Summer Storm Ch. 04

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I was, for a few moments, afraid I’d freaked her out or frightened her, cumming on her like that. I had just lost control, a thing that seldom if ever happened with me. I’d wanted to fuck her so badly. I was definitely going to have to get a grip on myself… and not just with my dick in my hand. Though I was pretty sure there was going to be an awful lot of that in my immediate future. For as I looked down at her, her legs still splayed open and her glistening pussy dripping with her own juices and my saliva, her precious pink nipples still hard and pointed, her cheeks flushed… and the gleaming trail of my cum on her flat belly… I could feel the stir of desire, my cock twitching even if there was no way I could get it up again so quickly.

“I’m sorry Kitten,” I blurted, “I didn’t mean to…shit I don’t know what I meant to do…I’m sorry…”

I trailed off, searching her face, worried.

That was when she giggled… and trailed her fingertip through my cum before bringing it curiously to her lips and then suckling it off her finger. My spent cock twitched again.

She smiled at me with an almost wicked gleam in her eye and said, “It’s not so bad. I think I’ll be able to swallow it if you want me to. But… what you just did? I liked it. Promise you’ll cum on me again? Any time you want? And…show me how to help you?”

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Cumming on a woman…a lot of people think it’s just a porn star move. The proverbial money shot. Or that it’s degrading. And I have to admit I feel like that last part is true…if you’re cumming on her face. There’s just something…disrespectful about that. But being allowed to cum on their sweet bodies? It has always brought out an almost feral sense of possession in me. Something animalistic and primal. And that this sweet, soft young girl I adored had just told me she liked it? And wanted me to do it again? Goddamn… goddamn.

I came to my feet, yanking my jeans up but leaving them open, and then just leaned down and scooped her tiny form up in my arms and carried her to my master bathroom to the shower that I had paid a fortune to make suitable for two.

She giggled adorably all the way down the hall.

Setting her back on her feet in the bathroom I spun the taps, trying to gauge the temperature, wanting to make sure it was hot but not too hot for her, before I turned back to her and stripped off my own clothes, baring myself fully to her for the first dikmen escort time. Part of me held my breath like some nervous boy as her wide innocent gaze traveled over me. I was no stranger to casual nudity and knew my body was nothing to be embarrassed by. I stayed in shape and had a long lean and rangy build women seemed to like and my cock may not have been of porn star dimensions but I knew it was still comfortably above average… and yet suddenly I was unsure of myself. Because it was her… my cherished and adorable kitten I’d loved practically all her life… never guessing that would turn into…this.

“You’re beautiful,” she said softly, almost too soft to be heard over the sound of the rushing water that was swiftly filling the room with steam.

That was a new one. I’d been called handsome and sexy and even hot plenty of times, but never beautiful.

I closed the small distance between us and took her in my arms, leaning down to murmur in her ear, “No Kitten, you’re the beautiful one. You’re so damn beautiful it takes my breath away. I still feel like this is wrong. I can’t help it. But I can’t stop now either. I want to be good to you. Make it good FOR you. But this is new territory for me. I need you to tell me when to stop…and when you’re ready for more. Can you do that for me baby girl?”

“I think I can,” she murmured back, slipping her arms around me and running her hands along my back and down over my ass. My cock jerked again of its own accord and I knew it’d soon rise to the occasion.

I bit her earlobe gently and whispered, “Oh yes. Please always touch me however you want. Let’s get in the shower…I want to wash you everywhere.”

She let out a little purr at the feel of my teeth and responded, “I want you to. I want your hands on me everywhere and I want to touch you everywhere.”

A low groan left me at that and I said, “Good girl. Now get in,” and pulled away from her to open the glass door for her.

The shower was fairly large and had adjustable handheld showerheads. So I was soon able to find the right heat and intensity and I grinned at her as I pulled one of the heads free and held it on her, playing it over her slim taut body. She giggled and shied away at first but then as I played the jet of warm water over her breasts I had the pleasure of seeing her nipples go taut and she arched her back and let out a little moan. That was all it took, the sight of her wet emek escort naked body reacting in pleasure, and my hard on was back, my cock raring to go. Oh my god how I wanted to fuck her then and there, shoved up against the tiled wall while I pounded into her tight little pussy with her legs wrapped around my waist.

I took in a deep and shaky breath as I sought to master myself. That wasn’t going to happen, at least for awhile.

“Uncle Bill,” she purred as her gaze fell to my cock, “Do you touch yourself…you know…when you’re alone and you… want to?”

I had no idea I could blush. But I swallowed and answered, “Yeah. I do. Does that bother you?”

“Oh no,” she protested, her own cheeks flushing, “I…really liked watching you do it. Would you do it again? Let me watch?”

I groaned and reached for the shower lotion, putting the shower head back on the wall so I could slick myself.

“Anything you want Kitten. Anything.”

I began to stroke myself nice and slow, smiling at the rapt expression on her face. Then I asked her, “Do you touch yourself Kitten? Do you get yourself off sometimes?”

Now it was her turn to blush right down to her tiny toes and she answered with a breathy, “Yeah. Sometimes. I can’t help it.”

“Tell me how you do it,” I ordered her quietly.

Her eyes went wide. “Tell you?”

“Yeah,” I answered, “I want to know what you do. What makes you want to touch yourself?”

She looked down and whispered, “Thinking about you. Sometimes I dream about you. Then I wake up and my… my pussy is all wet and needy. And then…I can’t help it.”

I had to slow my hand down at that.

“Do you only use your fingers?” I asked, images of her laying on her bed with her thighs apart fingering herself almost enough to distract me from the wet ripe body right in front of me.

She nodded and then squeaked out, “Yes. I…I like to touch my clit. But…but your tongue on it…oh Uncle Bill I’ve never felt anything that good.”

That was it, I had to have her, somehow. “Come here,” I growled, reaching for her and pulling her to me. I turned her as I did so, so that her back was against my chest, my lotion slicked aching cock nestled firmly between her sweet ass cheeks as my hands found her breasts, caressing them and rolling her taut nipples between my fingers.

She gasped and squirmed against me and I began to rub my cock between her cheeks, imagining eryaman escort there might be a day when I would gently fuck her ass for the first time. I bent to lay my cheek on her shoulder as I humped her perfect rear and whispered, “Touch yourself. Show me how you get yourself off baby girl.”

“Yes Uncle Bill,” she whispered back in that breathy excited little voice that turned me inside out and I watched over her shoulder as her small hand went to her cunt, her middle finger making slow circles on her clit. She puled in a sharp breath and then she moaned.

“Does it feel good Kitten?”

“Y-yesss,” she moaned, “it feels good. Your…your cock feels good too Uncle Bill.” Her hips rocked slowly and I tugged a little harder on her nipples, loving the feel of how hard and swollen they were.

“Want me to show you something else that feels good Kitten?”

“Yes please,” she purred as her ass rocked more firmly against my cock, the slippery lotion making a delicious friction as our skin slid together.

I reached for the shower head once again, adjusted it to a warm jet… and then held it against her pussy. Her cry of astonished delight as her body arched against me was almost enough to send me over the edge again. I grabbed her hand and wrapped it around the shower head handle, growling, “Play with yourself Kitten. Make yourself cum for me,” as I put one hand on her hip and began to grind my turgid cock against her ass.

She wasted no time in discovering the pleasures of her new water toy and was soon writhing against me as she played the firm jet over her cunt and finally was frantically rubbing the shower head right up against her clit, her hips jerking hard as she gasped and moaned over and over.

“Oh Uncle Bill! It feels so good. And your cock feels so good! Are…are you gonna cum on me again?”

I was grinding hard and fast, my cock and balls aching with the need to cum hard. Panting in her ear I whispered, “Do you want me to cum Kitten? You want your loving Uncle’s cum all over your sweet ass? ‘Cause you’re gonna make me cum so hard Kitten. I need it so bad. Cum with me Kitten. Make yourself cum. Please.”

“Yes!” she cried, writhing frantically and starting to shake, “Please please cum Uncle Bill! Cum all over me! Ohhh! I’m gonna cum…so good…so good..” she broke off into a trail of helpless whimpers as her body shook and jerked while she came grinding against the jetting shower head. And that was it… my load shot hard between her ass cheeks, spurting up onto her back, making us even more slippery as we came together and my hand wrapped gently around her throat, the other tight on her breast as I held her hard against me while we came.

It was a life altering experience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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