The Group Ch. 3

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It was October. The trees were dropping their leaves, the weather was starting to get crappy, and each day it was harder to maintain any enthusiasm about work.

Becky and I had gotten together a few times with other members of the group over the last several months. I was a little surprised to find out who in our community was into this swinging thing. I didn’t let my surprise keep me from having a good time, though.

Anyhow, I was lounging around the house one evening, just reading, watching TV… Becky hadn’t come home from work yet. When she *did* finally arrive, she was carrying a bundle on several hangers.

I got up from my seat and kissed her hello, then asked, “So what’s that?”

Beck went over to the couch and lay her burden on the back of it, then announced, “We’ve been invited to a Halloween Party, and we’re going. I stopped at the costume shop and found a couple outfits I think would be great.”

At this, she removed the plastic bag covering the costumes and sorted them. When she finished, she handed me a couple of hangers. I stared at the plaid material and what looked like a sword.

“What the hell is this?”

Becky looked at me like I was some kind of idiot. “It’s a kilt, dummy. Sort of a ‘Braveheart’ thing. And the best thing is, it all latches with velcro. The sword is fake, but it’s all fashioned after Mel Gibson’s stuff out of the movie.” She then stepped up and whispered in my ear, as if she didn’t want anybody else to hear, “…and even better yet, it’s traditional to wear nothing at all underneath.”

Aha, an ulterior motive! I nodded my head, even though I still was skeptical. I’d never worn a dress before, for any reason. Regardless what it was called, the idea of a kilt still sounded like cross-dressing to me. Of course, I knew if I stated *that* little opinion to certain people, I’d be out cold in seconds.

So, I was going to celebrate Halloween as Mel Gibson. Ha, I wish. Anyway, it wouldn’t hurt to wear it for this one party…

Meanwhile, Becky had left the room with her package and in a few minutes, came out wearing a wedding dress!

“So, what do you think?”

“Hell of a costume. So is this truly a costume, or an old rental?”

“Well, both. As you can see, the style’s a little outdated, but it still does the trick, doesn’t it?”

I pulled Becky in and held her close. “It looks fabulous. Of course, it helps that it’s filled so well.”

She chuckled a little and wrapped her arms around my neck. “I’m glad you like it. So, how’d you like to fuck the bride?”

I smiled. “You have to ask?”

Becky grinned and slipped to her knees. She began working on my belt and pants, until my swiftly stiffening cock was buried down her throat.

Now, I’d never gotten a blowjob from a bride before. Okay, okay, yes, on our wedding night, but I mean a woman wearing the dress. It was pretty arousing. Women in wedding dresses almost always look good. To see one on her knees with your cock in her mouth…

While I watched Becky in her halloween costume/wedding dress sucking on my cock, I started to realize I had some weird kind of bride fetish. In some cases, the clothes *do* make the woman. I wondered: how many other guys fantasize about having sex with a bride in full regalia?

After a few minutes of fantastic oral, Becky stood up and bent over the back of the couch.

“Fuck me baby. Fuck your little bride.”

Well, I certainly wasn’t going to turn down an invitation like that! I grabbed the skirt on the dress then spent the minute or so it took to pull it out of the way. Now I couldn’t see anything of my wife but her ass and legs. Oh, and the white garter belt, stockings and heels. She wasn’t wearing panties.

Boy, if I hadn’t already been hard, this sight certainly would have gotten me there. Somewhere beyond that rear and the dress material was my wife, all ready and waiting for whatever I wanted to do with her.

For a moment, I thought about what to do first, then knelt down and plunged my tongue into Becky’s puckered little asshole. She squealed with delight at the feel of my tongue flickering over her sensitive rosebud. We both had become much more anally oriented since getting involved with the group. We both especially enjoyed the feeling of being rimmed, as well as getting fucked in the ass.

When I decided I’d given her butt enough attention for a while, I flattened out my tongue and licked up the entire length of Becky’s pussy. Beck’s purr of satisfaction told me that that was what she’d been hoping for all along.

Well, I always love eating my wife’s juicy cunt, so I made sure she enjoyed the tonguing as much as I liked giving it to her. I’d flicker my tongue against her throbbing clit until she was writhing on the edge of orgasm, then flatten it out and give a long lick from clit to asshole. Sometimes I’d tease along the edges, not even touching near the lips, then clamp right down on her clit, sucking it into my mouth as far as it would stretch.

Becky gaziantep escort ilanları was going nuts. She writhed around like a woman being tortured. It was great. I really loved knowing I could make her feel this good. After a while, though, she yelled, “Fuck me, goddammit! Fuck me NOW!”

As before, I wasn’t stupid or mean enough to refuse a lady such a resonable request, so I stood and lined my hard cock up with her sopping pussy.

Becky was massively impatient, though, “Just ram it in! I need COCK!”

Okay then. No more going slow. I knew where the hole was, so I shoved forward and buried myself to the balls in a single, slurpy stroke. Becky moaned in delight. She then added, “Now fuck me! Fill me with jizz! Make it drip down my legs! Fuck me, dammit!”

I truly love it when my wife gets like this. She’s so fucking sexy when she’s horny. Thankfully, she gets that way a lot lately. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

When I pulled back, then slammed back into her as hard as I could, Becky went wild. Her grunts and moans told me that was what she was looking for. So I pounded her for the few minutes I could stand thrusting so hard, then slowed down when I really started to get tired.

I was going to pull out and aim for her ass, when Becky panted, “Sit down. I’ll take over now.”

Quickly walking around the couch, I stripped my clothes off and sat. Becky swept around, lifted the dress as high as she could, then straddled my raging hard-on. I was hard enough and she wet enough that we didn’t even have to do any lining-up. She just sat right down on my cock and started to rock.

Unfortunately, the bodice on the dress was too tight for me to get either of Beck’s tits out, but it didn’t stop me from using my hands on her nice, full breasts.

Becky fucked me manically. She came two or three times, and I felt myself building quickly, until finally I pulled her in, buried my face in her chest and yelled into her body while I pumped my load into my lovely, sweating, writhing bride.

For a few minutes after my orgasm, I just held Becky tight, while my cock stopped twitching and started to deflate. EVentually, I leaned back and looked up at her with a stupid smile on my face. “So, when’s the party?”

When party time rolled around, we both got shaved (I was still shaving my balls. The hair everyplace else had grown back in. I was right. It itched like hell.), then got showers taken (separately, or else we’d never have gotten finished). Then it was time to get into our outfits.

Becky already had tried hers on, so she knew what it entailed. Me, I’d declined trying mine on, so I had very little idea how to hook everything. With Beck helping, so thing went pretty fast. I’d read an article someplace once on what it normally takes to get into one of these older-style kilts – single piece of fabric, rolling around on the ground and such – so I was glad someone had simplified matters with modern fasteners and all. Purists out there would probably have a fit, but actually, once I had the thing on and everything tucked properly, it looked pretty good.

The sword was just a hilt in a scabbard, no blade, and that whole contraption strapped to my back. Once that was on, my costume was complete. I looked in the mirror and was rather surprised how good I looked. No underwear under this was a bit weird, but okay.

Becky then put on her costume: everything she’d had on before, and as always, sans panties.

The party was within walking distance, and the weather was good, so we left the car at home. I felt a definite draft as we walked down the street to our destination which, once again, only my wife knew. On the way, we saw another couple headed in the same direction, he in a loincloth, feather headdress and war paint, she dressed like Glinda the good witch from the Wizard of Oz movie.

Now, I didn’t know these people personally, but I had seen them in my travels around the area. Apparently, though, my wife knew them, so we crossed the street and I was introduced to Ariana and Doug. We made polite conversation as we walked, as well as checking each other out. Ariana was a nicely-shaped blonde, and I found myself wondering if she was wearing the same thing under her big skirt that my wife was. Doug’s loincloth was just barely acceptable for public wear, and I wondered how he’d managed to tuck himself behind the thing.

We made it to our destination after only a few more minutes, and we all clustered together at the door, as if when the door opened, we were prepared to yell out, “Trick or Treat!” The urge to do just that was strong as the door swung open, but fortunately I managed to refrain from making an ass of myself.

The woman who opened the door… Oops, it wasn’t a woman. I’d never seen Tinkerbell with a goatee before. Anyway, Tink greeted us all with a hug, and the ladies got a kiss. Becky introduced Tinkerbell as Carson, our host for the evening. We were all ushered into the living room of the big victorian house, where another couple were. It turned out that it was Vern and Virginia, our next-door neighbors. Vern was dressed as Old King Cole, or something like that, tights and crown and all, Virginia had on a big dress and even bigger wig like in those Three Musketeer movies.

Now, Carson, in his Tinkerbell outfit, and Vern in his King costume had one thing in common. They both were wearing tights. The other thing in common is that these tights were split in the crotch, so both guys’ dicks and balls were swinging in the wind. The split, I learned later, also went up behind for access to their assholes. So, it wasn’t too hard to figure out the purpose of this party (as if I’d had any earlier doubts).

Carson announced, “Make yourselves at home. Anywhere in the house is fair game, and since we’re situated on a cul-de-sac, the back yard is also private enough to play in. Food and drinks are in the kitchen, I only ask that if you drove, you refrain from drinking a couple hours before you leave. Use your heads, and have a good time!” He then reached a hand out to my bride and led her away.

I wanted to follow, but Ariana led me into the living room, where Vern and Virginia were kissing and fondling each other. We sat down opposite them, and before I had a chance to wonder where Doug had gone, he handed me a beer, before sitting down next to me, leaving me sandwiched between him and his wife.

It took a few minutes for Vern and his wife to realize we were there, but once they noticed us, they broke their kiss and sat back without the slightest hint of embarrassment. Something was a little weird here, but I got the feeling that we weren’t going to just launch into sex.

“Okay, John,” Vern started. “You’ve now been at this for a little while, and are undoubtedly dying for some explanation. This is the short version of how this group got started. In this room, you are looking at the four original members. I won’t bore you with details, but suffice it to say that we all decided at one point in our relationships that we needed more.”

Ariana turned to me, “The four of us met at various marriage encounter-type sessions, trying to let someone else help us figure out what was wrong with ‘US’. After meeting each other in three separate, unrelated self-help seminars, we got to talking amongst ourselves on what were *really* our problems.”

Doug then piped in. “Since we’d met so many times before, we considered ourselves friends of a sort. It allowed us to be more open than in the group discussion sessions. What we discovered was that, while we still loved our spouses greatly, we were stagnating. Sex was still good, but not as fulfilling as it used to be.”

Then Virginia spoke up. “So we decided to try each other. We swapped spouses, then we swapped again. Those first times were really tense. Especially the first same-sex meetings. But eventually, we found that this was what we were missing.”

Ariana added, “The new ‘members’ began being added a few months later. We seldom all get together at once, now. The biggest turnouts are typically for initiations. Your initiation happens to have been one of the largest attendances we’ve had in a long time.”

Vern said, “There you have it. The Reader’s Digest version of the origin of this group. Hope you’re having fun. It *is* the reason for the group in the first place.”

I replied, “Guys, this has been mind-blowing. I don’t know that Becky and I necessarily were having any marital trouble before, but I know things *since* I got involved have been fan-fucking-tastic! I haven’t been able to talk to anybody about my initiation before this, but let’s suffice it to say that it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done. Thanks for inviting me into your group.

“Now, who do I get to fuck first?”

The four of them laughed, and Ariana leaned in to kiss me. While we kissed, I felt a hand slip up my bare thigh and under my kilt. So this was how it felt for a woman to have a man reach up under her skirt. Hmmmm… Multiple hands found their way to my stiffening cock, because I felt one grip onto my half-hard shaft, while another was tickling my balls. The cool air on my upper thighs told me that somebody had flipped my kilt up, ostensibly for better access.

While I kissed Ariana, I reached into the top of her dress and pinched her nipple. Somebody, meanwhile, had taken my cock in their mouth. It was thrilling, getting my cock sucked and not having any idea who was doing the job.

Since I was using only one hand on Ariana’s breast, I still had one empty. That was taken care of, however, when somebody guided my free hand to a stiff cock. Still tangling tongues with Ariana, I started to slowly stroke that hard pole.

The coordination of one hand rolling a nipple between two fingers and the up and down movement of my hand took a lot of concentration. So much concentration (made exceedingly more difficult by the mouth on my cock), that I was forced to back away from Ariana so I could devote more brain-power to my hands.

Once I stopped kissing Ariana, I looked around to see who was doing what. Virginia was sucking my cock, Doug’s cock was in my hand, and Vern was getting a handjob from Ariana while she kissed me. Of course, now that she and I were no longer smooching, Ariana leaned over and took Vern’s cock in her mouth.

Now, this was getting the party, for me, off with a hell of a bang, but I was beginning to wonder where Tinkerbell/Carson had dragged my wife off to. So, even though I was having a great time here, I thought it a good idea to go find Becky. I was sure she was okay, but even so, we were separated so quickly…

I reluctantly disengaged myself from my present companions, who were disappointed to see me go, and started to investigate.

There were obviously more people here than I knew. There was a man and woman in the kitchen, she dressed as a cat, he in a pirate costume. They were both casually making out, their hands roaming each other’s body. I didn’t recognize either of them. I grabbed another beer from the fridge, took a handful of chips and went searching some more.

From the kitchen, I went out into the back yard. It was indeed very secluded. Another couple was taking advantage of that fact. Two guys, one in an Emmett Kelly clown outfit, the other dressed like a doctor, were sloppily sixty-nining on the grass. Emmett saw me standing there, smiled and beckoned me over, but I mouthed, “Later,” at him and he nodded and resumed his blowjob.

Going back into the house, I located the bathroom, which was – surprisingly – empty. I ducked in for a moment to get rid of the beer I’d already drunk. I learned one definite advantage to the kilt: no belts, buttons or underwear to deal with, just lift the hem and let ‘er go.

From there, I peeked in the basement. There, a gal dressed like Cleopatra was masturbating while watching two other women – I saw a blue gingham dress and a pink frilly one in a heap next to them – going at it on some mattresses which covered the floor. This could have been the house I’d had my initiation in, I couldn’t be sure.

The other rooms downstairs were empty, so I decided to see what was happening upstairs.

The stairs creaked a little as I ascended, but I really doubt anybody was doing anything they’d be embarrassed to be caught doing. The first room revealed two girls and a guy. All three had abandoned their costumes – if they had any – the better to enjoy themselves. The guy was laying back on the bed, and both ladies wore strap-on dildos. One girl had her dildo up the guy’s ass and the other woman fed him her cock, which the guy attended to as if it were the real thing.

The room across the hall was empty. The next room down had two nude women kissing on the bed. The room across from that had a couple – Gumby from Monty Python and a black girl dressed like Uhura from the original Star Trek – fucking hot and heavy.

I began to wonder, ‘How the hell many people are at this damn party in the first place? Are they all a part of this “group”?’ I hoped to hell if they were a part of “the group” that I wasn’t expected to keep their names all straight.

There was another room – empty – and a bathroom. Still no sign of Becky or Tinkerbell. Checking a closed door, I discovered a stairway leading up, evidently to the attic.

It was plenty dark, and I wondered if Beck and Carson were sitting in total darkness. The stairs here, oddly enough, were still very sturdy, and didn’t make a sound. When I got to the top of the stairs, I waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkness and looked around.

There was a little moonlight coming through a window, so I could see that the attic had been furnished at one time, but that furniture was mostly covered with junk now. Off in a corner, I saw a yellowish glow that flickered a little. I started toward it, and there I discovered my bride/wife, and our host, Tinkerbell, lit by a single candle.

Becky was on her knees with the crinolines of Tink’s tutu sitting firmly on top of her head. Beck was furiously pumping Carson’s cock in and out of her mouth, and he was evidently loving every minute of it, and with good reason.

Neither of them were aware of my presence, which was okay by me, I enjoy seeing my Becky in action. Besides, my new-found bride fetish was going full-steam, so I was *really* getting a major kick out of watching them go. Carson suddenly pulled his cock completely out of Beck’s mouth and before she had a chance to put up much of a fuss, he laid her down, hiked up her dress, stripped off his damn tutu and plunged into her cunt in one stroke.

Becky wrapped her legs around Carson’s hips and pulled him in tight. He meanwhile, kept pistoning his hard-on into my wife.

Somewhere during all this, Carson looked up and saw me standing there. He waved me over, and when I got close enough, he lifted the edge of my kilt and took my cock in his mouth. While I was sucked by our host, I watched my little bride, in her white garter belt and stockings, get her hot, shaven pussy fucked royally.

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