The Geek Ch. 02

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Thanks to S.E. and all those who sent positive comments on The Geek, Part I. My semi-autobiographical account continues below. The characters, locale and events are all real except for the sex. The sex is fiction born of a permanently prurient imagination from which I have suffered now into my seventh decade.

When I was 17 my parents gave me a ukulele. I soon grew bored with it and purchased a used tenor banjo with my paper route money. I taught myself to play and soon some generous local musicians let me sit in with their bands so I could learn the tricks of the trade. I got my first gig with a polka band. That Saturday night we played in a country dance hall. The band consisted of an accordion, saxophone, drums and tuba. For all I knew [and that was precious little] we played the same song all night long. At the end of the night the leader gave me $5.00. When my buddies at school found out that I had played “a paying gig”, I was king of the hill for a day. I had that “eight foot tall” feeling.

Imagine then, my feeling a year later when I walked into school after having had a “Sunday afternoon delight” of oral sex with our prim and proper English teacher. Once again I felt like a giant but I could tell no one! I could not breathe a word of this transition to manhood for fear of ruining this randy woman’s reputation. My only consolation was that, as I walked into her class that first Monday afternoon, I imagined that she would somehow notice me in a different way, that she would give me a sign, a wink, a gesture of some sort reaffirming our “special” relationship.

But alas, nothing of the kind happened. She never looked me in the eye other than to let me answer a general class question. She acted totally as if nothing had happened that steamy Sunday afternoon. I was at once shocked and depressed. Had I created such an insignificant impression on her that the whole event meant nothing? Did I do or say something wrong? Is my dick too small? Do I have a zitz on my face? I tormented myself with these questions and when the class was over I fully intended to stay after class and confront her but she walked out with the rest of the students without so much as a glance in my direction.

As the week wore on I became more and more depressed. She did not ask for my help in grading papers as she had mentioned. The week was drawing to a close and I was becoming more frustrated and desperate. I did not have the courage to call her or confront her in the hallway or at her home. I just sunk deeper into myself.

Our school system had a certain number of days in the schedule such as “snow days” when school was cancelled. We would have to make up those days at the end of the year. It seemed like such a stupid system to me. As it turned out, we had to come back to school for one extra day, a Monday, in order to fill out the required number of days.

It was a day for doing nothing but goof off and a lot of kids simply didn’t show up.

But you know me, I was there when the first bell rang. At the end of the day, I marched into English class, fully determined to say something to Jane. But then, horror of horrors, she was not there! A substitute teacher was there with a movie about Mark Twain.

Damn! I turned around and for the first time in my life, I skipped school and walked out.

I had to talk to Jane so I summoned up what little courage a geek can all upon and rode my bike over to her house. It was not a particularly hot day but I was sweating profusely. I nervously knocked on the door and waited. Nothing. I knocked again and again. Her car was in the drive so I felt sure she was bostancı escort bayan there. No answer. I tried the door and it was open. I walked into the house and called out. No answer. I looked around. Everywhere were packing boxes in various states of fill. She was moving out!

She was leaving! A chill ran through me. Then I heard what I thought was water running. I walked towards the back of the house and realized that she was in the shower! [In 1954 in our town, very few homes had a shower. We all had bath tubs. Showers were for the boys’ locker room at school and YMCA camp.] I peeked into the bathroom and looked right through the glass shower door at Jane, stark naked in a blurred silhouette, of course. She must have noticed the change in room temperature because she turned and looked at me. She let out a small scream and started to cover herself with her hands until she recognized me.

“David, oh my God! What a shock! What are you doing here?”

I just stood there like a frog on a log and said nothing. We stared at each other for a moment and then she said,

“Well, well. Now that you’ve seen me naked again, what are you going to do; just stand there and gawk at me?”

“Miss B___, I mean Jane, I……I knocked on the door several times. I …..wanted to see….that is talk to you. All week long you never…….”

“Oh, come on David. It’s no big deal. We had a little fun and you grew up a little. Do you regret what we did last time? I thought you enjoyed yourself”

“Oh, I did, I did, but…….”

I think she began to understand my dilemma. She opened the shower door just a little. I could see her breasts dripping with soap and water. Her dark brown pubic hair was matted to her crotch.

“Tell you what, big boy. Take your clothes off and join me. I need someone to scrub my back.”

For once, I didn’t hesitate. I tore off my clothes and now, fully naked in front of a woman for the first time, I stepped into the shower. Immediately the hot water hit me in the face so I moved forward and pressed my now stiff and throbbing cock right into the crack of her ass. She turned slightly and handed me the bar of soap. I lathered up and began to rub her back. She stretched her arms around behind her and clasped my back, pulling me tighter into her ass. I was a little constrained to keep rubbing her back so I ran my hands around to her breasts and soaped them up. Her nipples hardened to my touch. She began that same low moaning that I heard when I was lapping at her pussy 8 days ago. I lowered my soapy hands to her crotch and began to rub her pussy.

“Oh, David, that feels so good. Please keep doing that, “she hissed between clenched teeth.

With one hand holding a breast, I continued to rub her pussy and then concentrated on her clitoris. She moaned louder and louder. She started to tremble and leaned forward, supporting herself on the shower wall. In doing so, she thrust her ass tighter into my groin. Soon I could no longer reach her breasts. I slowly began to massage her rear. My fingers occasionally slipped between the cheeks of her butt and slid over her ass hole. She would flinch slightly every time I did that. My cock felt like it was going to go off like a roman candle. I stroked it a couple of times. Then I had an epiphany. I bent my legs slightly and grasped my cock. I pushed forward and lo and behold, it slipped into her pussy!

“Ahhhhhh. ” she cried out. “Yeeeesssss! Do it. Fuck me! “

With her hands braced against the wall and her feet firmly planted against the sides of the tub, she presented me with a solid frame ümraniye escort and a soft, hot, juicy cunt for my raging erection. I grabbed her hips and began to drive my cock into her pussy. God, what a wonderful feeling this was! Not only was I fucking a woman for the first time as a man should, but it felt so wonderful that I was sure to blow my load in no time. Again and again I pounded her cunt as the hot water sprayed on us. Then, to my dismay, she suddenly straightened up.

A little out of breath she said, “On the wall behind you. There’s a bottle of hair conditioner”

What the Hell, I thought. She’s going to wash her hair now, right in the middle of a fuck?

“Rub some of the conditioner on your cock.”

Once again, letting her control the situation, I did as I was told.

“Now, rub some of it on my ass.”

On her ass, I thought?!? My God, she wants me to put my dick in her ass! I thought only faggots did that. [“Gay” was not in our vocabulary in 1954. You were either a faggot or a homo but we never used the word “gay”.]

I poured some of the slimy conditioner on the crack of her ass and rubbed it in with my fingers, trying to keep the shower from washing it off. Then she reached up and turned off the shower. The sudden silence surprised me.

She hissed at me, “Now, put it in. Quick.!”

I pressed my cock back towards her cunt.

“No, higher, higher, in my ass.”

It was true! She wanted me to put my cock in her ass! I hesitated a moment. She reached behind her and grabbed my cock, now slimy with the conditioner and guided me to her ass hole. I somewhat reluctantly cooperated and pushed forward. The tip of my cock made contact with her ass hole and I pushed in again. The hole spread a little and the tip slid in. It was so tight! I pulled out and pushed in again. This time it went in a little further. I slowly began to repeat the process. She was moaning again, occasionally letting out a high pitched squeal. It never dawned on me to ask whether it hurt. I had never had anything up my ass so what did I know? Finally, I drove in hard a couple more times and my entire cock disappeared into her ass.

“That’s it, that’s it. Now start stroking. Don’t stop!”

And so I began my first anal fuck. The pressure and heat on my cock defies description as I now try to remember what it was like. The conditioner was a perfect lubricant. Now that the shower was turned off, the walls of the shower stall acted like an echo chamber and we could actually hear, along with our huffing and grunts, the squishing sounds of my cock sluicing into this randy 24 year old woman’s ass. I drove in again and again, puffing and groaning with the effort.

Sweat poured from my face and dripped onto her back. She began to wail a bit louder and then I decided to make a move of my own. Holding her hip with one hand, I slid my other hand around and into her crotch. I just managed to slip the tip of my finger into her pussy and began to frig her clit. That did it. She cried out and pounded the shower wall with her right hand. I stopped thrusting and just held her there, my cock fully embedded in her ass.

She moaned loudly again and again. Her ass clenched several times and seemed to grip my cock even tighter. Finally, she stood up as I slipped out of her ass. To our mutual amazement, I still hadn’t ejaculated. I guess the shock of her asking me for anal sex had short circuited my brain somehow. She turned the shower back on and washed my cock, her ass and the sweat from both us. When she was finished, she turned the shower back off and knelt in front of me. I escort kartal knew what was coming and my cock twitched with anticipation.

She took my cock into her mouth and into her throat on the first try. It was my turn to brace myself against the shower wall. I leaned forward and began to match her sucking motions with thrusts of my own. It didn’t take too long. Once again the walls of the shower stall echoed, this time with the sucking and gagging sounds of a woman hell bent on bringing off a stiff cock. It came up on me suddenly and I did nothing to warn her. I just let it all go.

The muscles around my prostate spasmed again and again and I shot a week’s work of stored up semen into her mouth. She swallowed it all, gulping and gasping for air, running her thumb along the underside of my now deflating cock so as not to miss a drop.

[To this day, a blowjob delivered by an experienced fellatrix is still my favorite form of sex. I love all the other means but even into my seventies, I prefer to lie back and let my partner do the good work. To be sure, I always respond in kind!]

She stood up, stepped out of the shower and grabbed a large towel. She threw it at me and grabbed another for herself.

“Well, my sweet, is that what you came for?” she said with that familiar smirk.

I stood in dumb shock for a moment and said,

“It was….. incredible. I never imagined that a man and a woman would do that.”

“Well, I don’t often want it that way but you had me so worked up, I just had to have it up my ass. You did well, big boy. That was a doozy of an orgasm I had.”

As I dried myself off, I continued to stare at her nudity. Her body seemed to radiate from the heat of the shower and the sex act itself. Her nipples, perched on her heaving breasts, still stood out stiff and proud. Believe it or not, my cock began to rise again. She noticed it right away.

“No, no. That’s it for now. I have to get dressed. I have a date tonight.”

A date!?! She’s going out with another guy? Was she saying that I’m not the only one?

[Ah, the hubris of a teen-aged mind, overloaded with testosterone.] Once again my juvenile brain was overwhelmed with doubt and loss of confidence.

“You’re going out……with a guy?”

“Of course, silly, you didn’t think I dated girls, did you? It’s my last chance to get into the assistant principal’s pants before I leave. Oh, you didn’t know I was leaving? I’ve accepted a summer teaching job in Boston. If I’m lucky, I’ll have finished my Masters thesis by then and maybe I can get a lecturer position at B U.

The gravity of this loss hit me like a nine pound hammer in the chest. I pulled on the rest of my clothes and mumbled something.

“Well, no…..I thought you were going to be here all summer and …..well….you… we could’ve…..”

Fully dressed now in a tank top and jeans she said,

“Look, we had some really good times and I think you grew up quite a bit in just a few days’ time. Don’t worry about anything. You’re going to meet all sorts of girls once you get to college and you’ll have a leg up on the other geeks in that you will know exactly what to do when the time comes. Believe me, David, you have not only graduated from high school with high honors but you’ve earned a ‘Stud’ degree. You’ll do fine. Trust me. I know what I’m talking about. Now scat. I still have some packing to do.”

I sort of stumbled out of her house and just walked my bike all the way home. I was not eight feet tall now. I was still 5’10”, gangly and a little awkward but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I was something else, something different; maybe a little sadder but much wiser than before. Perhaps I was feeling a twinge of the self-confidence that later in life allowed me to bed some 30 or more women. Not one of them ever complained. Most of them came back for more.

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