That Fateful Weekend Ch. 01

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I wanted to write this story, not only to entertain but to reinforce the ideal that during our lifetime we make choices and there are always consequences for those choices we make. Sometimes the consequences are great and work out well while other times the consequences are not so good and we have to be willing to accept the penalty for our bad choices.

If you are looking for a lot of sex, you won’t find it in the first couple of chapters. This chapter is more of an introductory chapter to give you the information about the characters in this story leading up to that fateful weekend when everything changed so drastically. As the story unfolds there will be detailed descriptions of some events while at other times there will only be passing information so you will have an idea what the characters have been through before we get to the climax.

This story is very long and has many true facts about one family’s life and lifestyle. The names of the characters have been changed to protect the persons involved.

For the record: All characters in this story are legal aged!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chapter 1

Yesterday, I thought was the worst day of my life but now I understand that the worst is yet to come. All my life, I have tried to be an example of truth, justice and living the “American Dream.” Then came the time when the economy took a down turn before bottoming out and everything I had worked for, saved for and built up, took a hit beyond my wildest dreams. My world as I knew it would be turned upside down in just a matter of months and I did something that I will regret for the rest of my life. But I am getting ahead of myself, let me go back and start at the beginning.

Donna wasn’t originally from our city, and the first day of school was the first time I had seen her. You see, Donna’s dad had been transferred to a large company in our city and he had moved his family here so he was close to his job.

That first day of school I saw Donna walking down the hall and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. From behind, she looked cute with her blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail which bounced from side to side when she walked and her butt was a nice round bubble butt.

I picked up my pace and caught up with her so I could see her face. I looked over my shoulder at her when I was beside her and smiled. She smiled back at me. I went into my assigned classroom and while standing in the front of the room looking for a desk to sit at, that cute young lady walked up behind me and asked in a very quiet voice, almost a whisper, “Where are you going to sit?” I was shocked at first but then pointed to a desk towards the back of the room which was empty. She followed me and then passed me as I sat down at the desk I’d selected and saw the young lady choose an empty desk off to my right, which was next to me.

Donna looked at me and smiled, then she pushed her hand towards me and said, “Hi, my name is Donna and this is my first day in this school.”

I turned and looked at her and the first thing that I noticed were her crystal blue eyes and then I put my hand out to take hers and as we shook hands, I said, “My name is Matt and I am glad to escort dikmen meet you.” I let go of her hand and asked, “Where are you from?”

Donna replied, “I just moved here with my family from Iowa because my dad was transferred to another branch of his company where he’s been given a promotion and now he’s the boss.”

I told Donna I was glad to meet her and if there was anything I could help her with, all she had to do was ask. Not wasting any time, Donna asked me if I would show her where things were in the school so she wouldn’t get lost because our school was much bigger than the one she used to go to. I thought it was an honor to be asked and I readily agreed to be her guide.

Class started and everything went well especially when the teacher said she wanted us to keep the seats we had chosen and not move around so she would be able to remember our names. At lunch time, Donna followed me to the cafeteria where we ate lunch together and talked some more. I have never been a shy person and Donna made the conversation flow so smoothly.

As time went on, Donna chose the sports she wanted to play and I chose to play baseball and football. Eventually she became a cheerleader and never once did our friendship waiver. From that first day of school we were together. As the old saying goes, where you saw one of us, you saw the other one, not far away.

We started dating during high school and became the couple that many of our classmates envied. We were in love and un-separable. Do you believe in love at first sight? Donna and I do!

After graduation, we attended the same college however each of us took our own course lines of study. I studied Business Administration and Donna enrolled in the registered nurse program. Our first year at college we had to stay in the dorms so seeing each other was ok but not ideal. We rented a hotel room over a weekend when we could afford it so we could be together. As you can guess, neither of us were virgins any longer. The first time we made love, we gave our virginity to each other. We did take precaution in as much as Donna was on the pill long before we ever did anything with each other.

Our families knew we were in love with each other and knew one day we would be married. At the beginning of our second year of college our families pooled some money and rented an apartment for us. We lived together in that apartment as a couple until we graduated.

Once we graduated, I accepted a job with a very large company in a city about 3 hours from home. Donna and I found an apartment close to where I worked so I could walk to and from work each day. Donna being a registered nurse applied at a private home health care business and was hired immediately.

Donna and I were married in a rather large wedding back in our home town about a year after our graduation. Our families went all out to make sure we would not only remember “our day” but they purchased an extravagant honeymoon package for us which lasted two weeks at a limited access exotic island. Our honeymoon bungalow was a great distance from any other building and was located on its own private white sandy beach.

For the escort elvankent first time in our lives we only dressed when we went up the island for shopping or dinner. The rest of the time, Donna and I stayed nude in our bungalow and on our secluded beach. For two weeks we made love inside, outside on the beach and even in the water. By the time our honeymoon was over, both of us were sporting a complete tan without any tan lines.

This is a good place to stop and describe a little about Donna and myself.

I am six foot tall, dark haired, blue eyed and very muscular. Being on the football team both in high school and college I take very good care of myself and work out regularly. I have the proverbial six pack abs from my exercise routine. In the package department I am normal with a seven inch circumcised cock. Donna says it’s just enough to make her happy all the time.

Donna stands five foot three inches tall and she too is in excellent shape. Her daily exercise routine and eating habits keep her trim and toned. Donna has always been proud of her 32A sized breasts and I just love her as a total package. Her abdomen is flat and toned and is a perfect match for her well toned thighs and legs. As I said before, Donna has blonde hair and crystal blue eyes.

Donna was one of the fortunate girls because with the blonde hair on her head, the carpet matches the curtains, as they say. Donna’s pubic hair is a very light blonde color so she never looked like she had that much pubic hair. Donna always preferred to have her pubic area, pussy and her ass crack to be completely bald. To keep her silky smooth longer, Donna always liked to be waxed instead of shaving every couple of days.

Back on the island, I loved watching Donna move around the bungalow and beach completely naked. She moved so gracefully and I could see all of her assets. Donna told me she loved the way my cock bobbed up and down and seemed to be always pointing the way for me. We were so in love nothing else mattered. We enjoyed being nude so much that we vowed to each other that we would continue our nude lifestyle once we returned home.

Our honeymoon came to an end all too rapidly and soon it was time to get dressed and leave our island paradise and go back to our real lives. When we arrived home, everyone greeted us and both families had a get together and put on a big feast to celebrate us. As guests of honor, we were constantly on the move greeting family members and friends. It was late at night before we finally got to bed. The next morning we woke up and ate breakfast with our parents and then we were off to drive back to our apartment to start our life as husband and wife.

Donna and I had a dream and we were willing to work hard to fulfill our dream. Both of us spent extra hours at work, we invested wisely and in just over two years we were able to buy a home and 10 acres of land in a very rural, undeveloped area outside the city where we lived. Our home and two acres of lawn was situated almost in the center of our 10 acres giving us plenty of privacy. Six months after moving into our new home, we had an in-ground, screened in pool installed so escort emek we could go skinny dipping whenever possible.

One night I came home and upon opening the front door, I was greeted with the wonderful smell of my favorite dinner and my nude wife Donna. As I stepped into the house she hugged and kissed me while helping me out of my clothes. Leaving my clothes strewn on the floor just inside the front door, Donna led me to our dining room where I saw the candles burning romantically in the center of the table. I asked Donna what’s the special occasion was but she only shushed me and invited me to sit and eat dinner.

I stared at Donna across the dinner table and her crystal blue eyes danced giving me that signal, I know something that you don’t know. I was curious and every time I tried to ask what the special occasion was, Donna shushed me and told me to enjoy my dinner. The mystery was building so I hurried and finished dinner. I know it had to be something good because of the way Donna was acting.

I started to get up to put our plates in the dishwasher but Donna jumped up and told me to stay seated. She told me she would be right back with our dessert. When Donna returned she had two dishes of our favorite dessert, strawberry shortcake. On the side of one plate was a pink envelope. Donna set the plate with the pink envelope down next to me and the other dish of dessert on her side of the table. I was instructed to eat my dessert first before opening the envelope. Now the mystery was building and normally I’m pretty sharp and remember all special occasions but I was mystified by this circumstance. I ate rapidly hoping to open the envelope, but once again, Donna made me wait until she finished her dessert.

Finally, I was given the ok to open the envelope and after ripping it open, I read the simple message inside which said, “IT’S A GIRL!” I blankly stared at the note before it sunk in, I was going to be a FATHER ……… Donna was PREGNANT! Holy SHIT …… We were going to have a BABY GIRL!

I jumped up from my seat and met Donna half way and we hugged and cried and hugged and cried some more. Our tears were of joy and I repeatedly said, “I love you so much!”

During the next couple of hours we were really busy notifying various family members. We have a speaker phone and both of us listened to our mothers crying over the great news and our fathers congratulating us. All the time we sat side by side hugging each other knowing our dreams of having a wonderful home and a family to fill the home was now coming true.

Both Donna and I worked whatever extra hours we could so when the baby came, we would be able to take some time off to be with our baby and more importantly being a family.

One of the things that I loved about our home being situated in the middle of our property was that Donna and I had continued what we started on the beach during our honeymoon. Neither of us wore clothes when we were home. I enjoyed watching Donna’s belly grow as time went by. Many times I would sit for hours behind Donna and reach around her and rub her belly as we talked. Many times we talked about names for our daughter while other times we would confess our love for each other.

Life was great and getting better by the minute.

To Be Continued:

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