Spring Break: Final

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I shouted “get on your knees, now”. Derek just stood there and looked at me until a smacked him on his ass, as hard as possible. He sort of buckled at the knees a little when I went to smack him again he hurried to do what I asked. I kissed him to make up for it but I smacked him on his ass again to make sure he did what I told him next time. I don’t know what got into Brian because he was bold enough to put his dick up to Derek’s mouth, so I pushed Derek’s head, egging him to put it in his mouth. He looked up at Brian like you better be worth it as he opened his mouth so Brian’s hard 7 inches of pleasure can enter. I spreaded Derek’s legs apart as I kissed his neck down his back and made it to his part between his hole and sack. Derek body quivered as he moaned as my tongue went back and forth between his hole and cock teasing his balls with my mouth. I looked up to see how Brian was doing up there and he seemed to be loving all of what Derek’s mouth had to offer as he started to face fuck Derek at a faster pace. But then I grow tired of being under Derek so I slide behind him placed the head of my cock against his hole as I slowly jerked him off. I looked at Donna as she played with herself and she nodded to tell me to keep going as her head fell backwards in the chair as she started to finger herself faster. Brian placed his hand on my head and kissed me and before he pulled away he said “fuck the shit out of him”. So I eased my cock into him and as soon as I was all the way inside of him, with every stroke I did in and out of him it was harder than the last one. Then I stopped, we both kissed Brian’s dick while it was in his mouth. I jerked him off even faster as I left a trial of kisses from one side of his neck to the next as I started to fuck him as hard and fast as possible.

I closed my eyes as I fucked him as best I could. Derek started to moan louder and louder. I opened my eyes as Brian was even louder as he placed both hands on Derek’s head to face fuck him as he came in Derek’s mouth and collapsed on the bed. It must have really been some of the best Brian ever had because he looked stuck in the moment as he still was oozing boat loads of cum. Basically, the way I felt when Derek gave me head the first time. Donna seemed to be getting off on it more than we were because her fingers went faster and faster as she seen Brian cum in Derek’s mouth. As I still was going in and out Derek, he moaned “wait… I’m… no…J stop, it’s”. So I covered his mouth with my free hand as he came all over the floor and my hand. He squirted cum at least 2 feet away! Derek seemed to be lost for breath and words as I continue to fuck him and jerk him off. But it was in no time as I felt his cum hit my hand I started to cum inside of him. I squirted every drop I could inside of him as I stopped jerking him off so I could keep my strength because my body felt weak. Even though Derek ruined my orgasm by saying “get these cuffs off me now, it’s time for me to show you how to fuck somebody”. So I just ignored him as I pulled out of him while I kept my eyes on Donna who was over there looking so lonely.

I got up and went to her, kissed her as she would me, then picked her up from the couch still holding our kiss. I laid her on the bed in front of Derek and he wasted no time sticking his tongue inside of her. Brian kissed her as I sucked on her nipples and played with her breast. Then Brian pinned her hands to the bed as she moaned as Derek ate her like he never was going to again. And it seemed like hours but when Donna came she came hard as her legs shook like I never seen before and she moaned “damn, fuck me” in a seductive voice. We all just looked at each other and I said “who’s up for round 2”. Donna said “damn can I at least come down from my orgasm high before you push on”. I laughed and said “my bad, I’m sorry” as I undid the cuffs on Derek. Brian said “how about a shower or bath”. I smacked Derek on his ass again and said “lead the way”. We all piled in the shower together and immediately Donna started with million in one questions to Brian. Like how we met, how long has he known me, sakarya escort what’s his major, and about his family. I said “damn detective Donna, what’s with all the questions”. Donna smirked and said “I want him to join our little circle, because if he can fuck the way he kisses he needs to be here”. Then she went right back to asking Brian with all the questions “Brian are you a bottom, top, or verse and which one do you prefer”. Brian just looked at her as I said “watch out he might lie to get his way”. Derek said the funniest “ooooooooohhhhhhhhh” like in the movies or something.

That started a whole new conversation of what’s been happening the last couple days. Which lead us to just sitting around in an empty tub for the longest time. I sort of just checked out because Donna and Brian turned into some gossip girls. I looked at the clock to see it was almost 11 and which meant they were talking for 2 HOURS. Then I noticed Derek started jerking off, I thought to myself “why not” so I started jerking off. But big bad Brian over there smacked my arm and said “save it, remember what the deal was”. Donna didn’t even know what the deal was and said “can I watch”. Since I was tired of them talking I said “sure” and I grabbed Brian by the arm helping him out the tub and out the bathroom. I pushed him into the bedroom; he looked at me like I was a wild man. So I picked him up and ever so gently placed him in the bed. Then handcuffed his hands to the center bar of their headboard, Brian was trying to say something but as soon as he opened his mouth I said “shut up”. I kissed him as I sled my body on top of his and spreaded his legs apart. He broke our kiss and said “remember gentle, no more stitches”. I kissed him just slightly and said “I’ll do as I please”. I put his legs together on my right shoulder as I placed the head of my cock on the outside of his hole; Brian took a deep breath as I glided into him slowly as possibly. Brian said “uncuff me”, I ignored him and decided to go faster but as I started to go faster Brian looked me in the eye and said “J stop and undo these handcuffs now”. Looking confused I said “what’s wrong, I’m not even being rough” as I took the hand cuffs off. Brian didn’t respond until I got close to his face. He put his hands over his face and said “get out of me J”. “Tell me what’s wrong and then I do it” I said. With his hands still over his face he said “do you even want me in your life, do you even like me, you never exactly said the words to me, and you just went around the subject like you didn’t want to answer the question”. I pushed his hands on the bed and pinned them there as I looked him in his eyes, Brian was actually looking like he was about to cry. So I told him how I felt “I’m confused about how to go about our relationship, I definitely want you I’m my life. How about we date for awhile so we can get to know each better and for our relationship to grow”. Brian just looked at me and pounded on my chest yelling “get out of me” then he pushed me on the floor to get up and run to the bathroom. Donna, Derek, and I were stuck and confused at what just happen as they asked me what was going on, since we were just having a good time.

As usual Donna being the pace maker, she pointed at the door and said “go fix whatever it is”. I wanted to tell her, if I knew what it was, I would. But I went into the bathroom and Brian was sitting on the sink looking at his toes, crying. I went over and put my arms around him, I didn’t say anything; I just wanted him to stop crying and tell me what’s wrong so I can fix it. Then he finally said “J do you really have feelings for me or am I just apart of the list of persons you fuck”. I picked his head up as I said “did you not listen to the stories I told you yesterday about Donna and Derek. Did you understand when I told you we should move this relationship beyond sex? Even though all of this is weird but I do have feelings for Donna, Derek, and this crazy person who keeps looking at his toes. But at the same time if you’re going to be in my life we are gonna have to take it a regular pace of dating and then if a sakarya escort bayan normal relationship comes from that then it will happen in its own time”. I guess I said something right because Brian kissed me as he got down off the sink, caressing my dick in his hand and as we re-entered the bedroom where everyone else was. Brian fell on the bed and said “fuck me now and I want that shit rough”. I was ready to ask him was he really ready but instead I just ever so gently kissed his lips as I laid on top of him grinding my semi-soft cock against his hole. Then I had a change of heart as I pulled away from him and got up and said “that’s go, were going home to talk, get dressed”. Everyone looked confused like everything was just okay what the hell is going on now. I told Donna and Derek “call you later to explain” as I followed the trial of clothes back downstairs picking up Brian’s and I clothes.

When we got back to my house I sat on the first thing I seen, which was the kitchen island. I looked at Brian and said “what is it that you want, look me in my face and tell me what you want”. He walked over to me and said “right now all I want is your dick inside me” as he undid my belt buckle. I pushed him away as I said “then afterwards when you feel some type a way”. Brian reached to finish undoing my belt and jeans, since I figured he wasn’t going to answer my question I lifted myself off the counter so that he can pull my jeans and underwear off. He took my shirts off and finally my socks, as I sat there completely naked he said “that’s what I want, that’s all I need right now”. Brian lifted my legs up and spit on my hole, I jumped because his spit was cold. He dipped his tongue inside of me like it was his cock. He tongue fucked my hole and it was the best thing on earth as I told him “faster bitch faster”. It felt like he moved heaven and earth when his tongue was inside me. But without warning he pulled away from me and shoved his cock into me. Brian just left it there and looked at me as he slowly pulled out of me and slammed back into me. Then he just went out of control by placing his hands on my shoulders and going faster as he held my shoulders tight. I moaned loud “damn, do it, damn”. And again without warning because he just started, he came inside me with every thrust he pumped into me he squirted everything he had inside of me. If you only knew how disappointed I was BUT I didn’t show it. I made it seem like those 20 strokes was the best as he laid his head on my chest and told me “you’re the best, J, you’re just the best”. I suggested we go take a shower and he agreed as he was still out of breath. We walked upstairs to shower and finished, I put on some underwear and lotion. It was just silent, mainly because I was trying to figure out what to say to him but he also looked like he had something to say but didn’t know how to say it. I laid across my bed as he watched television, thinking I should say something but what was the point.

Brian finally broke the silence to say “how does your house stay so clean, when I never seen you clean anything”. I turned my head away from him with a look of disgust and said “Maria our maid lives on the first floor, she very quite like a mute and when everyone leaves she cleans the house”. He yelled back “what the fuck, she could have seen us fucking dude”. I couldn’t even give him a reply because I was ready for him to go. Brian came over to me and laid on the edge of my bed and put his head on my lower back. He said “J what’s wrong, what can I do to make this situation better. I can’t take you being silent, say something; hit me or something”. With my face placed in a pillow and as I pointed at the couch I said “go back over there and sit on the couch, is the only thing I want from you at the moment, please AND thank you”. Brian kissed my lower back a couple of times and tried to pull down my underwear but I kicked him on the floor. He yelled “dude, what the fuck is wrong with you”. Again I didn’t reply, I just laid there until I fell asleep, it was around 2 in the morning so who wouldn’t be sleepy.

Then the irritation escort sakarya of being woken up by someone who you’re mad at is unbelievable. Brian kissed my forehead and my right cheek; I felt like I wanted to get up and stab him in the throat. But the smell of breakfast made me just open my eyes to see him standing there naked as usual and again having the fancy tray with my favorite foods on it. He tried to kiss my lips but I turned the other way. So Brian just sat the tray down on the edge of the bed and went to sit down on the couch. Skipping to me finishing up eating and actually getting dressed, Brian just sat there like some sad puppy dog. So I explained what was going to happen today. Which was, he was going to call home and tell his parents he was on his way and can they send him money for him to get there. He didn’t even try to fight it or anything like that, so I knew it was definitely time for him to go. Around noon I dropped him off at the airport and even then he just had a stuck confused face like this isn’t really happening.

After that I felt oh so free, so I went to Z to workout. My mission was to have sex with one of the Asian twins but they were nowhere to be found. So I worked out, got a massage, ate, and text Derek asking him can I come over when he gets home from work. When I got to Donna and Derek house their maid and cook was already leaving. Derek was there in the living room waiting and after he told me about his bad day at work, I explained what happened between Brian and I. Derek just sat there looking at me as he rubbed my thigh and said “I knew he was trouble, J stay away from people like that” as he grabbed my cock through my jeans and kissed me. I pushed him down into the couch and said “allow me”. I took off my shirts, my jeans and socks. Then I mounted Derek to kiss him as I unbuttoned his shirt. Derek broke our kiss and started kissing my neck and he bit my ear and whispered “fuck me, hard daddy, I’m yours”. I felt like I was in control over the world as I finished undressing him. I laid him down on the couch and laid on top of him as we kissed. I allowed myself to fall in between his legs as he wrapped them around me, along with his arms, making sure I couldn’t go anywhere. Derek broke our kiss again and “J just take it, I want to feel you inside me”. With his instructions I placed my hard cock on the edge of his hole as he whispered “yes” in my ear ever so slightly. So I continued to go deeper until I was all the way inside of him as I kissed his neck. I wanted sensual sex, so everything I did was with passion. Derek moaned with every stroke in and out of his willing hole. As I broke free from his grip, I pinned his hands over his head on the arm of the couch. Every time I slowly went into him I made sure slam my cock into him as I kissed every part of him I could reach. Derek’s face was priceless as he moaned uncontrollably with every thrust I did inside of him. It just felt right being inside of him and he must have felt the same because his body vibrated under mine. Then he moaned a little louder and pushed his head back and in deep breaths in between he said “I…I… I’m almost…. about…to cum…. a little….. faster… J”. So a little faster I went and in no time he squeezed his eyes shut and he bit his bottom lip as his body got warm and his hole got tighter, I felt him cum on his abs and chest. Derek squirted out a big load as he moaned softly. It felt like it lasted forever that he was in cloud nine, his body felt the best under mine. When he opened his eyes he took a deep breath and said “I never felt that before” as he looked at me strangely. But I couldn’t hold on any longer, so I kissed him as I did my last thrust inside of him as I came inside of him. Derek whispered in my ear “you’re the best” as we laid there just enjoying each other’s company until Donna finally came home. Derek was excited to explain to her what happen.

Until the end of my vacation and even when I was back in my dorm sharing it with Brian I still go and visit Donna and Derek three times out the week. Brian still tries every now and then but I wouldn’t give him the time a day if my life depended on it. The only thing I could give him was advice on how to treat the next person who comes into his life because I was happy with Donna and Derek

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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