The Extremely Full Monty Ch. 03

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(Robbie Carswell, a mid-fifties consultant, has begun a relationship with a thirtyish woman. He has agreed to accompany her mother to a Free the Nipple demonstration in NYC. He finds the mother attractive. Accompanying him is a woman who is the Chairman of his hospital client’s Board and who is allowing him to stay in a carriage house apartment on her estate. To complete the mixture a friend and her twenty-three year old daughter are likely to join in the Free the Nipple event. Robbie, a widower, wonders how he finds himself in the middle of this mélange of beautiful women and if one of them might turn out to be the one to share his future.)

The rest of week dragged on as I anticipated the “Free The Nipple” demonstration on Saturday. Daphne and I were planning to meet Virginia and Carly at the train station, and ride in together. Arriving at ten in the morning, I spied Virginia standing on the platform with a large backpack at her feet. I hugged her and introduced her to Daphne.

“Where’s your friend, Carly?” I asked.

“One of her kids is sick, and she’s helping with the grandkids. She did ask that we take pictures, though.”

“Well, you must stay with us tonight,” said Daphne.

“Us?” said Virginia.

“Oh, not ‘us’ as in sleeping together,” said Daphne. “Although I think that would not be unpleasant. I’ve booked a suite at the Pierre. I’ll call and make sure one room has two beds.”

“That’s kind of you,” said Virginia. “I just want to be sure I’m not intruding.”

“Virginia, I think we’re about the same age, and, thus, too old to bullshit each other,” said Daphne. “Robbie and I are not in any way involved sexually. Though that is something that could be fun. He is a handsome man.”

“With a great ass,” added Virginia.

Daphne’s eyebrows peaked. “Oh, do tell, darling. You’ve seen his butt.”

Virginia smiled as we moved to board the train. “Indeed I have. I think a train ride is a perfect place for telling the whole story.”

The two women locked arms and boarded. I followed behind carrying my bag and Daphne’s. Virginia hoisted her backpack and was boarding ahead of us. Looking at the two butts ascending the stairs, I wondered just what I got myself into. Daphne wore tan slacks that flattered her full bottom. On top she had a light blue blouse with dark blue buttons. Her ample bosom clearly showed with the shirt tucked at her waist. Her dark hair was pulled back and fastened with a silver clip. She looked nowhere near her sixty plus years.

Virginia was wearing green cotton shorts that allowed her long and toned legs to be on display. She had a white tee shirt on top that made it obvious she was not wearing a bra underneath. Her breasts appeared small, but the dents from her nipples were more than enticing.

While we were travelling to the city, Virginia detailed her experience watching the Full Monty. She gave a detailed description of what she saw. She went on to relate how her daughter caught the dress rehearsal, and saw the cast running around with erections.

“I really must get involved in our local theater,” said Daphne, which made Virginia crack up.

“So, now your daughter appears to have gone a bit past watching erections,” said Daphne.

Virginia looked at me. I couldn’t read her expression.

“Yes, that lucky bitch,” she said. The two women began laughing, and patting each other’s legs.

“She was in bad need of a good romp,” said Virginia. “I had to threaten to take care of Robbie myself if the two of them didn’t get together.”

“From what Robbie said about you, I don’t think he’d have seen that as punishment,” put in Daphne.

‘Really!” said Virginia.

“And, now after meeting you, I can tell why he feels that way. You’re a beautiful woman.”

“Thank you, Daphne, and might I say that you are one of the most attractive women I’ve ever seen.”

“Hey, before the two of you start screwing on this train,” I said, “how about we change the subject.”

“I thought it was every man’s fantasy to watch two women having sex?” said Daphne.

I just shook my head, and asked Virginia, “So, how many demonstrators are you expecting?”

“Guess we’ll have to fuck later,” deadpanned Virginia as she looked at Daphne, and then winked.

Daphne smiled and nodded.

Virginia turned back to me and said, “Probably a couple hundred. It’s been going on for a few years, and has been steadily growing.”

“Robbie tells me there are possibly two more joining in today,” said Daphne.

I explained about Sarah and Katie. I hadn’t heard back from them, but they were thinking about it. At least we would all meet up for dinner.

Virginia and Daphne began discussing their lives and interests, and soon were engrossed in a back and forth that left me alone to my thoughts. I looked at these two women, and wondered how society could try to push them to the sideline because of age. I only saw two incredibly attractive, intelligent, witty and interesting women. In addition, both had a sex appeal that canlı bahis şirketleri transcended whatever date was on a driver’s license.

We arrived at Penn Station a little after eleven. Virginia and Daphne debated about having lunch around there or going down to Washington Square Park to eat. Daphne knew of a good Thai restaurant near the park, and we agreed on it. We decided to go uptown first to drop our bags at the Pierre. So we grabbed a cab and headed up. Our room was not ready, but we could leave our luggage. Another cab ride took us down to the restaurant.

While enjoying lunch, my cell rang. Sarah said she and Katie would be joining us. I told them to meet us by the dog run, since I imagined most people would be congregating by the fountain, and it would be easier to find us away from the crowd.

A little after one, I saw Sarah and Katie approaching us. I stood to greet them, and then made the introductions to Daphne and Virginia. Sarah asked what the plan was. Virginia produced a copy of an email from her pocket and read the instructions.

“Looks like we take off our tops—or as much of our tops as we are comfortable with—and assemble at the fountain at two. There will be some speeches and them we march down to Bleeker and back up to the park. After that, it’s over.”

Katie slid her backpack off. “We can stow our stuff in here, and Mr. C can carry it. So, I guess we should get ready?” The women looked at each other, waiting to see who would make the first move.

“Fuck it,” said Virginia, “and whipped off her tee shirt.” Her small breasts bounced as the shirt cleared her head. I marveled at her small areolas and hard nipples. She caught my eye, and smiled.

By this time the others were undressing. Daphne handed me her shirt and reached behind to undo her bra. Her large breasts sagged as they were free from her underwear. I noticed she had no tan lines. Her areolas covered the entire front part of her breasts, and her nipples were dark and protruding. They were awesome breasts.

“Disappointed?” she asked me.

“I think the word is delighted,” I responded. She blushed.

“Here ya go, Mr. C.”

I turned to see Katie offering me her shirt and bra. I had to admit that her breasts certainly matured since she was eighteen. As only a young woman’s breasts can do, hers sat up on her chest with no sag. They looked firm and sexy as hell. She had almost no areola and her nipples were long and dark.

I was now seriously fighting an erection. This was a protest to demand equality for women, and I did not want to appear to be a guy who was only here to look at naked breasts. At the same time, I am a guy, and there are topless and beautiful women standing in front of me. I can only control so much before nature takes over.

I turned to Sarah. She had removed her shirt and stood in just her thin bra. She handed me the shirt, smiled shyly and reached behind to undo her bra. Slowly she let it slide down until her breasts came into view. My first reaction was they were perfect. Round and full with rosy areolas and nipples, her breasts were what I always imagined what a breast should be. My second reaction confirmed they were perfect.

“Almost makes us even now, Robbie,” she said as she gave me her bra. My fingers closed around the silky material, and I abandoned all hope of staving off my erection. I coyly held the backpack in front of the bulge in my jeans.

“Shit,” said Virginia, “I left the sunscreen in my bag at the hotel.”

“Oh,” said Katie, “I’ve got some in my pack. I’ll get it.”

While I held the bag, she unzipped the top, and began to root around for the sunscreen. Her hand pushed against the back of the bag, and her fingers traced my erection. Looking me straight in the eye, she grabbed my hard shaft and ran her fingers up and down.

“Here it is,” she said as she continued to stare at me. She squeezed me with two fingers, and felt for my balls. I did my best acting to keep on a straight face. She kept running her fingers up and down my shaft. “Nope, that’s not it.” She dug deeper and quickly pulled out a long tube of cream.

She squeezed a large dollop into her hands and tossed the tube to her mother. Katie rubbed the sunscreen into her boobs. I hope I was not moaning out loud. “Do my back, Mr. C,” she said.

“I can do your back, dear,” said Sarah. She gave me a look only a mother can make as her daughter is caught flirting. Sarah finished smoothing the cream over her breasts and squeezed some more into her palms, and began coating her daughter’s back.

Virginia was now administering to her breasts. She looked at Daphne and said, “Guess you won’t need too much. Spend a lot of time in the sun?” Daphne wiped a small amount on her large breasts. “We have a pool and it’s quite private. Don’t need to wear a suit.”

“Oh, has Robbie joined you?” asked Virginia.

“Not yet,” said Daphne, and smiled.

I had put all the tops in the backpack, and added the tube of sunscreen.

“Let’s go ladies,” canlı kaçak iddaa said Virginia and led them in the direction of the fountain. As we neared I saw more topless women along with hundreds of spectators, most with cameras or smart phones out taking pictures.

“That reminds me,” said Daphne, “I promised my husband a picture. You ladies don’t have to be in it.”

“I don’t mind,” said Virginia, “unless you want it to be a solo shot.”

“Hell, the more the merrier.”

Daphne handed me her phone from her back pocket, and as I turned on the camera function, Katie and Sarah stepped into the shot. I framed them and took a number of pictures.

“Let’s get Robbie in, too,” said Virginia. “I want to send one to Kathleen.”

Katie walked over to a young man who was standing with a topless woman his age. “Would you mind taking a pic of our group?” He agreed. With me in the middle, and four topless women all around, he took some pictures.

We then heard a voice over a megaphone trying to get the crowd quieted. She was partially successful, and we could hear her talk about the purpose of the demonstration and the right to equality. All the time, dozens of men crowded around to take pictures and videos of the partially nude women. No one appeared too annoyed, but it was obvious many of these guys were there to see boobs, and not to support any social cause.

The speech ended and the tall red head with large, pendulous boobs, who was speaking, stood down from the bench and started to cross the park in the direction of McDougal Street her mighty breasts bouncing and swaying with each step. Many of the women carried signs and almost all chanted things like, “What do we want? Equality. Where do we want it? On our nipples”

I tried to keep pace with my friends as they walked, chanted and waved to the bystanders. I admired them both for their bravery and ability to put modesty aside for something they believed in. I begrudgingly admitted I was also admiring their beautiful breasts. Although after a while, and as I looked at dozens of topless women, I was almost moving past the sexual nature of naked breasts. There were boobs of every size, shape and color. As I heard some idiots calling out sexually explicit things, I realized that women are too often categorized by their busts. I know I have at times been guilty of doing the same.

I thought about my wife. She would not only have been in this demonstration, she also would have been at the forefront. She was a feminist in the purest sense. Women and men are equal and pity the man that didn’t recognize it. When she’d get into a discussion about women’s rights, and some poor soul would ask her if she really thought that women were equal to women, she’d smile and say no. Then she’d add: “with a lot of work, maybe someday men can be equal to women.” Those thoughts of my wife brought a tear to my eye. As I was wiping it away, I noticed Sarah looking at me.

She came over and asked if I were all right. “Just thinking how much Connie would love this.” Sarah hugged me. As my arms slipped around her bare back, I wondered if Connie would approve of my inner thoughts at this moment.

“Thanks, Sarah, that helped,” I said as I broke free. “You better get back to the brigade of boobs before you’re missed.”

Sarah smiled, put her head up and kissed my lips. I couldn’t help myself, and looked down at her naked breasts. Her nipples were hard and extended and there was a pink blush covering the pale skin. Sarah followed my gaze. She then looked me in the eye, shrugged, smiled and jogged back to her daughter and new friends

The crowd turned left on Bleeker and then left again on Thompson heading back to the park. Before we knew it the throng was filtering back into the park. The red head again tried to speak, but there was far too much commotion. The most I could make out was this was the end of the demonstration and that they had to keep fighting.

My little group were all hugging each other. One by one each came to me for a hug. I enjoyed their enthusiasm and the eight nipples that pressed into my chest.

“God, I hate having to put my top back on,” said Virginia.

“Yeah, I could go around like this all day,” echoed Katie. “You wouldn’t mind would you, Mr. C?”

Sarah swatted Katie’s behind and told her to behave. “I’ll take my clothes now, Robbie,” she said. She turned her back to put on her clothes. Katie walked next to me to take her shirt and bra. She rubbed her breast against my arm, her hard nipple grazing my flesh. As she continued to tease me with her breast, she let her hand brush against my erection. She giggled and took her clothes and got dressed.

One by one the other women dressed. We spied a vendor with bottled water and each grabbed one. We sat on the edge of the fountain. Some women were still walking about topless, and some were being interviewed with cameras capturing their symbols of equality, but most had either covered up or left. The crowd was steadily thinning out.

“What canlı kaçak bahis now?” asked Katie.

“I wouldn’t mind a bit of a rest before dinner,” said Daphne. “I think I’ll go back to the hotel.”

“I might stop at the Guggenheim for a bit,” said Virginia. Turning to Sarah she asked, “What hotel are you in?”

“Uh, actually we’re at an Airbnb up in Harlem. It’s sorta nice and really cheap.”

“That simply will not do,” said Daphne. “I’ll call the Pierre and get you a room. You two don’t mind sharing?”

“We’re fine where we are,” said Sarah. “Besides our budget wouldn’t allow a place like the Pierre.”

“You won’t have to worry your budget, Sarah, you are my guest. Really, Harlem is too far up. You’ll stay at our hotel, and we can all have a lovely breakfast tomorrow.”

Sarah started to speak. “That’s really kind of you Daphne, but I don’t…”

“Mom, take the freaking room. That place we have has cockroaches bigger than our cat. I mean really, Mom.”

“Then it’s settled. You can get your stuff and by the time you get to the hotel, your room will be ready. I understand our dinner reservations are for eight, so let’s meet in our suite at six-thirty for cocktails. I’ll have a car take us to the restaurant. Now, on we go.”

I knew I just witnessed Daphne, the CEO, in full operational mode. I also knew that the cost involved was not even a small drop in her bucket. Sarah and Katie headed for the subway and the three of us flagged a cab. On the ride uptown, Daphne asked Virginia if there were anything special she wanted to see at the museum.

“Not really,” Virginia answered.

“Then, come keep me company at the hotel. I bet we both could stand to undo some tension,” offered Daphne.

“I believe you’re right,” said Virginia. “I do have some deep aches that need attention. The women exchanged a glance and smiled. We then fell into a discussion of the demonstration. I assured them that they were the most attractive women there, and they immediately called me a liar.

As we were checking in, the bellhops gathered our bags, and led us up to our suite. We entered into a large room with a marble fireplace and dominated by a wall of windows, two seating areas, and an over-sized dining table. On a coffee table between the couches in front of the fireplace was a bucket holding a bottle of champagne.

Daphne tipped the bellhops, and asked me to check the refrigerator to see what else was stocked for us. I returned to see the women with their heads close to each other, engaged in quiet conversation.

“What’s the report?” asked Daphne.

“White wine, more champagne, beer, a cheese and veggie platter and a shrimp and lobster tail plate.”

“Perfect for our cocktail hour,” said Daphne.

“Did you order all that?” asked Virginia.

“Had my assistant take care of the details. She’s quite efficient.”

“Do you want anything now, Robbie?” Daphne asked.

“Might grab a beer and then watch some TV for a bit,” I said.

“Good idea,” Daphne replied. “Robbie, would you mind terribly taking the room with the twin beds?”

I had assumed that the women would sleep in the twin beds and I would have the room with one bed. It took me a moment to understand what Daphne was asking.

“Ah, sure. Be happy to,” I said. I couldn’t help shooting a glance at Virginia. She simply smiled.

“You are such a dear,” said Daphne. She headed in the direction of the bedroom, while Virginia grabbed her backpack and followed. I did take a beer and a can of nuts I found in a cupboard and went to the other room.

I stripped to my boxers, plopped on the bed and turned on the television. As I scrolled through the channels looking for a baseball game, I thought about Daphne and Virginia. I’m not that naïve not to know that women have sex with each other. It was just a surprise that these two women appeared to be headed in that direction. Looking back on the day, I recalled how they hit it off from the start, stayed close to each other, and shared a link that now indicated a deeper connection than new acquaintances usually have.

My idle fantasy of Virginia and I connecting slowly vanished along with my beer. As I watched the Yankees and Rangers play a listless game, I found myself dozing off. I awoke with a start to see I had been napping for close to an hour. I realized that it was the doorbell of our suite. I hurried out and saw Sarah looking back through the peephole. Still wearing just my boxers, I opened the door. She came in and eyed me up and down.

“Not breaking up an AARP threesome, am I?”

‘Screw you, Sarah,” I kidded back.

“If only…” she said and smiled. “So, what gives with the, what are they, Patriots’ boxers?”

“Watching a game and fell asleep,” I said. “And, you’ve seen me in less. Why are you here?”

“Just letting you know Katie and I are ensconced in this fabulous room two floors down. I confirmed our dinner reservations and even managed to push it back to nine. I did mention Daphne’s name, and suddenly there was no problem. I thought we could use the extra time to avoid rushing.”

“Good idea. There is a refrigerator full of goodies, so we can have a proper happy hour. You should still plan to come up between six-thirty and seven.”

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