Showing Him The Ropes

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Glass Butt

I had liked Avery for over a year, and he was finally ready to move on from his ex. We went out for a fun first date. We got tex-mex, went ice skating, and even got ice cream. It was a perfect first date, and we went back to his so he could make us tea.

“Thanks again for buying me dinner.” He said. I just laugh and say “It means you owe me sex, right?” He rolls his eyes and goes to get the kettle off the stove. He comes back with two steaming hot mugs.

“Careful, they’ll need to cool a bit,” he says. I bite my lip and look at his as I ask “What do you suggest we do in the mean time?” We look at each other for a split moment and then suddenly he’s there, on my mouth and weaving his hands into my hair. I push up to meet him, grabbing his waist and drawing him deeper into the kiss when he suddenly breaks off.

“I’ve…never really done a lot of this before.” He says, looking a little embarrassed. “Hey,” I say, “Don’t worry about it. I’m a pro by now and I can show you everything you need to know. Just slow me down if I’m going too fast, okay?” He nods and I move forward to resume the kiss, swinging one leg up onto the couch so I can straddle him. I start to kiss down his neck when I can feel him gyrating against me, and his breath grows more ragged. He grabs my ass lightly, trying to pull me down on top of his growing cock, the size of it starting to strain his jeans. “You can be a little rougher, Aves. You’re not gonna break me – I promise,” I say. He responds by grabbing my ass with both hands, pulling my body down on top of him and guiding my mouth back to his neck.

When I turn my neck aside so he can kiss down it, he offers only a small *peck*. I pull back and look at him. “That was real cute, but I think you can do a little better. Here, let me show you,” I say. I start to kiss his jawline to his ear lobe and start to whisper in his ear. “Just remember to kiss slowly casino siteleri and deeply as you work your way down.” I suck on his earlobe gently before continuing; “And don’t be afraid to be a little naughty,” I finish, nipping his neck as he moans quietly.

After the bite he couldn’t contain himself anymore and pushed me back on to the couch, thrusting and kissing my neck (with more gusto this time). He pulls off his shirt and I do the same, and he fails to get my bra off for a minute before I reach back to do it for him. “Don’t worry, I can show you how to get that later,” I say, pulling the bra away to reveal perky C-cups that he immediately takes into his mouth, sucking on my nipples. “Harder.” I say, trying to keep up with his grinding. He only gets a little harder, so I wind my fingers into his hair and push his face into my tits. “HARDER.” I growl into his ear. He gives one of my nipples a bite that made me gasp and pushed me into the couch while he moved further and further south. Eventually he reached my jeans and started undoing the buttons, kissing every inch of my lace panties as they were revealed.

He manages to get off the jeans, and looks up at me as he pushes aside my panties and slips a finger inside me. Those dark eyes make me lose it and I lean back, enjoying how unbelievably wet I am as he starts rubbing my clit. “Can I eat your pussy?” He asks, Flashing those deep brown eyes at me and looking just a little pouty. In reply I simply took off my panties and opened my legs for him. He buried his face in my pussy and started messily and inexpertly sucking on my clit. He wasn’t bad, but I knew he could do better.

“Go where my hands guide you, okay?” I say, and he nods without ever taking his tongue off of my cunt. I push his tongue off to the side and coax a second finger into my pussy, and then a third. “Lick hard and fast, and fuck me slow and deep” slot oyna I say – he obliges, taking to it like a fish to water. He’s had a little experience here, so he knows his way around. I can feel myself getting wetter as he laps up my juices, hungry for more. I feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge, but I want to get him off first. I pull him up so I can taste my sex on his lips, then flip him onto his back so I can grind down on to him. I kiss down his chest, stopping to flick his nipples with my tongue. He grips my hair a little tighter as I do, and pushes up to meet me. I continue to kiss down while my hands undo the buttons on his jeans, and I catch my breath and I see all 7 inches of him for the first time.

“Christ you didn’t tell me you were so big Aves, you gotta give a girl a little bit of warning,” I say, stroking him with my right hand as I chastise him lightly. I flick his tip with my tongue and I can feel him shudder. I lick gently up the underside of his shaft and kiss the insides of his thighs, teasing him enough to make him squirm. Then I take him into my mouth and go at it – he’s the perfect angle and I can slide him all the way to the back of my throat, taking his entire length into my mouth. He manages to sputter out “I didn’t know head could be THIS good…” to which I only look up at him and keep sucking, making sure he can see my eyes as I work him closer and closer to the edge. He pulls me up after only a few minutes and we kiss passionately, the mingled taste of sex on both our tongues.

I lean down to his ear and whisper “Are you ready?” and I kiss his neck gently as he nods, looking nervous but excited. I raise myself up so that he is positioned right at my entrance, and slowly lower myself on to his cock. God he’s huge, the length is one thing but his girth stretches me to my limits and I gasp as I feel him hit me all the way in the back. “Dear canlı casino siteleri god you’re tight,” He says.

“And you’re going to ruin me,” I reply, starting out slowly so that I could feel every inch of him as he pushed inside me. I pick up speed as he starts to get into the rhythm of it and his thrusts meet mine. I lean back and put my hands on his chest, pushing him deeper and feeling him writhe beneath me. “Fuck me Avery, just pound me until I can’t take anymore,” I cry out, and he replies by flipping me onto my back and putting my legs over my head. Surprised, I smiled at him and said “I thought you hadn’t done this before?”

“Doesn’t mean I haven’t done my research,” He replies, pounding me as I grab his hips to pull him back to me every time he pulls back. I wrap my legs around his waist as I push him up and end up on to his lap so we are fucking face-to-face, kissing while I bounce up and down on his cock. I push his head down to my chest so he can suck on my nipples again, and this time he sucks hard and nips me enough to make me moan. He responds by grabbing my hips and pulling me down savagely on his throbbing cock, and I can feel him swell as he gets close to his peak.

“Where do you want me to come?” He asks. I slow us down so I can look him in the eye as I say “I want to feel you come inside me,” and he wastes no time. He pushes me on to my back and slams into me until I’m biting his shoulder to stop from screaming. I feel him push as deep as he can, and then he’s throbbing inside of me, filling me up so that I drip out on to the couch.

I clean up while he lays back on the couch, exhausted. “Fuck, Jess. I didn’t know I could FEEL that good,” He breathes out as I curl around him, my head on his chest. “I think I can do better…” I say, looking at him mischievously. He only pulls me in close and kisses the top of my head, both of us catching our breath.

“So,” he says, “It’s your turn now.”

“Can we drink the tea first?” I say, smiling.


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it, might do more like this if anyone wants a continuation.

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