The Riding Lesson

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Victoria sat at her bedroom window, her large green eyes fixed on the distant doors of the stables. Absentmindedly she twirled a strand of wavy auburn hair around her finger. At last there was movement and sitting up, she moved closer to the window, squinting to see better. Dawson was leading two horses out through the wide doorway.

She watched as he expertly handled the two animals, his large hands easily holding the reins. Victoria had been madly in love with him when she was younger, and even now at eighteen he could still cause her pulse to race. She quickly glanced over at him, taking in his tall, leanly muscled frame, his dark blond hair and warm brown eyes. Normally her eyes would be glued to him but not today. Her gaze skimmed over the two horses and she impatiently waited for him to go back inside. When she saw him send one of the young stable boys to the house to fetch her, her heart sank.

She flounced away from the window and without even bothering to double check her appearance she swept from the room.

“I know, he’s ready for me,” she sighed at the parlor maid sent to fetch her.

Striding across the yard that separated the house from the stables, Dawson could see from the look on her face that she wasn’t happy.

“Where’s the other horse?” she snapped at him.

“Only the two today, Miss Victoria,” he replied patiently, handing her the reins to her horse.

“But I told you, I want to learn how to ride astride,” she stated, her lush lips pouting.

“And I told you, your mother would have my hide if I did any such thing.” With a grace that never failed to surprise her, he swung up into his saddle. “It’s not ladylike,” he said, looking down at her.

“Fiddlesticks,” she muttered. She briefly considered dropping the reins and going back inside if he wasn’t going to teach her, but decided against it. Perhaps she could talk him into letting her ride his horse. It was a large stallion with a notoriously bad disposition but that didn’t scare her.

She demurely settled herself into her side saddle and they rode off into the fields. They returned half an hour later, both furious. Victoria had pestered him continuously about letting her ride his horse and he had adamantly refused, coming close to losing his temper more than once.

As they rode into the stable yard, she demanded, “The next time I want to go riding you are going to teach me how to ride astride.”

“No, I’m not Miss Victoria,” he replied with a patience he did not feel. “You know how your mother feels about it.”

“I don’t care,” she pouted. With a superior smile, she continued, “Well, if you won’t teach me, I’ll just have to ask one of the other grooms. I think Mac would be more than willing to teach me.”

Dawson had alighted from his horse and gripped the reins, his usually warm eyes dark with fury. “You are not going riding with him. You are only allowed to go out with me. Your parents don’t even like that much, but they tolerate it. They will not allow you out with someone like Mac.”

She alighted from her horse and stood facing him, her hands on her hips. “What they don’t know won’t hurt them,” she retorted with a smug smile.

“You are not to go out riding with him. I won’t allow it,” he said in a low voice.

“What you don’t know won’t hurt you,” she mocked before tossing him the reins and sauntering back into the house.

He was shaking with barely contained fury as he tended to the horses. She was a lovely girl, far more than she realized. He knew she had no idea the effect she had on men, especially men like Mac. Mac was a big man, not as tall as Dawson, but still big and stocky, with a large belly. He seldom bathed or shaved, his odor usually letting anyone know he was nearby. His surprisingly exceptional ability with horses was the only reason he was still employed by this family.

Dawson had overheard Mac talking about Miss Victoria many times. Heard him talking about the lewd things he would love to do to her. It made Dawson sick to his stomach to even think about someone like Mac touching her. She was meant for the touch of fine gentlemen, not rough stable hands like Mac, or even himself, he admitted.

He also had to admit, that he had often thought about what he would love to do to her. Not the way that Mac talked about it though. He would be slow and gentle with her, teasing her senses, awakening them to the erotic wonders he would show her. He shook his head, clearing away the sensuous thoughts. It will never happen.

The next morning as he entered the stables he noticed that her horse was gone. Turning about he quickly scanned the other stalls. A mild mare was also missing and so was Dakota. His blood ran cold when he recalled that Dakota was the stallion that Mac liked to ride. Quickly locating another groom, he anxiously asked where the horses were.

“Mac took Miss Victoria out with an additional horse, earlier this morning,” the boy answered.

“When? How long ago?” he asked hurriedly, dread creeping through his veins.

“About half an hour ago. They otele gelen escort headed east across the fields,” he added.

Dawson had his own favorite horse saddled in record time and was thundering across the fields, hoping he wasn’t too late.

“Now, Miss Victoria, put your weight on the leg in the stirrup and pull yourself up, swinging your other leg over the back of the horse. Just like you’ve seen others do it,” Mac was instructing her. He was hoping she wouldn’t get it right and that he’d have an excuse to touch her legs. Maybe even grab her behind.

Victoria wished he wasn’t standing so close to her. She didn’t want to even brush up against him, but she supposed that if she lost her balance, he would be there to catch her. A small shiver of revulsion, slid up her spine at the thought. I’d almost rather hit the ground, she thought.

Shaking her head and concentrating on the task at hand, she raised her foot into the stirrup and gripping the pommel of the saddle she tried to pull up and swing into the saddle. As she feared, she lost her balance and tumbled into Mac.

She felt his hands slide over her thighs and across her bottom and suspected that he had done it on purpose. He held her tightly in his arms even though it was quite clear she could stand on her own.

“Please Mr. MacIntosh, release me,” she demanded, trying to wriggle out of his embrace.

“You sure are a pretty thing,” he murmured staring down at her.

She didn’t like the look in his eyes and she doubled her efforts. “Let me go this instant,” she ordered.

“Oh come on, now. You should be nice to me. You don’t want me to be telling your Ma how you sweet-talked me into teaching you how to ride astride, now do you?” he threatened.

“You wouldn’t,” she replied, a tremor in her voice. “You promised you wouldn’t say anything.”

“Well, if you’re a little bit nice to me, I won’t say anything,” he said snidely, his wet lips turning up into a wicked smile.

“What do you want?” she asked fearfully.

“Just that you be a little more friendly,” he said, before pressing his lips against hers.

Victoria thought she was going to be sick. She truly began to struggle as Mac’s big hands began to maul her, squeezing her behind, trying to pull her up against him.

She suddenly heard the pounding of hooves as Mac quickly released her, roughly pushing her away from him causing her to tumble to the ground. He stood looking uncertain for a moment and then with a speed that surprised her, mounted his own horse and rode off, the other horse pursuing him only briefly.

The rider paused, letting Mac escape before returning to her. She wanted to escape as well when she saw that it was Dawson riding towards her, his face a mask of fury. She was still laying on the ground as he jumped from the horse to kneel next to her, his anger being quickly replaced by worry.

“Are you alright?” he asked, his fingers gently touching her forehead, brushing away a loose curl.

“Yes, I think so,” she replied, her voice barely above a whisper as she stared up into his warm brown eyes. He was so close she could see flecks of gold highlighting the darker brown.

Sliding his arm beneath her shoulders, he helped her rise. He held her by the shoulders, and bending down, looked into her eyes. “You’re sure you’re alright?” he asked again.

“Yes, I am. Thank you,” she said, suddenly embarrassed.

As they rode back to the house, Dawson noticed that Victoria seemed lost in thought and kept raising her fingers to her lips.

“Are you going to be sick?” he asked, thinking that perhaps her encounter with Mac had so disgusted her that she was going to throw up.

“Hmm? No, oh no,” she answered distractedly.

They rode for a few moments in silence, however, she continued to press her fingers to her lips.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” he asked once more.

“Yes, I am. I just…” she hesitated. “I just thought a kiss is supposed to be wonderful and magical. And that was anything but,” she explained, with a shudder of revulsion.

Dawson couldn’t help the smile that tugged at his lips. “A kiss from the right person for the right reasons can be wonderful and magical. A kiss from someone like Mac for the reasons he kissed you is likely to be unpleasant,” he explained.

“Wonderful. My first kiss and it was disgusting. And who knows how long it will be until I’m kissed again. Mother never lets me out of her sight at any balls or social gatherings, so I can’t even tempt some dashing man to kiss me.” She sighed heavily before continuing. “I’ll probably have to wait until I’m married.” Unless, she thought. Turning her eyes towards Dawson, she wondered what it would be like to have him kiss her.

“Dawson, will you kiss me?” she asked.

Pulling hard on the reins of his horse, he spun to look at her. “What?” he almost shouted.

“I asked if you would kiss me,” she repeated. Now that she had said it, she had to go through with it. “I don’t want to go for goodness rus escort bayan knows how long with only the memory of Mac’s kiss. I want to remember a wonderful kiss.”

“I am not going to kiss you. I rather like my position with your family and am not in the mood to be sacked,” he retorted, turning away from her.

How dare he refuse me, she thought, suddenly furious. Pulling on the reins of her own horse, she stopped. “I refuse to go any further until you kiss me,” she challenged.

He turned his horse around and began to slowly approach her. Oh my, he’s going to do it, she thought as he drew alongside her. Instead, he swiftly took the reins from her hands and began to lead her horse.

Refusing to let him win, she slid from the saddle and took a few steps away. “I’m not going back until you kiss me,” she again stated.

“Get back on your horse, Miss Victoria,” he growled at her.

“Make me,” she taunted.

Dawson glared at her for a full minute before dismounting. She was not going to win this war of wills he vowed. If he had to ride back to the house with her over his saddle, then so be it. With a purposeful stride he began to approach her.

Victoria was wary of Dawson. She knew she had gone too far in her taunt to make her get back on her horse. He very well would force her back to the house without giving in. Knowing that she couldn’t evade him, she decided to try another tack.

“Don’t you want to kiss me, Dawson?” she said in a soft voice, hoping her instincts were correct. He proved her right when he stopped in his tracks, his eyes wide.

“Don’t you think I’m pretty enough to kiss?” she continued in the same low voice, this time moving closer to him. She noticed his breathing suddenly seemed labored, his chest heaving with deep gulps of air.

Dear God, what is she doing, he wondered. Her softly spoken words and her slow approach were the most tantalizing things he’d ever experienced. The sudden desire to take her in his arms and kiss her deeply and thoroughly surprised him.

“Well, don’t you?” she asked again, stopping barely a foot away from him. Her hand reached out and she gently trailed her fingers down his cheek, over his jaw and throat.

Dawson’s hands curled into fists at his sides as he closed his eyes, taking a deep shuddering breath as her touch enflamed his senses. His desire for her was almost more than he could control and as her hand slid around the back of his neck to tickle the fine hairs there, he snapped.

Drawing her quickly into his arms, he caught a quick glimpse of her startled eyes as his lips closed over hers. The passion of the kiss was instantaneous and Victoria melted in his arms, her innocent emotions suddenly overcome with a flame like intensity. He pulled her tightly to him as his lips moved deliberately over hers, breaking down her resistance, until she allowed him to part her lips and slide his tongue into her mouth.

She had never felt anything so erotic in her life and almost swooned with the sensations roaring through her body. Clutching Dawson to her, she reveled in the sparks of desire flooding her veins as the kiss deepened and her tongue willingly met his.

His hands were caressing her back and slid down to her bottom, squeezing her, pulling her even more tightly against him. She responded by pulling his head down, kissing him back, matching his intensity. Victoria’s senses were out of control, her mind in a whirl as he continued to plunder her mouth, their tongues dancing.

His lips moved to her throat and she flung her head back, giving him full access. She barely noticed as his fingers began to fumble with the buttons of her bodice, pulling them open, his tongue following the path of exposed flesh. A small cry escaped her lips as his hand closed over her breast, and gently squeezed causing her back to arch against him.

He tumbled them both to the ground as he undid the last button at her waist and spread the fabric. A dark pink nipple peeked at him from above the edge of her chemise and gently tugging on the silky garment, took the sensitive nub into his mouth.

Victoria thought she was going to lose her mind as her legs thoughtlessly wound around Dawson, her fingers threading through his hair, holding his head to her breast as he suckled and nibbled at her nipple.

His hand reached back and wrapped around her ankle, his rough skin snagging and tearing the delicate silk stockings covering her legs until he reached the bare flesh of her thigh. He could feel himself growing rock hard in his trousers, his desire for her increasing with each moment. His hands squeezed and caressed the silky flesh of her thighs as she lay gasping and writhing beneath him, her hips surging up to him, pressing against the source of his torment.

With a loud groan, he wrenched his lips from her breast and slid down her trembling body. Keeping her legs spread, he kissed her inner thigh, his tongue slipping out to taste her sweet flesh. “Oh Victoria,” he whispered as his kisses worked their way up the inside sıhhiye escort bayan of her leg.

Victoria lay gasping on the grass, unsure of what was happening to her, the strength of her emotions scaring her but not wanting what has happening to stop. She knew it was wrong, knew she was being unbelievably wicked, but she was beyond caring, she only wanted Dawson to keep going, to not put a stop to the delicious sensations burning through her body.

Her fingers twined in his hair letting him do what he would with her. “Oh Dawson, Dawson,” she murmured. “Please, oh please,” she begged.

She didn’t even know what she was begging for, she just felt a raw hunger in her, a hunger for what she was unsure, but she did know that he was the only one who could satisfy it.

She almost stopped him as he began to tug on her pantalets, but as his fingers gently touched her, she was again swept away on a cloud of intoxicating sensations.

Dawson knew he shouldn’t be doing this, knew that the least of what was going to happen to him was getting fired; he’d be lucky if Victoria’s father didn’t shoot him. But he couldn’t help himself, she was so decadently sweet, so irresistible, just the taste of her was worth whatever might happen to him. Her soft sighs and moans were driving him wild and it was all he could do to go slow with her, be gentle.

Victoria almost screamed when she felt his tongue slide between her soft pussy lips. She was more shocked and surprised than anything, until the most indescribable feelings washed over her, again swamping her senses. With a wanton groan, she swept her fingers through his thick blond hair, holding him in place. Nothing was going to make him stop what he was doing to her.

Dawson continued to softly lap at her, parting her lips with his tongue, savoring her musky flavor. Her fingers tightened in his hair as he swirled his tongue around her clit and gently sucked it into his mouth, delighting in her loud gasp. Sliding his tongue back down, he tentatively dipped the tip inside her and felt her tense, her fingers stilling in his hair. Stiffening his tongue, he again dipped it inside her, pushing in further and was rewarded with her hips surging upwards, demanding more, a wordless whimper slipping past her lips.

Victoria was beyond all sense, beyond all comprehension of what she was doing, of what she was enticing the man laying between her spread thighs to do. She only wanted it to continue, to keep going further and further. Being a complete innocent she had no idea what going further entailed, but she didn’t care.

With a lusty cry, her back arched, her eyes flying open, seeing only blue sky as his finger slowly slid inside her. He was suckling her clit as his finger gently explored her, sliding into her hot, wet, insides. Groaning aloud, he could almost imagine what it would be like to make love to her, to have his cock deep inside her sweet tightness. Quickening his pace, he began sliding his finger in and out of her, his tongue massaging her clit.

Victoria could feel something building in her, could feel a heat coiling through her limbs, a tightness filling her body until at last it exploded, shooting sparks of euphoria through her veins. Crying out loudly, she pushed Dawson’s face into her pussy, her hips grinding against him as her body shuddered, the climax conquering her senses, leaving her breathless and trembling on the grass.

Dawson sat up and gazed at her lovely face. Her lips were parted, her eyes closed, the thick lashes laying against her flushed cheeks. Her partially exposed chest was heaving with deep breaths as a soft moan slipped past her lips. Her eyes fluttered open and her deep green eyes settled on Dawson, kneeling between her spread thighs. The look in his eyes started the heat in her belly again.

Leaning forward, placing his palms on the grass on either side of her shoulders, he bent down and kissed her, long and deep, letting her taste herself on his tongue. As her lips parted for him, he felt as though his cock was going to burst.

Gently lowering himself onto her, he rolled them over so that she was on top.

“Sit up,” he whispered.

Doing so, she straddled his hips, her hands resting on his chest. Reaching up he again spread the fabric of her bodice and gazed at her heaving breasts, the nipple he had suckled still peaking out from above her rumpled chemise. Pulling away the silky garment on the other side he exposed both nipples, his fingers gently pinching the hardened nubs, his hands caressing the lush mounds.

Letting her head tip back, she wallowed in the sensations emanating from her breasts. “Oh Dawson,” she breathed, the low heat in her belly beginning to grow, slowly spreading through her limbs, clouding her mind.

“Move lower down, over my thighs,” he told her, his voice low, husky with desire.

She did so and then looked up at him, wondering what is was he wanted her to do. His fingers fumbled with the buttons of his trousers, his lust was so great his hands were trembling. Gently pushing his hands aside, Victoria undid the buttons and as Dawson raised his hips she tugged the trousers down. The tent in his drawers surprised her at first, but when he pulled them down as well, she gasped. Having never seen a naked man before, she didn’t know what to expect, but not something so big, so raw.

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