SO’s “Vampire” – To – Demons

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Aidra Fox

The sheer physics of it were hard to describe, but as the three of them took position each of their throbbing cocks pressed together to push deep inside the swollen, hungry cunt. Princess Humblunt moaned deeply as she felt the three men push inside her all at the same time, spreading her wide, partially tearing her womanhood to the point of dripping blood. Another two of them took position behind her, forcing their bodies into place and their cocks deep inside her ass. Two holes, five cocks, and the princess was in bliss, being fucked like a toy by five of her servants all at the same time, her tits fucked by another, while she took turns filling her hands and mouth with several others standing nearby. Every man she could get ahold of was present, either balls deep inside her, being directly pleasured, or patiently waiting their turn. This had been going on ever since her father left the kingdom for reasons she never really cared to ask about, and the throne room was intense with the thick scent of sex and heavy, warm air of raw pleasure and body heat, not to mention extremely sticky and wet on just about every surface.

Every so often one of the men would shoot their thick, hot load inside Princess Humblunt or douse her skin heavily, leaving the princess so thoroughly slathered that just touching her would leave you filthy. By the time each of the men had finished destroying their toy they were so exhausted and drained that they hardly noticed the princess had gotten a little too eager and sunk two of her teeth into each of their shafts while she was sucking them dry. The princess was not specifically attempting to convert anyone, she had no concept of what she had become, she was simply acting out raw instinct and really enjoyed the taste of blood mixing with cum. After several days of her father’s absence the princess finally found herself fucked thoroughly to satisfaction, and at such point she found herself scarcely in the presence of one of her many servants; each of them was drained, completely exhausted, and in the process of becoming much the same as the princess herself.

The king had little understanding of what to expect of his kingdom as he traveled, but in his heart he feared of the potential carnage his supposed daughter would cause in his absence. He hoped that with the help of his new minions he would be able to purge the demons of the ring of ashes, and by doing so free his daughter of their influence, but he had no true way of knowing if that would work. In truth, the king was actually quite nervous about all of this, as though he had no lack of faith in his new minions he had never confronted demons on a field of battle before and had no real idea of what to expect. As the king traveled he came across the ruined, charred remains of once civilized locations more and more frequently, until soon he found himself at what could be described as ground zero; the Ring of Ashes.

“Oooo, so thees iz zeh ring uv ooshes?” “Zees iz wuht all zeh foos iz abowt?” “I do nuh see wuht iz sooch a big deeleo!” The Eggs Dozen seemed perplexed, underwhelmed by what they saw as they loomed high above the king. The king himself had been unsure of what to expect, but he expected a bit more than this. True, all before them stood a literal ring of ashen ruins so thick it could impede their movement, but there had been rumors of dark figures and lurking horrors that, at least at this time, were not making themselves known. Only an abandoned ruin of past blazes and dark forest beyond stood before the group, leaving them a bit deflated. “Oooooooo, I woonder wuht iz in zeh woohds?” “Moobee this iz where we find zeh doomens?” As the group made their way into the forest, the king was quite reluctant and tried to hold back, prompting the Eggs Dozen to question him. “Iz soomthing roong?” “Iz zeh koong a coowerd?” “Wuht a bootch he iz!” The king was enraged by such accusations, most of all because they were truthful and that hurt, but he also was offended because who talks about the king that way!? Alas, he had no way to speak against it, as they were his greatest hope of purging the demonic menace.

Just then, out of absolutely nowhere, a meteor-like explosion erupted from the trees just ahead, shattering wood shards in all directions. At the center of it burned an intense flame, rising and wisping wildly above the form of a burning, demonic corpse embedded into the center of the crater, its eyes wide in terror, staring lifelessly ahead with a gaping mouth. Such an event startled the king, excited the Eggs Dozen, and drew all of their attentions towards a fiery glow deeper within the dense forest. “Oooooo, it lewks like a wooman!” As they stared at the distant silhouette, clear as day to the Eggs Dozen but hopelessly blurry to the king, the flaming aura raged wildly, and soon the burning shape began storming directly towards them at alarming speed, setting the trees ablaze in its wake.

“Oootoooh, zeh woomans cooming!” The group was so fixated on the approaching flame they failed to notice the changes to their surroundings. All around them black horrors were emerging from the shadows, their hulking bodies tense and ready for action, their glowing eyes intense and burning with hunger. Each of these brutes were surrounded in a pair of large, arching bat wings, and with those wings numerous of them began to lift into the air and take flight. Several of these demonic beings took off at high speed directly towards the approaching inferno, while others had found new prey. The king found himself suddenly swarmed in lashing beasts, their black claws swiping and lunging, and were it not for the Eggs Dozen he would surely be dead. It was likely this very thing that saturated his pants so thoroughly in urine as he yelped and began to cower, but it was now that the might of his new minions finally showed itself.

Each of the Eggs Dozen had a perfectly rounded, egg-shaped human head, completely free of any hair and flawless of blemishes and wrinkles, their faces a strangely lifeless expression of joy frozen in place, almost as if they were living theater masks. From the head extended a long, flesh red neck that extended into a matching body, a wriggling mass of extensive limbs resembling large nerves. Their arms were tipped by white hands, formed of what appeared to be porcelain fragments arranged into clawed fingers, and across their nerve-like bodies were various matching fragments of porcelain-like pieces, each Egg different from the others, as if a porcelain statue once contained the lot of them and exploded outward as if they had come from within. To be honest, the lot of them left the king quite unsettled and all around nervous, but something about the Eggs Dozen filled him with confidence and outweighed the nerves.

As each of the demons lunged out at the king, ignoring the Eggs as if they could not even see them, the nearest Egg would lash its nerve-like arm towards the demon and embed several nerve-like tendrils deep inside its evil form, contorting it with agony and forcing it to writhe uncontrollably in pain. Whenever one of the Eggs would do something like this subtle traces of electrical current would surge throughout their bodies and a vague, pale blue glow would emerge from somewhere deep within them and pour from their lifeless eyes. No matter how many of the demons the Eggs would brutally slaughter in this manner all the fiends could do was panic in bewilderment, none so much as looking directly at their attacker and none ever making an attempt to defend itself more than an occasional aimless swipe of a claw. Soon the king stood in a circle of slain demons, his eerie minions rising high above their victims in victory.

Burning impacts and loud booms erupted from the forest as the approaching flame clashed with the demons that had met with her, the charred remains of fiends slamming into the ground as burning trees shattered into explosions of wood splinters in every direction. Now close enough for even the king to see, the burning figure was clear as day. A savage, wild-haired woman of hulking size stood tall amongst the ruined flames, her dark hair lashing the air like cinder whips reaching out to spank a naughty bottom. The horrific yet beautiful amazon’s eyes burned with an intense heated glow, and soon those eyes made their way to the group standing at the entrance of the forest. A booming voice tore through the air like a blast of thunder, the burning woman’s tone demanding to know who they were and what they were doing here. The king told the truth, he was here to purge these lands of demons, and to Titania this was adequate, if also a bit suspicious. The wild woman lifted one of her prey off the ground, its hulking body, dwarfed by Titania herself, hanging limp like a ragdoll as she çeşme escort sunk her teeth into its throat. The warm, orange blood rushed down her throat and pooled in her mouth, overflowing her lips as her terrifying eyes glared upon the king. In truth, she much preferred the taste of human, but she knew better than to mess with royalty, especially in such close proximity to her home.

Tearing the demon’s throat free, Titania lifted the mutilated fiend skyward and poured the blood directly into her mouth before discarding the remains behind her. “Why come so far? No royalty left here.” Titania’s mighty frame moved closer, her eyes still glowing bright like fire as burning embers peppered her skin, and regardless of if she knew of the Eggs’ presence or not she ignored them as she grabbed one of the demon corpses nearest the king, lifted it up, and repeated her previous feeding only a few feet away from him. The Eggs took guard but remained passive, watching the beast woman’s every movement and taking moments to glance at one another as they analyzed her. The king was terrifying of Titania, moreso than he had been of anything he saw previously, and yet some part of him deep down was strangely aroused in a way he had never known. As he watched this titan of a woman guzzling down the fiend’s blood, her powerful body slightly sinking into the Earth beneath from its weight, he barely managed to tell her of his plight. “So these demons spread beyond our lands? Brother’s fault, he brought the demons. Daughter sounds pretty, need help saving her?” This beast of a woman frightened the king, more than any demon ever had, but if she could be an ally it would be a strong asset. Besides, if she tried anything the Eggs Dozen would deal with her, what could possibly go wrong?

Once the king built up the nerve he started to ask Titania questions; who was she? Where did she live? What did she know of this place? It would have gotten on the woman’s nerves had she been listening to half of it, but she did tell him enough to get him to go quiet. She told him that her brother had used magic to bring someone back that had been killed by his own and he used the powers for revenge. The man’s child was the first demon, and with that first demon came other lesser fiends. She told him that ever since the lands were burned and abandoned her family claimed what was left, ruling over the ashen wastes, and now that the fiends roamed it was causing problems for them as well. Some of these things seemed familiar to the king, matching legends he had heard all his life though not quite perfectly. He could see why somebody could mistake somebody like this titan of a woman as a demon, so it made sense nobody knew of her family living there. Maybe they liked the rumors, it probably kept unwanteds away. Fortunately it would be more than easy enough to raid the lands and take it from them once this was all over, and as long as the Eggs Dozen dealt with Titania herself they would never see the invasion coming.

The king made mention of slaying the first demon, believing all of this would go away and his daughter would be freed if he did so, but this was met with disapproval. “First demon isn’t the problem. Problem is the gate. When the first demon was born a gate opened and demons came out. We thought it would close if the demon died. Not so.” The king stared, pondering her words in bewilderment, asking for confirmation on if they had really killed the first demon, and if so how? “I ate it.” The king took a deep and audible gulp, shivering at the thought and realizing he wasn’t sure how much more he even wanted to know. He did ask where the gate was, and if she had any idea how to close it, but he got little more than that it was somewhere in their home. That’s when he got the idea; priests! They had plenty of priests back at home, and even though they had not taken him seriously before it was a lot more likely now, especially if they brought one of the demons back. Titania agreed to this, offering to allow him to take one fiend back as proof and where to meet her when they returned. She had no interest in traveling on an errand to a place full of priests, but if it would help purge their lands of the gate, bringing a few back seemed worth the risk. Besides, she had never tasted the blood of a priest before, and with how cowardly the king was and all he had seen she very much doubted if he would be with the returning party. Each of the parties parted ways to return to their respective homes.

As the king took his first steps into his own kingdom after his long journey he was immediately met with a horrible feeling. The streets seemed empty, completely devoid of life with the scarce exception of a rat or a bird, and the scent of blood filled the air. On closer inspection every surface of the kingdom seemed as if it had a vague red tint, as if stained from once being drenched in blood, and small pools of blood still remained in pits, cracks, and crevices to confirm such suspicions. The deeper he traveled the thicker and heavier he found the blood’s presence to grow, and soon he began to find bizarre red strands of what looked to be flesh stretched all across the palace grounds. Each time he touched such strands horrific screams could be heard from all around by unseen forces, and the deeper still he traveled the more of the strands he found. Though he attempted to avoid the strands he came across, the king soon found himself unable to take a step without being surrounded in screams of terror, as strands covered nearly every surface and stretched across halls, walls, and floors almost like spiderwebs.

Soon the king found himself on his way to the great hall, and the closer he grew the more he swore that through the tortured and agonized screams he began to hear moans of pleasure from deep within. When he found himself standing at the door leading into the hall itself, the sounds were so loud they seemed vaguely familiar, like a voice he had heard moaning this way before. Hesitating, the king used his royal dagger to cut through the nerve-like threads stretched across the door sealing it shut, agonizing screams that chilled the king’s soul flooding from all around but most heavily from the room ahead, ripping them free and forcing the doors open. What he witnessed inside was something beyond any nightmare he had ever before imagined.

Coating every single surface of the great hall were layers of gore so thick you would have no idea what material lay beneath, sticky and oozing blood like syrup wrapped in countless lines of fleshy strands. Wrapped and constricted violently by the strands were their very sources, countless royal servants torn and mangled, the strands their very nerves pulled and extended in some bizarre, unnatural way. Each of them were deathly pale, gaunt with sunken black eyes and hardly a scrap of life within them, screaming and writhing in torment whenever so much as a slight breeze crossed their exposed nerves. Amongst all the carnage and horror, amongst each of the brutalized victims, there was not a single corpse to be found; they were all kept deliberately alive. The king could not prevent himself from immediately wretching at the sight, his mind flooded with so many thoughts and emotions not a single one was coming through clearly, and as he tried to compose himself one thing throbbed louder in his mind than any other; the pleasured moans, they were so familiar, and with a glance towards the throne he understood why.

Sitting in the throne was Prince Humblunt, the king’s often neglected and forgotten son, stripped completely nude and driving himself deep inside the barely alive marionette of his sister, strung up by her own nerve strands and so openly torn and exposed she hardly resembled a living thing. Princess Humblunt screamed in agony with each motion of her brother’s hips, her body all but deceased from the horrific mangling that had been done to her, and only suffering seemed to remain conscious in her mind. The prince moaned as he fucked his sister’s body, his hands exploring every bit of skin he could find intact and occasionally amusing himself by tearing at the torn bits. Though it was clearly the prince, there was something beyond his uncharacteristically cruel behavior that seemed very off, and that’s when he looked at his father. His voice was strange, unlike the prince yet familiar still, and he welcomed his father in a mocking and sinister tone. Beyond all the horrors he was enduring the king could not get his mind off of that voice, and as he watched his son mock him while fucking the princess it dug in deeper and deeper until finally something clicked; “Were the Dozen all you needed? Were they to your satisfaction?” The voice… it was the voice from the waterways, the Bhad-gei… The prince was possessed.

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