Sudden Change of Plans

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It was just another night hanging out for Jenny and Mike. They had known each other forever, and it had never been a big deal for her to go across the street to his house and hang out. Both of their parents trusted them together implicitly; they had been friends since before elementary school, nothing was going to happen.

They were in the den. It was half a floor up from the living room and off to the side. It wasn’t private, but it was where Mike typically had his computer set up to stream movies online, in front of an old sagging couch.

The two teens were both single, for reasons neither of them could put a finger on. She was mostly slim, though she’d put on her freshman fifteen a year early. Her breasts hadn’t yet filled in, and her face was still a war between acne and freckles. Mike had gone out for sports a couple times, but he was always the heavy-set one on the team. Maybe he would’ve been on the football team if their school had one.

Puberty really hadn’t changed their friendship all that much. For a while they tried to set each other up, but things kept trailing off after a couple dates. Eventually they both just ran out of options at the local high school. Now 18, Jenny and Mike were both biding their time to go off to universities out of state and meet whole new groups of people. But until then, it was just another quiet night in the air conditioned den.

They had just finished watching the latest romantic comedy. Jenny turned to Mike and asked, “What do you want to do now?”

And then Mike leaned in kiss her. The idea hadn’t really occurred to him until that moment.

Jenny saw Mike’s face moving toward hers, his eyes half-closed, his lips yearning for hers. Startled, she pulled her face away from his. “Mike, what are you doing?” she asked.

He stammered for a moment. He instantly regretted the idea. Jenny saw the disappointment on his face, and her mind caught up to what was happening. Mike had really been trying to kiss her. And she knew him well enough to know he didn’t settle for someone he wasn’t enthused about.

Changing her mind, she asked, “Were you trying to do this?” And then she leaned over and kissed him, even more forwardly. His sharp intake of breath, his lips pressing into hers, was all the answer she needed.

Time seemed to slow as they started making out, finding how their arms fit around each other now that their embraces carried a new meaning. Fortunately Mike’s parents were going to be out until midnight.

Jenny pulled away again. “Hang on, this is huge,” she said. “How long have you liked me?”

“I mean, I’ve never not liked you,” Mike tried to evade.

“I did not turn you on when we were five. How long have you LIKED me?” she asked.

Mike desperately tried to think. It had been a long time coming, and yet he hadn’t known it would lead to this. Maybe it had started with the sexual dream he had about her, a year and a half before. The dream itself didn’t mean anything; Mike had sexual dreams about pretty much any woman in his life, young or old. And after he dreamt about Jenny, he woke up feeling grossed out about it. Even so, his unpleasant memory of the dream had stuck with him. And then there had been the latest time he saw her in her swimsuit, when they were at the waterpark during spring break, and that was the first time he really noticed the shape of her. And of course at some point he had jacked off thinking about her, but that hardly meant anything either. He had jacked off thinking about all sorts of women he’d never be with, in all sorts of situations he’d never be in. He had even tried gay porn once, though it didn’t do much for him.

“I don’t know,” he concluded. “Well, what about you?”

The truth was that Jenny had never really considered Mike as a potential match before, up until that attempted kiss. It was hard for her to even imagine this reconfiguration of their friendship, let alone what she might have done if it had happened sooner. But she knew it’d be cruel to say “seven minutes ago”.

“I don’t know either,” she said with a smile. He leaned into her again, and she pulled him close as their lips met again. Eventually his lips left hers and trailed across her cheek, her ear, her neck. It made her shiver, it tickled deliciously, and she was really starting to feel warm.

“Can’t believe this is happening,” she said, sighing.

“I didn’t expect this either,” he said.

While he was busy talking, Jenny took the initiative and started kissing his collarbone, running her hands under his shirt. He giggled appreciatively, as his hands caressed her back, and then around to the front. Their lips joined again as he felt out the contours of her breasts. She was self-conscious of them, but it put her at ease that Mike was so obviously in awe of them.

It didn’t take long until they were both lifting their shirts over their heads.

“So what does this make us?” Jenny asked, lucid for the moment.

“Anything you want,” Mike said, kissing her. They fell back bahçelievler escort into each other’s embrace, and soon her bra was unclasped and out of the way. The chill of the air conditioning made them huddle closer together on the couch even though they both felt feverishly hot. It felt nice when Mike placed a large warm hand on Jenny’s thigh, and she didn’t mind at all when it crept higher. She hardly had a care in the world when he lowered his mouth gently to her nipple.

They both knew a line was being crossed when his hand slipped under the folded hem of her shorts. But once they had started down this path, there was little to stop for. They knew each other so well already that it made sense that they could skip right past the getting acquainted stages, the awkward dates and intrusive texts.

Mike’s free hand reached the edge of Jenny’s underwear, and she used a hand to stroke the bulge in his crotch, letting him know to continue. When it proved too awkward to slip his hand any further into her garment, they laughed and breathed for a moment as they both stripped down to their underwear.

Finally Mike was able to reach Jenny’s sopping wet slit, and she eagerly pressed it into his grasp. She had been fingered before, by guys who were just trying to shove their tongues down her throats and shove their everything else into her everything else. She was relieved that it was nothing like that with Mike, he was paying attention to how she responded, and she moaned into his mouth when he found her clit.

His touch was enough to drive her mad with arousal, but not enough to get her off. For that, she wondered if she’d need the erection that she freed from his boxers and started stroking. With all the precum dripping from the tip, he was getting nearly as wet as she was. She could tell he wanted it to, by the way he was thrusting into her hand, and toward her body. They were so tightly entwined, they were nearly humping each other, but the couch made it awkward to go any further. When he pulled at the waistband of her panties, she helped him pull them off, and then pulled his boxers off, leaving them both completely nude together.

Mike’s eyes were wide. He knew what this might be leading to, but he didn’t dare to believe it. Having felt the inside of her pussy with his fingers, he was eager to feel that with his even more sensitive appendage.

“Get down on the floor,” Jenny said, and he slipped off the seat of the couch. Mike marveled at her from below as she placed a foot on either side of him.

“Are you sure you want to do this…with me?” he asked. He knew she was still a virgin, or he would have heard about it.

“Yeah, why not,” she said. And then she realized that didn’t sound very enthusiastic. She added, “Absolutely sure. Are you okay with your first being me?”

“Yeah,” he said, blinking in disbelief.

She got down on her knees, straddling his lap. “Look, I’m not on birth control. I wasn’t expecting this at all. So you need to tell me when you’re about to ejaculate.”

“So we’re taking a risk. Are you sure you want to be doing this?” Mike asked, concerned for her.

“It’s not that much of a risk,” she assured him. “That is, IF we do this right. But I know that if anything does happen, I can count on you.”

She held her penis in her hand, and he leaned up and kissed her. Together they lined it up with her opening, and slowly, inch by inch, she sank down onto him. It was a world of new sensations for both of them, and for a moment they were content to simply take it all in. But then their arousal prompted them to start moving in rhythm, gently and tentatively at first.

Jenny lifted herself up, feeling Mike’s penis slip out of her almost entirely, just to make sure she could and to see what it would feel like. Immediately she wanted him back inside her, and pressed back down, driving his rod up into her. Mike was enthralled by the feeling of it, and helped push her up and pull her back down onto his lap.

“Oh my god, I think I’m going to cum soon,” he groaned. Abruptly she stopped, and lifted up off of him. “Sorry, not like right now.”

Jenny relaxed back down, taking him deep into her. They started thrusting against one another more strongly, her pubic hair merging with his where they were conjoined.

“I’m getting close,” he said, and she stopped rocking her hips. It was still a thrill to feel her vaginal walls pressing in on him, the heat and wetness of her surrounding him, but stopping for a second was enough to help Mike clear his head. “I’m okay, we can keep going to a little bit.”

Not long after they started to fuck again, he said, “I think I’m going to blow.”

With great reluctance, Jenny pulled herself up off his penis again, just a thread of her juices still connecting them. When he didn’t in fact blow, she laughed a little. “No need to warn me until it’s actually going to happen.”

“Okay,” he said breathlessly. They started up again, and Mike did everything balgat escort he could to hold out as long as he could. He tried to ignore the alarm bells going off in his mind as their shared intensity grew.

“Now, right now,” he gasped at the last second. Jenny hardly needed the warning, feeling his member swell up inside her. She quickly got up from his lap, leaving a good few inches between her slit and the tip of his cock.

He could have pulled her back down onto him. He could have pushed his groin up into hers. But with clenched fists, Mike resisted these impulses. What hit Mike was the most intense orgasm he’d ever had. He’d never been able to bring himself anywhere close, and it was already set into motion before Jenny removed herself. He groaned loudly as his swollen penis shot out the first spurt. If Jenny hadn’t been there, it might have gone several feet into the air, but she was only a few inches over the tip of his cock, and it hit her right in her vaginal opening, with enough force that she felt it go just into her vagina. She felt it, and let out a yelp of surprise and unwelcome pleasure.

Quickly she sat back on the carpet and leaned over, parting her pussy lips with her fingers to confirm what she’d felt, Mike’s semen jetting into her. Meanwhile Mike took a gasping breath, and his penis, left hanging at an angle, swelled up again, and propelled out another jet of semen. It splattered Jenny’s vaginal opening, her vulva, and the fingers she was using to hold them open. Since she had been looking down and didn’t see it coming, she yelped in surprise again.

Mike’s penis continued to fountain, once onto the carpet between them, and then in a flow down the front of his cock. He nearly blacked out from the intensity.

“Oh my god,” he said, dazed.

“Mike!” Jenny complained. He sat up a little to look at her, and followed her gaze down to her crotch, where she was obviously splattered with his seed.

“Oh god,” he said. “Is it all?”

“No, some definitely went inside, I felt it,” Jenny said.

“I’m so sorry,” Mike said. “I thought we did everything right.”

“I thought so too,” Jenny said with a shrug.

“Jenny, like you said, if anything happens, you can count on me,” Mike assured her, unsure of exactly how much he meant it.

Jenny was still processing what had just happened. She had been close to orgasm herself but not there yet when Mike had erupted. The thing was, she did want to be a mother, but presumably in like another six or eight years. At the same time, she knew full well how many women in their thirties were going to expensive fertility clinics and spending years trying to conceive, while teenagers like her got pregnant without trying at all. Two of her classmates had gone through it, and far from looking down on them, Jenny thought they’d just taken that step too soon. But she was secretly a bit envious of getting to take that very adult step while she was waiting to. She hadn’t expected to be having sex with Mike at all, so it was just another shift to come to terms with being a mother earlier than she had hoped. In fact, now that it seemed like an inescapable conclusion, the idea was quickly appealing to her. That, and the unresolved arousal pounding in her pulse.

She got up off the carpet and straddled Mike’s lap again. His penis was still, improbably, hard, and completely covered in her sperm-filled juices. Slowly, intentionally, Jenny pressed her pussy down onto him again. She felt his semen-covered penis slide easily up into her, bringing with it more of Mike’s potent teenage swimmers.

“Jenny, what are you doing?” Mike asked.

“If you’re getting me pregnant tonight, I want to fucking feel it,” she said.

“You just…my cum…it’s in…” Mike struggled to comprehend what had just happened. The idea that she would put his semen-covered penis back in her, with all the risk that entailed, boggled his mind, even as every nerve ending in his crotch was singing her praises in approval of the idea. He easily stayed hard as her pussy cleaned his cock of his last ejaculation, syphoning it away somewhere inside her.

She pulled his head back by the hair and cut him off with a kiss. They rutted tenderly but hungrily. She single-mindedly sought her satisfaction. Mike, already satisfied and very much in doubt about whether he should be doing this again, held out. She bucked hard against him, mashing her clit into his lap.

At last she screamed, and he felt her squeeze all around him. It was like her body was trying to pull the genes up and out of his reserves. It was the first time he had made a woman cum, and Jenny was decidedly a woman now, with maybe one last box to tick.

“Jenny, are you sure you want me to do this?” Mike asked one last time.

“Just give me a second,” she said. She from playing with toys, she knew what it felt to have something pressed against her cervix. And she had read enough pregnancy books to know that getting the head of the penis close to batıkent escort the cervix was the surest way to get pregnant. She wanted to feel herself getting knocked up, so that was the goal.

Jenny felt him swelling up inside of her, pushing against her vaginal walls, and knew he was about to explode one way or another. Just in time, she angled her hips just so, until she felt the tip of his cock pressing against the tip of her cervix.

“Do it,” she gasped.

It was too late to stop anyhow, but with her assent, Mike’s penis let loose its pent up load. Again the first spurt came out with a lot of force and velocity. Jenny came again when she felt it.

“Oh, Mike!” Jenny cried, as her orgasm rushed through her, more intense than the first.

Her interior muscles spasmed, pulling his seed up into her uterus. Now she knew as certain as she could be, that she had felt them conceive. Shaking with waves of pleasure she collapsed against him, even as his penis kept throbbing inside of her, pulsing and expelling new life into her.

“Yeah, we really did it,” Mike said in disbelief. “We went through with it, all the way.”

Jenny laughed with unexpected joy. “Remember when we were little and we’d play mommy and daddy taking care of a baby doll? I never would have thought you and me would be mommy and daddy for real. But here we are.”

Even though Mike had fantasized about Jenny before, his mind was struggling to catch up with the new reality of their friendship-no, their relationship-no, their likely parenthood. But he found the change less jarring than he would have expected, and found the prospect of raising a child with her less daunting than he would have imagined, if he ever would have imagined it.

“What happens next?” he asked.

“Well, we should probably let our parents know that we’re together. Otherwise, my pregnancy is going to come as quite a shock,” Jenny said, rubbing her belly confidently.

“It’s going to be a shock regardless!” Mike said.

I wonder what would be the best way to do that? Maybe we should let them catch us in the act.”

Mike laughed. “You’re kidding, right?”

“You could cum in me again, and we could pretend that we just conceived before their eyes.”

“Oh my gosh, no!” Mike protested.

“Then why are you getting turned on again?” Jenny asked, feeling him firm up again within her.

“Just the thought of ejaculating inside you again,” Mike said, kissing her.

Jenny started humping him again. “Then in a couple weeks I can take a test to confirm that I’m pregnant.”

“And if you’re not?” Mike asked.

“I’m pretty sure. We’re both young and fertile, and you and me both felt you ejaculate right into my cervix. And besides, we’re not done here yet.”

“Mm definitely not,” Mike groaned. “But it doesn’t always happen right away, right?”

“If tonight doesn’t do it, maybe it’s just not meant to happen yet. Then I can start birth control. Once my parents know we’re having sex, they can’t say no.”

Mike scowled. “Oh, so we’re not going to do this again for weeks? I better not waste the opportunity.”

“I didn’t say that! You’re just going to have to use condoms for a while, so that we’ll know for sure whether we conceived tonight.”

“So you’re only giving me one more chance to knock you up,” Mike said. Before that night, knocking Jenny up would have been unthinkable. But now he found himself actively desiring it. All the talk about the situation, about the sex they’d be having in the future, combined with the stimulation they were experiencing right then, was quickly bringing them close to climax again. “Are you sure you want me to ejaculate in you again? You won’t be sure which time did the trick.”

“I already don’t know which of your loads might have gotten me pregnant,” Jenny said, kissing him. “But at least we’ll know it happened tonight.”

“Good because I’m about too,” Mike gasped, just before he swelled up inside her again.

“Oh! that’s it, I can feel it, right where it has the greatest odds. Oh Mike, I’m cumming too!” Jenny screamed.

“Oh my god, it’s like you’re pulling it out of me,” Mike groaned. He’d had days where he jacked off three times, sometimes even more, but it had never been like this, ejaculating so much every time, his orgasms so intense. He had no idea where his body was even getting it all.

She collapsed against his chest, her full weight pushing down on his lap, pushing his erection as deep as he could go into her. She blacked out momentarily, and came back, still feeling her pelvic muscles spasming, still feeling his penis pulsing and releasing semen within her. She felt exhausted, and her muscles felt sore inside and out.

When she gathered the strength, Jenny pushed herself up and off of Mike’s lap, and sprawled on the carpet.

“What do you want to do now?” he asked.

“I don’t think I can do anything else tonight,” she answered, her breasts rising and falling as she caught her breath. She could feel the semen starting to leak out of her, and remembered what she had read on those pregnancy websites. She slid a cushion her butt and pulled her knees up to her chest. It felt pretty good actually.

After a long pause while they both rested, Mike asked, “You didn’t plan all this, did you?”

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