The Rider

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Have you ever been riding?
Sitting atop a beautiful horse.
Seeing his withers shudder when my hand passes over him.
I like the way he feels under me..

all that strength..power

And I have a tenous control over that.
My hair whipping around my face,his tail flicking from flank to flank.

Riding as one creature, one commands with thigh and heel.

Oh, to ride you like that horse.

Feeling the breadth of you against bayan escort ankara my mons, riding you bare, as I hold
tight with my thighs, not to tight as to 
wrestle control from you…

but to dig my heels in..
squeezing my thighs together to send vibrations along my cunt. I press into you…
pushing you to run
faster,faster..riding you hard..
my wetness starts to mix with the foam
and demetevler escort sweat building on your skin.

I urge you on with cries and kicks.
Do you feel my shudders as I take
you over, to get you to  move the way I want?

Your muscles tense,
and I sense a readiness to run ahead

to leap without me

but I pull hard on you…easing you to a slower canter..your ankara evi olan escort nostrils flaring..
eyes rolling..

ohhh my love, my best mount..
stroking your
quaking muscles…
slowing you…slow…easy…easy….

holding you back…then, with a call of your name, pushing hard into you..

driving you on..yesyesyes…

I cry out as you arc your body to take that leap..go..go..ohhhgod yesss..
the power of that jump…

spreads through and fast..
burning embers all over my body..

we both pant..

trying to find we slowly come back..
you toss that proud head,
looking at me with knowing eyes

as I lean into you..

petting you

hearing you softly murmur

I towel the sweat from you and give you sugar kisses.

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