The Preacher’s Son Ch.03

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*Hello, it’s Oghma! This one took a little bit longer to complete than I thought, so sorry I couldn’t get it out in January, but at least it’s out now! As you will see, the plot continues to thicken, though there’s still (hopefully) enough sex to keep you all satisfied.*

**Disclaimer: Excessive sizes, inflation, and fantastical elements ahead. All characters depicted in sexual situations are 18 or older.**


It had been about 2 weeks since Matthew and Himawari had become intimate. Ever since that day, they’d been meeting up every chance they got. While things always eventually escalated to sex, their activities had branched out to various other, more wholesome past-times. They’d gone to see a movie, had meals at a few different places, gamed together online and locally many times, and even went on a quiet moonlight stroll in the desert just outside town. It really was a whirlwind romance. And yet, Matthew still felt there was something he had to do, something that would finally make this whole thing complete. There was just the matter of finding the right time and place for it. Whenever and wherever that may be, it certainly wasn’t right now.

“On your right!” Himawari exclaimed, gesturing Matthew to turn his camera that way. Sure enough, there was an undead monstrosity currently in the process of leaping at him. Automatically, he turned to face it, and rapidly slashed at it as quickly as he could. Luckily for him, the first attack was enough to stagger the beast and leave it open for his follow-up attacks. Matthew breathed a quick sigh of relief as it fell, barely noticing his soul count going up.

“Oof.” He said through their voice chat. “Are there any more around here?” Himawari had talked him into getting Dark Souls, after the initial learning curve and who knew how many deaths, he was starting to get the hang of it. It really helped that Himawari had built a new character to go through the game with him. On her suggestion, he had started with Cleric, and in the process of playing the game he had picked up a sword that he liked.

“No, not here.” She replied, using the point gesture to show where they needed to go. “But over there’s a whole bunch more over there, and then we got a big boss fight.”

“Great…” Matthew said, checking his healing supply. He was out of spells and didn’t have a huge amount of estus flasks left and he wasn’t exactly comfortable with his chances.

“Don’t worry Matthew, this one’s not too bad.” Himawari reassured as they traversed the area. “Just remember to roll, and don’t get too cocky.” She continued, occasionally breaking when they dealt with some enemies. If they were talking face to face, she would probably have her arm on him, soothing him the way only she knew how. After a few moments of clearing out the minions, they soon approached that familiar wall of fog, blocking them from progressing any further. Matthew first made sure he had full health, took a deep breath, and traversed through the fog.

Right away, he caught sight of the creature. The text at the bottom called it a “Bell Gargoyle”, and he could definitely see why. It was a large, grotesque figure, hunched over with stony brown skin occasionally highlighted with greenstone armor and big frayed wings. In its arms it carried a large halberd, and a circular shield, of similar green shade to the armored bits. Himawari entered into the arena right behind him. Immediately, she ran forward to engage the beast in melee, managing to tag it with a good swipe of her greatsword. While it did leap into the air, it quickly came back down to strike at Himawari’s character, luckily she was able to evade the attack without much hassle. Since it was distracted by Himawari, Matthew wasted no opportunity to attack. Running forward, he slashed quickly once he got into range, swiftly taking out a big chunk of the boss’ health. It did turn its attention to Matthew, but somehow he was able to evade most of the attacks, only taking a small amount of damage thanks to his armor. Their combined assault was rapidly whittling down its HP, and for a moment Matthew thought they had this in the bag, that is until the second gargoyle entered the fray. Well, no one ever said this game was easy.


When the last sword stroke hit and that wonderful sound of the boss falling rang through his headphones, Matthew breathed a huge sigh of relief. “Phew… we did it!” he exclaimed happily, riding that wonderful high one got when they took down a good challenge.

“See? I told you!” Himawari said, giggling noticeably in through her mic. Out of the corner of his eye, Matthew saw his alarm clock. It was getting pretty late, and he’d have to get to bed fairly soon.

“Alright, I’m gonna call it a night…” he said.

“Make sure you climb the tower first and ring the bell.” Himawari told him. Matthew did as she instructed, enjoying the cutscene however brief it was. As soon as it was over, he exited the game.

“So… can I see you escort bayan şişli again tomorrow?” Matthew asked through Discord.

“Yeah, of course!” Himawari replied. “What did you have in mind?”

“Um… can we go to the desert again?” Said Matthew. “There’s something I… something I want to tell you face to face.” There was a moment of silence on the other end, one that may as well have gone on for hours from his perspective.

“Sure!” she answered. “There’s something I want to tell you too! Can we meet up around 7?”

“Yeah, that would be great. I gotta go now though, see you tomorrow Himawari!”

“See you tomorrow!” she said just as he closed the call. As he started to shut down his computer, Matthew was abruptly startled by a sudden voice behind him.

“Who’s Himawari?” Matthew quickly turned around, his eyes opening wide in shock at the sight of his littlest sister. She was a precocious little girl of nearly 10 years, with soft and youthful features. Her hair was long and wavy, a light brown color similar to his, though more akin to their father’s shade. Freckles dotted her face here and there, granting her a visage of adorableness. By far their most similar feature was their blue eyes.

“Ruth!” he exclaimed, scrambling to his feet. “W-what are you doing here? It’s almost 11!”

“I couldn’t sleep.” She answered. Only now did Matthew notice the glass of milk in her hand, indicating that she’d gone downstairs for a snack. “Who’s Himawari?” she repeated.

“She’s um… a friend.” Matthew answered as best he could. Somehow it was much harder for him to lie to Ruth than it was his father.

“Like a giiiiirlfriend?!” she said in a teasing sing-song tone.

“N-no! Not like that! She’s just a girl who’s a friend, not a girlfriend!”

“You’re blushing!” Ruth teased, pointing right at him. Matthew didn’t need to look at himself to know that she was right. There really was no hiding it from her.

“Okay okay…” he admitted. “Look, she kind of is… I mean, it’s… yeah.” Not technically accurate (at least not now), but this was easier to explain to her than the full story, so Matthew just went with it.

“How come I’ve never met her?” asked Ruth. “I’ve never seen her at church or anything.”

“Oh, well she’s um… she’s new in town.” Matthew fibbed, desperate for an excuse. “I only met her just a couple of weeks ago.” Once again, he was blending the partial truths in with the lies, hopefully it would be enough to mask his deception. “She and her family are still getting settled in, so they haven’t picked out a church yet. I’ve been trying to witness to her, but I’m having a little trouble so she might not be joining us for a while.”

“Oh okay.” Ruth said with a nod. “Maybe dad can help you-“

“No!” Matthew interrupted. “I mean, no not yet! I want to make sure I can do this myself; I can’t be a preacher if I don’t know how to witness properly. So please, don’t tell dad about her okay? If you do, he’ll try to help me, and then I’ll never learn.”

“O-okay.” Ruth said. It was clear she didn’t understand completely, but hopefully just enough to obey. “I promise…”

“Thanks Ruth…” Matthew sighed in relief. “Do you need me to tuck you in?”

“Uh-huh…” she said.

“Alright…” he said, getting back up to his feet. Taking her hand in his, he led his little sister back to her bedroom. Hopefully to let her sleep it off and forget about the whole thing.


Himawari just stood there, leaning against her car and staring up at the stars. The light pollution was a constant problem in the city, so she usually couldn’t see the night sky properly. Out here though, the difference was night and day, if one pardoned the pun; clusters and constellations blanketed the heavens like glittering diamonds in a sea of dark. Every now and then, she found her gaze turning back to Orion, her favorite constellation. As a kid, she never could remember all the other shapes, save of course for the big dipper, but Orion was always immediately recognizable. Sometimes she wondered if somewhere out there, some other girl on a distant planet far away was staring up at the skies too. Had Danu blessed other planets with the gift of life? It certainly made sense, the universe was a huge place, so why would she leave so many spaces unfilled? No, life was far to wondrous and beautiful to leave confined to one little blue dot. Could this be the reason for her sudden resurgence? To bestow humanity with what it needed to spread itself to the stars? The timing was rather convenient, the scientific and technological gaps were closing faster by the day. But such questions were far beyond what Himawari was fit to answer, she was neither an astrophysicist nor a prophet.

It was a cool night, the dry desert climate allowed all the heat of the day to dissipate once the sun went down, an occasional breeze brushed against her skin. Himawari hadn’t dressed up for the occasion, escort beşiktaş with a nice set of torn jeans, a low-cut black shirt and a leather jacket featuring a few patches here and there. Her makeup was about the only extravagance she was going with tonight, with pronounced eyeshadow, mascara and a deep purple lip-gloss. She pulled out her phone and checked the time, 7:32. Matthew was definitely running late. This wasn’t unexpected, he still had to get around his family to go and see her, but she still felt anxious. They’d only spoken last night, and already she missed him, as if he had been gone for years. Goddess…why was this going to be so hard to do? Almost as soon as she put the phone back in her pocket, she saw the familiar lights of his dodge approaching, and she turned to greet him with a smile.

“You made it!” she called out as he exited the car. Matthew wasn’t driving anything too fancy, just an old red dodge stratus. The color was a little bit faded and one could still see scuff marks here and there. It was probably something his dad left him, but it got him around. Himawari opened her arms wide and walked over to Matthew, drawing him in to a deep hug.

“Sorry, I had to help dad with his sermon for the week.” Matthew said with a smile. “But I got out eventually, and I think he’s still buying the story.”

“Glad to hear it!” Himawari said just before kissing him. The two locked lips aggressively and passionately, their tongues wrestling like Olympians. Her hand clenched the back of his head, clinging to him as if she didn’t want him to go anywhere. Meanwhile Matthew’s traveled low, cupping her spacious hips and ample butt to him. Almost immediately, Matthew felt himself growing hard, his bulge grinding aggressively against Himarari’s own groin. Even through several layers of clothing, she could feel the now-familiar shape, and moisture began to coalesce between her thighs. “Mmmm…” she said, breaking off the kiss for a gasp of air. “I think someone’s a little eager” she purred. Well, they WERE all alone out here at this time of night. Even if they made as much noise as they usually did, it was pretty unlikely that anyone would stumble onto them. Whatever they had to say to one another could wait, right now they had something a little more urgent to get to. It certainly wouldn’t hurt matters at this point.

Right away, Himawari had dropped to her knees, luckily the loose sand was providing a bit of a cushion to soften things. Her fingers nimbly undid his pants and slid them down, revealing his overstuffed boxer shorts. Himawari just admired the sight for a moment, letting the anticipation build up within her. When she could bear it no more, she gripped the waistband of his underwear and yanked it down. The potential energy released all at once, launching his erection free at great force to slap Himawari in the face. The sheer weight of his monstrous cock was nearly enough to topple Himawari off balance. Luckily, she was able to keep her composure. She cooed a little at the realization that his mighty cock could carry such force behind it, the small amount of pain adding just a little more to her arousal. Matthew stared down, forcing his eagerness and excitement out of sight so that he could put on a mask of masculinity and dominance. “You know what to do…” he said with a feigned growl. He really was developing fast, Himawari was quite proud.

“Hmmm…” She said coyly, “I guess I COULD suck your cock…” she continued as she removed her jacket and lifted up her shirt. Today, Himawari had gone braless, thus there was nothing stopping her awe-inspiring mammaries from bouncing free into the cool night air, her nipples already hard as steel. “But I think we could try something a little…different.” Said Himawari as she cupped her tits.

“What were you-“Matthew started to say, before his thoughts were immediately interrupted by Himawari lurching forward and engulfing his big hard cock between her pillowy soft tits. Clutching them together, Himawari bounced them up and down slowly. Matthew groaned aloud and leaned his head back. It seemed Himawari would never run out of new things to teach him. She glanced downward at the beast nestled comfortably within her cleavage, even as busty as she was, she could only just barely engulf him entirely. Hopefully that would change soon, but there was still something to be said about a cock almost too big for her. Precum was spurting wildly, splattering her chest and face in impromptu lubrication. Every time the head reached her lips, Himawari would give it a quick kiss or lick. Partially to add to his pleasure but mostly to indulge herself. Eventually it became too much for her to bear, and Himawari took the head in entirely into her mouth. Immediately the taste of hot dick and virile pre flooded her tongue, sending her nether regions into a total frenzy. Juices flowed liberally from her pussy, thoroughly soaking her panties and jeans in sweet nectar. esenyurt escort Her thighs ground together, helping to generate some stimulation for her ravenously hungry quim. Up and down she bobbed her head, matching the movement of her breasts alongside it in a lewd rhythm. “Oh god Himawari…” moaned Matthew as he relished in the sensations. “What do you call this?” There was that curiosity and naivete of his again.

“Mphwmph!” She mumbled before briefly popping off his cock. “Titfucking!” she managed to say before drawing his cock back inside. While Himawari couldn’t get too much inside her mouth what with her tits in the way, she still managed to lavish as much attention as she possibly could onto what did fit. Her tongue slathered every square inch with a thick coating of her saliva, every drop of precum went down her throat after a brief moment of savoring. A mere appetizer for the main course still nestled within his balls. Though her eyes were closed, Himawari could feel Matthew taking initiative and thrusting his hips. It didn’t get him any further inside, but it certainly ramped up his pleasure. Almost automatically, Himawari’s fingers pinched and tweaked her nipples aggressively. A small orgasm began to build deep within her loins, a firecracker compared to the powder keg she desired most, but still enough to get her warmed up. All she needed was that one spark to set it off.

“Himawari! I’m…cumming!” Matthew roared. It didn’t take long for the first spurt to splash against the back of her throat, bathing her taste buds in rich creamy jism. Himawari let out a muffled moan of delight as her stud fired off into her mouth, a minor orgasm of her own washing over. Like she figured, it wasn’t particularly powerful, a few shocks through her body that didn’t overwhelm her neural processes. While she would have preferred to savor the load, she knew it would overflow her mouth if she didn’t swallow it quickly, and thus would spill on the ground wastefully. She certainly couldn’t let that happen! Relaxing her throat, Himawari released his cock from its mammary prison and took it as deep as she could, ensuring that the seed had nowhere to go but right into her stomach. Her vision blurred and her throat throbbed with overfullness as his cock blocked all air going down. Luckily for her, he didn’t last that much longer and soon his ejaculation began to subside. Gently, Himawari pulled herself off his cock and let out a relieved gasp for air.

“Mmm…” she purred, smacking her lips. “Tasty!” Himawari then stood up slowly, wiggling and sashaying sensually to better show off her body. “Have you been eating pineapple recently?”

“How did you-“Matthew nearly asked, but decided against it. His cock was still rock hard and jutting upwards, a steady stream of precum flowing once again. While they couldn’t see it in the current light, Himawari had left behind a good amount of smeared purple lipstick all across the length. “I don’t think we’re going to stop here…”

“Nope!” Himawari giggled, gripping the sides of her jeans and panties. With a flick of her hips, she slid them both down in a single smooth motion, exposing her pussy. She shivered a little as the cool night air blew softly on her sweet juices, it was an enjoyable burst of cold in her nethers. Strolling over to the car, Himawari bent over it, presenting her awe-inspiring booty for his pleasure. “In fact…I think I have one more thing to teach you.”

“Oh? What’s that?” Matthew asked as he approached her cock in hand. Instinctively, he rubbed the tip against her moist opening, prepping her for penetration. While Himawari was glad he was learning fast, she couldn’t have him knocking at her womb right now. Besides, they still had one more thing to do.

“No, not that hole…” she purred, looking back over her shoulder at him. “The other one.” Matthew nearly did a double-take as he realized what she was implying.

“Y-you mean your- “

“Yes… my ass.” She finished for him, wiggling her expansive backside against him. “The only hole you haven’t yet touched.”

“But isn’t that…dirty?” he stammered.

“Mmm… some might think so.” She replied nonchalantly. “But I keep myself clean there just for a time like this… plus doesn’t it sound exciting?” Himawari pursed her full lips into a sensual pout, pleading Matthew to give the taboo act a try. All hesitation quickly faded away in the face of his lust, causing him to grip her spacious hips and drive forward. If her mouth was snug and her pussy was tight, her asshole could only be described as “constricting”. It was almost too tight to enter, his tip mashing into the barrier and the shaft occasionally bending painfully. But eventually, Matthew found that one little bit of give, and pushed through. Her ring gripped hard on his cock, ensuring that every single nerve felt the girthy presence. Himawari winced a little bit. She’d tried anal before, with fingers toys and boys, but nothing could have prepared her for this. Her ass stretched tightly around him like she never knew she could. There was quite a lot of pain, her saliva and the remnants of his cum only providing a token amount of lubrication. But it hurt SO good. “Oooooooh FUCK yessss” she moaned, her pussy splattering juices onto the sand beneath her.

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