The Hospital Appointment

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Big Dicks

My first attempt at writing a story that will hopefully turn the reader (both male and female) on. All comments are most welcome and encouraged.

The story is based on someone I met online. A muse if you like to call it that. Always looking for others.


Chapter One – Aching need

Zoe sat in the rather rundown waiting room and studied the other three women leafing through the selection of magazines to be found on the glass-topped table by the door. Her stomach was full of butterflies and she was aware that her breathing was slightly quicker and shallower that normal. My God she was nervous, but at the same time consumed with only what she could describe as a delicious sense of sexual excitement. She was aware that she had worn her tight grey dress, and it didn’t leave much to the imagination. Although she considered it sophisticated she knew her hyper sensitive nipples would be showing through the dress making her look like a cheap tart, and if she stood up, she was sure the moisture oozing from her pussy would be noticeable to the other women in the room.

Absentmindedly she leant over and picked up a magazine from the top of the pile. It wasn’t for quite a few moments until she realised what she was leafing through. On the double page in front of her eyes was a thin girl with short blonde hair, earrings, her mouth open, looking directly into the camera as two long hard cocks penetrated both her holes. The caption next to it was in English, German, French and Spanish and read: ‘And when she fingered her anus invitingly, Rene brought his cock head to her soft pink hole. “Is this what you need?” he asked as he rammed his prick in past her tightly clinging sphincter.’

Zoe guiltily looked up but none of the other women were paying the slightest attention. She looked down again and flicked through the magazine to read the title: Blue Climax 73. Page after page was full of glossy photos of young women in various states of undress, their legs akimbo, their pussies and arse holes spread wide, cocks plunging in and out of every orifice, mouths open, lips red and covered in huge wads of semen.

She looked up again and noticed the woman closest to her was looking at a magazine entitled: Anal Sex, Full colour – on the cover a dark hired girl was sucking on a stiff cock whilst both her other holes were being fucked. Meanwhile another girl was fingering the ball sack of the man buggering her. She looked again at the woman and caught her eye. Zoe gave her a nervous smile and the woman noticeably rubbed her stockinged legs together and smiled back at her.

Why hadn’t she noticed it when she first sat down? Zoe now realised that a heavy aroma of sex filled the air of the small waiting room. She swallowed and could almost taste the juices now lubricating the cunts of the women around her.

Suddenly the door opened and a young nurse with brightly dyed red hair popped her head around the doorframe.

“Hi, I’m Stacey. Would you like to follow me?”

She smiled a knowing smile as the women put their magazines back on the table and followed her out. Zoe was last in the queue and watched Stacey in her tight nurse’s uniform as she led them to a nearby lift. The doors opened and they all filed in as Stacey pushed the button for the eighth floor.

“So how are you all today?”

Everyone for a moment said nothing until a tall blonde woman decided to break the ice.


“That’s perfectly understandable considering what you are all about to do, but you’ll love it, trust me.”

“Will we all be in the same room? It’s just that I was surprised as I thought I would be the only one?” Zoe looked at the short lithe young woman who had just spoken (the one who had been looking at the anal sex magazine) and her face indicated she was having second thoughts about the whole day. Thank goodness it wasn’t just her.

Stacey sucked on her top lip and looked at the four women.

“This is a big research project that you are now part of, and we need as many volunteers as we can find so that the evidence collected will be of scientific value. Initially we started off with just one volunteer at a time Mrs Issac, but we found out that people were more relaxed and uninhibited this way.”

Mrs Issac was not looking convinced.

” I can assure you that once you have seen the set up we have, you’ll be convinced. The fact that you’ll be in close proximity to these other lovely ladies will make the whole experience even more pleasurable for you. Zoe found herself looking at the other women and catching their looks of apprehension. Oh well, she could always still back out if it wasn’t for her.

The lift stopped and the doors slid silently back.

“Professor Stokes is waiting for you at the end of the hall. I assume you have all followed the pre- experiment checks?”

There were shy nods all round and Zoe wasn’t the only one who blushed at the thought of what had happened at the Beauty Spa only an hour before. gaziantep escort ilanları Her pampered pussy, bleached anus and irrigated colon still felt fresh even though her throbbing cunt was now dripping wet.

Stacey showed them into an office at the end of the corridor where Professor Stokes (short, bearded, glasses and quite chubby) stood in front of a projector.

“Welcome ladies, welcome. Take a seat please. Can Stacey fetch anyone a drink? Perhaps something to relax you?”

There were murmurs of agreement and within minutes chilled glasses of white wine were placed in front of Zoe and the others. Whilst this was going on Stokes introduced himself to each woman, acting the perfect host.

“Well let me first say to you all, thank you so much for getting involved with our research at the clinic and to assure you that all that the effort will be worthwhile. I thought I would take this opportunity to quickly go over what we are studying and what you can expect of your time with us. Now I understand from Stacey that all of you have signed the necessary paperwork.”

Stacey nodded and quickly handed the Professor the documentation who quickly flicked through the papers, humming to himself and nodding.

“So all of you have agreed that all your bodily orifices: that’s your mouth, vagina and anus are available for penetration. That’s good, as sometimes it can be very difficult to know who said what in the heat of the moment can’t it Stacey?”

Stacey winked at the four women and smiled, “Yes, it would appear they are all willing to be fucked in every hole.”

“Yes indeed nurse.”

The Professor frowned at Stacey who continued with a little giggle, “to be made airtight.”

“Nurse, can we please dispense with the vulgar terms?”

“Yes Professor. Sorry.”

“Sorry about Stacey, she really can get rather excited sometimes and lose sight of her professional status in this research. Anyway where was I? Ah yes.”

Stokes flicked on the projector and up came a diagram of a woman and man copulating.

Zoe felt her nipples harden as she looked at the textbook diagram. It reminded of school biology lessons where she first found out what fucking was. She remembered not soon afterwards she began to fantasise about the biology teacher fucking her and began to play with herself, successfully making herself climax for the first time.

“So as you know, the research we are conducting here is quite unique, and it all began with the hypothesis that the human penis is so shaped and designed so that not only can it deliver semen deep into a female vagina, but also its pumping action can suck out semen from a previous ejaculate. So the experiment we have designed here is to see which ejaculate is left inside the vagina after several men have deposited their seed. You lucky ladies have offered yourselves to be the recipient of four loads of semen one straight after the other so that we can observe which semen wins out so to speak. I think Stacey might refer to this as a gangbang, wouldn’t you my dear?”

“Yes I would Professor. Four hard cocks for each of these ladies to fuck them senseless and then shoot their thick wads of salty spunk deep into their juicy cunts.”

“Quite my dear, quite so.”

Zoe could sense the sexual anticipation in the air. It was almost liquid. The thought that all four of them, would soon be getting fucked by four stranger’s cocks, made her slightly dizzy. She tried to imagine Mrs Issacs with all her holes filled as in the magazine ‘Anal Sex’: trying to swallow the length of that big slick cock and then she realised the woman was smiling at her. She smiled back and an involuntary moan escaped her lips.

Fuck, if she wasn’t careful she’d come.

Stokes flicked to the next slide of his presentation and there was a slight pause in proceedings as everyone looked at the perverted scene on the screen. There was Stacy in her nurse’s uniform, video camera in hand filming a woman who was lying back on a raised padded platform. There were four men surrounding the woman: she was holding a stiff cock in each hand, a man’s face was buried between her widely spread thighs and a semi hard cock was hovering just out of reach of her open mouth. She almost seemed to be straining her neck to get her lips around the slowly thickening penis.

“As you can appreciate things can become a bit wild during the research, but we always like to keep a record of what happens to each of our volunteers. This lady here was one of our first volunteers, and as you can see, she soon lost her inhibitions.”

The Professor clicked over to the next slide and this time somehow the photographer had got right behind Stacey as she was filming a close-up of the action. Stacey was filming a short but rather thick cock as it slid deeply into another woman’s mouth. The woman’s mouth was stretched wide, her eyes closed in what could only be described as delight, as she attempted to accommodate the straining tube of meat. And as for Stacey – well she was bent forwards, legs wide apart, her tight nurse’s uniform had ridden up showing a pair of white panties. Between her widely splayed thighs all the women could see her panties were soaking wet and accentuating the ridges of her barely concealed pussy.

“You got quite hot and bothered that time, didn’t you nurse?”

“Yes Professor, I wouldn’t be human if I hadn’t.”

“Yes, our Stacey really does get rather too involved sometimes.”

The next photograph induced an audible gasp from the women. A young woman, her long blonde hair falling forwards obscuring her face was riding a large black cock. Stacey was kneeling beside the young attempting to guide another ramrod cock up her arse hole. Two other men were holding the blonde’s arse cheeks wide apart. Stacey appeared to be oblivious to the hidden camera operator, as her pink little tongue was poking between her teeth as she concentrated on inserting the straining penis.

“Now ladies, you have nothing to worry about. There is no chance of these pictures ever seeing the light of day. We take your anonymity very seriously.

Zoe took a mouthful of wine to conceal her increasingly excited state. She was sure that when she finally stood up the seat would have a damp patch as her pussy was now was throbbing and her clit was just aching to be rubbed. Almost as if the other participants were feeling the same way there was a momentary pause as everyone absorbed what was about to happen.

Mrs Issacs finally found her voice, although the initial sound that came from her mouth was more of a moan than a word. “So the men who are taking part in this trial, are they all as well-endowed as him?” She looked up at the screen indicating the powerful penis that the nurse was so avidly trying to wedge inside the anonymous woman’s bum hole. Stacey giggled again. “You wouldn’t believe it, but she had never had anal sex before, let alone a DP, but she loved it. The first two or three inches were a bit of a struggle weren’t they professor, but once she relaxed the rest just slid all the way in, balls deep?”

“Yes she was very tight initially.”

All eyes were fixed on the professor who had a barely susceptible smile on his face. The cat was about to get the cream.

Chapter two – All holes used

Mrs Issacs appeared suddenly to gain some confidence.

“And how do you choose the men for this study?”

“By choose, I assume you mean, do we vet the applicants who come through our doors?” The Professor studiously cleaned his glasses with a lens cleaner, before putting them back on.

“Yes, I mean are they particularly gifted in the size of their…?”

Stacey beamed her brightest smile at the woman. “I think she means do the applicants all have large cocks professor.”

“Ah, well, it’s interesting you should mention that Mrs Issacs because we have already, I think it is fair to say, established that penis size appears to have no bearing on successful insemination.”

“What the Professor is trying to say ladies, is that the men in this study group have cocks of varying sizes. We have seen some really small ones, no more than four inches, wouldn’t you say Professor?”

The Professor stood up and clicked up another slide. “Yes my dear.”

“Right up to a whopping ten-incher, that was quite some job fitting that up Mrs Cathcart’s pussy, don’t you remember Professor?”

They all looked up at the screen and saw before them a graph showing the relative size of penises so far used in the study. And indeed Zoe could see a typical bar chart which indicated that the most common size of penis was between five and six inches.

“The men in the study all have a clean bill of health, very important to us that, for obvious reasons. Some are circumcised, some not; some are small and some large; some thin and some thick. The men are between the ages of eighteen and sixty, all have a medium to high sperm count.”

“But what happens if they can’t perform?” Mrs Issacs was getting quite bold and Zoe could almost feel all the women, including herself, relax, as someone finally began to ask the questions they were all dying to know the answers to. Zoe had thought to herself earlier on in the day about that. What would happen if the men didn’t fancy her and couldn’t get an erection? Would be she expected to suck off a limp dick in front of everyone? Because if so, that would be just too much. She didn’t mind the idea of getting fucked with lots of hard cocks, in front of an audience, but limp cocks!

Stacey began to giggle again. “Don’t worry ladies, we haven’t had any men so far who haven’t performed their duty. After a little shyness they all eventually get into the spirit of things. But just in case we have a whole cupboard full of stimulants that would get the limpest dick hard enough to fuck the tightest bumhole.


“Sorry Prof, I’m just so looking forward to today.I’ve never enjoyed a job more.”

Zoe looked at the nurse again, who almost curtsied in front of them. “Shall I get the ladies ready Professor, as time is getting on and the men will be in the pre-study room getting hard already, what with all that porn we are showing them.”

“Yes, you are right nurse. We don’t want any of them ejaculating in the wrong place after saving themselves for the last three weeks. That would be a massive waste of valuable semen.”

Zoe knocked back the rest of the wine and placed her empty glass on a tray by the door as she followed the small group of women out with Nurse Stacey leading the way.

The changing rooms were the sort you would find at a modern gym and for a moment, when Zoe closed the door behind her, she thought that perhaps she had been dreaming. Perhaps it was just another Tuesday evening and she was going to change into gym kit and do a long work out on the machines. But the hospital gown convinced her otherwise. With trembling hands she undressed, hanging her dress up on the hanger provided. She took off her bra and peeled off her panties which, as she expected, were soaking wet. She looked at the gown and realised it was the sort that did up at the back, the sort that often came adrift and showed off you bare bum to the whole world. Her mind was in a haze and her stomach was full of butterflies when suddenly the nurse’s voice broke through the silence.

“Come along ladies, don’t be shy.”

Suddenly locks were being opened and doors thrown back so Zoe automatically followed suit.

Outside of the bank of four cubicles stood Nurse Stacey with three other young female nurses.

“No going back now. Don’t look so worried Zoe, you are going to love it.”

Suddenly Zoe realised that everyone was looking at her and she blushed. Her face nearly matched the red dye she wore in her hair. She looked down at her perfectly pedicured feet: red nail varnish.

“So what is going to happen is this. Each of you will be accompanied by one of us. We are going to be with you throughout the whole process, facilitating what is about to happen. We find that this is the best way to break the ice and keep things under control. As you can imagine we don’t want any of these men shooting their load into the wrong orifice, do we?”

The other nurses giggled. Perhaps it was part of the job but they all seemed really excited about what was about to happen. Zoe noticed that the nurse nearest her, blonde bob, perfect figure, was quite flushed herself and her nipples were pushing against the starched fabric of her uniform.

“As you can imagine things get really heated in there and the men need some guidance on what is acceptable behaviour.”

“Is there a list of things that are not acceptable then?” Mrs Issacs stammered.

“Well there isn’t actually, and normally it’s the female participants who set the tone. In fact the men are usually quite astonished by what is demanded of them, poor lambs: anal, DP, throat fucking, double vaginal, double anal, you name it, the woman have demanded it. Let’s just say, whatever you need, you will get.”

Zoe felt slightly dizzy as Stacey took her hand and led her through two sets of doors followed closely by the others.

The room was brighter and larger than she expected but afterwards she couldn’t recall anything more about it, as just at the moment a loud and enthusiastic round of applause broke out as she was led across the room to a white faux leather topped table situated beneath a plasma screen. She looked hesitantly around at the men waiting by each of the tables and saw that they too, were wearing hospital gowns. Stacey squeezed her hand and caught her eye as she led her around the table and introduced her to the men that were about to fuck her.

“Well boys, it’s your lucky day. This is Zoe, she is nineteen years old and she can’t wait to get all her holes fucked by you, you horny bunch.”

There were smiles all around and each of the men shook her hand.

“Zoe, this is Luke, Jarmaine, Stefan and Robert and they are just as eager as I’m sure you are, to get stuck in.”

Zoe smiled at each of them in turn. She reckoned Robert to be the oldest (tall, bald head, slight paunch) and Luke to be the youngest (short sandy coloured hair with some bum fluff for a beard) – not a particularly prepossessing bunch but all the same she wasn’t here to date them. There was a momentary pause as no one knew what quite to do next.

“Well I think Zoe would like to show you her body, wouldn’t you Zoe?” Without waiting for a reply Stacey quickly undid the bows at the back of the gown and eased it off her, letting it drop to the floor. Involuntarily Zoe put her hands up to cover her breasts and crotch but Stacey, quick as flash, pulled her hands away.

“Don’t be shy, you are beautiful, isn’t she boys?” There were general murmurs of agreement as Stacey made Zoe give them a twirl. As she slowly spun around she saw the other women in similar poses, though she could see Mrs Issacs was ahead of the game and appeared to be kneeling on her table with four semi-hard cocks vying for the attention of her hungry mouth.

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