Straight Guys Can Fuck Ch. 4

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Alison Brie

My heart beat as I stepped into the Tamson house for the first time in almost a year. My parents followed behind me and I greeted Mr. and Mrs. Tamson warmly.

“Ryan’s in his room.” Mrs. Tamson told me, and taking in the information, I headed out of the kitchen and down the hall to Ryan’s room, which was the only one on the first floor. His sisters shared a room across from his parents up on the second floor.

I pushed open the door and saw Ryan sitting on his bed in his infamous baby blue Tar-heels jersey and basket ball shorts playing playstation. He turned his head to the door as I walked in.

“What’s up Cuz?” He asked as I came in and went towards his desk chair by the bed.

“Nothing much.” I replied.

It had been almost 2 months since our exciting weekend at my house with our parents away on vacation, Ryan had turned 19 that month and I was on my way to it in a few more months.

I sat down into the chair and began watching him play a basket ball game on the playstation. While he played laying on his stomach on his bed facing the TV I checked out his body wondering if he’d been working out double time since I’d last saw him or something. His arm muscles seemed to be more impressive then usual in his sleeveless jersey. I scoped out his tight ass through the material of the basket ball shorts and felt myself begin to get hard just thinking of our weekend 2 months ago.

“You want to play?” He offered.

“Nah that’s all right.” I declined. He continued playing for a while longer until his door behind us slid open. Mrs. Tamson poked her head into the room.

“Okay guys, we’re going out for some drinks, we won’t be out too late!” She informed us. We said our good byes and then listened as our parents left the house and pulled away in my dads car. Suddenly in the middle of his game Ryan reached up and shut the playstation off turning to me.

“Let’s fuck Cuz.” He said calmly. Taken off guard my heart suddenly began pounding with anticipation. Before I could reply, Ryan was in front of me at the chair pulling off my shirt exposing my boyish chest. He then pulled his tank top off showing off his rippled six pack and defined pecks. My eyes drifted down to his shorts and bugged out of my sockets at the sight of the tent formed in them. It was giant.

“Holy shit!” I blurted out. He looked down at the bulge in the gym shorts and smirked.

“Yeah you want to see something impressive!” He boasted and reached down pulling off his shorts and boxers at one time and kicking them away, my eyes remained fixed on the giant bobbing member before me. Ryan was nothing to scoff at before in that area at maybe even eight inches. That was nothing though, compared to this.

It was twice as thick as before at least and at least two and a half inch longer. I stared at the largest cock I’d ever seen anywhere. “Holy shit! How the Hell did you…” I trailed off losing my train of thought as I stared at my best friends pulsing enormous cock.

“Actually it wasn’t that xslot giriş hard! I ordered this kit off the Internet that came with pills and a penis pump, I’ve been using it daily for three weeks now.” He explained casually. “It also increased my sex drive! I orgasm harder and longer now, and I can go for three or four orgasms at a time.” He continued explaining my mouth dropped. “Now take off your pants and let me fuck the shit out of you Mark!” He demanded. I gulped, but how could I say no to him.

I stood up and pulled down my shorts, embarrassed by the now very small size of my cock compared to his.

“Get on the bed!” He commanded. I followed his orders and laid on the bed.

He went to his desk drawer for a moment and pulled out a bottle of lubrication. He squirted a large amount into his hands. He reached down rubbing the cold liquid around my asshole and then inserting a lubed finger into it. He got onto the bed beside my head and stuck his fat hog of a prick in my face rubbing the swollen head of it over my cheek. He ran it over my lips and I opened my mouth licking at it. He pulled it away.

“Beg for me to put it in your fucking mouth Mark!” He commanded. Holding his mammoth member away from my open mouth.

“Please Ryan, put it in my mouth!” I pleaded.

“Beg!” He ordered again.

“PLEASE! SHOVE YOUR COCK IN MY MOUTH” I begged. He complied and jammed it forward. Even with my mouth wide open I had a hard time fitting any of it in my mouth. It was a tight fit but I got my mouth around his head and he slid a few more inches in. Not even halfway in, my mouth was full. I licked around at the fat head in my mouth and Ryan began bucking his hips slowly.

“That’s right! But you want more don’t you Mark?”

I shook my head yes. He pushed more in until his giant penis was now touching the back of my throat and still not all the way in. He pulled back and then slammed back jamming his head into the back of my throat. Unmercifully he continued violently mouth fucking me. I almost gagged a few times kept on taking the intense mouth fuck.

I reached up and grabbed his tight ass cheeks, pushing him by the ass deeper down my throat until I almost gagged. He continued pulling in and out faster and faster and moaning loudly.

“Get ready for my Cuuuuuum!!!” He warned in a long scream before shoving his fat hog as far as it would fit and stopping. I felt him convulse and his giant member pulse. With a groan I felt the first jet stream hit the back of my throat harder then anything has ever hit back there before. Another glob of his hot liquid followed, and then an even bigger one after that. Ryan’s entire body was shaking as his cock continued to spew his seed into my throat. Finally he pulled out and still more liquid sprayed over my face and chest. He let out another groan as I fought through the cum in my throat for air.

Just as I got, a breath Ryan was commanding me more. “Now lift your legs in the air and spread xslot them wide!”

I did as Ryan positioned himself between my legs and let them rest down at the kneecaps on his broad shoulders. I felt his swollen dick head touch my lubed asshole and my heart began to beat faster.

“I’m going to fuck that asshole so hard!” He exclaimed and with out any further warning slammed into me. I felt as if I were being ripped in half as his giant cock head struggled to push into my anal passage. After all the cock I started taking in my ass that summer on the vacation, I was beginning to get used to the feeling, but not even that prepared me for his now giant fuck pole.

“Come on get in that tight hole!” He urged as he continued to push. Finally with a pop his head pushed it’s way into my ass and I felt myself stretch to the limit as he began filling me. He pushed himself in as far as he could go and stopped. His balls didn’t even touch my ass yet and I was full.

“Shit that hurts!” I exclaimed wincing at the pain of the intense pressure in my ass.

Then Ryan was pulling out and shoving himself back in slowly. He continued stretching me to the limit with pump after pump of his enhanced man meat. I had never felt so full in my life. I looked up at Ryan’s face. Gritting his teeth, sweat was forming all over his face. Still pumping his hips and moving his fat cock in and out, he began badmouthing me. It only contributed arousing me further.

“Look at you, you little bitch! My fucking prick is so huge I doesn’t even fit all the way in your little hairless ass!” He shouted at me, still pushing in and out at a constant relentless pace. The enhanced size of his member seemed to greatly effect his already high self-confidence. His arrogance made me insanely horney.

“I bet you feel like I’m gonna rip your ass in two I’m so fucking huge! Get off you’re fucking back and take it from behind bitch!” He demanded sweat now glistening off his entire body. Grabbing me by the waist he turned me over off my back, his enormous sex tool still impaling me. I pulled myself up onto my hands and knees and felt Ryan’s hands grab my shoulders.

“Take it all in!” He shouted and with one insanely hard thrust, I felt myself stretch even more past the limit. Then finally when I thought his cock head could be coming up out of my open mouth, I felt his pubic hair scratch off my ass crack. I had taken him all in.

“There you go bitch!” He said, halting the pounding of my ass when he saw that I had taken in his entire pole. I waited impatiently for the ass pounding I so badly craved to continue.

“Do you want me to slam the shit out of you bitch!?” he asked arrogantly.

“Oh God please yes!” I begged.

“How bad do you want pounded?” He questioned.

“So bad! Please slam me!” I pleaded.

With that I felt as he pulled his rigged dick out until only his head remained inside of me, and then buried it forcefully to the hilt. He repeated the process again, and quickly began picking up pace.

“Do you like that bitch?”

“HARDER!” I screamed.

He replied with a slam that smacked his sweaty balls right into my ass with a loud slap. Repeatedly his balls slammed into my ass cheeks as I felt myself being stretched and un-stretched over and over. Each slide in and pull out sent a shiver of pleasure up my spine as Ryan continued relentlessly slammed into me, holding me by the shoulders forcing himself into me harder.

I began bucking my hips into him to cause the assault on my ass to be harder and faster, my teeth clenched, I fucked like a mad man.

Then Ryan stopped again, with him still inside me, he flipped me back onto my back and holding tightly onto my legs pushed me backward off the bed. Soon my head neck and shoulders rested on the floor as Ryan held me upside down beside his bed with his cock pointed straight down into me.

Pushing my legs forward so that my knees drew closer to my face, Ryan forced my own engorged penis was pointing in my face. Then he began pounding downward into me while in the standing position and I immediately realized what he was doing.

“Ooooh GOD! That’s incredible!” I breathed out. Ryan’s cock now entering me in a position that worked my prostate like crazy. In and out in and out I felt my cock begin to twitch as my prostate was worked.

“You like that?! You gonna cum?!” He teased as he continued pushing down into me and pulling back out. I began moving my hips in all directions now working his mammoth cock.

“Oooooh SHIT!” I yelped as I felt my balls tighten and cock spasm. With out touching it my cock had swelled and I was about to blow with it pointing right down at my face.

One more forceful slam into me and I shot my load out of my cock in hot hard sprays that hit me in the cheek, forehead, chin and even in my mouth.

“Yeah cum on your fucking face bitch!” Ryan exclaimed as he kept his giant member still buried as far as it could go, I felt it expand even more and then my ass was filled with his hot liquid. So much filled my stretched anal passage that it oozed out and slid down my ass crack and all over my cock. Finally spent, he pulled out and fell sitting on the floor with his back against his bed.

Spent, or so I thought. I flipped off my shoulders and head and lay in a sweaty and sticky cum mess on the floor. I looked at Ryan’s still hard and giant unreal cock.

“I still need to blow again. Jack me off!” He demanded. Exhausted, I pulled myself and rested my head on his thigh. I reached up and wrapped my hand barely around his erect pole. I began jacking him up and down with one hand, and slid the other under his hairy hard ass. He lifted his cheek and I slipped two fingers into his sweaty asshole.

Pushing and rubbing at his prostate, I continued moving up and down on his cock.

“Shit! Work it!” He moaned. I continued rubbing at his prostate and jacking him together. Ryan threw his head back and then erupted like a volcano all over his chest, my hand and my face.

When he finally finished convulsing He relaxed again and I watched as his penis finally began to deharden. Completely covered in cum I began my final task of licking both of us clean.

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