Sins of Joy Ch. 07

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My dearest editor “JackGates74”. I think it’s much better and he deserves the credit. Thank you “JackGates74” for all the hard work on the story.


Farida and Farzana were on the pills on a permanent basis to avoid any problem of pregnancy as our sexual relationship never stopped. We took extra care to conceal our secret, but hiding our relationship wasn’t going to be easy now, as her children had grown up over the years. Old enough to know that their mother and I were having an affair. Her daughter Shgufta was not a little kid now.

I began to realize that she was not the same little girl I knew before. This occurred in more ways than one. Her changes were not going unnoticed and She was turning from a pretty child to a breathtakingly stunning woman. Curves were starting to develop in all the right places giving early hints of feminine beauty to her petite body. She was timid and shy now, as if she was aware that I was male and she was female. Sometimes she became shifty, not wanting to look at me during our conversations. I looked at her and remembered how little she had been when I first started friendship with her father and then her Mother. Woweee! How she was growing up now! I could not believe how she was starting to look more and more like her beautiful mother every day. She was a true version of her mother, although perhaps just a bit prettier.. Her changes were not going unnoticed and she liked the new attention. She was turning from a pretty child to a breathtakingly stunning woman. Curves were starting to develop in all the right places giving early hints of feminine beauty to her petite body.

Shgufta was always a bundle of laughs, jolly, effervescent, bubbly and she has grown into a beautiful young woman just within few years. It was not all that long ago when she had her eighteenth birthday party a couple of weeks prior, and her still childish body gave her a jailbait appearance! Looking at her now was a delight to my horny old eyes. She has well developed breasts and such a shapely bum! Oh! I do have a thing for bums! A little bit plumper than her mothers. I found myself envious, wanting to part her delectable buttocks with busy fingers. The desire to remove her knickers one day soon! Naughty of me; I know; but there is no joy in being good.

She never uses make-up, makes herself up, because God had given her so much for a man to look at. So she knew, she didn’t need anything extra. Yes, she has became more and more womanly, gorgeous, and highly fuck able. Even Shahida was worried that men would want to spoil her. She had obviously seen my eyes following Shgufta’s alluring body around.

Seeing her now gives me a disturbance in my trousers I should not be having. All these years she has been looking to me as a Father figure. I’ve never seen a more beautiful girl than Shgufta. How can I possibly describe her in any way to do her justice? I just cannot find the words. She is a truly magnificent specimen of womanly enticing beauty. I swear Shgufta was perfect. In my lewd mind she was perfect to take to my bed.

Her facial features were made even cuter by her freckles. Little light brown spots caused by too much sun on her fair complexion. Her cheeks were a naturally rosy red, which seemed to accentuate her eyes. Her long straight blonde hair that had a natural bounce and luster. The unique twinkle in her blue eyes, like her mothers, and her radiant skin glowing in the light made her a very captivating delightful bundle of womanhood to behold. Her complexion was the color of ivory. Later I found very supple to touch. The contours on her face were perfectly chiseled. Her nose was perfectly formed and proportioned. Her large expressive eyes, full sometimes of a mischievous glint, which says more than words ever, could. Her pink full lips were ever inviting and teasing me to want desperately to taste and to kiss passionately. Her breasts conical, shaped also like her Mothers, a natural feminine pedestal leading to her long beautiful neck. I cannot help myself; I am turning myself on just describing her to you!

She noticed I was paying attention to her bubbly personality and it looked that she liked the new attention. Every time I see Shgufta she smiles at me, wiggles her eyebrows, shouting, ” Mummy!” Pretending that I am coming to ravish her. I think she knows she is a natural prick teaser and plays me up with her guile. Nevertheless, I always enjoy her company. She gives me instant hard-on sometimes by her incessant teasing when Shahida isn’t around. More and more I wish that Shahida would go away on her family activity more often, just so I could be alone with Shgufta. She is my daughters age and placing that fact that she is the daughter of my Mistress, the woman I take to bed in her own house in earshot of her children, then I begin to worry about my saneness.

Although Shgufta’s and I had spent a lot of time together as she had been growing up, I was trying, but found it impossible not to look at her. But, just a quick glance at her, her lovely breasts, her pleasingly plump cupid shaped bottom and her casino siteleri face would just make me so horny!

This may sound crass of me, but I was very sexually attracted to her, and I always found her alluringly attractive, her glorious voluptuous body was like a magnet to my ever-needy cock. She got near and it rose up to meet her. For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed being with her, talking to her, joking with her. Wanting to touch her. Feel her. Oh! I must stop it!

She was conscious of the way her own body was changing and was growing up to be such a beautiful young lady. I had witnessed her very small breast grow into ripe melons which make me want to squeeze for their juice. Compared with her mother’s they were so full and ready for plucking; so young and so seductively shag gable. I always wondered what it would be like to run my hands over her luscious tit flesh, wondering how she would react if I gently pinched her nipples between my fingers? Kissed them for her? Nibbled them with my teeth? Sucked her areola and nipples deep into my mouth and rolled my tongue round them? She was, if anything meatier around her arse and thighs than Shahida . Being a little taller her legs had better shape too, being so young, she would need to have.

To be honest, I had to admit that from last few months, every time, I meet Shgufta, I was overtaken by an urge to lock her in a tight embrace, to kiss her, just rip apart her the things she was dressed in, hold her breasts in my palms and knead them, suck them, and drive my cock deep into her little pussy. I found myself so many times rebuking myself for my sanity. “What are you thinking Jawad? Shgufta is daughter of your best friend, you can’t think like that about her! However, the effort to control my self was futile and each and every meeting I had with her I was just the same.

I supposed and thought that the day I went to Shgufta’s place was no different to any other, little did I know that it would be another turning point in my life. A turning point I shall remember unto death.

I was passing quietly through the bathroom area of the house going round to the rear entrance when I heard some sort of faint rhythmic moaning coming from the bathroom. It was Shgufta, by the sound of it; she was talking to someone in a very passionate way. I froze for a second, not quite knowing whether it was for real or I was just hearing things. I stuck my ear to the bathroom wall and started listening. I could only hear faint moans and the sound of the shower spray.

The height of the window made it impossible to see in from ground level. I looked around and found a small table. I lifted it and placed it under the window so I could look into the bathroom. She has just finished her bath and was pulling up her underwear. The window was not frosted, so I could see her very clearly. My unruly cock grew hard in my pants at the sight of Shgufta pulling her flimsy her panties up and adjusted them around her hips. I got a quick flash of her shaved baby-like pussy. Her succulent breasts were before my eyes. She slipped into her bra and reached back and fastened it with its clasp, I stood transfixed as she slipped into her shilwar and qameez. She was truly very petite graceful girl.

I was so moved by her stunning beauty, it did not quell my desire for her, just the opposite in fact. I absent-mindedly let myself in the rear entrance without knocking as I usually do. My mind was racing. All I wanted was an opportunity to catch her in the bathroom and have my wicked way with her. The vision of those lovely breasts were foremost in my mind, the sucking, nipping, tasting, teasing, was foremost in my thoughts. Teaching her how to kiss with tongues would be a delight for both of us.

By the time I got into the house she was just coming out of the shower wearing a large, loose, casual qameez for wearing around the home, which pretty much covered everything. Her Qameez was of the thin material hugged her body; Shagufta unintentionally gave a nearly naked appearance. “Hey uncle! Good afternoon, how are you?” You frightened me, did not hear you knock?” Shgufta cheerfully greeted me.

“Sorry Shgufta, my mind was not on what I was doing, I came in the back way that is why you did not hear the bell. You should not leave doors unlocked anyway. I have heard your Mum telling you about that.”

“Okay! Sure,” Shgufta answered.

” Where are the others?” I asked.

“Mother? Or” she didn’t complete her sentence and She smiled over at me.

“No I mean your mother,” I explained.

“Mother has gone to the clinic to see the Doctor, dentist not gynecologist.” she winked at me in a suggestive manner. It surprised me. Surprised me a lot. I never expected her to be talk so sexually oriented to me.

I blushed but controlling myself, said to her, ” At your Mum’s age she has not the need for a gynecologist, except for some disease affecting her reproductive organs; which is possible of course that’s in case you do care.”

“I’m caring, uncle don’t worry.”

We both sat together on the slot oyna couch in the living room and started to talk to each other in a warm and friendly way.

” So how long will it take them to return?” I asked in a strange tone, while gazing at Shagufta firmly there, tiny breasts that were outlined from her qameez. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her tiny nipples, trying to jet out from the thin fabric.

“May be in three hours,” she replied.

Her loose qameez had slowly ridden up exposing her white belly. I felt my cock start to harden. I glanced over at Shgufta to see if she had noticed. She had! She had a wry smile on her face and was staring at my now grossly tented shorts. Her eyes met mine and the look in them was warmer than her smile. She wasn’t able to hold my gaze because she became embarrassed and lowered her eyes back to my crotch.

I kept stealing glances at Shgufta’s bare belly. She caught me staring up her qameez but did nothing. And I noticed that she’d slowly pulled it up and so deliberately showing me more of herself. I wanted to grab Shgufta, rip open her dress, tear her bra off her and just hold those marvelous tits! I instantly had a deep desire to feel her breasts, lick them, and put them in my mouth and suck on them. And yet, I remonstrated with myself, for an instant, only an instant and it was with reluctance; “Jawad, get control over yourself!” I repeat there is no joy in being good. She was experienced enough to notice the lust in my eyes, but pretended as she has not noticed anything.

I couldn’t control my unruly penis, so I said her that I should go now.

“They won’t be back before three hours. Why don’t you stay with me for a tea or coffee?” Shagufta gave the first hint of her availability to me.

I was reluctant, but that sounded sweet music in my ear. Things were happening the exact I wanted.

“Ok! If you can do, tea would be better!” I replied.

“Why not uncle, I can do everything for you,” she said with smile on her face.

She went and I was thinking about her and the obvious way she was coming on to me. Was she ready? Was she telling me she was ready? Was she testing me? What if I called her bluff? What if I took the initiative, now?

She came back soon with tea and sat closer to me as I could feel the warmth from her breast and thighs. She also had decided to take the initiative too! She mixed the tea and gave me the cup and as I took it from her she let her hand slide down onto my lap. Her questing hand found my cock, which fully erected and was throbbing with the excitement. She toyed with it as if it was an every day occurrence.

“Oh! Shgufta, you looked so beautiful today, so beautiful that I can kiss you.” I felt like a young lad again, stuttering for something right to say to her.

I could see she was thinking about this for a while and then she looked up at me with eyes that were as sparkling as I’d ever seen, and she made no attempt to move away.

“I’ve seen you hundreds times, but today I’ve just seen an anther Shagufta. I’d love to touch you, may I touch you?” Shgufta could hardly speak. She was searching for words.

“Yes why not you can touch me if you want to.” Shagufta said in a husky voice that wondered how she managed to say that.

I could not resist much this time too and placed the cup on the table and slid my hand around her waist and pulled her closer to me, there was no resistance in fact she leaned over and placed her head upon my shoulder. She didn’t try to pull away so I held her and put my hand lightly on her head and gently pushed her face into my neck. She hugged me, telling me my embrace was pleasing to her. She relaxed so I grew bolder and wrapped her tightly and lovingly in my arms. Her treasures were just a few thousands of an inch away from my sweaty palms and itching fingers. I so wanted what was underneath her sweater. I felt her body trembling, not thinking it was fear, and I assumed it was passion. I felt a jolt of guilt in my belly, just a twinge. It passed and my arms tightened around her. I could feel her breasts pressing against me, I could feel her back and the outline of her bra strap and I could feel her heat, I could almost smell her heat. I held her for a few minutes and then slowly started kissing her. All that was going on in my mind was that I was not going to mess this up by rushing it.

As I kissed her she slipped her tongue between my lips like an expert woman of many years experience, not a teenager. She smelled and tasted so fresh and so sweet. I was sucking and licking her tongue with my own. Our tongues were wrestling, tussling, reaching deep into each other’s mouths. Tasting each other’s saliva, tickling each other’s taste buds. The more we kissed the more experienced Shgufta got. It felt a little wrong at first, as she was the daughter of my friend, which thought drifted into my mind, but I willfully I dismissed it as immaterial. Shgufta was making a meal of the kissing and if it was possible that she was a learner, she quickly got the hang of it and was kissing me with passion and with force. canlı casino siteleri By now Shgufta was tight up against me and I could feel her hot, firm big breasts pressing against my chest.

After a few minutes of heavenly kissing, I moved my hand onto her pinnacles of joy. She did not resist in the least. Encouraged, I slid my hand up her qameez and I approached her treasures from underneath her dress and gently easing her tits out of her bra cups. To feel a breast in my hands for the first time was such an erotic sensation. I just massaged those lovely treasures of Shgufta that I had wanted to feel for many months now. I had begun by nimbly massaging her nipples and the areola region surrounding them. The way she gratefully offered her treasures to me without resistance, I could tell her nipples had been just aching for the touch of my manly hands on them. She proudly gave them into my hand to do with as I wished. Truly a gift from the Gods.

I momentarily withdrew my hand from underneath her qameez and pushed the qameez up all the way, revealing her beautiful breasts in all their glory. She moaned, “Oh uncle, should we do this? Is this right that you should see me like this, all naked to your eyes?”

I ignored what she said and continued. I pushed her breasts further into my grateful open palms. Now I was twisting and playing with her nipples. They had become rock hard. Her skin was so soft that my fingers almost slid smoothly over it; it felt so right and so good. By the look in her eyes and the coooing noise, she liked it.

I knew that I must appear relaxed in what I was doing and so I moved daringly on. I flicked my tongue softly across her nipple. Her nipple instantly got harder and she moaned in anticipation. The wetness from my tongue caused her nipple to ache for more. Her nipple stood out now, like a little tower on a hill; I felt my cock harden even more as she moaned and I knew she wanted me, wanted the hardness I had to give her so needy!

I grabbed her hand and placed it on my now throbbing cock. She wrapped her fingers around it. “It’s just so big,” she said, still holding it and looking at me. She ran her hand up my shaft and squeezed my knob and then down again, making my prick harden further. I shivered with the ecstasy of it. Gently stroking it up and down. “Oh!! Shgufta, where did you learn how to do that”, I asked in shock? “Aye, my sweet uncle, I have had fantasies about doing this to you ever since I have seen mummy doing it to you. I saw her doing others things too, of course,” she said with a sexy smile on her face. “Don’t say that! I do not have that kind of a relationship with your mother!” “Don’t tell lies, Uncle Jawad! I know all about you and mummy. I am grateful that you are making her happy. You have looked after us all a lot better than my Father ever did. For myself, thank you! I want to thank you like she does.”

“Okay! You want to have sex with me like your mother?”

“Oh yes, Uncle! That is exactly what I want to do!”

Needless to say, I was delighted, but I sat back from her pretending to think about it. My hand toying with the warm flesh of her inner thigh. Even that small caress she was sighing with rapture. Her thighs were warm and clammy.

“Lie still, let me touch you, Shgufta.” I moved over her and using my right hand now I caressed her thigh from knee to her panties clad pussy. Already, they were moist to the touch. I traced a finger up and down her vaginal crevice, which made her moan as my finger touched momentarily her already swollen clitoris. Like Shahida her pussy lips were extended and exposed. She was raising her pelvis to me, showing her obvious excitement my fingering was causing. Shahida ‘s little girl was desperate to be fucked. I could smell her heat, which was pleasing to me. My mouth was watering with the need to taste her vaginal juices. There was no going back now, I had committed myself to fucking Shahida ‘s girl and I was going to take her virginity.

“You want to see my breasts, Uncle Jawad?

For an answer I started to lift up her qameez and she helped me, pulling it and her bra up off her tits and so fully exposing her delicious orbs to me. Even that, she did in a sexy way, she had learned well off her Mother. Shgufta knew well the art of seduction. Unknown to Shahida and I, her daughter must have been watching us very closely and many times too!

A thought crossed my mind, what about Shahida are other children? Had they been as inquisitive as Shgufta? I put my next thoughts out of my mind with a shudder.

Snapping my mind back to Shgufta and her very personal thank-you, I looked down at her, feasting my eyes upon her breasts and on down to her dimpled belly button, her panties I recognize I had taken them of her mother several times, last night in fact. They were stained at the crotch and Shgufta had just put them on in the bathroom I had watched her putting them on! Was she pretending to be her Mother? Was this a fantasy that she was play-acting? I put my hand down onto her mound and she immediately lifted her pelvis and sighed loudly. I eased them down off her thighs and revealing her virgin pussy to my lecherous eyes. Immediately the aroma of her heat assailed my nostrils, increasing my desire to fuck her, away beyond my reasoning, away beyond my control.

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