Sleeping Daughter 2: Backdoor Delight

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Sleeping Daughter
Chapter Two: Backdoor Delight
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

The beep of my alarm clock dragged me out of drowsy sleep. I groaned, my hand lashing out, swiping across the counter, brushing my cell phone before I crashed into the side of the alarm clock’s plastic case. My fingers trailed up it and found the button.

“Crap,” I groaned. I hated Mondays. They were always the—

Did last night really happen? I shot up in bed, my heart thudding in panic and looked at my wife. The covers spilled back, revealing her lush, naked body. Betty was still in great shape, her large breasts soft pillows that I loved to play with. Her eyes opened, a pleased smile on her face.

“Morning,” she purred.

“Honey…did we…?” I swallowed. Did I really want to know? Had we really molested our sleeping, eighteen-year-old daughter? What type of terrible parents were we.

“I hoped you didn’t regret last night,” purred my wife. “Because it was so hot watching you take Tiffany’s cherry. Mmm, you pumped so much cum into our daughter’s virgin snatch. I bet you bred her. I bet she has Daddy’s baby growing inside of her.”

“Fuck,” I groaned, shaking my head. “What is wrong with us?”

Her hand reached out and grasped my hard dick. I groaned as she stroked it up and down. “Feels like someone loved it.”

“Just morning wood,” I muttered.

“Don’t be like this, Phil. Last night was magical. Our daughter came so hard on your cock. Didn’t you feel her spasming so hard on you?”

My dick throbbed in her hand at the memory of my daughter’s virgin, teenage pussy spasming on my dick. Her hot, tight flesh gripped me, milking my dick, eager for my cum to spill into her depths while I fucked her hard and her mother ground on her face.

“But she was asleep. She had no idea.” Even if it had been so hot. I shuddered again, aching to feel my daughter’s tight cunt wrapped about my cock, to watch her mother again lick my jizz out of her pussy. “It was wrong.”

Our daughter was recently diagnosed with Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. I thought it was a strange name, especially since the medicine she now took made her sleep the entire night through without stirring, oblivious to whatever happened to her.

Like her father deflowering her pussy after licking her to an orgasm.

“Mmm, I can’t wait for tonight,” my wife moaned, stroking my dick faster. “She’s broken in now. You can really fuck her hard.”

“Betty,” I panted, groaning, my balls aching. Her hand felt so good on my cock. I wanted to say no, but it was so hot thinking about doing it again.

What was wrong with me? How had I not known my wife was the biggest pervert in the world? I was so blind to it.

“I’m so wet thinking about last night,” moaned Betty. “Our little girl’s pussy swallowing your cock. And she has another hole.” Her lips licked my ear. “I know how much you love fucking my ass. Imagine your teenage daughter’s virgin bowels wrapped about your dick.”

“Fuck,” I panted, squeezing my eyes shut.

My balls almost erupted. I was so close to exploding. Just a few more strokes and—

A loud knock wrapped our door. A second later, it cracked open, our daughter’s face peering in on us. I yanked up the covers as Betty pulled her hand away. I groaned as the blanket brushed the sensitive tip of my cock, my balls tensing, so close to erupting.

“Mom, Dad,” Tiffany said as she crept in wearing a flimsy, pink nightgown. Not what she slept in last night which was a simple pair of panties.

Those panties were clutched in her hand. I swallowed as she rushed to the bed, her brassy-brown hair trailing behind her. She threw herself between us, wiggling and forcing my wife and I apart as she settled in.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” my wife asked, putting her arm around our daughter’s shoulders.

I tensed. Did she remember? Did she know we fucked her? Betty had cleaned up most of my cum, but I had fired so much into her sweet snatch. What if more leaked out while she slept? What if she were sore down there?

What if I hurt her?

“Mom, I feel funny down there,” Tiffany said.

“Down where, sweetie?” Betty asked in her motherly voice, completely unconcerned.

My ears burned. My stomach tensed. “Um, this sounds like a mother-daughter sorta conversation.”

“Oh, no, Daddy, you don’t have to go,” Tiffany said, grabbing my hand, her eyes glancing down at the bulge my hard cock made in the blankets. “It’s okay. I’m not embarrassed.”

My wife gave me a knowing look, reminding me about little girls and their desire to flirt and please their fathers. I swallowed, still squirming even as I throbbed. Tiffany smelled so sweet. She was her mother but younger and petite, no huge breast but small, budding mounds topped by tiny nipples, each hard and tenting the fabric of her nightgown.

“When I woke up, I felt funny down there. And when I pulled off my panties, there was a milky stain in them. See.” She held up her panties. There on the crotch was my dried cum.

“Oh, that’s perfectly natural,” my wife laughed. “You don’t need to worry about that.”

“But it wasn’t the only thing strange, Mommy,” she said. “I, um, explored my pussy.”

“While masturbating?” Betty asked, a shrewd gleam in her eyes. “I know you like to do that in the morning when you wake up.”

“I guess,” my daughter squirm, giving me an innocent look. “You don’t think I’m bad because I like to touch myself?”

“Of course not, sweetheart. Everyone does it.”

“Even you, Daddy?” A mischievous smile popped across her lips. “Is that why you’re so hard right now? Did I interrupt?”

“No, no, just morning wood,” I told her, my ears burning hotter. “It happens to guys.”

“I was giving him a handjob,” my wife said. “And, yes, you did interrupt. But that’s okay. Now what’s so strange about your pussy?”

“Well, my hymen’s gone. And I feel so…open down there. I could get three fingers into me. I never could get more than my little finger past my hymen before.”

“Any soreness?” my wife asked.

My heart hammered. She knew she had sex. We were busted.

“A bit. But it’s okay. A pleasant ache.” She shifted. “Is something wrong? My hymen shouldn’t have vanished. It’s like I had sex. But I’m a virgin.” She glanced at me. “Honest, Daddy.”

“I…I believe you,” I choked out.

“Hmm, that is strange,” my wife said. “Well, you couldn’t have had sex last night.”

“Nope, I took my medicine and was out like a log.” My daughter spread her legs. “Could you take a look. Make sure I’m fine.”

“Of course. I just need to lift your nightgown. I assume you’re not wearing any panties beneath.”

My dick ached and throbbed. “Maybe I should give you privacy.”

“No, Daddy!” Tiffany grabbed my left arm, clinging to it. “You need to make sure I’m okay.”

“It’s our duty as her parents,” grinned my wife.

I swallowed. “It seems more like a mother’s duty, honey.”

“Philip Taylor, you will help to make sure your daughter is perfectly healthy. Now don’t be embarrassed. You used to give her baths. Nothing has really changed since then.”

Everything had changed.

“Okay,” I swallowed. Despite my wife’s stern words, her brown eyes twinkled with a mischievous light.

I couldn’t breathe as my wife drew up our daughter’s nightgown, exposing more and more of her sleek thighs. I had seen her pussy before, but it felt so different with the early morning sun streaming through the window.

Our daughter was awake this time.

I fought the urge to groan as her pussy came into view adorned by a light amount of brassy pubic hair, the curls matted down by milky juices—my cum and her cream. Her legs spread wide and her tight slit parted, showing her pink depths.

“See, Mommy, no hymen,” Tiffany said, her fingers reaching down to spread her labia farther apart. “Does it look bad?”

“It looks fine to me,” Betty said. “What do you think, Phil?”

“Um, fine.”

“Just fine, Daddy?” Tiffany’s dark eyes met mine. Her youthful face trembled. “Only fine?”

My wife gave me a fixed look that told me to make it right.

I kissed my daughter’s forehead. “It’s a pretty pussy, okay. Just perfect.”

My daughter beamed, threw her arms around my neck, and kissed me quickly on the lips. I sat stunned as she broke apart and laid back on the pillows, her fingers shooting back down to her pussy and pulling her labia apart again. I could still feel the heat of her lips on mine.

“Mommy, can you and Daddy make sure everything’s all right.” She smiled at both of us, so innocent.

“You mean…?” I swallowed, my eyes rooted to her pussy. My dick throbbed. I needed to cum so badly. I wanted to pin my daughter down, mount her, and fuck her pussy so hard. I wanted to feel that tight, silky glove about my cock again and erupt into her depths.

I needed to control myself.

“Yes, Phil.” My wife rolled her eyes as she stared at our daughter. “Your daddy can be pretty dense sometimes.”

“That’s okay,” beamed Tiffany. “I love him anyways.”

“So do I.”

My wife and daughter shared a conspiratorial laugh and my wife gave her a quick kiss on the lips. My dick ached harder. Flashes of my wife and daughter locked in a passionate kiss with lots of tongue, their naked bodies pressed together, shot through my mind.

“Let me just feel around in there,” my wife said, sliding her hand up our daughter’s thigh to her pussy. “I’ll be nice and gentle. Like the doctor.”

Tiffany bit her lip. Her eyes widened when my wife reached her teenage pussy. She pushed two fingers inside. My daughter bit her lip, fighting a moan as my wife pumped her fingers in and out of our daughter’s pussy. Juices coated her fingers, glistening in the sunlight.

“How does that feel, sweetie?”

“Good, Mommy,” my daughter panted, her little hips undulating. “Very good. You’re going so deep in me. Mmm, I didn’t know my pussy was so deep.”

“It’s so you can take a cock when you’ve found that special man,” my wife cooed into our daughter’s ear. “Your pussy will get nice and wet and take all of his girth.”

I swallowed. I wanted to stroke my dick so badly.

My wife kept pumping her fingers in and out of Tiffany’s pussy. Our daughter shuddered, her youthful breasts jiggling beneath her nightie. Her breath quickened. My wife fingered our daughter faster and faster.

“Everything is feeling perfectly normal to me,” my wife purred, her thumb “accidentally” brushing our daughter’s clit.

“Good!” gasped Tiffany, her body aching. “Oh, yes, you’re soothing away the soreness, Mommy. It feels really good.”

“I bet,” giggled my wife. Then she glanced at me. “Phil, maybe you should check, too.”

I swallowed, staring at my wife’s fingers pumping in and out of our daughter’s snatch. Pink folds clung to Betty’s digit. Juices leaked out, coating my wife’s fingers and ran down our daughter’s taint to stain our sheets.

“Yes, Daddy, I need your opinion, too.” Pleasure crossed her face. “I trust you, Daddy.”

“Yes, you have to make sure our baby girl is fine.” My wife licked her lips, her thighs squeezed tight together, loving molesting our daughter under the guise of a medical exam. “Come on, honey, don’t be shy. Help your daughter out.”

I swallowed and reached out in a trance. I couldn’t resist. I knew it was so wrong, but that just excited me more. It was forbidden. Incest. Merely thinking the word propelled my hand to my daughter’s pussy. My fingers stroked her wet folds.

“Mmm, that’s nice, Daddy.” A shudder wracked my daughter’s body. “Oh, please, please, Daddy. I need you in me.”

“She needs you in her, dear,” my wife groaned. “Do it.”

I shoved two fingers deep into my daughter’s pussy. Her eyes widened. She gasped and bucked. Her flesh clenched down on my probing fingers. She was so hot and wet. I groaned, savoring how silky she felt on my fingers. My dick ached in memory of last night.

I pumped them in and out, taking my time, not rushing. I savored the feel of my daughter’s young, fresh pussy. Her eyes rolled back in her head. She shuddered, her back arching. The thin fabric of her nightgown outlined her hard nipples.

I wanted to suck them.

“How do I feel, Daddy?” she panted, her legs squirming. “Please, please, tell me I feel wonderful.”

“You do, sweetheart,” I panted, turning on my side, my dick rubbing against the blankets. My balls boiled. “You feel healthy and perfect. Nothing wrong with your pussy.”

“Yes, she’s developed into such a beautiful, young woman,” panted my wife, her own hips undulating, her thighs squirming.

“Good,” my daughter panted. Her hips bucked. “Thank you, Daddy! Yes, yes! Thank you!”

My daughter came.

Her pussy spasmed about my fingers. Her moans echoed through the bedroom. Pleasure transformed her young face. Her eyes squeezed shut. She bolted upright as her juices spilled around my fingers then crashed back into the pillows. She gasped and moaned, legs twitching.

“Oh, yes, yes, Daddy,” my daughter panted. A smile crossed her lips. “Thank you for checking me out.”

“You’re welcome,” I answered, my mouth dry. I just fingered my daughter to an orgasm.

“Ooh, I have to get ready for school,” she said as I pulled my fingers out of her. Then she scooted her hips and worked her way off the bed. She bounded through the door, leaving it open behind her, and raced down the hallway to the bathroom. A moment later, the shower hissed on.

I turned to my wife in disbelief. “Did that really just happen?”

She grabbed my fingers and pulled them into her mouth. She shuddered as she sucked our daughter’s juices from my fingers. The feel of her lips and tongue shot from my fingers straight to the tip of my dick.

When she pulled them from my mouth, she moaned, “Tastes like it.”

With a growl, I threw myself on my wife. Her legs parted and she gasped when my dick plunged into her boiling-hot pussy. My strokes were fast and quick. We both came in under a minute, grunting and gasping as my cum boiled into my wife’s pussy. She held me tight, her pillowy breasts rubbing on my chest as the pleasure flooded out of me.

“Shit,” I groaned, panting above my wife. “Shit, shit, shit.”

“Wait until tonight,” my wife whispered in my ear. “Tight, teenage, virgin ass. Mmm, you’ll love it.”

“Shit,” I groaned, my dick still hard.

My wife giggled beneath me.


Work went by in a daze.

I stumbled through the humdrum of the office. I wrote my reports without really knowing what I was typing. I gave a presentation that I didn’t remember a word I said, just read from the slides and pointed while everyone nodded.

Last night I fucked my daughter’s virgin pussy while she slept. Tonight I would fuck her virgin ass.

My dick was hard all day. I fought the urge to go to the bathroom and masturbate. It was the only time I rose from the daze. The rest of the day I stumbled around not functioning, my mind filled with visions of my naked daughter: her beautiful, tiny tits; her small, pink nipples; her slim thighs; boyish hips; tight pussy slit; and the hot, wet feel of her cunt wrapped about my dick, sucking and writhing, begging for my cum to flood her snatch.

What if I did make her pregnant? Did my wife really want me to breed a grandchild with our daughter? And what about Tiffany? Sure she enjoyed being fingered and she came hard in her sleep last night. But what if she would hate us when she found out? What if she told the police?

My wife and I could go to jail.

And that only made me harder. It was such a risk, exciting. It made my office work so boring. A humdrum existence keeping me from my true passion—fucking my daughter and wife together, having hot, incestuous threesomes.

My dick swelled hard again. I groaned, shaking my head. I was such a pervert. I couldn’t believe how disgusting I was. She was my daughter. I shouldn’t want to fuck her.

I shouldn’t.

But I did.

When I took my lunch, my phone hummed. It was a picture of my wife in our daughter’s bed wearing the very pair of sky blue panties my daughter wore last night. Her hand was shoved in them, clearly fingering herself.

“Can’t wait for tonight,” she wrote, the text accompanied by a winky emoji.

The next pic was my wife on her hands and knees, snapping the picture in our daughter’s closet door mirror. The panties were no pulled down my wife’s thighs, bunching near her knees. Her phone was positioned right next to her butt-cheek. Her other hand parted her cheeks, exposing her puckered sphincter.

“Soon you’ll have enjoyed all your women’s holes,” this text read. “Lucky dog.”

“Shit,” I muttered in the breakroom.

“What?” John, one of my coworkers, asked.

“Nothing,” I said, shaking my head. “Just my wife sending me pics.”

“Really?” he asked. “Can I see.”

“No,” I said, giving him a look. “I’m not showing you my wife.”

“I’ll show you mine.” A hungry light burned in his eyes.

“No.” I put my phone away, balled up my lunch bag, and tossed it into the garbage can.

“Come on. You’re wife is a fox.”

Yes, she was. A conniving fox loose in the henhouse and she was having so much fun.

She sent me several more teasing pics of her masturbating in our daughter’s bed and sniffing Tiffany’s dirty panties. Then Betty also admonished me not to masturbate myself. “You need to save your seed for our daughter.”

My cheeks burned. It was too much. My dick was an iron slab all day. It was so hard not to go and masturbate. I tried to focus on my boring work, but I sank back urla escort into my lust-filled daze, thinking of Tiffany’s slim, tight ass and how great it would be to fuck.


“How was work, dear?” my wife asked when I walked into the kitchen through the garage door. She was at the stove cooking stir fry.

“Long,” I told her. “And your pics didn’t help.”

“I know, I’m so wicked,” my wife giggled.

“What pics?”

I jumped. I hadn’t noticed our daughter at the kitchen table working on her school work. Her eyes danced with curiosity. She set her pencil down and leaned across the table. “What pics, Daddy?”

“Adult ones,” my wife smiled. “You have to keep your man interested and stimulated, honey. They’re dogs, honey, and you don’t want him sniffing at another woman’s ass. Not unless your with him.”

“Betty?” I groaned, hating how frank she was with our daughter.

“So you and Daddy have threesomes?”

“Only twice,” Betty smiled. “And with a very special, young lady. We’re getting together with her real soon. She’s giving your dad a sweet treat.”

“Anal?” my daughter asked.

I froze.

“Uh-huh,” my wife nodded. “Good guess.”

“The boys at school are always begging for anal,” my daughter frowned. “I said no. It sounds painful.”

“Oh, honey, it’s anything but if you have the right man and he gets you ready.”

“Ooh, that sounds wonderful.”

My dick was so hard. I cleared my throat. “I, um, I’m going to change. Get out of my work clothes.”

“Don’t be long,” my wife said. I understood her meaning. Don’t masturbate. “Dinner’s almost ready.”

“Okay, honey.” It was most unfair. She must have masturbated several times today.

When I came down stairs, my daughter asked me for help on her math homework. I sat beside her, smelling the flowery scent perfuming her body, unable to help my eyes glance at her halter top making a little mound of cleavage out of her small breasts.

Would I ever see her as only my daughter again? Did I want to go back? My cock didn’t. He was at full mast.

The evening followed the normal weekday routine of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, my wife and daughter both eager to guess the answers while I sat in my recliner, my eyes drawn to both my women. Both wore shorts, their legs gorgeous and long. Tiffany was blossoming into her mother’s ripeness. Then the news came on and Tiffany vanished to do teenager things—talk to her friends on Skype. Not sure why she had to, she spent the entire time watching TV with her phone in hand, her fingers moving at a blur and her phone constantly ringing and trilling with updates.

The news over, it was time for bed. Upstairs, Tiffany went through her evening routine. Betty made sure she took her medication. Tiffany rolled her eyes as she groaned, “Yes, Mom,” made my dick throb. Soon the fun would began.

When had I turned into this lecher waiting to prey on my daughter. I was supposed to protect her, make her safe, and yet I was eager to ream her ass while she slept. She was a drug, an incestuous intoxicant I couldn’t shake.

And neither could my wife.

“Mmm, she’s settling down,” my wife purred. “And I didn’t hear the door close. She’s eager for her Daddy to see all her charms. Do you think she has the courage to take off her panties.”

“After this morning?” I swallowed. “She had to know we were masturbating her, honey, not checking her.”

“I’m sure she did.” My wife sat on my lap, her ass wiggling. “She’s a bright girl. And did she object? No. She begged for her Daddy to finger her when Mommy finished. And we’re giving her what she wants, and she doesn’t even know it.”

We waited fifteen more minutes to make sure the medicine had taken effect. The entire time my dick ached beneath my wife’s great ass as she squirmed, her heat bleeding through the cloth. She was randy and ready to molest our daughter.

And so was I.

“It’s time,” I growled, unable to contain myself.

“Someone’s eager.” My wife licked her lips. “Mmm, yes, let’s go enjoy barely legal ass.”


My wife flew out of her clothing as she headed for the stairs, her naked ass shaking, her juices dripping down her sides. I caught glimpses of her bouncing tits as I followed, kicking my shorts off my feet and then ripping off my t-shirt.

My dick bounced before me.

Tiffany’s door was wide open this time, the moonlight streaming out into the dark hallway. My wife paused at the door, peering inside, smiling. She gave a wicked giggle and cocked her finger to me, inviting me to gaze at our daughter.

Tonight, Tiffany slept on half on her side and on her stomach, her torso twisted, her ass facing the door covered in a pair of pink panties that were a cross between a thong and a normal pair, the bottoms of her butt-cheeks fully exposed before the thin band of cloth widened into frilly cloth to circle her waist.

“Ooh, she’s wearing the cheekies I bought her for her birthday,” my wife grinned.


“That’s the style,” my wife said. “Naughty, huh? Didn’t have panties like that when I was her age.”

My wife grabbed my cock and led me into the room. My dick ached in her hand as I stared at the cloth dipping between the cheeks of Tiffany’s ass. In the dim light, I could see the beginning of her pussy, plump against the cloth vanishing between her thighs.

“Mmm, she’s such an angel. So innocent.” My wife let a depraved laugh. “She needs to be dirtied.”

My wife seized our daughter’s hips and pulled her down the bed a foot. Then she rolled our daughter fully onto her stomach. Lastly, my wife pushed a pillow beneath Tiffany’s stomach, elevating her cute tush.

My wife kissed the right cheek. “Mmm, she smells delicious. Come on, pull her panties down. Let’s enjoy her ass.”

“Yes, dear,” I panted, stumbling to the bed. I knelt between my daughter’s spread legs as my wife slid on the bed beside Tiffany.

I stroked up my daughter’s thighs, staring at the thin strip of cloth molded over her pussy. There was a dark spot.

An excited spot.

I leaned over, inhaling her sweet musk through her panties. I loved the scent. My wife purred her approval when my hands swept up our daughter’s ass and gripped the waistband. I tugged the cloth down. It rolled around the elastic waistband, the cloth rising from her butt-cheeks then parting from her sweet pussy. I pushed it down to around her mid-thighs, out of the way.

My wife’s finger shot between our daughter’s thighs. Tiffany let out a sleepy sigh as Betty stroked up and down the tight slit. Her finger dipped into Tiffany’s folds and came out glistening. My wife smiled and brought her finger between our daughter’s butt-cheeks. She wiped the moisture onto our daughter’s puckered sphincter.

“She’s going to love your cock fucking her there,” groaned my wife as she leaned down, licking her lips.

Then she licked our daughter’s sphincter.

I groaned and held our daughter’s butt-cheeks apart for my wife’s molesting tongue. Betty swirled around the puckered opening, bringing more sighs from our sleeping daughter. Her butt-cheeks clenched against my fingers and her hips wiggled.

Her sweet musk grew stronger.

“Mmm, I can smell her hot pussy,” my wife groaned between licks of our daughter’s asshole. “She’s getting juicy, giving us all the lube we need.”

My wife reached between our daughter’s thighs. Tiffany groaned again in her sleep when my wife penetrated her pussy. Betty kept tonguing our daughter’s ass as she drew her finger back to the sphincter. She shoved it deep into our daughter’s bowels, penetrating her depths, lubing her for the fun.

“Ooh, she is tight. You are going to love her, dear.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, licking my lips.

I leaned down. I had to taste my daughter again. I nuzzled my tongue through her forbidden slit. This time, my tongue penetrated deep into her pussy. No hymen protected her. I popped her cherry last night.

I fucked my tongue in and out of Tiffany’s young pussy. She moaned and sighed. I hoped her dreams were magical. Her hips shifted, pressing her pussy against my lips while my wife licked and fingered our daughter’s ass.

“Mmm, don’t lick up all her juices,” my wife purred, her finger sliding down to gather more juices. “She needs to be lubed.”

“They’re flooding out of her. She’s like her mother.”

“I know. Got a hot cunt. Good thing she has a pair of loving parents to help her out.”


My wife smiled at me. “Glad you’re getting into the spirit. We’re just giving our baby slut what she really wants—her daddy’s love.”

“Daddy,” my daughter sighed, her words slurred.

“She’s dreaming about you.”

“Better make them special.”

I pressed my mouth back into my daughter’s pussy as my wife continued her work stretching out our daughter’s asshole. She worked two fingers into Tiffany’s bowels, loosening and lubing her, preparing her for my cock.

Daddy’s cock.

My dick ached. I licked my daughter faster and faster. I found her clit and sucked into my mouth, delighting in the wonderful sighs. She squirmed more, her body responding even in sleep to our molestation.

“Oh, she’s getting relaxed,” moaned my wife. “Keep working on her, Phil. Make our baby slut cum so hard.”

I fucked my tongue into her daughter’s hole, savoring her flavor. Her walls clenched on me. She shifted and sighed. Her mother worked fingers faster and faster in and out of her asshole. It was so hot. My dick, the tip rubbing on my daughter’s bed, ached to fuck her. My balls boiled.

My daughter shuddered. Her pussy spasmed on my cock. She let out cute sighs and squeaks as her sleeping body came. I drank her juices as they flooded out of her pussy, luxuriating in them, happy I made my daughter cum.

“Ooh, yes, she loved that one,” groaned my wife.

“I bet she did.” I licked my lips, savoring her musk.

Betty pulled her fingers out of our daughter’s ass and moaned, “Shove two of yours in.”

I let go of my daughter’s asscheeks. Betty took over, keeping them pried apart. I shoved two thick fingers into her tight pussy. They were about as wide as my cock. I reamed in deep, letting her juices coat them. Then I brought them to her asshole and shoved them in.

“Oh, yes,” groaned our sleeping daughter. “Mmm, s’nice.”

My wife shuddered. She kissed me as I worked my fingers in and out of our daughter’s tight ass. I tasted sour musk on my wife’s lips as my fingers pumped deep into my daughter’s depths. Her ass was hot and velvety.

My cock had to fuck her.

I broke the kiss.

“It’s time?” my wife asked.

I nodded my head. “She’s loose. She can take my fingers.”

“Then she can take Daddy’s big cock,” my wife moaned. She shifted down the bed and then knelt before our daughter’s slumbering face. She grabbed Tiffany’s brassy hair. My wife guided our daughter’s face to her pussy. “Mmm, if you were awake, you would devour Mommy’s pussy like a good girl.”

“She would,” I moaned as my wife moved our daughter’s sleeping head up and down, my wife rubbing her hot snatch into Tiffany’s face.

I rose and straddled my daughter’s legs. I guided my cock to her pussy. I sank into her hot, molten depths for a moment, basting my cock. She was so tight and wonderful. I wanted to stay in her, but I stared at her butt. I had to violate her bowels. I had to fuck her ass.

“Yes, do it,” my wife moaned, her voice thick and throaty. “Ream the little slut’s ass. Our baby slut needs a big dick in her. You heard how excited she got when I mentioned the right man fucking her ass. It was you she was thinking of. Our daughter has it so badly for you. She’s a daddy slut. Fuck her ass.” My wife’s huge tit shook as she humped into Tiffany’s face. “Do it. I need to see you ream her.”

I pried our daughter’s butt-cheeks apart and stared at her sphincter. I pulled my dick out of her tight cunt. Juices dripped off my shaft. I slid it through her crack and found the puckered opening of her sphincter.

“Daddy’s going to fuck you so hard,” I groaned.

Tiffany sighed into her mother’s pussy.

“She wants it so badly,” my wife moaned. “She’s dreaming of you fucking her ass right now.”

My daughter’s sleepy whisper triggered my hips. They thrust forward. My dick pressed into my daughter’s sphincter. The puckered opening held off my cock longer than her hymen had. I groaned, my tip aching.

And then I popped in two inches.

Hot, tight, virgin ass gripped my cock. I growled, thrusting forward, savoring the rougher grip. Pleasure rippled up my cock. I drove deeper and deeper into her. I groaned when my groin pressed into her butt-cheeks and my ball rested against her taint.

“You’re balls deep into our daughter,” my wife gasped. The bed creaked as she humped our daughter’s face. “Now fuck her. Pound that ass. Make our daughter cum so hard.”

I leaned on my arms over my daughter, my face near my wife’s big tits. I drew back, groaning with every inch I slid. Agonizing bliss engulfed my cock. She was so tight, so hot, so amazing. My balls churned. I drew my cock back until the tip remained.

Then I sank in just as slowly. I savored violating my daughter’s asshole. Her forbidden bowels gripped my cock. Her tiny hips shifted. And her moans. Such sweet, wanton moans escaped her lips spurring me to keep fucking her.

She loved it.

“You’re fucking our daughter’s ass,” my wife gasped, her body shuddered. “Holy shit, yes. Mmm, keep fucking her. Let me know when you’re about to cum.”

“I will,” I panted. “I can’t stop fucking her. She’s amazing.”

“Uh-huh.” My wife’s eyes widened. “Oh, yes. Her lips…oh, god, that’s good. Mmm, yes. My baby’s lips are rubbing on my pussy. She’s making Mommy feel so good.”

My hips sped up their thrusting rhythm as I watched my wife buck and spasm. Her huge tits bounced before my face as pleasure crashed through my wife’s body. Her back arched. When she came hard, she squirted.

And she came hard.

“Yes, yes, yes, that’s Mommy’s juices. Oh, fuck, Phil. She’s amazing. Oh, I love her so much. This is the best. Oh, yes. Oh, fuck!”

“She is,” I panted, my cock aching in her tight grip.

My balls slapped into my daughter’s taint. The bed creaked in the familiar rhythm of sex. My daughter groaned and gasped as her bowels clenched and relaxed on my dick. She sighed my name, her words slurred by sleep.

As her ass relaxed I could fuck her faster and harder. My groin smacked into her butt-cheeks. I loved the sound. I savored it echoing through her room. My wife shuddered, regaining herself after her orgasm, her smile encouraging me to keep pounding our daughter’s bowels.

“Shit, she is so tight, Betty. So fucking tight. I can’t believe it. Oh, fuck. She’s taking all my cock up her ass.”

“She’s a baby slut,” panted my wife. “Mmm, yes. Keep pounding her. She’s moaning into my pussy. I feel each one. It’s so hot. Makes me so wet. I can’t wait to cum again.”

“I’m getting close,” I groaned, the friction building the pressure in my balls. “Fuck, I want to flood my cum in her asshole.”

“But that won’t get her pregnant,” moaned my wife. “You can’t breed your little girl by fucking her ass. You know that.”

“But…” I groaned. “You want me to pull out and fuck her pussy?”

Betty nodded her head.

“I need a cloth to wipe my cock off first.”

My wife shook her head.

“You want me to fuck my dirty cock into her pussy?”

She smiled and nodded her head.

“That’s so filthy,” I panted. My dick throbbed. I almost came just at the thought.

“Uh-huh.” My wife shuddered again. “Clean your dick off in our daughter’s pussy then flood her with your cum. Breed a baby into her. Do it!”

I groaned and ripped my dick out of my daughter’s asshole. I shifted positions and thrust it into her wet cunt. She was so tight, gripping me with her silk. I thrust hard, frantic, my balls smacking into her clit as her pussy walls washed my dick off.

The image seized me. Her pussy scrubbing her ass from my cock, cleaning it. My hips bucked so hard as my balls tensed. My face twisted. The frantic moment of no return hit me. I had to cum. Nothing would stop me.

“Yes, yes, cum in our daughter! Breed her!” My wife came hard, screaming loud enough to wake the neighbors.

My balls tensed. I drove into her depths. I unloaded. Blast after blast of my cum spilled into my daughter’s pussy. I grunted. My body shook. My fecund seed filled her fertile depths. I drove in deep, wanting my cum to get as close to her womb as possible.

“Fuck a grandchild into our daughter!” screamed my wife, gripped by her orgasm.

“Yes,” I groaned.

My daughter shuddered. Her pussy spasmed about my cock as she came. She milked me. I grunted, savoring her pussy pulsing around my dick, cleaning off the last of her ass and squeezing out the last of my cum.

“That’s it, baby,” I moaned. “You want Daddy’s child.”

“She does,” groaned my wife, slumping against the headboard. “So badly. Mmm, that was so hot.”

I nodded my head.

“Now we need to clean her up.” My wife giggled. “It will be such a surprise when she’s pregnant.”

“You are a wicked woman.”

My wife nodded her head.

My daughter shuddered and sighed a final time as her orgasm reached its peak. Then her breathing slowed as she settled into regular sleep. I smiled, loving her medicine. It was so potent to let her sleep through passionate sex.

Sleeping Beauty Syndrome may sound made-up, but I was glad my daughter had it.

To be continued…

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