The First Ticks in My Diary Ch. 02

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Chapter 8

Although I didn’t actually say “Yes” to Bec’s request, she assumed I would be there for her and I simply couldn’t resist! I was excited and nervous about Bec’s decision and what was to come.

We spent the early morning packing and repacking. Dad decided we’d take some old luggage with us and then buy new bags and clothes over there, so he told us to just take the essentials to last a few days till we could go shopping! So, culling what was in our bags was the mission. There would be no need for the bikinis we wore that morning as we set out for the beach to meet Rocky!

As it turned out it was a horrible beach day and after some laughs at the Surf Club with Rocky and his mates, we walked to Rocky’s house, just a block back from the beach. I could tell Bec was nervous as she was laughing at everything Rocky or I said! My own butterflies were doing their thing too!

Rocky led us into the kitchen where his beautiful Mum was preparing lunch for us. We found out that her name is Anja and that Rocky’s dad is Torben, or in Aussie they are Anna and Tom!

We had a great lunch of cold meats, prawns and salad and a couple of beers to wash it down. Bec didn’t eat much and Anja asked if she was OK.

“I’m just a little nervous . . . about our trip to Europe. We leave in a few days and I have some important things to do before we hop on that plane!” said Bec.

I looked at Rocky and saw him roll his eyes and smile at Bec’s response to his Mum’s concern.

We packed up lunch and Anja asked us what we were going to do for the afternoon as it was now raining. Rocky announced that we were going to watch some movies. Anja soon set off to her job and we had the house to ourselves.

As Anja’s car pulled out of the garage, Rocky pounced on Bec and began kissing and tickling her. Bec squirmed to get away from his tormenting and was guided down the hall to Rocky’s bedroom. I was like someone invisible. Somehow I just acted like a faint shadow and found myself on the far side of a divan in the bedroom about 2 meters from Rocky’s very comfortable Queen Size bed.

“How Come you got a Queen Bed Rock?” asked Bec.

“The oldies got a new bed and I claimed their old one. It’s seen some miles but it’s super comfy and Mum says it’s easier with all the same size sheets and stuff.”

Rocky pulled back the doona and said: “Wow, look at that! Mum’s has put clean linen on my bed . . . she’s very thoughtful!”

Bec bounced on the bed and Rocky flew at her, flattening Bec in a plethora of kisses. There was much hilarity as Rocky had Bec’s beach top and bikini off in seconds. Naked, Bec clawed at Rocky’s t-shirt and board shorts. It was obvious they both wanted to be naked and there was no hesitation. Neither of them looked at me and I again melted into the gathering gloom as the rain pelted down outside, the corrugated iron roof reverberating with the huge summer raindrops.

Then Rocky noticed Bec’s bare pussy. He pushed her back on the bed and gazed at it.

“You like?”

“Bec . . . it’s just the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!”

“Well, I’m pleased! Because it hurt like hell and I had to put lots of moisturiser on it!”

“I’ll bet you did you little sex addict! Show me where you put the moisturiser . . .”

Bec’s hands went to her pussy and she said in a little girl voice: “I had to put it here, and here, and here and I even had to put some inside here just to be sure I got all the sore bits.”

“And it looks like some of that moisturiser is still there and needs to be re-applied!” said Rocky as he ran his fingers up and down Bec’s puffy pussy lips.

“No, that’s me silly . . . something happens when you do that Rocky . . . can you see if you can find where all that moisturiser is coming from?”

“Bec, you are positively dripping moisturiser here. Guess I’ll have to lick it up!”

“Oh Rocky, would you really do that for me?” replied Bec, keeping the little girl voice going.

“I guess so. But you might have to do something for me later . . .”

Rocky sat up on his knees between Bec’s legs that were well back and open wide, his magnificent cock bobbing about as he moved. Bec grabbed at it and made a comment about being careful with that thing or she might get blinded!

Rocky reached up, grabbed a pillow and put it under Bec’s bum so that her pussy was elevated. He slid down and with his knees bent up beside his chest he was at the perfect height to commence an oral attack on my eager sister!

Bec’s feet rested on Rocky’s shoulders and by moving ever so quietly down the divan, I had a perfect view of what Rocky was doing to Bec. He began by licking from bottom to top but could tell that he was just missing Bec’s clit, causing Bec to angle her hips down and thrust forward in an attempt to make contact between her sensitive bit and Rocky’s lapping tongue. Bec was making mewing sounds in-between “Please Roc . . . please . . .”

Bec’s pussy is quite magnificent. She had a pronounced bump or “mons” as bostancı escort I believe it is called, giving her a beautiful rounded shape with a perfect slit down the centre. At the top there is a small bump and under that is her clitoris which is normally hidden. But when she is aroused, the edges along the slit, her labia, open up into a perfect set of lips that turn pinkish and you can just see her inner lips. Her clitoris also makes and appearance and the little hood it hides under rolls back. The whole thing is quite beautiful and completely smooth. It glistens with her wetness and is so inviting . . .

I’ve been looking at mine with a hand mirror and it’s similar to Bec’s except I have more pronounced labia. But back to what was happening . . .

Rocky suddenly thrust his left index finger into Bec and palm up, buried it deep into her. Bec cried out and lifted up, pushing her feet down onto Rocky’s shoulders. I knew he was curling his finger back into that special spot that I had also found.

Bec almost screamed at this wanted intrusion and she lifted her hips by pushing down on Rocky’s shoulders where her feet quivered and held Rocky’s head tightly. Rocky sucked at her clit now and was making slurping sounds as his tongue furiously lashed at Bec’s pussy.

I have no recollection of removing my shorts and bikini bottoms or of undoing my bikini top but that’s how I was with my fingers stuffed into my pussy, on the edge of a self-administered orgasm. But I was intent on Bec’s impending climax as she bucked her hips and held Rocky’s head firmly where she wanted it.

Like she had been punched in the stomach, Bec suddenly let the air out of her lungs and cried out something unintelligible. She grabbed Rocky by the hair and pulled him up onto her body, wrapping her legs around him whilst she kissed him, slavering and licking at her own juices and thrusting her hips at Rocky’s cock which was pretty much in the right spot. She was whimpering, crying, giggling and muttering words I couldn’t quite deceiver, but I heard “fuck me” in amongst it.

My own orgasm struck me like a freight train as I watched Bec desperately trying to impale herself on Rocky’s bobbing cock. I tried to be quiet but I couldn’t keep it all in and some squeaks and moans escaped as I gushed cum onto my fingers and fell back onto the divan. Neither Bec nor Rocky even noticed my pathetic little noises and carried on as if I just wasn’t there . . . lost in themselves.

“So you . . . want me . . . to fuck you . . . now do you?” Rocky said between kisses as he moved his cock cleverly to avoid Bec snagging him with her bucking cunt that was so open to take him.

“Oh YES!” said Bec. “Do it to me now Rocky, please . . . please?”

“Well, I don’t think that’s a very good idea Bec, not right now!”

“What!” cried Bec in a panic. “I’m so ready and I have been waiting for this. I even waxed my pussy to be ready for you. I want you in me Roc . . . now!”

Rocky laughed, kissed Bec and whispered something in her ear.

“Oh, I understand. OK, lets get you off now so you’ll last longer when we actually do it!

“Elly!” said Bec, sitting up.

I jumped and then hid down again trying to melt into the divan. “Wh . . . at?” I managed.

“Come over here and help me make Rocky spurt . . . quickly!”

I raised myself on the divan and heard Rocky suck his breath in.

“Oh, you’re ready to help aren’t you Ellen! When did you get naked?” said Bec sarcastically.

“I don’t know really . . . I just am. It just happened . . .”

“And I suppose you’ve got yourself off already?” mocked Bec with a giggle in her voice.

“Well, it just happened . . .” I repeated.

“Well get over here and make it happen for Rocky so he can fuck me for an hour at least!”

Rocky curled himself up on the far side of his bed and cried: “No, No, not the two of you. What are you going to do to me?”

Bec looked at me and we descended on him, tickling him unmercifully and trying to get our hands on his cock. He writhed and twisted but with 2 naked girls all over him, Rocky soon gave up and surrendered to our combined assault.

I sat on his tummy facing his bobbing erection whilst Bec sat on her knees between Rocks legs. We each had our right hands around his length and in unison we jacked him up and down.

“Too dry!” said Bec and reaching between her legs coated her hand in her wet slippery juice. I was going to do the same but realised that by sliding down, I could get the shaft of his penis directly in contact with my pussy and the moisture I was copiously producing. I angled my pelvis up and Rocky’s shaft fitted between my opened labia. Oh, it felt so good and I knew why Bec was so desperate to have this weapon of pleasure buried deep in her.

With a slippery cock and pair of right hands, we proceeded to masturbate Rocky towards the inevitable. We felt it grow and watched as he oozed a clear liquid, adding to our slickness. But Bec couldn’t resist and bent ümraniye escort bayan down to take his cockhead into her mouth. I could see it pushing against her cheeks and the movement of her tongue as it swirled around made them bulge even more.

“He’s ready Elle! Why don’t you take over?” said Bec as she sat back on her heels and caressed Rocky’s inner thighs.

Somewhat eagerly I moved back to allow me to get his cock in my mouth. This put me and my pussy immediately in Rocky’s range and he lost no time in grabbing my hips and sucking my entire pussy into his mouth, thrusting his tongue into my hole as far as he could reach! I cried out something, looked up at Bec, eyes wide, but slammed my mouth down onto Rocky’s twitching cock. In earnest I bobbed my head and felt Bec’s hand below my lips pumping in a frenzy.

It was like a gunshot. Cum burst into my mouth, raced down my throat, made me choke and gasp for air and embarrassingly, some came out my nose! My eyes watered and still I couldn’t stop as he spurted maybe 6 times. It was everywhere but an unbelievable feeling in my belly and between my legs brought me to a state of ecstasy that I wanted to hold onto forever. I was learning to ride my orgasms and let them just go on instead of stopping the stimulation as I became too sensitive.

Rocky must have been able to tell that I was orgasming but he kept sucking my clit and flicking it with his tongue. I repressed the feeling to pull away and my orgasm just went on, and on! Incredible. I was sucking him still and swallowing every bit of his cum as I panted and moaned.

“That’s enough!” wailed Bec! “You have to leave some for me!”

I came to my senses and pulled by pussy from Roc’s mouth with a very audible “pop”. I shivered and giggled, jumped up and ran into Rocky’s en-suite bathroom. I sat on the toilet, licked my lips and felt liquid pour out of me when I relaxed. How could I have so much sex juice? The shower beckoned and I jumped in only to find Bec and Rocky joining me before I really got wet. There was little room but we managed to get each other clean with a lot of laughter and banter.

I went back to my divan hiding place with a towel and watched as Bec tenderly dried Rocky and then kissed him wet again! Then they lay down in each other’s arms and kissed slowly and deeply. Wasn’t there love here I thought?

This could have gone on for some time but pretty soon I saw Bec’s hand emerge from between Rocky’s thighs and reach up to stroke his bum cheeks. It was an odd sight, like Rocky had suddenly grown a female hand from between his legs! There was some giggling and whispering and then Rocky did the same thing to Bec. I couldn’t see but it amused them somewhat. Rocky lifted his top leg to provide a little more access and I watched as Bec stroked that area between the underside of Rocky’s balls and his anus. He obviously liked this and despite the contortions and Bec’s “Oohs and Aahs”, I could tell he was doing similar things to her. Looking between Rocky’s legs, I could see that he was erect again and obviously ready to go. I watched as Bec’s hand encircled him and stroked up and down.

There was a feeling in the room that something incredible was about to happen. My heart was beating faster and I was barely breathing. Bec said something to Rocky and he kissed her in response and held her tight. Then he reached up, opened the top draw of his bedside cabinet and took out a tube of KY Gel. He squeezed some onto his own hand and onto Bec’s hand and laid the tube open beside his pillows. Rocky reached down and began massaging the gel into Bec’s pussy. Bec meanwhile began lubing up Rocky’s penis. It all seemed a bit clinical but Rocky was telling Bec that the KY would make everything super slippery and make it easy for their first time.

Then Rocky lay down on his back and Bec straddled him. Rocky began playing with her breasts and with the slippery stuff still on his fingers it had the desired immediate effect with Bec pressing her breasts against Rocky’s hands.

I slowly moved up to the top of the divan so I could see where I knew the action was going to be. Bec was on her feet now with her knees bent and her pussy searching for Rocky’s cock. She reached down with one hand whilst steading herself with the other on Rocky’s chest. She grabbed him and held the head against her opening. Rocky reached in and swirled the head around, gathering as much lubricant as possible. They both knew this was going to be tight and I could see the tension on Bec’s face. She obviously wanted to do this because she kept bobbing herself up and down trying to impale herself onto this giant penis. Suddenly it seemed huge. My pussy is very much like Bec’s and I was afraid for my sister. How was that thing going to fit in there?

As if to check, I found my fingers forcing their way into myself. I was wet and slippery and I tried to force two of my fingers inside. I got them in where only one as well as Rocky’s thumb had ever been before. Then I tried with all kartal escort my strength to force my fingers apart as if to widen my opening. No luck so I just left them there, gently fucking myself with two fingers whilst I waited eagerly to see the real thing happen before my eyes!

“That’s it Bec, I’m in the right spot. How is it?”

“Ohhh, I can feel it pressing into me, but Rocky, it’s too big. It’s never going to fit!” wailed Bec.

“Yes it will. You just need to take it easy and relax. Your legs are trembling, try to get back on your knees now so you can relax. Rocky grabbed a pillow and put it beside his hips to give Bec a little more height. He looked for another one but it was on the floor.

“Ellie, can you grab that pillow and give it to me please?” said Rocky like he was asking me to pass the salt! I jumped, as I had not expected to be even acknowledged. I leapt up, grabbed the pillow and helped Rocky put it beside his hips and Bec knelt on it, still gripping Rocky’s Cock with her left hand.

Bec looked up at me, almost fear on her face. “Ellie, is it going to go in? Can you see if it’s in me yet?”

I bent down and looked. The head of Rocky’s cock was certainly in the right spot but I could see Bec’s inner lips stretched around it.

“Just relax yourself Bec and I’m sure it will just slip in.” I said. But I wasn’t really that confident that it would. Her opening looked like a rubber band stretched to the maximum before it breaks.

Rocky grabbed the tube of KY and applied more lube liberally where their bodies were trying to merge.

“You can do it Bec, just relax!” said Rocky like he was encouraging her to perform some athletic feat.

“OK, OK, I’m going to just relax and let myself down gradually . . .” said Bec with a quaver in her voice. I felt a bit sorry and scared for her and put my arm around her shoulder and rubbed her arm. Bec breathed out and I felt her drop ever so slightly lower. There was a sharp intake of breath and a groan like she was in pain. Then a sharp cry of “It’s in, I can feel it!”

I looked and there was definitely progress but I could still the ridge around the head of Rocky’s now purple cock head.

“Not quite Bec!” I said in an encouraging way. “Just a bit more . . .”

Bec took another ragged deep breath and settled onto Rocky again. “More KY! Here Ellie, take the tube and put some more there!” said Rocky handing me the tube.

I snapped the cap, put some on my fingers and applied it liberally to Bec’s straining inner lips and Rocky’s cock. I could just get my fingers around him and couldn’t resist the urge to stroke him up and down in the guise of applying the lubricant. I looked at Rocky who was looking at what I was doing. He smiled at me and I could tell he liked what I did.

At that moment Bec moved slightly as if her legs were giving out and I saw Rocky’s cock head slip through into Bec.

“Ooooohhh!” cried Bec and reached for my arm for support. Rocky grabbed Bec by the waist and took her weight.

“Now it’s in . . . it’s fucking huge in me!” said Bec to nobody in particular. “But it feels so good . . .”

Rocky helped Bec lift up a fraction and then slide back down . . . further this time like he was gradually opening her up. They did this several times and made progress as I could see that Bec was about a third the way down his shaft.

Bec began to make a sort of humming sound in her throat. It was a bit wavering but it was a contented sound.

Raising herself up, Bec let her body drop with more force as her confidence grew and another milestone was passed. It was more than half in now. Rocky watched transfixed and more and more of his cock slid into Bec’s body.

Bec’s hymen was long gone but it was the first time anything this big had invaded her pussy. Rocky was thrusting gently upwards now as Bec lowered herself each time. He was making small “Oooh!” noises each time they went a little further and said several times: “Oh Bec that feels so good . . . you are so tight and warm. You are the best ever!”

I was kneeling beside them now and watching as I stroked my own pussy. This was without doubt the sexiest thing I’d ever experienced and pretty soon I orgasmed in a rush and felt a little embarrassed. But I doubt Bec and Rocky noticed!

Only about 2cm of Rocky’s cock hadn’t gone in yet and they were picking up the pace. Then Bec winced and said “Rocky, you’ve hit something . . . my Cervix I think. It hurts a bit!”

With that, Rocky reached up, grabbed Bec and flipped her onto her back without them losing contact. Bec immediately stretched her legs out and then wrapped them around Rocky’s back and locked her ankles.

“Now you can fuck me properly Roc . . . but don’t go any deeper!”

“I told you were going to get fucked didn’t I!”

“You did and I’m loving it!”

They were really getting into it now and I watched fascinated at the speed of their coming together. As Rocky withdrew almost his entire penis, Bec drew back and then as Rocky vigorously thrust down into her, Bec thrust her hips up to meet him. There was a slapping sound as Rocky’s balls slapped against Bec’s buttocks.

They drew breath and Beck said, “Let me feel how far in you are Roc?” and snaked her hand down between them.

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