Sisters in Slavery Chapter Six

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Ai Shinozaki

Chapter Six

Author’s note to readers. Nothing about this story is meant to portray any of the characters as under eighteen years of age despite the obvious sexual naivety of the main characters. Also this story also features themes of rape, slavery, bestiality, and incest. It is intended as fantasy and nothing else. If you do not like such stories STOP reading now. Also don’t fill up the comments section with posts about how sick the individuals in the story are or about the people who read or write this style of story. For those looking to take some enjoyment out this tale enjoy yourselves.

Do to the confusing nature of having two sets of twin sisters with numbers instead of names I’ve come up with the system below to help readers keep track of which characters are being referenced.

Brothel Whores 3567-A and 3567-B when together will be simply referred to as the sisters.

Brothel Whores 3569-A and 3569-B when together will be referred to simply as the twins.

Also thanks to the graphic novels of Erenisch, Roberts, and Fernando along with the stories of others for providing the inspiration I needed to get past the writers block that had plagued me.

Brothel Whore 3567-B woke to some one banging on the cage she had been locked in. Looking around quickly she saw Madam 3613 walking down the line of cages waking all of the other Brothel Whores. Stretching as best as she could in the small cage Brothel Whore 3567-B looked at her sister in the next cage. Even though they had only been at the brothel for a couple of weeks Brothel Whore 3567-B missed being able to hold her sister as they slept. Still sleeping in the cages was still preferable to how they had spent their first few nights in the brothel.

After all even these two by two by three foot cages were a luxury suite compared to the pillaries they were locked in during that time. Thinking back to that experience Brothel Whore 3567-B was truly thankful she was so complaint, attractive, young, and skilled in pleasuring the customers and didn’t have to spend her life locked in those things like the uncomplaint, uglier, older, and unskilled slaves. Thankfully after a while in the stocks those slaves’ minds were so far gone that they really didn’t suffer to much. Even so she wouldn’t wish that fate on anyone let alone themselves so this threat would motivate her and her sister to preform their duties to the utmost of their abilities.

Now Brothel Whore 3567-B was fully aware that was why they were subjected to the experience in the first place. That was to brutally quash any thoughts of defiance and resistance to the orders of the madams and customers. Sure both sisters still feared whippings and other forms of torture. Yet the thought of being put back in the pillaries would make all almost any slave comply to any order.

Thankfully aside from servicing a few customers with torture and scat fetishes none of the orders were that extreme for the sisters. Plus any torture was limited to being extremely painful and not permanently damaging to the bodies of the slaves. Even limited it still wasn’t a pleasant experience.

Brothel Whore 3567-B didn’t have much more time to dwell on those thoughts as Madam 3613 returned and unlocked her cage. Despite the limited time they had to prepare themselves Brothel Whore 3567-B knew better than to crawl from her cage until her sister’s was unlocked also. During the completion of their training at the facility both the sisters and twins had been trained to preform every task in perfect synchronisation from talking to performing various sex acts that allowed it. Though there were still many occasions where they were allowed to be individuals. Just this wasn’t one of them as Brothel Whore 3567-A’s cage was finally unlocked and the sisters were finally able to crawl from their confinement.

Soon all of the other slaves were out of their cages and they were joined by the other madams and their personal slaves. That was the position Brothel Whore 3567-B and her sister truly envied. Sure the personal slaves of the madams still serviced the customers but they were also the best treated of the slaves next to the madams themselves.

They weren’t locked in the cages or made to service the desires of the creepier and or cruel customers. Basically as long as they kept the desires of the madam they served satisfied they lived a comfortable existence within the brothel. Granted that comfortable existence was still dependent on the madams who were also slaves like the rest of them. After all it was a fact of life for all slaves they could be demoted, solid, or even killed anytime the mood struck their owner.

Even with with that possibility all of the brothel whores desired this status. Unfortunately for both the sisters and the twins they weren’t allowed to achieve this position within the brothel hierarchy. This was do to a rule that said madams were only allowed one personal slave. Along with their owner’s decree saying the siblings couldn’t be split up beyond being locked in cages next to one another. That and the fact with exception of Madam 3613 the others seamed to despise both sets of siblings for some reason.

This has proven to be a problem for the four of them since their arrival at the brothel. From being the ones that were singled out for the most degrading duties and servicing some of the more dreaded customers. Then given the twins repulsion to bestiality made the canine shows they had to preform a living hell. The sisters weren’t spared from these spectacles either. Though it wasn’t an issue for them since they actually liked servicing the dogs and took to exhibitionism naturally. Yet the twins’ hangups about being fucked by dogs was worrying the sisters.

During their last show the twins became totally unresponsive after the dogs finished with them and the sisters had to take over their duties for the rest of the night. This included the twins’ encore performance with the dogs and and adding the twins’ quota for serviced customers to their own. They had pleaded for mercy for the twins before the sisters had taken their place. They even spent several hours pleasuring the “Head Madam” the next day in the vain hope they would be shown some mercy. About the only thing that the sisters refused to do was to take the twins’ places locked in the pillaries. The sisters hoped that after spending the last two days being ruthlessly and repeatedly fucked in their mouths, pussies, and asses the twins would be finally broken of these hangups. Otherwise they may never be released from their bondage.

Brothel Whore 3567-B decided to try explaining this to them this morning as they cleaned and fed the twins. They hadn’t been allowed to talk to them the first day but after they had pleaded with the madams to be allowed to give instructions to the twins they’ve been seeing signs of some improvement. For example after the brothel closed yesterday the twins begged to be allowed to pleasure the madams without being released from the stocks. They even referred to themselves by their current classification of “Chain Bang Bitches”. Brothel Whore 3567-B could only hope that the twins were finally accepting the fact that they were and would always be sex slaves.

If only the two of them had truly recognized this most basic fact the four of them wouldn’t have been sent to the brothel in the first place. The twins could’ve had a good life as the personal slaves of Sapphire. However since they couldn’t get past their taboos about participating in acts of bestiality they lost that opportunity. This had also had cost the sisters their place as Master Robert Sanders’ personal slaves/ artwork since they were supposed to insure the twins were properly trained before they left the facility.

The sisters had tried so hard to get the twins past that before the were packaged for shipment. Yet while the twins could willingly preform any other duty of a sex slave without hesitation. Every time a dog fucked them they acted like two freshly enslaved girls receiving their first whipping. So instead of going to the master’s home they were shipped to this brothel. Deep down sisters didn’t hold it against the twins. Still it had created some animosity that the twins knew was boiling beneath the surface with the sisters.

As much as she didn’t like thinking about those days Brothel Whore 3567-B’s thoughts drifted to them as she knelt with her sister at the feet of Madam 3613. They had been given the final test of their proficiency and acceptance of their duties as sexual playthings. While all of the other slaves including the sisters willing subjected themselves to every aspect of the test. The twins however had failed the test when they had unsuccessfully tried to resist the advances of the horny rottweilers they had been locked in with. While not a failure by the facility’s standards it was to their owner’s and this insured they ended up here.

While they had been told how the organization’s brothel system worked early in their training. It wasn’t until they arrived in one that the implications hit them. For example the customers weren’t men that just walked in of the street as one would suspect but men and even a few women who paid a monthly membership fee to be able to use the brothel’s merchandise. These people had to comply with the rules regarding the usage and treatment of the merchandise including being tested for STDs.

Now the rules about treatment and usage varied between brothels and the different classifications of the slaves. For instance the most heavily used of the slaves were the “Chain Bang Bitches”. With exception of newer slaves required to serve this rule upon arrival they were older, less attractive, unskilled, and defiant slaves. They were kept locked in pillaries as the customers used their helpless bodies in mass. Now there was only about four or five full-time “Chain Bang Bitches” at this particular brothel and with one exception they were older slaves. Strangely enough they were all still attractive women and from what the sisters had seen vary complaint. Unlike the one younger of the group that was definitely there because of her defiant behavior.

Besides the twins there were two other slaves secured in the stocks temporarily as punishment. These slaves had repeatedly given unsatisfactory performances to the customers. Just like the twins this was these twos last warning. If their sexual skills didn’t improve drastically they were going to be sent somewhere even more unpleasant.

While the second class of slave was the one the sisters fell into the “Brothel Whores”. These slaves were kept on display in various submissive and sexy poses in the main foyer of the brothel on small platforms. They were forbidden from moving once on display until a customer had selected them. From there the slaves was either lead to a waiting room to service the customer or more often used right there on the platform. Now once the customer finished with them the slave was usually instantly put back on display.

There was exceptions for more popular and slaves with more seniority were allowed to rest and clean themselves after they were used. However the others weren’t allowed to clean themselves until just before they went back on display the next day. These slaves would in many cases have the semen of a half-dozen customers coating their bodies and leaking from their orifices by the end of a shift. Unfortunately the sisters also were kept in this category by the madams’ contempt of them. Even now Brothel Whore 3567-B could feel the dried cum from last night’s customers on her inner thighs.

Also the more popular and senior slaves were allowed to wear skimpy lingerie much like the sisters had worn for the auction. While save for stockings and high heels the rest of the slaves were kept naked. Yet again there were exceptions since all “Brothel Whores” could earn that privilege. However most chose to remain naked since damaging or staining their lingerie could result in severe punishment.

Now within this class was also the personal slaves of the madams. These slaves had been selected by the madams primarily for their looks and skill at pleasuring their lesbian overseers. For this servitude they also received the privileges that were envied by all of the other slaves. Instead of being locked in cages each night they were allowed to sleep in a dog bed at the foot of the madams’ beds or in a few cases in the beds themselves. They also were given better food and were allowed to be pleasured by any of the other slaves whenever they wanted save for the madams.

Finally there was the “Madams” they were the highest ranking amongst the slaves within the brothel. They oversaw every aspect of the operation of the establishment. As such nothing happened in the brothel that wasn’t approved by the madams. From the upkeep of the slaves to what sex acts particular slaves had to preform to administering punishment to disobedient slaves. They even had some say in which customers could use which slaves and what services the slaves could provide. It was the madams that would lead the other slaves to the rooms to service the customers.

Now there was also a ranking system amongst them starting with the “Head Madam” who had almost absolute power over all the other slaves including the other madams. She was the one that handled the payment of membership fees and all payments for any extra services the customers wanted from the slaves. For this reason alone she was the one that greeted every customer as they entered and oversaw the selection of the slaves.

While all the madams wore teddies with built in garter-belts, matching stockings, and high heels she was the only one allowed to wear black. Though like every slave there she wasn’t allowed to wear panties. Also like the other high ranking madams she wore a transparent lace robe as a symbol of her rank. While all of the madams still had to service the customers her services were reserved for select customers and there was stringent limitations on the acts she would preform. For example any of the other madams could be tortured for the entertainment of the customers except her. She was also the only slave in the brothel excluded from taking part in the bestiality shows put on several times a month.

The next highest ranking of the madams were the “Enforcers” or referred to by the lesser slaves and madams as “Reds” for the red teddies they wore. As their primary name implies it was these madams that enforced all of the brothel’s rules and dealt out all punishments. The three of them answered directly to the “Head Madam” and insured her every order was obeyed without question. Other than the “Head Madam” they were the only madams allowed to wear robes. Though the same as the “Head Madam” they were forbidden from tying them closed so their red teddies would be on view for the customers.

It was also the “Enforcers” that would lead the other slaves on leashes to service the customers. They were also the ones that brutality insured that the customers were completely satisfied with the services of the slaves. Even the most basic infraction or unsatisfactory performance real or imagined was almost immediately met with painful consequences under their watch. For this reason alone all of the slaves within the brothel lived in fear of them.

Finally there was the remaining five madams. They were the lowest ranking within the group and had the title of “Brothel Madam” or “Pinks” for the pink teddies they wore. “Brothel Madams” were the ones that directly saw to the upkeep of the brothel and the slaves. It was them that made sure the brothel was cleaned and the slaves were fed and put on display. Like their superiors “Brothel Madams” have complete control over the bodies of the lesser slaves. Mind you control they take great advantage of whenever the opportunity or desire strikes them to be pleasured. Though with exception of when requested by customer’s they cannot administer punishment to the slaves. For when these instances are required they bring in the “Enforcers”

While their tasks were the more menial like waking and releasing the slaves from their cages. They were the ones that had the most contact with the slaves. It was the “Brothel Madams” that supervised the slaves as they went about their none sexual duties of cleaning the brothel and preparing meals and so on. They were also the ones that watched the slaves for signs of abuse from the customers and other slaves. For this reason alone the “Brothel Madams” were the most respected and liked of the madams.

Many of the lesser slaves would go out their way to see that the “Brothel Madams” were kept happy and sexually satisfied so they could receive favored status amongst the slaves. This would get them the easier chores and they were watched closer for signs of abuse and fatigue while serving the customers. It is also the “Brothel Madams” that are the ones that treat their personal slaves the best. While the “Enforcers were trained since their enslavement as mistresses “Brothel Madams” almost always started as regular “Brothel Whores” and worked their way up.

Though the only exception to this that Brothel Whore 3567-B could see was Madam 3613. She had shown an amplitude towards dominating other slaves at the facility and had undergone basic training as a mistress. Once they arrived at the brothel she was immediately made a madam. Though while she was ranked as a “Brothel Madam” she didn’t have many of the same privileges. This included not being allowed her own personal slave and limited sexual use of the lesser slaves. Though she was the only one of the “Brothel Madams” that had limited authority to administer punishments as she saw fit. She also differed from the other five “Brothel Madams” by the light teal green teddy she wore.

Despite her limited power Madam 3613 was still equally respected the same as her counterparts. Though since their arrival she had to keep her distance emotionally and physical from the sisters and the twins. Apparently to maintain her position she wasn’t allowed to give the four siblings any preferential treatment regardless of their history.

Now there was rumors that she was being groomed by the “Head Madam” to replace one of the “Enforcers”. However given their history the sisters didn’t believe them. Regardless of the rumors the sisters did see that Madam 3613 spent a lot of time with the “Head Madam” . Though from what they saw it was more akin to being a personal slave then as a possible replacement for one of the “Enforcers”. After all it wasn’t uncommon to find Madam 3613 kneeling between the “Head Madam’s” legs licking her pussy. In fact some days Madam 3613 would spend hours on end in the “Head Madam’s” office doing her work for her when she wasn’t on her knees pleasuring the “Head Madam”.

What none of the slaves including all of the madams in the brothel knew was that the rumors were partially true. Though it wasn’t one of the “Enforcers” Madam 3613 was going to be replacing but the “Head Madam” herself. Apparently the “Head Madam” had run afoul of the owner. In a few weeks or even days the “Head Madam” would find herself reduced to a “Chain Bang Bitch” before being sold as a “Kennel Bitch”. Though that would be after she preformed on stage most of the duties she’d been exempted from.

Now there was one other group within the brothel that were not slaves. These were the security for the brothel and served as bouncers when the brothel was open. They were highly paid and extremely loyal to the brothel’s owner. Their loyalty was insured by their pay and the fact they had unlimited use of the bodies of almost all of the slaves within the brothel with exception of business hours. Though they did regularly take part in customers requests for gang rape fantasies. No slave except the “Head Madam” could refuse to service them and they were biding their time until she was available for their sexual gratification.

Now the brothel itself was in a large mansion outside of a major city. It was part of a large walled estate that consisted of the manor house with a built-in gymnasium, a indoor and outdoor pool along with a few outbuildings. Now what was outside the manor wasn’t really known to the sisters other then what they had seen the few times they’d been able to look out of windows. Still they could tell the pool was quite impressive complete with tropical foliage surrounding it and a stone waterfall.

However it was the inside of the mansion that the sisters knew the best. While it wasn’t one of those massive one’s the super rich and celebrities lived in it was still quite large. Taking at least acre itself maybe even two. It was two stories tall with over fifty rooms. Most of these rooms were six foot by eight foot and were only furnished with a bed. Though there were several rooms furnished according to several prominent sexual fantasies.

There were rooms set up for slumber party and daddy fantasies as well as several larger rooms for schoolgirl and cheerleader fantasies. Though most rooms consisted of just a bed every room had provisions for bdsm in them. That way regardless of the fantasy the slave was fulfilling she could still be bound and tortured as the customer desired. Even the locker room showers for the cheerleader fantasies could be converted in a moment’s notice to string up a half-dozen struggling slave girls if a customer desired it.

Now the first room anyone saw was the foyer. As it was mentioned before this large circular room was where the slaves were put on display for the customers. The slaves’ pedestals lined the perimeter of the foyer with a large central pedestal for the slaves to service customers in the foyer itself. While the display pedestals were padded two foot tall by two foot wide cylindrical stands only capable of holding a single kneeling slave the central pedestal was way bigger. It at least fifteen foot wide it allowed multiple slaves to service multiple customers at the same time. –

Surrounding the central pedestal was the pillaries of the “Chain Bang Bitches”. While some were facing the central pedestal and others facing the slaves’ pedestals. This was so regardless of their location the “Brothel Whores” had an excellent view of the suffering of the “Chain Bang Bitches”. Though this wasn’t the only factor in the foyer meant to humiliate the slaves and entertain the customers. Lining the walls and set up in a ring above the central pedestal were televisions showing the use of the slaves in the other rooms past and present.

Now there were several doorways along the sides of the foyer. From the main entryway directly across from the main staircase to doors that accessed the largest rooms within the brothel. The one that terrified the slaves the most was the theater. This is where the slaves were made to preform in various shows for the entertainment of the customers. These shows ranged from torture sessions to the before mentioned bestiality shows.

These performances served two purposes to draw customers to the brothel and work up their libidos. This stimulation combined with the complimentary viagras handed out at the door always resulted in a long and strenuous night for the slaves. It wasn’t uncommon for the madams to have to drag the unconscious bodies of the slaves back to their cages after this arduous use by the customers.

Now these were just the rooms the customers saw. There were several devoted just to the slaves. Though for the majority of them it was the basement that they saw the most of. This is where all of the brothel whores were kept caged up. It was also where they ate their meals and pretty much lived their lives when they weren’t servicing the customers.

Besides servicing customers there were only two times the slaves where allowed out of the basement. The first was was for exercise sessions in the gym. Like everything in the life of a slave girl these could be quite trying most of the times and pure torture the rest of the time. The last time they were allowed upstairs was cleaning the brothel. It was for this task the sisters were currently getting ready for.

An hour after they’d been freed from their cages the sisters had showered been fed and pleasured two of the bouncers. Now they were washing down the bodies of the twins while many of the other slaves were cleaning the various bodily fluids coating the floor and pedestals throughout the foyer. This was an especially unpleasant task today. Since several customers had decided to piss all over several of the “Chain Bang Bitches” including the twins.

While they weren’t certain the sisters felt the twins should finally be receptive to the message they were about to give. Still they decided to wait until after they had fed the twins before they gave it. As objectionable as the twins were likely to be to what the sisters were suggesting. It would still be preferable to the intolerable conditions they now lived with.

The sisters’ could tell their guess was correct when the buckets of gruel were set in front of the twins. As the twins began to weep worse than they ever had with the dogs. The sisters began working the feeding tubes into each of the twins’ throats. Next the sisters pushed in the plunger of the large syringes they attached to the feeding tubes and injected the gruel directly down the twins’ throats. From their own experience of being fed this way the sisters knew what the twins were going through.

After the first injection they would still be hungry. Yet the unnatural experience of being fed this way would make them not want a second injection. So when the sisters started refilling the syringes the looks of terror on the twins’ faces were understandable. This turned to panic when the sisters brought the syringes up to the feeding tubes. After they pushed the plungers down again each of the sisters whispered the following message to the twins.

“You two WILL beg the madams to be locked in with the dogs. You WILL beg to do this so you may better satisfy the desires of the customers. You WILL also beg to do this during the time you are not being used by the customers. You do not need to like but you WILL do it. Or the next time we feed you we MAY mistake the gruel bucket for your enema pans. DO you two understand?”

While they knew the twins couldn’t answer verbally with the feeding tubes down their throats so they really weren’t expecting an answer. Yet as the twins frantically shook their heads up and down they knew their message had gotten through. They hated being this cruel to them it was better than the twins becoming permanent fixtures in the foyer or worse the stars of a snuff film.

As the feeding tubes were removed and the twins faces were wiped clean they stared at the sisters with looks of horror on their faces. The sisters played to the terror the twins felt as they each grabbed hold off one of the twins faces. They then forced each of the twins to look them in the face as they glared at them. They hoped that the twins wouldn’t see through the fake expressions of anger on their faces as they picked up the buckets and walked away.

Part of them longed to comfort the twins as they wept but the sisters knew that they had to be tough if this plan was to work. Even as they walked up the stairs they had fight the urge to look back. This battle was quickly won once they got to the top of the stairs and were quickly put to work cleaning the slumber party room.

The sisters had watched the activities in this room while getting ass fucked last night. However they were shocked by the mess left behind. Tattered lingerie and sex toys were strewn throughout the room. Even now they could remember the screams of the slaves as what started as a slumber party lesbian scene turned into a brutal gang rape. The three slaves had been told they would be doing a lesbian three-some before being joined by a couple of customers who they would then gently pleasure. What the slaves hadn’t been told was it was actually two customers plus seven of the bouncers and there was going to be nothing gentle able what ensued.

As Brothel Whore 3567-B picked up a dildo she remembered the screams of the petite redheaded slave as it was shoved up her ass. Next the dildo was the remains of the cute blonde’s baby doll lingerie. They had watched as it was ripped from her body before she was dragged kicking and screaming back to the bed by her long hair. Then there were the cum stained sheets on the bed. They reminded the sister of the sobbing brunette getting triple penetrated. Then there was the puddles of cum in the corner. That was where the three slaves were left cowering in each other’s arms when the customers finished with them.

Pushing these images aside the sisters set about their tasks. First all the sex toys were gathered up to be cleaned then the remains of the lingerie was thrown away. Followed by the dirty sheets and blanket being pulled from the bed to be washed. Once that was taken care of the sisters scrubbed down the room. They were on their hands and knees wiping up the cum puddles when the shadow of someone in the doorway fell over them.

Quickly looking over their shoulders the sisters saw two of the bouncers stroking their cocks as they entered the room. The sisters had hoped they only wanted blow jobs when they first saw them. However when the men knelt behind them the sisters knew they were getting fucked. This attention wasn’t welcomed by the sisters. Since they each had serviced five customers last night and thanks to fucking viagra they both had two customers come back for seconds.

Though as sore was they were they knew they didn’t have a choice. As they felt the shafts slip past their tinder pussy lips they lowered their upper bodies to the floor until they were resting on their breasts. Thankfully given their conditioning and all of the stimulus they where exposed to their pussies were constantly wet. Still as the shafts plowed in and out of their pussies they buried their heads in their arms and wept.

Though this was more to express their shame for being used this way. While they hadn’t been at the brothel that long they had been there long enough to learn the preferences of these two bouncers. They were sadists that couldn’t get off unless the slave was screaming in agony or crying her eyes out. Thankfully they had enough experiences to draw on that they could cry on command. They figured if they put on a convincing show of being raped hopefully the men would finish with them quicker.

So to aid in the performance the sisters started to plea for them to stop. The sisters were rewarded for this with their asses being slapped and getting their hair pulled as the ferocity of the thrusting increased. With their hair being pulled sisters sobbing and pleading increased which in turn causing the men to fuck them even harder. Until finally the sisters were pulled fully upright by their hair. As they screamed from the pain they felt the cocks impaling them erupt filling their wombs and pussies with cum.

As much as it hurt the sisters let their bodies go limp as the men pulled their softening cocks from their pussies. They were still being held up by their hair as the men stood up and made the sisters lick their cocks clean. Only then did they release the sisters’ hair allowing them to collapse into sobbing heaps on the floor. They would remain like this until the men left the room.

Only once they left did the sisters finally end their performance and get back to work cleaning the room as quickly as they could. As unpleasant as that experience was it could still become worse. After all the sisters didn’t want to receive a whipping for falling behind schedule because of it. So besides a quick prayer no more bouncers showed up and not bothering to wipe up the cum leaking from their pussies the sisters went on as if nothing happened.

They had just about finished cleaning when they heard someone knock on the door frame. While initially surprised the sisters immediately relaxed as they quickly realized it was just a fellow slave. After all the bouncers and madams don’t knock before entering a room. Looking to see who had entered and saw the redhead from last night with the cleaned bedding and sex toys. The sisters were kind of happy to see her in particular for they had only been used in this room once before and didn’t know where everything was supposed to go.

So after asking for her help the sisters and Brothel Whore 2382-B3 got work putting the sex toys in their various hiding places. As they worked the sisters were plagued by a question they have wanted to ask this slave for a while now. While they were sure they had never met her before they got to the brothel. There was still something very familiar about her identification number.

With no subtle way of asking they just came out with the question. Given this slave was vary withdrawn around the others they hoped she would answer. They had almost expected her to be to embarrassed to answer. However she took on a look of puzzlement as she answered with her own question.

“How can two second generation slaves not know how the slave classification numbers work?”

Now they were really confused. What did she mean by they were second generation slaves? They were captured and enslaved by their stepmother Mistress 3567. So why would this slave think they were born as slaves? Their own puzzlement didn’t go unnoticed as she asked them another question.

“Are you second generation slaves?”

The sisters shook their heads no and told her about how they were enslaved by their stepmother after their father died. They also told how they had been trained along side the twins and Madam 3613. The only thing they didn’t mention was the part about them and the twins failing to meet the standards of Master Robert Sanders and how they ended up here.

She quickly apologized for the misunderstanding and told them how she had heard that the classification system wasn’t explained to first generation slaves but their own classification numbers had thrown her off. She told them how the Letters signify which one of them was the older of the two and since their stepmother was already a slave they took on her identification number. While her own identification number came from her grandmother and the B signified her mother was the second born child of her grandmother. Meanwhile the 3 that followed the B signified she was born from her mother’s third breeding.

She then told how immediately after she was born she was taken from her mother. She was then placed in a orphanage where she grew up. While they raised all the girls to have submissive traits the whole truth wasn’t known to her until she reached enslavement age. That was when she was told her family history and how the whole slave breeding system worked. That was also when she was sent off for her own slave training before being sent to the brothel three months ago.

As for why her identification number was so familiar to them she didn’t know. Maybe they met one of her sisters or cousins who were also slaves. As to which one She also didn’t know with the exception of one cousin she’d never met any of them. While as a child she always wondered if she had relatives now that she was a slave she hated thinking about it. After all given how she was suffering she didn’t want the thoughts of how her family was also suffering.

Though that mindset also caused her to be plagued by feelings of guilt for abandoning her family to that fate. While she knew there was nothing she could do about it part of wished she could help them somehow. Though the way her cousin was treated by her owner was some comfort. She was a “Pleasure Maid” and her owner had somehow tracked her down in this brothel and brought the two of them together for an incestuous lesbian show. Now about once or twice a month he’ll bring her so they can be together. The last time being the day before the sisters arrived.

The sisters were horrified by the part of the story where she told how she became a slave. Though it did make them remember something they had heard at the facility and overlooked at the time. It was the day they were marked with with their identification tattoos. Just before the twins got their piercings the Tattoo Master had made a comment about the twins’ mother being a breeder. Then there was how the twins had said the last time they saw their mother in the kennels they were certain she was pregnant.

Based on what Brothel Whore 2383-B2 had just told them the twins’ mother Kennel Bitch 3569 wasn’t just a sex toy of the dogs but also breeding stock for the organization. This made them wonder if the mothers of the other girls enslaved the same time as the sisters suffered this same fate. While Brothel Whore 3567-B remembered one of the mothers was trained along side her daughter the others were made into Kennel Bitches.

Seeing that Brothel Whore 3567-B seamed to be bothered by something Brothel Whore 2382-B3 asked about. Not thinking about the effects it would have on her sister let alone herself Brothel Whore 3567-B told about what she just realized about the twins’ mother and the other mothers at the facility. Even as her sister gasped Brothel Whore 3567-B saw Brothel Whore 2382-B2 nodding her head before she said that was more in likely the case.

From what Brothel Whore 2382-B2 knew while mother and daughter slave sets were highly desired a lot of the mothers enslaved did end up as breeding stock. On top of that if Kennel Bitch 3569 had already produce one set of twin daughters then it was highly likely she’d produce more sets. This information was more disturbing than anything else the sisters had been told since their enslavement. Especially considering the implications it had on their own lives.

Brothel Whore 2382-2382-B2 totally understood what the sisters were going through. She had the same realization herself when she found out. Though she also knew that the sisters didn’t know the full horror yet. She struggled with trying to decide if she should tell them the rest or if they were better off not knowing. Finally she decided they had the right to know.

As the sisters left the room a little while later they were still visibly shaken by what they were told. They had also made Brothel Whore 2382-B2 promise not to tell the twins. While Brothel Whore 2382-B2 felt they also had a right to know she agreed with the sisters’ reasoning on the issue. Besides right now her biggest concern was getting her chores done anyway. She still had more cleaned sex toys and bondage equipment that needed returned to the various rooms in the brothel.

While the sisters had been horrified by what Brothel Whore 2382-B2 had told them they decided to help her finish her chores. After all she didn’t have to help them with theirs let alone tell them the information she did. Granted as disturbing and terrifying was being told the mandated slave birthing requirements she also gave them some good news.

Apparently while they were being used by the bouncers the twins had did as the sisters had told them to. After being released from the stocks they went on to pleasure the “Head Madam” as well as all of the “Reds” before they were taken to the kennels to demonstrate their dedication to pleasuring the customers. The sisters could only pray now the twins were successful in fighting their demons. For the sisters feared this was the twins’ last chance.

They would have to wait a little while for this answer as they arrived at their final destination The classroom. While it definitely reminded the sisters of the one at the facility it was still different. That one was larger and the locations of things were always changing depending on the days lesson or the slave movie the facility was producing. While humiliating when they first found out about them sisters eventually grew to like doing those. It was making these movies that they learned and practiced their fantasy fulfillment acting skills their lives now depended on.

Though they did wonder what some of their friends would say and think if they saw some of those movies. Let alone that they were now working in a brothel. The sisters were certain they would be horrified by the whole truth. Yet that didn’t stop them from wondering what their old friends would think about the two naive prudes as they were called were now both porn stars and prostitutes. Combine that with the various sexual activities the sisters have engaged in they were certain their friends would’ve have believed it was really them.

They quickly decided to push these thoughts aside before they became painful. Even as nice as it was to have thoughts about those times and not be focusing on what they had lost. This would prove problematic however once they were introduced to the two slaves currently cleaning the classroom. As Brothel Whore 3321 and Brothel Whore 3321-A were introduced what Brothel Whore 2382-B2 told them about the classification system came back to them along with the part about mother daughter slave sets.

Strangely enough these two didn’t act like the sisters expected. Sure the mother was definitely protective of her daughter as well as fearful of their situation but they were still open and friendly towards the sisters like they were all still free women. Though Their training as sex slaves was evident when they each pulled both of the sisters into a passionate kiss while giving the sisters’ asses a groping.

Brothel Whore 2382-B2 had to laugh at the confused looks on the faces of the sisters as kisses were exchanged between the four slaves. While she hadn’t expected the two of them to be so brazen about it. Brothel Whores 3321 and 3321-A like many of the slaves have expressed their desires to be with the sisters and twins since their arrival. Strangely enough this was also true of Brothel Whore 2382-B2 just her timidness kept her from acting on it like that.

She was still chuckling as the breathless sisters were finally released from the embrace. While a majority of a Brothel Whore’s life was a series of degradations that left them living in fear but moments like this at least temporary allowed them to feel like free women. Well at least until the sound of a set of high heels entering the room brought their true situation suddenly and sharply back into focus.

While the sight of Madam 3613 normally didn’t scare the sisters it did the other slaves as they quickly fell to their knees. While it was the sight of the riding crop in her hand that had the sisters on their knees bowing before their former friend. They could only wait for whatever punishment they knew was coming. Strangely enough the sisters hoped that after the punishment they would be allowed to pleasure Madam 3613. While challenging eating her out was a favorite activity of the sisters.

Sadly they wouldn’t have that privilege for a while but they did get to pleasure her by receiving the punishment Madam 3613 administered to all of them. That is everyone except Brothel Whore 3321-A her punishment was administered by her mother. Apparently the two of them specialized in mother on daughter domination fantasies. As such her mother was to administer all of Brothel Whore 3321-A’s punishments.

Though their focus at the moment was the lecture Madam 3613 was giving them about how it was the madams that decided the cleaning assignments or how four them had rules about pleasure from lesbianism. Along with a few other things that amounted to them the madams give the orders and them the slave whores followed them. This was intermixed with their shrieks and the four of them thanking her for the punishment so they could better service the customers.

But during Brothel Whore 3321-A’s punishment the sisters began to understand why mother daughter slave sets were popular. Something about the words ” Thank you mommy for whipping your disobedient slut of a daughter” just made the sisters’ pussies wet. They would stow this information away until later as they listed to what else Madam 3613 had to say.

Apparently the “Reds” wanted to be the ones to whip the lot of them. However the “Head Madam” was willing to overlook their infractions as long as they received a partial punishment and came up with some ideas about performances they could do for the customers. They were then reminded the more degrading to them the better. Madam 3613 also highly recommended the five of them took an opportunity to thank the “Head Madam” properly for her generosity today.

A half hour later the five were together in the gym brainstorming ideas on how best to debase themselves and each other. Though giving their workout regiment and the exercise equipment they were strapped to made that difficult at times. For instance the sisters and Brothel Whore 2382-B2 were strapped to exercise bikes pedaling was fast as they could to keep from receiving electronic shocks from the clips hooked up to their nipple and clit piercings. What made it even more difficult was the dildo they had to suck on and the two other dildos reciprocating in and out of their ass holes and pussies. The speed of these dildos was controlled and powered by their own pedaling. So the harder they pedaled the harder they fucked themselves. Now there was one difference between the three of them for some reason Brothel Whore 2382-B2 wasn’t forced to suck on a dildo.

Brothel Whores 3321 and 3321-A were also on bikes like the others only theirs weren’t controlled by their own pedaling but each others. So basically how hard one pedaled determined how hard the other was fucked. Their’s also differed by the fact the dildos in their mouths also moved in accordance to their pedaling. Now their workout pace and been gradually increased the same as the sisters.

They also found if more the one of them at a time removed their lips from the dildo between them they all would be shocked. They also would all be shocked if any of them had the dildos out of their mouths to long. The others also had to work harder whenever one of their mouths were free.

Even so they were able to discuss a lot just there was a lot of slurping, shrieking in pain , and orgasmic moaning mixed in. The discussion first focused on the fantasies each of them specialized in or periodically took part in. For instance Brothel Whore 2382-B2 primary did daddy fantasies do to her youthful appearance. Though this also made her ideal for schoolgirl and cheerleader fantasies.

Brothel Whores 3321 and 3321-A while available for most fantasies Brothel Whore 3321 had some limitations concerning dominating her daughter. Basically for any sexual act she preformed without her daughter. She had to preform two or three with her and they always tended to be unpleasant for her daughter. But most tended to revolve around her raping her daughter or having her daughter raped.

This actually gave the sisters the idea of Brothel Whore 3321 letting a dog rape her daughter. Then the whole time Brothel Whore 3321-A is pleading for her not to do it or to make it stop. Of course both Brothel Whores 3321 3321-A were cringing the whole time they told this scenario since they had never done bestiality.

The sisters on the other hand hadn’t truly specialized in anything at the brothel but they made great schoolgirls and cheerleaders at the facility. They could also be called upon to do maid fantasies. Plus they were trained dog fuckers.

This made the sisters think up a scene where Brothel Whore 3321 would play the cruel mistress of the house along with her equally cruel daughter Brothel Whore 3321-A. Together they would enslave torment and rape their maids played by the sisters. They would even have the sisters gang raped during the performance. The sisters could even be forced to wear the skimpy maid outfits before they were torn from their bodies during the gang rape.

Though Brothel Whore 3321-A suggested that at some point she should piss her mother off and find herself in the same position as the sisters as her mother’s sex slave. That way while the sisters are being gang raped she will be pleasuring her mother. Then when the men are done with the sisters her mother would throw her to the mob. Then while she’s being raped she can beg and plead to her mother for mercy.

It was Brothel Whore 3331 that suggested a final twist. When the men finish with her daughter they turn on her. She’ll them find herself being gang raped only it turns out to be only the beginning. The four sperm covered captives are then tortured forced to preform acts of incest and finally lead away in chains to trained and sold as sex slaves. The scene finally ends with all of them being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Brothel Whore 2382-B2 had been struggling to come up with something for herself. Yet she had come up with something to add to the slaves auction. She suggested that the customers could actually take part that way they were actually being auctioned off to the highest bidder. The customers would then get their services for a weekend. She could also be included by playing a daughter being sold off by her father. She could add to the performance by pleading and crying as her own cloths are ripped off before being dragged into the stage to be sold.

Something about what Brothel Whore 2382-B2 just suggested sounded very familiar to the sisters. Until they remembered the slave auction they already took part in had similar aspects. In fact what she suggested was almost identical to that auction. But how could she know about it? When it happened she was serving in this brothel. Plus they were trained at different training facilities so unless it was actually a standard practice she somehow had to know more about their history then she let on.

Brothel Whore 2382-B2 on the other hand didn’t understand the puzzled expressions on the faces of the sisters. But a disturbing idea for a scenario for herself just popped in her head. Sadly it was also a scenario that she’d been dreading since arriving at the brothel. Unfortunately it also involved something she had only done once and absolutely hated. Yet she also knew sooner or later it would happen to her here.

This was especially probable given the sisters’ description of their skill set and their earlier suggestion. Along with the fact this discussion was definitely being monitored made her decide to bite the bullet and get it over with. Still she was hesitant to actually suggest that for herself. After all what if she couldn’t handle it this time. The one time she did do it she was a sobbing wreak and she had seen how that reaction was treated in this brothel. Taking a deep breath she decided what the hell better to get it over with sooner rather than later.

Brothel Whore 2382-B2 was on the verge of tears as began laying out the scenario. She comes home from school in her little schoolgirl outfit. As she walks into the house she finds her father and his friends drinking beer and watching porn. When they see her in the sexy little outfit something snaps. The next thing she knows her father advances on her.

Pulling into his arms he begins kissing her while his hands grope her ass. She begins to struggle to escape from him in the process angering him in his drunken state. Finally his anger gets the best him and he slaps her. This sends her spiralling to the floor. As she lands on her stomach her short skirt flys up revealing she wasn’t wearing panties. She quickly tries to cover herself but it’s to late.

Now even angrier he puts her over his laps and brutality spanks her bare bottom. While she cries and pleads for him to stop he’s calling her a little slut and whore while his friends egg him on also calling her similar names. As she struggles and pleads though tear filled eyes she has to listen to their insults as her pour little ass is slapped again and again. He finally tires of spanking the struggling girl but to her horror her ordeal is only beginning.

During the spanking she had felt his hard cock poking her stomach though his pants. Finished with her spanking her father throws her back on the floor at his feet. As her father begins to unzip his fly she screams “Please daddy not that!” But it is only answered with “If your going to act like a whore then I’m going to treat you like one.” With his intentions now clear he pulls his cock out of his pants.

Attempting to flee she turns her back to her father and is shocked to see all of her father’s friends also have pulled out their cocks and are now stroking themselves. Unfortunately it causes her to hesitate giving her father the opportunity to grab a hold of her ponytail. As she screams in pain her father drags her across the floor until she is kneeling in front of him. With his cock now next to her lips she tries desperately to resist him by clamping her mouth shut.

Though her father isn’t in the mood to be refused and starts to slap her face while he holds her by the hair. This brakes her will to resist and she promises to do whatever he wanted. With that she can only cry as she opens her mouth and allows her father to insert his cock. Partially in shock her body freezes up as the invader slips past her lips. This isn’t to her father’s satisfaction however and he slaps her again before ordering her to suck his cock like the whore she was.

Unable to refuse she begins to bob her head back and forth. As the shaft violates her mouth her weeping increases. To her horror he soon tires of her efforts and literally takes matters into his own hands. Before she can grasp what is happening her father grabs both sides of her head and forces himself fully down her throat. As she struggles for breath she panics and tries to push him back. Though she is unable to budge him as she desperately pushes against his hip. Only when she is on the verge of passing out does he relent and allow her to breath by pulling his cock from her mouth.

She is still dazed and trying to catch her breath he releases her head. As she collapses onto her back she inadvertently spreads her her legs exposing her pussy. Taking this as a sign of her consent he pounces on her again. She can only cry as blouse is torn open exposing her braless breasts. She is trembling in fear as her father grabs one of her perky breasts. As she shakes in terror he starts to squeeze her breasts. As she feels his other hand on her thigh she begins to shake head side to side as she vainly pleads for him to stop. These pleas will continue as she feels his hand start moving up her inner thigh.

Her eyes widened to nearly cartoon proportion when his hand suddenly and forcibly grasps her pubic mound. A whimper escapes her lips as her father’s fingers glide over slit. She can only sob uncontrollably as she feels his finger penetrate her pussy. Her eyes slam shut as she feels a second finger join the first. No longer able to processes what is happening to her she momentarily passes out.

The sudden orgasmic screams several of her companions suddenly interrupted Brothel Whore 2382-B2’s story at that point. Looking at the sisters Brothel Whore 2382-B2 is shocked by the intensity of the orgasms rocking their bodies. Their bodies have completely tensed up as their juices sprayed from their pussies. Brothel Whore 2382-B2 watches as the straps holding them to the bikes were strained before the sisters finally passed out.

Even as the unconscious bodies of the sisters was suddenly jolted by electricity. Brothel Whore 2382-B2’s attention was solely focused on the twitching bodies of the sisters. While they hung limp still impaled between the dildos Brothel Whore 2382-B2’s attention was torn away. Looking at Brothel Whores 3321 3321-A provided Brothel Whore 2382-B2 the sight of both mother and daughter undergoing massive climaxes. While not nearly as erotic as the sisters was still the final push that was needed for Brothel Whore 2382-B2’s own orgasm.

The only problem was with the sisters now unconscious and no longer pedaling resulted in the rest of them to receive sudden and painful electric shocks. Suddenly their orgasmic bliss was turned into excruciating torture. Though the sisters’ unconscious bodies just twitched with each jolt the rest of them began to shriek as they were mercilessly shocked. To all of their horror they watched as the “Head Madam” stopped the “Pinks” from coming to their aid. It wasn’t until Brothel Whore 2382-B2 drifted into unconscious her self did the “Head Madam” allow someone to intervene.

When Brothel Whore 2382-B2 finally regained consciousness she was surprised karabağlar escort to find herself in her cage gagged with her arms shackled behind her back with no memory how she got there. As she tried to remember how she got here her thoughts went to the last thing she remembered. With a sudden sense of dread she suddenly remembered what had happened. Quickly looking around for the others. To her relief she was able to quickly spot Brothel Whores 3321 and 3321-A shackled and gagged in their cages the same her. However she couldn’t see the sisters. Thankfully both Brothel Whores 3321 and 3321-A looked seriously worse for wear but they could recover. Yet the absence of the sisters is what truly scared her. There was was something about the joyful glee she had seen in the “Head Madam’s” eyes. as she watched the sisters’ bodies twitch that really concerned her.

Her fears turned out to be well founded after the others three were sent back to their cages the sisters were revived. Even though they were unable to even stand the “Head Madam” ordered them to service customers anyway. Even the “Reds” opposed this order resulting in the brothel’s owner having to making a emergency intervention. The sisters were carried to one of the “Pinks” rooms where they were cared for the week it took them to recover. The “Head Madam” however was furious that someone went over her head to the owner and vowed to find them and make them suffer. This turned out to be a empty threat when she was confined to her room while the owner decided her punishment.

Now those who have read this chapter so far already know part of what was about to happen but here’s the whole story. It took the sisters a week to recover enough so they could move around fully followed by a second week before they could resume their duties on the floor. Now during that first week they were allowed to be visited by the others so they could see for themselves the sisters were alright. Strangely enough this included the twins who the sisters figured would never want to see them again after what they threatened them with. Yet the twins were grateful the sisters were alright and forgave them since the threat was the kick in the ass they needed. Once the twins had left the sisters asked to see Brothel Whore 2382-B2 alone.

As soon as they were alone they asked her the next time her cousin visited to thank their owner for saving their lives and that they said they were sorry for failing him the way they did. They also wanted him to know they will proudly continue to service his brothel’s customers until their dying day. The look on Brothel Whore 2382-B2’s face was final proof they needed to know they were right about why her identification number was so familiar. Their final request was for her to tell them how the hell that scenario of hers ended.

Though once she reluctantly told them they wished they weren’t locked in chastity belts. As each part of the story unfolded they longed to pleasure themselves. The urge to masturbate was so over powering. As she told of the girl coming to as her father started to rape her. To after he brutalized her he let the friends have at her. Next she’s on her hands and knees after the friends finished when the family dog came in and decides to take his turn with her.

The girl’s torment continues with the dog fucking the girl again. Only now she’s completely naked save for a dog collar and a leash. Though now she’s tied up by the leash in the backyard as she cries like a baby as her canine rapist has his way with her. Meanwhile the father and his friends are in the house raping her two girlfriends who unfortunately decided to spend the weekend at her house When they finish with the girlfriends they make them fuck the dog also. Finally they blackmail all three girls into being sex slaves with videos of them being fucked by the dog.

Brothel Whore 2382-B2 then went on to tell them she wasn’t sure if she would’ve told them the part about the dog. Mostly out of fear the “Head Madam” would make her fuck a dog. She had been used by one once during training and developed issues. While she had a orgasm the aggressiveness of the dog terrified her. Apparently while it was fucking her it bit down on her neck and started growling at her. While the dog didn’t bite hard enough to brake the skin she was still terrified it was going to maul her. Sadly these fears kept her from becoming a personal slave like her cousin.

To her embarrassment she admitted she was also reluctant to tell the part about the girlfriends. Mostly because she wasn’t sure how to tell the sisters of her desire to be with them. While she didn’t want to see them brutalized like in the scenario she hoped to do a lesbian performance with them. To that end she also came up with a cheerleader on schoolgirl domination scenario. Where they played the cheerleaders and made her the schoolgirl their slave bitch.

The sisters were actually flattered but they were never comfortable dominating another slave. They had done something just like the cheerleader on schoolgirl scenario with the twins. It started the sisters forcing the twins into a locker room. They then blackmail them with dirty pictures of them. With the twins firmly under the sisters control the fun begins.

They have their way with the twins first making them eat their pussies. Then they sodomze the twins with strap-ons. Next the sisters arrange for the twins to be gang raped. This then leads to the twins being fucked by teachers to get the sisters better grades.

Then to totally humiliate them the sisters turn the dogs loose on the twins in front of the whole school. Finally with their lives totally destroyed the sisters sale the twins into sexual slavery. Though this is were it goes wrong for the sisters. Instead of paying the sisters for the twins the slavers instead take them as sex slaves as well. The scenario finally ends with the sisters on their hands and knees screaming in agony while the twins sodomized them before the four of them were sold.

While the scenario did make the sisters horny as hell they ended up feeling totally guilty about what they put the twins through. Granted it probably would of still happened to them anyway. The sisters still spent the next week pleasuring the twins at every opportunity in an attempt to make it up to them. They finally ended up doing the scenario over again with only with the roles reversed.

They also didn’t want to have the “Head Madam” decide to have them do a repeat performance of that scenario. Though the facility made videos of both versions so it’s highly likely that information was available to her. Still the sisters admitted that they had been living in fear of the possibility. Though the twins and them had an agreement regarding each of them having to fallow such orders. So they should finally except this final part of being a slave and move past it.

So before she left Brothel Whore 2382-B2 promised to help the sisters with this goal. If they helped with her fear of being fucked by dogs. She also would talk to the twins about helping. After all if it was dominating the twins that bothered them so much. They needed to dominate them as often as possible to get past it.
Just as she needed to get fucked by dogs as often as possible to get past her fears. Like any of their duties as slaves the more they did them the easier they got.

As Brothel Whore 2382-B2 left the room the sisters realized she was right. If they learned anything from this incident they had to be able to fallow any order. So when they learned that a special show was being set up that corresponded with their return to the floor. They weren’t that surprised to hear they would be performing the opening act. They were going to take up Brothel Whore 2382-B2 on her offer to be their bitch but they found that her and Brothel Whores 3321 and 3321-A were going to be putting on their own demanding performances for the crowd. So again taking Brothel Whore 2382-B2’s advice the twins became the sisters partners for the welcoming celebration for the new “Head Madam”.

They had planned quite a show for the customers. It would be a weekend long event starting Friday morning. It would open with the new “Head Madam” leading her predecessor out onto stage in chains. Though the changes she imposed would be immediately visible when she her standard black lingerie minus the robe plus the new mandatory accessories for all of the madams slave shackles on their wrists and ankles. As her predecessor is terrified of what she knows will happen to her during the show she hides it behind a mask of defiance as the new “Head Madam” addresses the audience.

“Greetings to our loyal customers I am the new Head Madam of this establishment Brothel Whore 3613.”

A roar of applause rips through the crowd as she begins to parade her predecessor around the front of the stage. Whipping her with a riding crop. Other than the marks “Head Madam” 3613 just added the crowd can see the former “Head Madam” is untouched. In fact if her arms weren’t shackled behind her back or the additions of the hobble chain ankle shackles, and the ring gag she would look ready to greet the customers like normal. After she is dressed in her fanciest teddy and robe. her finest pair of stockings and the most expensive pair of high heels in her wardrobe. In fact every article of clothing she had on was selected for that reason so she would be wearing her best clothing. Even though it also would be the last time in her long and arduous lifetime she would ever wear clothes.

With the exhibition of her predecessor’s predicament complete for at least the moment “Head Madam” 3613 continues speaking.

“As many of you know I am not new to this brothel. In fact I’ve had the privilege of servicing many of you here today on numerous occasions. However you all should know while there will be changes in the rules regarding the treatment of us slaves. We will be taking steps to continue our proud tradition of satisfying our customer’s every desire. To that end the services of the “Head Madam” are no longer reserved to select few. That’s right my tight little asian ass is now at your complete disposal.”

As crowd goes wild “Head Madam” steps forward and begins to show them various parts of her body. Facing away from them she bends forward and runs her hands over her ass. Next she turns around widely spreads her legs and fingers her pussy. She then pulls her wet fingers from her snatch and sucks them clean. As a final touch she pulls down her top. She first runs her hands over her breasts then starts to painfully twist her nipples.

As cat calls and whistles spring from the crowd “Head Madam” 3613 pulls her top up and returns to her original position. Knowing she can’t continue until the crowd calms she decides to give her predecessor a few whacks to wipe the smug expression off of her face. Of course the impromptu whipping of the former “Head Madam’s” tits and ass proves quite popular with the audience. So naturally it takes a while to calm back down before she could continue speaking but when she did they absolutely loved what she had to say.

“Now you all saw the new display pedestal installed in front of the entrance. Starting immediately after this show I’ll be chained to it with my body at the complete disposal of you the customers.”

Waving her hands to temporarily silence the crowd “Head Madam” 3613 continues.

“While my collar is chained to this pedestal my arms will also be shackled behind my back. Thus rendering me and my bodily orifices helpless to whatever abuses you all wish to inflict on them.”

Again she must silence the crowd before she continues.

“I’ll also be available by appointment for any fantasy fulfillment session.”

While the applause is deafening from this announcement it’s nothing compared what happens after her next one. But before she can give she must put preparations in place. After giving a prearranged signal two of the “Enforcers” bring a special steal device onto the stage. Once it’s set up in the center of the stage the “Enforcers” walk over to the “Head Madam”. While one takes the riding crop and the former “Head Madam’s” leash the other shackles “Head Madam” 3613’s arms behind her back then attaches a chain to her collar. Next “Head Madam” 3613 is lead to the device forced to kneel in front of it. and promptly bent over it. The “Enforcer” then attaches the other end of the chain to the bottom of the device. Finally “Head Madam” 3613’s legs are widely spread before being secured to the device.

With “Head Madam” 3613 secured to the rape rack the “Enforcers” then push a tall thin cage onto stage. Once it’s positioned a ways behind the rape rack the former “Head Madam” finds herself secured into it. With both the former and current “Head Madams” now secured all but one of the “Enforcers” leave the stage. That one eagerly waits for her part of the coming performance. Now secured in front of the audience “Head Madam” continues.

“Now before I explain why I’m on this rape rack I need to tell you about today’s planned events. First we have a performance by our customers’ two favorite sets of twin sister’s. They will put their hot bodies to the test as they are gang raped before being finished off by the dogs. They then will be put out on floor to service you the customers. Following a two hour intermission to allow the use of the slaves including myself we will return for the the next performance.”

Pausing to give the crowd cheering to die down “Head Madam” 3613 continues.

We then get to watch as a mother shows he daughter a slave’s proper place on her knees. As a sweet girl suffers greatly at the hands of her genuine mother. She be brutality tortured before her own mother has her gang raped. When they finish with the daughter she will be given to the dogs. But do not worry about the mother while the dogs are busy with the daughter the mother will be receiving her own gang rape. Before being given to the dogs herself before both of them go on the floor just in time for the next intermission.”

This time it takes several minutes for the applause to die down. Before she could speak again.

“Now those both will be hard to top but we a the brothel’s favorite innocent slave girl at our disposal. We will get to watch as this sweet innocent little thing gets brutalized by her father and his friends. Finally before she is put on the floor to provide for your sexual needs she will be given to the family dog.”

“Head Madam” 3613 wasn’t sure about the putting Brothel Whore 2382-B2’s first dog fucking at this place in the show. Yet based on the applause of the audience it turned out to be the correct decision. Though now came the part that concerned her and her predecessor. It was also where she explained why she was bound that way.

“Now after our final intermission we will get to watch a special performance by my predecessor. We will watch as she is literally stripped of the vestiges of her former position. She will then be tortured for your viewing pleasure before her own brutal gang rape. Her final task before she takes up her new position as this brothel’s most heavily used “Chain Bang Bitch” will be to satisfy the biggest and most aggressive dog we could find.”

The cheers went through the roof with this announcement but that was still nothing compared to her next one.

“Now to finish the performance you get to watch as I am fucked for the first time by the same dog as my predecessor. That’s right you will get to watch as this massive horny dog aggressively and brutality makes me his bitch. Mind you a position I’ll hold for the reminder of my life.”

As she waited for the applause to die down again before she could finish.

“For those who don’t know what that means not only will this dog be tied to the same pedestal as his new bitch but I’ll be submitting myself every way possible. From the moment he takes me I’ll be available for his use however and whenever he wants me. So do be surprised if you all see being taken by my new owner on a regular basis.”

Now the crowd was truly going wild. When she had announced the former “Head Madam’s” fate the very dog had been lead onto stage by two of the biggest bouncers. Naturally once the beast had seen her bent over like that it rushed over in an attempt to take her helpless body. To the disappointment of the crowd they two bouncers were barely successful. They were dragged six feet before they were finally able to stop the dog not even a foot from from his soon to be bitch.

Granted the idea of the small asian girl being taken by such a massive and aggressive animal had most of them stroking their cocks. Still “Head Madam ” 3613 had one last well technically two announcements but for the one about her whipping to go over properly it had to wait until after her first performance.

“All right before we get this show started I need to inform you all why I’m chained to this rape rack. Well given the fact many today’s performances will take some time. Naturally with watching these hot pieces of ass be abused like that it’s only fair the establishment make another hot piece of ass available for your sexual gratification between the intermissions. So during all shows except of course my own my orifices will be available for your pleasure.”

Now the crowd was truly going wild. The shouting and cheering was unbelievably laud. She could even see a line starting to form of those wanting to fuck the shit out of her. Unfortunately they would have to wait a little longer.

“Now before the horny mob descends on my helpless body. We have a special treat for three lucky members of the audience. They will be given the first chance at not only my orifices but also everyone of the slaves brutalized on stage once they go on the floor. Now with that taken care of it seams my orifices aren’t leaking cum like they should be. Now how about our three lucky audience members come up here and fix that.”

Even as the applause reached exaggerated levels the three men in question headed for the stage once their names were called. Not even half a minute later they were pounding away on her helpless body. The brutality of the three’s assault on her orifices was only intensified by the cheering from the audience. Now these three were not picked at random. The were the customers with the greatest sexual stamina as well as the most brutal sexual techniques. “Head Madam” 3613 had specifically chosen them to make her first performance as satisfying to the crowd as possible.

Now you think given the way she was secured only two of the men could fuck her at a time. However this particular rape rack was designed to allow for someone to fit under the secured victim. So in no time all of “Head Madam”3613’s orifices were full of cock. Now this spectacle was truly meant for the crowd but more for the other slaves. Instead of the dominant overlord rule her predecessor held. She would assume the role of subservient equal to the other slaves. Now she still had all of the same responsibilities when off duty. However her on duty ones would have to revolve around the servicing of customers.

Now the original plan was to only allow them to fuck their assigned orifices. Yet just before she went on stage she made the decision to let them each have a turn at each hole. So after ten minutes of intense pounding and three sperm injections the crowd got the special treat of her begging the men to take two more turns. So another thirty minutes of intense pounding was her fate before they finally finished with her. Well at least for now. For some reason these men never used the other slaves again. Yet became her most common and frequent customers.

Now the rape rack had one other feature that came into play as soon as they finished with her. It had wheels this allowed the “Enforcer” to slowly turn her around. This allowed the audience to see the effects of the fucking she just received. From her saliva coated face, neck, and breasts. To the cum leaking from her gaping ass hole and pussy. This little demonstration was so successful it was repeated before each intermission. Still with the men finished with her she needed to get the show moving again. So taking a deep breath she spoke again.

“Well I’m pretty sure you all enjoyed that show but there’s one little matter we must take care of. It seams your hostess here was quite the little whore and delayed the presidings just now. So naturally I have to be punished like the proper slave whore I am.”

With that said the “Enforcer” that had been waiting for this very moment advanced on her. Even as the crowd cheered the end of the riding crop impacted with “Head Madam” 3613’s ass. Even with the roar of the crowd her screams of pain were earsplitting. Just as she had ordered “Head Madam”3613’s abuse was as brutal as possible. Each strike of the crop being delivered to painful effect. After the final blow and still crying “Head Madam” 3613 announced the sisters’ and twins’ performance.

“Well it’s almost time for me to assume my place. However it seams we have two schoolgirl submissives that need to demonstrate how big of sluts they are. Thankfully there’s a couple of cheerleaders that are more then willing to share their suffering with you all.”

With her speaking duties finished until the intermission “Head Madam” 3613 was wheeled to the edge of the stage. There a waiting set of stairs held the line of customers waiting to use her. As the first cock was was painfully shoved up her ass the siblings came into view.

To roaring applause from the audience and with the twins crawling in front of them on leashes the sisters stepped onto the stage. The twins’ embarrassment was evident as they were lead back and forth in front of the audience in their little schoolgirl outfits. Each time they were made to turn a chorus of cat calls rang up as their bare asses and the dildos stuffed into their pussies were exposed.

Having enough of showing off the twins’ asses this way the sisters lead them to the center of the stage. Once in position the twins are made to kneel at the sisters’ feet facing the audience. The sisters squat down behind the twins. As their hands roam freely over the twins trembling bodies another roar erupts as the knot holding their blouses closed is untied and the twins breasts are exposed.

The cheers only intensified as suddenly the twins skirts were lifted up. As bit by bit their bodies were exposed the twins began to openly cry. As the twins’ humiliation reached the desired level the sisters grabbed the dildos. Even as the twins pleaded for them to stop the sisters started fucking the twins’ pussies with the dildos.

A new chorus of cheers and cat calls ring up from the crowd as a sheen of sweat forms on the twins bodies and their whimpering slowly turns to moaning. The twins’ eyes close as their hips start to sway to meet each thrust of the dildos. As the twins’ bodies began to shake they receive the command to cum just as the dildos are are forced as deeply as possible into their pussies. Unable to hold back the twins cry out as as the orgasms over take them.

To the twins’ embarrassment and the enjoyment of the crowd a slurping sound accompanies the removal of the dildos. As the rubber phalluses are brought to their lips the twins are only capable of sobbing as they are made to suck the dildos clean. The twins desperately struggle for breath as their mouths are violently violated by the fake cocks. Unable to breath the twins began to shake their heads in terror. Only once they are in throws of panic and desperation are the dildos removed.

As the twins drop to their hands and knees gasping for breath they perfectly position themselves for what was planned next. Distracted by their coughing fit the twins fail to see the sisters slip the dildos into the harnesses they are wearing under their cheerleader skirts. It is to late to do anything but scream when the twins feel their ass cheeks being spread. Wails of agony erupt as the twins’ rectums are suddenly impaled by the rubber shafts.

With each painful thrust the twins wailing reaches new heights. Exhausted from the abuse the twins’ arms give out causing their upper bodies to collapse to the stage floor. With their shoulders down and asses raised the twins are even more vulnerable as the sisters intensify their assault on the twins’ helpless ass holes. Their bodies numbed by the abuse the twins can only sob as the sisters finally tire themselves out.

As the rubber shafts are pulled from their gaping asses the twins let out a whimper before collapsing into a heap. Suddenly Screams filled the room as the twins are brutality pulled into a kneeling possession by their hair. Even once the twins are kneeling in front of them the sisters refuse to release the grip on their hair. Instead they give it another brutal yank and illicit the best screams yet out of the twins.

After getting them to scream a couple of more times just to satisfy the crowd the sisters decided to move on to the next part of the performance. They had initially planned on having the twins pleasure them. However with “Head Madam” 3613 adding those extra fuckings it took up the time allotted for the twins to demonstrate their cunningless skills. Oh well they thought they’ll get off during their gang rape. Thoughts of their own impending rape made them remember they still had to get the twins to do one last thing before the bouncers showed up.

The twins were in full blown submissive cruise control at this point so pulling their hair again was really necessary but the crowd loved it. Especially those fucking the hell out of “Head Madam” 3613. The way the guy fucking her ass was moving the rape rack with each thrust told the sisters she was really getting pounded. Pulling their attention to the task at hand the sisters shoved the strap-ons in to the twins’ mouths. While they would’ve liked to have fucked their faces for a little while longer however the time was running short.

As the strap-ons are pulled from the twins’ mouths the sisters finally release their grip on the twins’ hair. Free from the sisters’ grasp the twins drop to their hands and knees gasping for breath. Looking up at their overseers with terrified expressions written on their faces they plead for mercy when the sisters threaten them with another ass fucking. The twins then bend down and start kissing the sisters’ shoes as they beg and plead.

Their pleading is suddenly silenced is the sisters squat down to their level. They pull the twins against their bodies. They gently embrace the twins as they help them to their feet. Once standing the sisters shift positions until they are behind the twins. The sisters’ hands glide over the twins’ bodies. Moans escape the twins’ mouths as the sisters massage their breasts and play with their nipples. As the sisters fondle their breasts the twins began to relax into the embrace.

As the twins’ backs relax into their chests the sisters make their move. The sisters’ hands suddenly shift to the sides. Before the twins can react their arms are pinned behind their backs. As the twins struggle to escape the sisters’ grasp six large men come on to stage. As the men began to surround them the sisters release the twins as they push them forward. Quickly losing their balance the twins fall to their hands and knees. The sisters deliver the first of their lines in this performance.

“We have had fun with you bitches but now it’s time to sale you into slavery.”

The twins scream their lines as the men advance on them. “Please not that! Anything but that!”

With the twins kneeling before the men the sisters back away. The twins began screaming as the men descend on them. The twins try to crawl away but the men quickly grab them by their ankles. As the men pull their legs from under them the twins land on their stomachs. As the twins struggle against the men holding their leg the others grab their arms. The twins struggles are ended as their bodies are pinned against the stage floor with their arms behind their backs. One of the men momentarily runs off stage before quickly returning with a duffle bag.

The man with the bag begins handing items out. The other men take the items and advice on the twins. The twins plead with the men as the slave shackles are put on their wrists and ankles. The twins are helpless as the men replace the dog collars around the twins’ necks with steel ones. Now shackled and collared the twins are lifted to their feet The men began to rip of the twins’ blouses and skirts from their bodies. The twins scream in panic as their clothing is reduced to a few tattered pieces of fabric. Once relieved of the burden of their clothing the twins are forced back onto their knees as the men step back to admire the view.

The twins can only whimper and cry as the men began unzipping their pants. As their dicks are pulled from their pants the men advance again on the weeping captives. Any will to resist the twins had already been broken by the sisters’ earlier abuse. The twins can only cry as the men press their dicks to the twins’ lips. Closing their tear filled eyes the twins surrender and permit access to their mouths. As soon as the twins’ lips began to part both of them have a dick forced into their mouths.

The first of the men to use the twins’ mouths established the pattern. While two of the men held each of the twins from behind. The ones fucking their faces would drive their dicks down the twins’ throats around a dozen times before switching out to one of the others. Then once they’ve had a go at the twins’ mouths for a while they’d switch back. They kept this up for a little while longer before they decided it was time to move the performance to the next stage.

The sisters had been watching this and as they saw the men using the twins’ mouths swapping back and forth. The sisters were getting ready for their next part. Knowing that the men would be slowed down by the strap-ons they still wore decided to remove them. Next they began fingering their pussies to prepare them for the coming abuse. Of course to an outside observer this would be seen as them pleasuring themselves over the twins’ rape. Which was about to progress to the next stage and it also meant that the sisters’ own rape was also quickly approaching.

The twins are still hard at work sucking the dicks in their mouths. Yet for some reason the men had stopped switching out. The reason for this soon became apparent when the dicks were pulled from their mouths and the men holding them suddenly lifted them up. Once the twins were high enough a man slid under each of them. The twins began begging not to be raped as the men under them positioned their dicks under the twins’ pussies. As they are slowly lowered the twins feel the dicks as they slowly move past their pussy lips. Once they know their dicks are properly positioned the men suddenly thrust their hips up. This also signals the men lowering the twins to violently push the twins down. In an instant the twins’ pussies are painfully crammed full of dick.

The twins try in vain to lift themselves off of the men’s dicks. However the hands on their shoulders push them back down. Their attempt to move also make the men under them grab a hold of the twins’ hips. Unable to move off of the dicks or at least relieve some of the pressure on the walls of their pussies the twins can only wait for what is coming next.

Their wait wasn’t that long as the hands holding their shoulders suddenly release them. Though before they have a chance to the do anything those men grab a hold of their hips. Giving the twins no time to prepare the men’s dicks are shoved up the twins’ ass holes.

The twins are only allowed to scream about the painful double penetration for about thirty seconds. This was when they are silenced by the final two dicks being shoved down their throats. With the twins’ orifices now full of dicks the men began the gang rape. For the next twenty minutes the crowd watches as they are mercilessly pounded. Finally once twins are reduced to two sobbing wrecks do the men fill their orifices with cum.

The twins’ limp bodies are roughly tossed into a heap once the men are done using them. However while their ordeal is almost over the sisters’ is about to begin. They had been told that the twins would be given to the dogs before the sisters’ own gang rape. Yet it was decided to do it instead right after the twins’ rape and then let the dogs have all four of them at the same time. So even before the twins’ bodies had hit the floor the men rushing towards the sisters.

Of course to strengthen the sisters performances they hadn’t been told. So when the men grabbed them their screams about this wasn’t the plan were real. Something the audience loved and the applause showed it. As the sisters were dragged to the exact same spot the twins had just been gang raped at the cheers were outrageous.

The applause wouldn’t die down until the sisters were kneeling with their cheerleader uniforms in tatters and now wearing slave collars and shackles. Now they threw something else that wasn’t planned at the sisters. Since the twins were basically already raped twice at that point. Once by the sisters and once by the men it was only fair that the sisters get raped a second time before the dogs got a hold of them. So once the six men that raped the twins had their turn with the sisters another six men came out on stage.

Only once they all were done with the sisters were all four of them lined up facing the audience. They had their asses propped up with their heads and shoulders on the floor. They all were sobbing and pleading for this not to happen to them. However the as was planned Their pleas were completely ignored. Their part of the performance finally came to and end with the four of them being lead off stage with their collars chained together and with cum running out of their pussies and ass holes. They would watch the rest of the show from their platforms on the brothel floor as they serviced customers between performances.

A note to readers while I’m sure you’d love to hear about the following performances. I’ll not be able to tell that part of the story at this time. I’m trying to keep the man focus of this story on Brothel Whore 3567-A and Brothel Whore 3567-B since they are the sisters and this story is about their enslavement. Also with the possible exception of Brothel Whore 2382-B2 they more in likely won’t appear again. But I will give something involving another of the characters that will be coming back.

The crowd was going wild as the heavy wooden stocks was secured around the neck and wrists of the former “Head Madam”. To make her degradation complete she had been paraded back and forth to allow the crowd to see the effects of everything done to her. Only a few pieces of fabric remained of the expensive lingerie and stockings she had on at the beginning of the show. Every inch of her body was covered in red welts from the whipping she had endured. Now the cattle prods hadn’t left a mark but in a few places on her tits and pussy where she had been given longer shocks. Then she was limping do to the letter s that had been branded into her right ass cheek.

The dog cum running freely from her gaping pussy was a crowd favorite. Yet it was the broken expression on her face that sent cheers up. She had managed to remain defiant until the dog got a hold of her but it was finally when they had branded her that her defiant spirit had truly been broken. Only then was she lead away to begin her sad existence as a “Chain Bang Bitch”

Yet there was still one more performance left. So now that her predecessor had been taken away “Head Madam” 3613 was brought back onto stage. She had been released from the rape rack before her predecessor’s performance. When she was brought back she had been showered redressed in clean lingerie and her orifices had been washed out. Though instead of a teddy she only had on a garter belt and her stockings.

Even though she was free from the rape rack “Head Madam” was still restrained. Her arms were still shackled behind her back and just above her five inch high hills a hobble chain joined her ankle shackles together. Yet it was the eight foot of chain hanging from her collar that would mark her ultimate subjugation during this performance.

There also had been a addition to the stage during her predecessor’s performance. On the half round protrusion in the center of the stage was a horizontal bar. It would stand just below”Head Madam” 3613’s breasts once she was kneeling in front of it. While padded it was still quite hard. IT and numerous copies spread throughout the brothel would become sources for the small asian.

The audience could tell she was already exhausted from the sexual use today by the way her body shook as she walked. Let alone the expression on her face. Yet her fear was also plainly visible and they loved it. They could tell what was about to happen truly terrified her and they loved it. As she sank to her knees in front of them the audience waited quietly for what was next.

“All right our shows almost done. Though don’t be to sad after all since we started so early there’s still plenty of time left to brutalize the brothel’s merchandise. Also videos of today’s show will be made available in a few days.”

The audience cheered when she said that there would be video sales. As hot as the slaves had been so far and the brutality they had been subjected to was unheard of. Let alone the involvement of all of the aggressive dogs. They all had to get one of those videos. Especially considering what that great dane had done to the former “Head Madam” was also about to get a hold of this small asian slave.

“Now before you all watch as I’m brutalized by the dog. I should explain about what’s about to happen to me. As you can see how I’m currently bound. As of today this will be mandatory for me at all times. However that is just the beginning once the dog’s done with me not only will my collar be welded shut around my neck but this chain will also be welded to my collar.”

“Now what is done with the other end of the chain that you will love. It will be permanently attached to my new canine master. That’s right not only will this dog be able to do whatever it wants to me but I’ll also be permanently chained to it so I can’t get away. However that’s not the limit of my subjugation. So from now on I’ll have to obediently follow my new owner like a proper subservient bitch. But being subjected like that isn’t the end no we got a final degradation I’ll be subjected to. I’ll be branded the same as my predecessor.”

It went from so silent you could hear a pin drop to complete bedlam as she said that but she had one last announcement.

“Now then without farther delay it’s past due that I’m brutality subjugated by my master. I hope you enjoy my suffering I can guaranty that I won’t.”

With that said the dog was released. As it bolted towards her “Head Madam”3613 started screaming. Now these screams weren’t to stop the dog like it sounded. Though she had gone into this knowing from the start that she wasn’t going to like what happened to her she was now committed to this fate and her initial screams were for a specific purpose. They were actually to insure that when the dog took her the action was as brutal as promised. For this dog had been specially trained to respond to the pleading, screaming, and crying of human bitches by being extra aggressive. Though the fear that the great dane would endow in the small asian this day would insure that whenever he took her afterwards her fear and terror was as real as the agony she was in.



Now once the dog had her neck in it’s jaws “Head Madam”3613’s terror and screams ceased to be make believe. No from that moment on her screams would be as real as the terror she would now live in. Now this wouldn’t be the last time she would curse herself for making this decision but it was the one that would be remembered best.


Now at this point the dog was just on top of her and was holding her neck in it’s jaws. Her screams had set the ball rolling as the dog started to growl as it’s front paws wrapped around her hips. Next thing “Head Madam”3613 knew her legs had been pulled out from under her and her entire body was pushed over the bar in front of her by the growling dog.

Nothing was going stop the dog from making her his bitch this time. He had been stopped before but now this small asian was his use how he saw fit. Just as he had been trained he pulled her hips towards his thrusting cock. Trying to prevent him from raping her “Head Madam”3613 would have attempted to shift her pussy out of the way if she could. However she was pinned between the bar and the dog’s body so there was nothing she could do to stop the dog. So on it’s first thrust the dog found it’s mark as it painfully sunk his cock half way into her pussy. Now her agony when this happened were horrific but dog wasn’t done yet. It tightened it’s grip on her hips and suddenly she was fully impaled by the dog’s massive cock by the second thrust. Of course the audience was ecstatic at this point.


Her suffering was intense as the dog cock started pounding into her tight pussy. Naturally all of this pain made her cry and scream more which in turn made dog fuck even more aggressive in a never-ending cycle of escalation that the audience loved. With each violent thrust during the brutal penetration “Head Madam” 3613’s body was being flung up only have gravity bring her painfully back down on the massive shaft within her.


Now once the dog’s knot came into play “Head Madam”3613’s screams become a mishmash of her sobbing and her pleading for help that was totally unintelligible. Though while her the actual words couldn’t be discerned the terror and agony could clearly be understood. For once that knot was inside of her “Head Madam” 3613’s body now truly belonged to this beast.


Now once he had tied his new bitch the dog inflicted another humiliation on her. Not only was he trained for aggressiveness against the women he took but the dog had been bred for outlandish sperm production. Granted normal dogs produced a lot of sperm but what this one did was like garden hose had been turned on inside of “Head Madam” 3613’s stomach. As her womb was flooded her belly began to painfully expand. Do to her positioning the audience got an excellent view of this.

Just as the various cameras gave the views of other areas of “Head Madam” 3613’s brutalized body. Her pussy bulging due to the massive knot was currently being shown a one of the large televisions over the stage. While another had a close up of her face. A side view of her body jerking as the dog continued pounding away at her was also showing on the third television.

“Head Madam” 3613 was finally granted mercy when the great dane finally tired of fucking her stepped over her and turned around so they were ass to ass. Now she was to far gone emotionally and physically form any sort of coherent thought. So when she slid off the bar and back to her previous kneeling position it was actually out of her natural submissive instinct that had been trained into her. But the audience didn’t know better and were ecstatic. Though while her body was acting automatically a single thought was going through her mind.

“I now belong to this dog.”

Though it would expand as her thought processes started returning. Though while these thoughts were going through her head. They were also coming out of her lips.

“I now belong to a dog. I am his bitch to use as he sees fit. He’s my master and I’m his slave. I now only exist for his pleasure.”

Now while the crowd would always remember her words. “Head Madam 3613 would only realize what she had said when she saw the video. She would stay dazed until she was branded. Only then would she truly be able to contemplate her current situation. Though at that point her only thoughts were about struggling to keep up with her new owner as she was lead to the foyer to service customers.

Chapter Seven / Conclusion coming soon I hope

Special bonus for those that have been waiting for this latest chapter. I’ve decided to give you something that had been teased at earlier when the fate of “Head Madam” 3613 was announced.

It is a week later as the crowd eagerly waits for tonight’s performance. Since the new “Head Madam” had taken over the brothel has been busier than ever. While most of her changes have been well received other’s have been problematic. The biggest one had to do with the “Head Madam” customer load. Since her services had been opened to every customer that had created a huge demand. Unfortunately like all of the slaves she had a limit to the number of customers she could service.

Throw in the large dog who got to take priority over customers that created delays and sometimes long waits for her services. Granted the sight of the little asian whore being brutalized by such a massive animal was as popular as predicted. In fact the brothel had been making a killing on the sale of the videos. Which has created a demand for more performances and for her services.

To that end this special show had been arranged. Now it wasn’t as heavily advertised as the last one and the crowd was no where near as large as that night. However it still surpassed anything that had come before. Still they had raised the bar last time but they also had a new shipment of slaves in. So with new performers at least matching that would at least be possible.

The audience was discussing this vary fact as the lights dimmed. As quite descended on the theater a spotlight turned on illuminating the large great dane as it came on to the stage. As the beam of light expanded the crowd started cheering. This was when they saw the chain attached to the end of his collar. Though it was what was on the other end of the chain that brought about the cheers.

Almost being dragged behind her canine master was the “Head Madam”. As usual she was wearing her tattered black teddy, torn stockings and high heels. Her hair was up in it’s usual ponytail but her disheveled appearance and the cum running down the inside of her legs spoke to her recent hard use. As customary her arms were shackled behind her back and the hobble chain on her ankle shackles limited her steps. The reminders of last weekend was visible as well. As she was jerked around by the dog her slave brand was clearly visible on her right ass cheek.

Soon the great dane reached the breeding bar at the center of the stage and stopped. The audience held their breath in anticipation as they waited for what was next. They didn’t have that long to wait was they watched the dog walk back towards the “Head Madam”. As the animal approached her it started to circle behind her. As the “Head Madam” turned to face her master the dog started to loudly growl and bare his teeth at his bitch.

As the growling dog began slowly advancing on her the “Head Madam” began to back way fearfully. A collective gasp arises from the audience as they believe that the dogs going to attack her. However as it soon becomes apparent that she is actually being hearded to the end of the stage they start cheering on the dog. Only once she is at the edge of the stage does the “Head Madam” turn to the audience.

Before she could do anything else the dog suddenly lunged at her and nips her on the ass. As the dog starting to growl again the “Head Madam” sank to her knees in front of the breeding bar. However it still wasn’t satisfactory to the dog as it suddenly barked and growled at her again.

While the crowd didn’t understand yet she did as she corrected her posture. Normally her ass would rest on her ankles as she knelt. However to better facilitate her master’s use of her body she needed her ass higher now. So while her legs were still spread they were also still straight below her. This would put hips against the breeding bar as she completed the rest of her new subservient pose. Which was finished off by bending forward arching her back while thrusting her breasts forward. As she focused her attention towards the audience the dog moved a few feet behind her and proudly sat down.

The crowd began cheering at this display of canine dominance of it’s slave girl. Even before the cheers could dye down another slave girl ran up carrying a microphone After first bowing to the the dog the slave quickly positioned it to correspond to the “Head Madam’s” position. The slave then bowed again to the dog before she quickly left the stage. Now alone on stage except for the the dog “Head Madam” 3613 could be heard taking a deep breath before she addressed to audience.

“Welcome to this special event here at the The Kennel Bitch Brothel.”

As she pauses for a moment the crowd patiently waits in silence.

“Now since our last performance you all have rewarded us with doubling and sometimes tripling your patronage of this establishment. Unfortunately this also has meant we haven’t always been able to keep up with your demands. For this I am sorry and will be justly punished for it later tonight.”

The mere mention of her being punished was grounds for applause but the crowd was also cheering for the fact that the dog’s cock had began to emerge from it’s sleeve unbeknownst to the “Head Madam”. While she had no idea what was about to happen the audience could see what was coming. “Head Madam”3613’s attention was solely focused on the crowd so she was completely oblivious of her coming predicament as she continued.

“Unfortunately this increased demand has also effected the quality of our merchandise and it’s ability to properly service you. To this end we have purchased additional slaves and have instituted a rotation policy.”

Boos erupted at this but she went on any way.

“Now this policy isn’t meant to deny you the services of the merchandise or to lessen the suffering of the whores. But instead it’s meant to prolong the suffering of us whores so they will be subjected to the long arduous lifetimes of abuse we all rightly deserve.”

As cheers again erupt “Head Madam” 3613 believes it for what she had said. However it really was for what was was happening right behind her. The dog deciding it wanted to fuck his bitch decided to stand up and take her. As the cheers sprang up it covered up the sounds of the dog’s nails clicking on the floor as he headed towards “Head Madam” 3613 who had started talking again totally oblivious to what was about to happen to her.

“Now for those of you that are concerned my services are exempted from this pol– OH GOOD NOOOO!!!! ——— PLEASE MASTER!!! NOT AGAIN!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

As she screamed the crowd went wild. The great dane had a hold of her neck with his jaws and his fore paws had wrapped around her body. Her screams reached new heights as her lower body was suddenly pulled up just in time for her pussy to be painfully speared by the massive cock on on the dog’s first thrust. As always “Head Madam”3613’s pleas and screams only served to intensify the brutality of the her rape. Of course the crowd loved the fact that even though the dog had moved and repositioned her some. She was still close enough to the microphones that every plea, scream, and various other sounds of her violation was loudly broadcasted throughout the theater.


Now this rape had actually not been planned like most of the other slave’s shows. Also unlike most of the other slave’s shows “Head Madam”3613’s fear and terror were real. Just as the agony she was enduring wasn’t an act or an exaggeration. For the enjoyment of the audience she truly was being unexpectedly raped and her screams reflected it.


Cheers ring out as “Head Madam”3613’s body goes limp and she just hangs nearly unconscious within the grasp of the massive dog. Though it was the look of sheer terror on her face that would be the subject of discussion regarding this night for years to come. That and they way she referred herself as the dog’s bitch instead of using words like me or I to describe herself throughout the rape. While the events of last weekend’s show was well known. Yet this incident truly proved that she now belonged to this dog. A dog that would take his human slave bitch whenever and however he wanted.

Even with his bitch now knotted the dog continued to pound on her. The pain from the knot shifting within her brought “Head Madam” 3613 out her trance. Being roughly brought back like that “Head Madam” 3613 took awhile to get her self back together. However the great dane had been specially trained for aggressiveness while fucking human bitches. Hell that and his size was why he was chosen in the first place. So even though he was tied with her the dog didn’t slack off in his efforts to brutality pound the pussy wrapped around his cock. This in turn set “Head Madam” 3613 to screaming again.


“Head Madam”3613’s screams weren’t an exaggeration as the audience watched her stomach began to painfully distended. They were shocked into silence as her flat stomach began to expand until she looked like she was several months pregnant. This had happened last week too but the crowd was still amazed by it. “Head Madam” 3613 on the other hand absolutely hated it. In fact she despised every aspect of being the dog’s slave bitch. Yet as she promised last weekend no matter what once the dog took her she would be his slave bitch for life.

“Head Madam”3613’s screams stopped as the dog released her hips. Though even as she sank back to her knees he kept a hold of her neck. It wasn’t until he had growled at her for awhile that she repositioned herself into her mandatory position that he would let go. This was also when he stepped over her and turned so they were now tied ass to ass. After she was growled at one last time the crowd watches as a sobbing “Head Madam” 3613 thanks the dog for raping her.

” SOB Thank SOB you SOB master SOB for SOB allowing SOB your SOB slave SOB bitch SOB the SOB privilege SOB of SOB suffering SOB for SOB your SOB sexual SOB gratification SOB.”

Though that wasn’t to the dog’s liking so it didn’t just growl at her but bared his teeth. With the fear evident on her face she shouted.


The applause was even greater than last weekend. But this incident left “Head Madam” 3613 with a problem. If the rest of tonight’s performance didn’t top that then she would suffer greatly. Unfortunately for her while they would still enjoy what followed nothing compared her painful subjugation by the dog.

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