had downed two thirds of the bottle, and the alcohol was clearly starting to take effect. Snatching the bottle from her weak grasp, he placed it away, making a mental point not to touch the remainder till she was safely deposited in the town. For now however, he took the second bottle of beer, which was around half finished, and began to drink, settling down beside her as her eyes stared at him with an increasingly bleary gaze. Paras now had the urge to slap her hard, and he would have done so had she not suddenly tried to stand up, and almost fallen over.

Thankfully she still had enough sense to balance herself, but not enough to head to her room. She headed instead to his room. Paras wondered if he should put her on the bed. But by now he was far too pissed to care about her well being, his concern being more about the puking potential which he thought all women possessed to some degree when inebriated. This one hadn’t shown any manifestation of this so far, so he took the risk of seating her on the sofa, and offering to turn on the TV.

“Please….be seated beside me Mr Manoj. I mean Mr Daniel….” Paras sighed and obliged by sitting beside her as she swayed from side to side. Realizing that she may desert the sofa altogether in her attempt to accomodate “Mr Daniel”, who must have been a very huge man, he wrapped an arm round her, marvelling at the toned yet soft flesh of her back and shoulders. Unable to resist, he squeezed the flesh gently, enjoying the suppleness of her meat. She didn’t seem to notice, her eyes now fixed upon the base of the TV, and she was evidently not noticing much. He squeezed her shoulders harder this time, causing her to moan a little in protest, but still she made no attempt to push his hand away.

Paras was by now wondering if she retained the ability to resist him anymore. Another squeeze of the shoulder seemed to confirm that she had infact lost the ability. To his own surprise, this discovery caused his mind, which wasn’t drunk to any appreciable extent, to fill with fantasies of what he could do with the woman with him. True,he’d always wanted to fuck a girl without her dictating the terms like his ex did, but it was also true that he’d never raped a woman. Strangely, it seemed this would be his first time.

By now the girl’s eyelids were almost totally closed, her head lolling to one side as her features relaxed in a way only a drunkard’s can. Paras shifted slightly, and the girl promptly fell to the other side, going half over the edge of the sofa. Belatedly she made an effort to get up, but this only caused her to fall forward, and if Paras hadn’t caught her, she’d have landed face first on the floor. Summoning his strength, Paras pushed her back onto the sofa, where her head rolled to one side, and she promptly collapsed sideways on the seat.

Paras wondered whether he should leave her like this or take her to the bed. Deciding on the latter, he found that a passed out girl was infact quite heavy. Instead, his botched attempt caused his hand to rest below her tits, which could be made out through the baggy tee. Acting on a hunch, he lowered himself and moved his other hand between her hers and her torso. Now his two hands effectively encircled her upper abdomen. In this position, he made another attempt, and succeeded in getting her up, dragging her unconscious form to his own bed and dumping her there, his mind wondering if it’d have been better to leave her there on the road.

Yet his mind was also busy noticing her body, which was for all purposes at his disposal. She was quite thin, as he’d already noted, and if it hand’t been for his baggy tee, he could have admired her body from head to toe. Without thinking of the consequences such an act could have, he grabbed her again and pulled her into a sitting position, her only reaction being a low grunt which brought forth an alcoholic breeze from those lovely lips. Once he was done, he grabbed her tee with both hands and began to raise it. Her hands had to be raised for this to succeed, but he finally managed to do so. The heater was still in his room, so the cold was not an issue. Instead, he could feel a growing warmth in his loins as he admired her lovely body.

She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her tits were visible in their full glory. Full and roundish like pears, they hung from her chest, proud and straight, as if defying gravity. And craving his attention. At the centre of each of what he guessed to be C-cup orbs, was a liquorice circle, contrasting sharply with the flawless skin of her breast, with a pointed nub at its centre, its length a full inch. The room wasn’t cold, but he could tell that the sudden removal of her tee had a chilling effect on her body. Just as well, for he loved pointed nipples.

She showed no reaction as he hesitatingly reached out and touched a tit. Emboldened by her passiveness, his fingers extended till they were cupping the heavy globe, enjoying its warm softness. Holding it firmly, he shook his hand, causing the fatty gland to bounce a little. Letting go, he placed his hand at its base, then jerked it upwards, causing it to bounce again, the nipple oscillating enticingly. Still not confident enough, Paras repeated this with the other breast, then bounced both violently, enjoying the way they shook and swayed on her flat fair chest. Finally sure that she wouldn’t suddenly wake up, he wrapped his fingers round the breasts again, and began to press into them.

Even as he maintained his gaze upon her face, his mind could hardly believe the softness of her tits as they gave way before his invading fingers. As they dug deeper, Paras wondered if she’d been squeezed by her boyfriend. Feeling not a little jealous, he squeezed harder, coming against greater resistance, but maintaining the relentless pressure on her gland. He noticed the way his hands could barely cover her whole tit, and even then how her meat poked through his fingers, as if trying to escape its cruel vice. Paras continued to press till he could go no deeper, his fingers making deep grooves in her flesh as its owner remained as passive as before. Wondering at how much pain this would have caused her had she been in her senses, yet unwilling to remove his hand, he held her tit for a full minute, before giving her breast the release it so desperately desired.

Settling beside her, he noted with amusement the damage he’d done. Her tit was now covered in red marks where his fingers had dug in, and the whole tit bore evidence of his abuse. For some reason, this proof of his brutality only aroused him more, and he promptly grabbed the other breast. This time however, he focussed on her nipple, which was by now elongated to its fullest. Grabbing the pointed end, he gently tugged at it, noticing how the tit seemed to stretch outwards as he did so. “Unhhh” a low moan came from the girl, her face however giving no evidence of the pain she must have felt. Paras took this as a vague approval for what he was doing, and promptly moved in, his mouth latching onto her nipple. At first he tried to take in as much of her boob as possible, but soon realized that unlike his ex’s A-cups, these were just too big for him. Instead he concentrated on the nipple, sucking it like a child, enjoying the rubbery feel of her nub. Soon however, he had grabbed it with his teeth, and began to pull at it with his teeth till he was sure it’d rip and remain in his mouth. This caused another, louder moan to escape from her mouth. Startled, he withdrew, leaving her tits to throb in the wake of his torture.

Yet she did nothing more, and Paras began to wonder if he could move further. He had no condoms, there being little by way of female company and he not being desperate enough for tribal cunt. Now however, there was some eminently usable cunt available to him, and he wondered if he should move further without protection. His mind however was no longer interested in logic, and demanded more of her supple body. Obeying his baser instincts, he pulled the girl to the edge of the bed, and began to pull down his own shorts. This was easier, and soon she was clad only in her lace panties.These too were tugged till they began to roll down her toned thighs,finally resting like a bridge connecting her knees.

Paras dodged this bridge and instead moved in between her legs, parting her legs further as he did so. She was unshaved, and he was greeted with a mass of hair that gave the faintest trace of what lay within. His face now inches from the said black jungle, he pushed his hands into the small space between her legs to the sides, her pussy at one end and his head on the other. Using his fingers, he poked a little, till he found one finger push inside. She was evidently dry, and any sex would hurt a lot. But did he care ? His fingers now traced her outer lips, and began to gently part them. Pulling harder, he exposed the pink flesh inside, with the inner folds telling him where the opening to her canal lay.

The sight of her exposed vagina seemed to cause a minor revolution in his head, and he found himself doing what he’d only fantasized of till now. His head went in, his tongue darting out till it made contact with the vagina. Given her dryness, only his saliva lubricated it. As he explored her vaginal folds, his dick, which had been gradually growing to full size, began to threaten to tear through the multiple layers of cloth. Heeding this threat, he undid his pants and pulled down the inner layers, till his dick was free, rearing to conquer the orifice his tongue was now exploring.

His tongue on the other hand was seeking out her clitoris, which it eventually managed to detect within the inner folds of her pussy. Having little experience in providing pleasure to females, he nevertheless tried to flick his tongue over the almost inaccessible bud. For a few moments, his inept ministrations had little effect, and he was secretly relieved, though he knew it should produce some effect. After sometime though, as he kept up the oral assault on her cunt, he was surprised and also a little worried to find her reacting. Her vagina appeared to be generating its own juices, and he could make out the slightest of movements in her legs. He wondered if he should stop and check on her, see if she was awake. His mouth however had just informed him of a new taste, one that differed from his saliva. Throwing caution to the winds, he pushed his nose and lips deeper into the fleshy folds, smelling and tasting the juices which his unconscious partner was producing.

As he kept up his efforts, the juices began to flow freely, like nectar out from the petals of a flower. Encouraged, he increased the speed of his tongue, even as he pressed his nose against her vulva, wondering whether she could be brought to orgasm. Evidently she could, for her legs were by now pressing down against his shoulders, her thigh muscles contracting against his cheeks, as he probed away at her most intimate place. Infact, they seemed to be pressing against his cheeks, trapping him in that fleshy gulf. Finding it difficult to breathe, he was forced to pull away, but almost jumped when a moan came from her lips. Raising his head slightly, he saw that her chest was rising and falling more rapidly now, a sign that of the extent to which he’d taken her.

But apart from these signs, there appeared no improvement in her situation, so Paras, his mouth now yearning for her nectar, dived in again. This time he wanted to be more careful, and kept her thighs parted enough with his hands. In this position, he resumed the assault on her nether lips, and the konak escort small bud between them. She responded almost instantly, her thighs again seeking to trap his head, but he was safe now, and so he continued. Another moan escaped her lips, and she seemed to shift ever so slightly, but now Paras was beyond caring. His tongue was tracing the contours of her lips with increasing speed, his hands beginning to knead her thigh flesh on their own. “Ahhhh” her moans were growing louder, and she seemed to be trying to thrust her body against his face. Paras moved his hands to her buttocks, even as he allowed his mouth no respite from the tangy juices that were its reward.

“Unhhh….unhhhhh…..ahhhhhh”the moans were almost continuous now, and Paras could tell she was nearing her orgasm. Shifting his hands slightly he began to knead her thighs and ass, pinching and mauling them even as she thrashed her thighs in growing pleasure. He could tell her body was writhing by now, desperate to thrust herself into his mouth. Suddenly he felt it press hard against him, as a melodious female moan of pleasure was partially cut off by the wall of thigh muscle which closed in from all sides, her cave almost drowning him in a flood of female juices. Even better, she seemed to be gyrating against his face, her body weak hands incoherently supporting her as she was lost in subconscious bliss. Paras stayed there, enjoying the fruits of his efforts, marvelling at the way the girl was now thrashing like a crazed animal against him, her most private parts gushing forth their fluids into his face.

To Paras her orgasm seemed to last for an hour. Just when he thought her legs would never stop crushing him (though he was loving their warm embrace), she went limp again, her rapid breathing and the juices connecting his face from her lips being the only proof of that she’d just had an orgasm. Satisfied, Paras got up, taking her panties along with him. Throwing this garment aside, he admired her naked, cum soaked body as it lay in all its glory before him. Indeed she’d thrashed a lot, for the bedsheets were in disarray, while a pillow was gracing the ground. Most importantly, (and for him, worryingly) the orgasm seemed to have awakened her somewhat, for her eyelids were just a little open.As Paras leaned closer to investigate, he realized that her lips were also slightly parted. for some strange reason, Paras realized he had to kiss them.

This was risky, but by now he knew if she indeed came to her senses, he would either have to rape her or go to jail anyhow for molestation. “Might as well take her.” he muttered as an expression of pure lust animated his cum soaked face. Climbing up beside her, he rolled her over to his side, the girl muttering something incoherent, and infact closing her eyes. Unsure of what this meant, he nevertheless went in for his third prize, the pair of luscious lips he’d wanted ever since he’d first seen her.

Moving his mouth close till he could smell the alcohol on her breath, he pressed his lips against hers, enjoying the softness of the red petals. Pushing slightly, he clasped her upper lip between his, and held it there, pulling ever so slightly. To his surprise, she pulled away, before moving in to capture his lip between hers. Letting it go, she did the same with the lower one, before beginning to kiss them one after another, as if he were her boyfriend. Paras realized that maybe she did think him to be her boyfriend, especially as she kept her eyes closed. Encouraged, he began to kiss harder, pushing his tongue into her mouth, licking her teeth before moving further still. Her wall of calcium parted, allowing him access to the warm and soft interior of her buccal cavity. Finding her fleshy organ, he began to probe it with his, and found to his delight that it wanted to play too. Withdrawing a little, he allowed it room enough to entwine with his, flicking it even as he probed it in every way possible. When he tried to move it, he found her tongue blocking it, asking for more time. Amused, he relented, allowing her to play with his for a minute, noting how her eyes remained closed, a peaceful expression (with the exception of the active mouth) betraying little of what had happened or was happening.

But Paras realized his dick was by now threatening to wet the bed if it didn’t find its proper place. Resisting the urge to move in between her legs, he wondered if he could still try and save himself if he stopped then and there. True that he’d have to answer some very tricky questions, but he could still avoid being charged with rape. On the other hand, given the fact that he had nothing comparable to a condom or a contraceptive, if he went ahead and took her, she could very well end up pregnant. There appeared to be no solution…

But this was as much as his cock was going to tolerate what it clearly considered to be useless philosophy. As she curled up against him, he found himself, almost in a daze, repositioning her, such that her lovely face went away and her juicy cunt came closer, till her legs were resting on the raised wooden end of the bed and his dick between her thighs. Hastily, he reasoned that he could always pull out before cumming, though he doubted if he could ever do that. But his hormones would wait no more, forcing his hands to part those lips again, which now had a coating of female juice on them already. His dick was as hard as obsidian, pointing like an arrow at its natural destination. Paras wondered if she was a virgin, then realized that a girl who goes around wearing miniskirts and bikini tops wasn’t very likely to be virgin anyway.

Parting them further, he positioned himself carefully at the entrance, then gave a gentle push. Then harder, forcing her canal to accept the tip of his organ. Grabbing her thighs, he began to thrust his muscles harder at her, willing his dick to move deeper. As his cock head disappeared into her pussy, he realized that she would be incredibly tight, even with the lubrication already present. Was she a virgin , his mind asked as he struggled to get another inch of his 9″ monster rod inside her. His ex had not been one, and had made it clear. Then again, she wasn’t so tight as the girl lying before him now. There was no trace of maidenhead, but then an athlete could easily tear hers during training.Infact, so tight was her vagina, that it seemed almost as if Anindita was simply not made for his cock. Or perhaps, his cock seemed to tell him, it was meant just for a big dick like his, so it could be milked of every last drop of his cum.

As he pushed deeper however, the pain in her body began to return her to the mortal realm. Even before her eyes opened, her mouth was curled in a cry of pain, as her body sent her urgent signals about the impending invasion of her vagina. As he thrust hard, pushing about half his cock into her, her eyes snapped open, confusion and fear expressed clearly in those brown orbs. This unnerved Paras for a moment, allowing her to get her bearings even as Paras lost his. Then her mouth opened again, for the first time in coherent speech since the assault had begun.

“Paras ? What are you doing ? Stop it. No, please….helppppppp”

Stuck halfway into her vagina, Paras knew he wore a stunned expression. In his lust he’d forgotten that she could easily wake up, and now the inevitable had happened. As she screamed louder, his mind assured him that in the ghost town which was the forest dept’s lodgings at this time of the year. Infact he was also assured that in all likelihood he could keep her in his lodgings for as long as two weeks, before anyone returned. And, his cock seemed to tell him, he was already inside.

Just as Anindita realized she could use her hands to defend herself, Paras began to apply pressure again. Brushing aside her hands was no big deal, but when she scratched him, he leaned down and landed a hard slap on her cheek.Even as her expression changed from one of desperation to one of shock, he pushed in another inch, with barely an inch to go. The pain caused her to writhe on the bed, allowing him to enjoy her body even more. She tried to raise herself again, allowing Paras to cop a feel of boob before he rammed his dick home. The sheer force needed for this caused her to lose her balance and land hard on the bed, her eyes again showing the shock which Paras realized was an expression he was starting to like.

His mind however, was revelling in a sensation which he was feeling after a long time, infact perhaps for the first time – that of an impossibly tight pussy, one which seemed to wrap around his member like a vice. A velvet vice. For a minute he held it there, loving the warm tightness of her body even as her screams seemed like distant echoes. He’d have held there longer, had not she raised herself and landed a hard slap on his face. Stunned out of his blissful reverie, he backhanded her again, causing her to crash sideways, her tits bouncing on her chest as she landed.

Feeling suddenly very pissed at her temerity, he reached down and grabbed both her fleshy globes, digging in his fingers without a thought for what the girl was going through. The girl apparently was going through a lot, too much infact for her to put up any meaningful resistance to this extension of the violation of her body. She pushed against his hands, her toned muscles proving rather ineffectual as her mind grappled with the multiples sources of pain and humiliation. Paras didn’t care, she had to be punished, and he was punishing her. His fingers dug in deeper still, mashing her mammaries like dough, leaving bright red marks as they shifted angles, before resuming their merciless mauling of her tits.

She had begun to cry by now, the throbbing cock in her body no less an agonizing threat than the hands on her pretty melons. Suddenly, she felt him pull out slowly, adding to the agony she already felt. Infact, the pain in her vagina and her tits seemed to combine till her mind sought to flee from reality, hiding somewhere where a strong forest department official wasn’t raping her on his bed.

Paras pulled out almost completely, noting the blood on his dick, with pleasure more than concern. Grabbing her thighs again, he rammed in, causing an involuntary “unhh” to escape from her pretty lips. Shifting her unresisting form sideways, he placed a pillow to raise her, making it easier for him to pummel her pussy. And that’s exactly what he did now, beginning with a slow in and out till he began to develop a rythm. He fucked her harder now, his cock ramming into her with each stroke, causing the tits on her chest to bounce and the tears on her cheeks to trace new tributaries as they headed towards her chin.

Faster still, and he could make out the sound of bodies slapping hard and fast, her muscles straining to avoid what could not be avoided. His body on the other hand was loving every stroke that he made, banging her like an inflated fucktoy. Reaching down, he grabbed her tits again, pulling her up by the breasts. This new pain caused her eyes to open, the brown orbs now surrounded by red, proof of the tears she’d shed in vain. He pulled her tits harder, and she was forced to raise herself from the bed, till she was in a sitting positon. The pillow was disposed of, and she sat on him as he lay down in a half reclining position. A little more persuasion was needed, however, before she realized that she had to do the fucking now. Hard slaps landed on her face and tits, reducing the finger marks’clarity as the whole flesh was coloured red. As the sound of these reverberated, she began to move her muscles, a look of utter defeat and shame on her face.

Positioning her legs to give herself a little mobility, she began to cry alound again as she fucked herself on her rapist’s cock. Unfortunately for her, this exercise in self degradation was not good enough, and he soon grabbed her hips and was banging her up and down on his cock. She now had to concentrate on her balance, and ironically, her athleticism was put to test in the most perverted of ways. Paras, however, was unaware of her problems, and he began to push her up and down on his cock, harder and faster. Her mouth was open, her tears ending up in that receptacle, before being shaken off to land on her rapist’s chest and face. She couldn’t even sob now, her mouth instead giving out “ahhhs” and “unhhhs” every time he pulled her in.

This sight of his guest’s utter humiliation, coupled with the fact that she had an incredibly tight pussy, was bringing him ever closer to orgasm. She appeared to realize it too, for inspite of all her pain and shame, she began to plead for him not to cum inside her. Though the finer points of periods and condoms were lost to his crazed mind, he did realize that he couldn’t cum inside her. Fighting his urge to do so, he threw her off his dick, before climbing upon her just as his dick exploded.

As Paras looked on, Anindita covered her face with her arms as wave after wave of cum landed on her body,covering her arms, hair, tits and stomach in white sticky fluid. His mind, however, was lost in utter bliss, getting the release he’d wanted for so long, but could never get. Until now, when a dumped girl had provided the opportunity to let his sexual side. She’d come to him in a bikini top and a miniskirt. She deserved everything she got, and more.

As his orgasm faded into a warm afterglow, he settled down beside her, admiring his handiwork.She still had her face covered, the sound of sobs coming from within. Those hands however were covered with his cum, the viscous fluid moving down her arms to collect at her elbows before flowing down to her tits, where they joined other puddles of sperm. Her hair too was coated with it. On an impulse, he grabbed her hands and parted them, revealing her pretty, tortured face. For the first time he felt a pang of regret, but brushed it quickly away. Instead he pulled her up, pushing it down onto his cock. It was a measure of how much she’d been broken by her experience that she didn’t even protest, her closed mouth colliding with his dick not so much out of refusal, as the inability to think straight.

Paras set that to right by pulling hard on her hair, causing her to open her lips again. He noticed how his slaps had swelled up her upper lip, but again he didn’t care. Evidently she didn’t either, because the moment he pushed his dick in, she began to lick . It was clumsy, and he knew she’d likely collapse on the cock if he didn’t maintain a hold on her hair. But at that moment he needed to get his cock cleaned, and for that she would have to provide the cleansing fluid – her saliva.

Taking a firmer grip of her hair, he pushed his dick hard down her throat. She gagged, causing him to allow her to get up, her face red and flustered. Once she was normal again, she lowered herself on her own, beginning to lick his shaft. Starting from the tip, she began to swallow the mixture of her own pussy juices, blood and his cum, before moving up and down the shaft, her tongue doing its best to please her rapist. He let her continue, partly because he was tired himself, and partly because he wanted to see how far she’d go on her own.

As she worked on the semi flaccid cock, he gently reached out and grabbed a tit, handling it gently before pulling hard on the nipple. Her head jerked and she began to work harder, probably taking it as a form of punishment. Shifting to the balls, she licked in circles, before returning to the shaft, which was now, inspite of the recent orgasm, being brought back to life. Along with it, Paras was again getting horny, and this time he decided to experiment further with her mouth.

Grabbing her head with his hands, he aimed his cock at her mouth, before pushing in. As it went in, she began to show signs of discomfort again. Telling her to breathe through her nose, he pushed in harder still, hitting the back of her mouth with still some way to go. Apparently she expected him to stop at this point, for she looked up expectantly. Paras however had other plans. Holding her there for a moment, he rammed it deep into her throat, her eyes widening and tearing up as she began to violently struggle. Paras didn’t care. He had entered another of her ultra tight holes, and he’d spend some time here. Infact, in a way it was even more pleasurable for him, as it was her head, with its pretty features, which was being used as a sextoy now. Pulling out slightly, he rammed in again.

Her resistance was futile as he began to fuck her harder, pulling out till his cock was about halfway out before ramming back in. Every few strokes, he’d hold her head there,watching with amusement as her head remained attached to his groin, her hair mingling with his pubic growth. Then he’d pull out, before slamming back in. As she became a little habituated to this new assault, he quickened the pace, giving her no time to adjust.Fresh tears were streaming down her face as he fucked her faster and faster, using her oral pipe as a second vagina.

Given that he’d cummed only minutes before, he’d expected to last longer. Infact however her throat, and her tongue before it, had aroused him sufficiently to draw him towards an orgasm again. Even as she pushed her arms against his chest, trying to make him slow down, he sped up further, her mouth a blur on his cock as her face was smashed time and again against his groin. Suddenly he realized he could hold it no more, and this time he made no effort to pull out. Instead he pulled her in, till her nose was buried in his pubic hair. Placing a thumb on each eyelid, he forced her eyes open, her teary eyes begging him to end her torture. As he looked on, a tear formed at the base of one of her eyes, and disappeared into his pubic hair.

Paras exploded, his groin thrusting into Anindita’s face as he reached bliss for a second time in a short while, his cock unloading hot jizz into her helpless mouth. This time his orgasm seemed even longer, the warmth of her mouth adding to the pleasure coursing through his body. Exhausted, he pulled out, collapsing on the bed as she too fell by his side, a thin trickle of blood running down her chin, from where her swelled lip had split during the assault. As Paras fell asleep in the afterglow of his second climax, his “partner” wept herself into a stupor.

Paras was awakened by a movement on the bed. As he groggily got up, he found her heading out of the door. For a moment he couldn’t comprehend what was happening, but then it all came back to him. Having no time to put on anything, he ran after her. She had apparently noted where he kept his keys,for she was unlocking the last lock, when he reached the dining room. As she ran out,he ran back, pulled open his rifle closet and pulled out his Enfield.

She had not gone far. It had snowed the previous night, and she was somehow making her way through the soft snow when he reached the door. Moving two steps forward, he carefully took aim. Trained at the Forest Academy, he knew he was a sure shot, and for all her movement, she was a sitting duck. She seemed to realize that, for when he threatened to shoot, she stopped, her hair flying in the cold wind as her face showed indecision, fear and hatred all at once. Paras did not move, telling her instead to fall to her knees. She stood there, her eyes darting towards the forest,then back to him. Her knees were trembling, and as he held his ground, she collapsed upon them, her hands and eyes begging him to let her go.

Paras however, felt no pity. Instead he moved forward, reaching the kneeling woman in ten large strides. In the light of the early morning, her features were lit up, and if he hadn’t been feeling so angry, he’d have taken time to admire her. However, he merely reached her, grabbed her head, and slammed it hard into his groin, forcing her to give a blowjob in the bitter cold. Strangely, the feeling of the surrendered creature blowing him had an erotic value of its own, and before he knew it, he was blowing his load for a second time down her throat.

There was no time to enjoy however. As his anger ebbed, he realized that he was infact feeling colder than she probably was. Grabbing her by the hair, he dragged her back to the house. Her feet seemed to fail her, and she wailed and howled as her hair was partially ripped off. Once inside, he closed the door, noting how the snow had blocked the only road to town. She looked at him with a mixture of trepidation and hope, wondering if he’d had his fill for the time being or he would subject her to another diabolic round of sexual torture.

Without warning, she found her breast grabbed, the pain in her mammaries returning with a vengeance as she was dragged by it to a window. It was a large one, with thick glass to keep the cold out. Parting the curtains, he opened it, checking the level at which the lower rim met his waist. Then he made the girl stand before it, checking her waist level. As he appeared satisfied, a sickening feeling began to develop in the pit of her stomach. She felt a hand in her hair, grabbing it and yanking her backward. Before she could turn around however, she found herself bent at the waist. And then thrown out of the window.

As she tried to reach the ground with her hands, hoping to crawl out, she felt a thud, followed by a pain which told her that the heavy glass had been brought down upon her bare back. She was trapped, half in the warmth of the house, half outside. No one was expected in this weather, and with the road blocked, she could scream her lungs out. Laughing at his own ingenuity, Paras marvelled for a moment at the way he was acting out the dark fantasies that had coloured his dull hours in the beat or in the house. He was finally the person of his fantasies, and she was the ideal victim. Laughing louder still, he slapped her raised ass, then aimed his cock at her ass.

Anindita was screaming her lungs out indeed. Having failed to notice that the road was blocked, she still harboured hope that some good man would come and rescue her. Unless he killed her first. For a brief while she seemed to hear the sound of a footstep between her echoing screams, but then it was gone. Instead, she felt his organ again near her vagina, only this time a little to high to enter. He’ll adjust, her mind told her. In a way which would cause maximum pain, it added. Beginning to feel the cold bite into her naked flesh again, and having no idea when he would be done with his latest round of abuse, she began to sob again.

Suddenly she realized that his penis was pushing at the wrong hole, pushing hard, as if it wanted to enter where no cock was supposed to go. True that she had been a virgin and the invasion of her vagina was of terrible agony to her, but this was simply wrong. and impossible right ? As another thrust followed, she involutarily screamed, her lungs working overtime in the cold. Then another thrust, and she could feel her anal sphincter under severe attack. It couldn’t be happening. How could he rape her up the shithole ? She would be ripped apart, she’d bleed to death. But she was helpless, her hands by now so cold that they could barely hold up the half of her body to which she had access. As for the other half……

Paras was experiencing extreme difficulty in getting in, but there was no question of moving out. The bitch had to be punished, and punished she would be. Getting some petroleum jelly, he smeared it liberally over his dick and over her ass, then began to push again. This time he made a little more progress, as he watched her head thrash about at the end of her body, presumably screaming to the skies. In a way having her outside allowed him to concentrate.He pushed again, putting more pressure upon her anal sphincter. Again, and he could feel it almost give way. Readying himself, he thrust hard, causing it to give way, allowing his cockhead to enter halfway into the hole. Another thrust, then another, and his bulbous head was in. In this position he admired her ass, noting the way his dick connected her to him. He also noted the way her ass tried to push him out, using her anal muscles for all they were worth. Instead, however, the girl found that he was steadily moving furthr and further inside.

Lubrication could not be hoped for here, and he didn’t want any. For some reason, he was getting great pleasure in hurting her, in opening her up to his organ in myriad ways. In another thrust, he was halfway through,the girl collapsing in the snow outside, her body throbbing with sobs. Another thrust, then another. He finally felt his groin touch her ass cheeks. Mauling these, he revelled in the tightness of her ass. Indeed, it was the first time he’d had sex with a woman in all three holes, used her in every possible way, claimed her completely.

Better still, she was squeezing his dick, trying to push it out though she probably knew that was impossible. Still, Paras knew if he let her carry on, she would probably cause him to cm then and there. Instead, he began to pull out slowly, amused by the way the girl actually tried to get up and look at him, a look of unexpected hope in her eyes. But Paras smiled back, telling her with his eyes to expect no mercy. Still she looked on, her shivering frame reflecting the misery he was putting her in. He was by now almost completely out, and he broke eye contact to look down for a moment. When he looked back, she was still looking at him, her arms wobbling even more. Paras’ features extended in a warm smile, as he grabbed her asscheeks, and slammed back in.

The girl outside collapsed again,and did not get back up. Relieved of having to look into her eyes, he concentrated in pulling in and out of her ass. It was harder, not least because she was not becoming wet like when he was doing it in her other hole. Still, he was able to, with a lot of effort, get a rythm going. To complement his strokes, he began to slap her ass, enjoying the way it caused her to twitch a little, her mind having no chance of guessing on which ass the next stroke would land. So absorbed was he, that he did not notice as another person appeared outside the window.

Paras was stunned when he saw a villager outside, his frail middle aged figure belying the strength with which he banged the window. Terrified yet unable to pull out, Paras raised it, being instantly greeted to a live commentary from a freezing girl about how she had been abused since last night. The man, however,took no notice of her. Instead, he simply said “Turn woman other way”

Paras thought he wanted her pussy, but realized he wanted him to rotate her. This he did with pleasure, and the man noted with a sly smile “Not seen tits like this for long time. Good meat.” Paras couldn’t help but laugh. Keeping the window up, Paras adjusted her such that she could be fucked in the ass in this position as well. Once it was done, the man asked for a few cushions. This Paras provided, and he placed them below the girl’s head. Then he took off his pants and put them over her stomach, saying “she die in cold”

This Paras couldn’t prevent, but he was amused to see him position himself before her large tits. Moving forward till her head was between his legs, he balanced himself on her chest such that his dick, an impressive 8″, lay between her tits, while she was under his ass. As Paras began to push into her ass again, he saw the man take her tits and wrap them around his dick, till it was completely covered. Then he pressed down hard upon them from the sides, creating a tight canal on her chest. Positioning himself well, he began sawing his member in and out of her boobs.

Anindita could scarcely believe that this was happening. The man she’d expected would rescue her was using her breasts like a pussy. Worse, Paras was back in her ass, his dick ravaging her shithole even as her chest was increasingly made raw by the man’s prick. Paras on the other hand was enjoying himself, not bothering to wonder at the turn of events. He was heading towards climax again, his dick ready to mark her last hole with his cum. He fucked her faster, picking up the rythm again, using her changed position to pummel her lower abdomen. He could hear her pathetic sobs, seemingly coming from between the man’s legs. Laughing, he winked at the villager, and he winked back, with an partners-in-crime look which assured him he would not be compromised later. Grabbing her butt, he steadied himself, before resuming the fast and brutal assault, the man on the other side keeping pace with him. Her tits were red by now, and it seemed as if they would bleed if this went on. Cursing himself for not thinking of a method a common villager knew, he nevertheless found this dual fucking highly arousing. By now her ass had opened up under his assault, and he was fucking her as if in a frenzy, knowing that orgasm was very near.

Suddenly, the man indicated him to pull down the window, something he barely managed.The window however landed straight on her stomach, causing her muscles to contract. Fortunately for Paras, this included the anal muscles, squeezing his cock hard. Paras couldn’t hold anymore, and as he came hard in her ass, he dimly realized that the man had asked him to lower the window because he too was nearing orgasm. As Paras’ cock spasmed, he saw the man’s dick shoot hot jizz from between her tits, splattering the window.

Paras seemed to last for quite sometime, and by the time he was done, he man was adjusting her head to his cock. As he withdrew, he heard the a loud sound in the distance. Could it be the dacoits ? But in the morning ? Perhaps taking advantage of the closed road. Paras decided not to take any chances. As he put on his boxers and retrieved his Enfield, he scream, and rushed to see a young man wrestling with his fellow rapist outside the window.Apparently the sound which had scared him had been of no consequence to him, for he had raised he window, and decided to take the girl with him. His assailant had probably found him in this position, for once he’d landed enough punches on the man’s face and knocked him cold, he didn’t bother to look towards the window.

Baffled by the turn of events, Paras watched in amazement as the assailant, whom he recognised as the scrawny son of the office canteen owner, began to drag the girl away, copping a feel of her sticky tits as he did so. It took Anindita a while to realize that she was being taken away,and it was not before the guy had dragged her about two metres that she realized her new predicament.

“Help,somebody help! Please, somebody” Paras now climbed out of the window, and he saw hope spring in Anindita’s eyes, probably because she figured Paras was less dangerous than a man who could thrash (maybe even kill ?) another to have her body. Smiling, he raised the rifle, and fired in the air. The guy dropped her, and looked around in terror. He raised his hands, and began backing off. Anindita looked on as Paras approached, rifle in hand, her expression one of relief. The young man kept backing away, and was about to break into a run. Before Paras could say anything, he babbled out “Sorry sahib, I didn’t mean to…”

Paras almost laughed out, but managed to maintain a stern face, one which was steadily giving the freezing girl more reassurance. “Then why were you dragging her ?”

“She…she was freezing and….I thought….”

“that she’d be a nice warm fuck” Paras completed the sentence even before he could control himself. For a moment he wondered if he had allowed the guy to realize that he was actually the rapist. But he hadn’t. “Sorry sahib. I don’t want to go to jail. I’ll do anything, just don’t report it to the police…”

Paras pretended to consider for a moment, noting the flicker of impatience in Anindita’s face as he forced her to wait. Stifling a smile, he wondered if he should just ask the guy to leave, given he was about to wet his pants from fear. On the other hand, a sturdy young fellow could be useful. In a number of ways. Making up his mind, he asked “Can you cook ?”

Confusion spread across the young man’s face, before spreading onto the face of the woman on the ground. “Cook ? Why yes sir, I’ll cook you the finest…..”

Paras finally laughed, before adding “Breakfast.”

The guy nodded rapidly, even as Paras said, “If you’re good enough, I’ll keep you. And you can take your pay….” he looked directly into the girl’s confused eyes, then looked at the still confused guy “….from this whore’s cunt.”

{The End}
written by Pandorius999
([email protected])

Readers would note the similarity in the early phases with the “Rape of the Drunk Teacher”. Indeed the first part of the plot is a modification, suggested by a reader. The setting ,and the later sequences are however totally new.

Suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome, either on the site or by email. Please specify the site where you read the story. Lastly, apologies for any errors of grammar or plot. The author would be glad if they are pointed out.

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