Twist Ending Pt. 01

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Your eyes dart around the bar, knowing you won’t find me just yet, but this is uncharted territory and your nervous energy won’t allow for anything else.

Just two hours ago, you’d awoken from your nap to discover the hotel room empty save for a few carefully crafted notes.

The instructions had been followed to the letter, though one or two had taken significant leaps of faith. Anxiously, you run your hands across your stomach and hips. The dress I’d directed you to wear had been making you uncomfortable, but the heads on swivels everywhere indicate I’ve chosen wisely.

Your breath catches in your throat as you feel those familiar vibrations from your phone. You want so badly to rub your pussy to relieve just a little bit of pressure, but then you remember all those eyes on you…

You lick your lips and squint against the glow of the screen in the dim light of the room.

“Hey gorgeous,” says my text.

You lean against the wall and scan around 360 degrees one more time before responding. “No fair, I can’t see you.”

“Oh I can’t see you yet either, but something sensed you the second the cab stopped out front.”

Your heart pounds in your ears and you swallow hard as you feel a short, sharp buzz between your legs.

You stifle a yelp of surprise as my next text flashes on the screen, all evil grin emojis. The bar beckons. As you ease between bodies on the edge of the dance floor, it starts up again. The sensation is almost imperceptible at first, but that pussy of yours doesn’t miss a thing.

The low rumble reminds you of the vibe setting you use on your clit when I’m fucking you and you get butterflies. You’re struck by a panicked feeling that I might miss your first orgasm from our newest plaything.

I jack the intensity and you bite down hard on your bottom lip as your knees buckle, grabbing onto the closest arm to you. “Sorry, clumsy,” you call out to a confused young blonde, and shuffle quickly to the closest stool near the bar.

You’ve no more settled in to the leather seat as the intensity on the vibrations ebb, and your impending orgasm right along with it. For now, I seem intent on giving and taking away, and you’re able to catch your breath and gather yourself in the down time.

You rest your elbows against the apron in front of you and lean forward. The angle drives the vibe into your pussy and your head swims. As an added bonus, your cleavage instantly attracts the eye of a server. “A ssss…ssssss…caesar,” you manage, and settle back down into your chair.

Each tiny movement, shuffle, tightening and loosening of a muscle changes the sensation, the pressure, the intensity. Breathlessly, you’re stuggling to keep from writhing in public. You thought you’d been a LITTLE prepared for this, but you’d been sadly mistaken. The drink comes and you down a large first sip.

“I NEED to see you…NOW,” you type.

“Oh, why’s that?” You can just see the smirk on my face.

“I’m going to cum you filthy fucker, and I want to you watch.”

“Maybe I CAN see you,” I reply with a wink and crank back up the intensity.

You bite down on your lip hard again, and grab the bar with one hand as your eyes shut tight. Your body wants to go there, but it’s suddenly all too aware of it’s surroundings. Forcing your eyes back open, you’re looking into the eyes of a brunette with a smile on her face.

“You ok?”

Pausing an uncomfortably long time, you consider how the last few seconds would have looked to someone studying her intently. “Oh, um yeah,” you manage, hoping against hope I’ll have mercy on you. “Just feeling a little lightheaded. It’s cool out and super warm in here.”

One more long swig of your drink and it’s almost gone. Your new friend points at your glass. “How about another?” She smiles and you’re struck by her pretty face and long black hair in tight curls.

“Wouldn’t say no to that, but you don’t have to…” But she’s already turned to the bar and doubled down for the both of you.

“Put them on my tab,” she yells to the server and turns back to you. Handing you number 2, she steps away from the bar to make room and you can more easily check her out. She’s tanned with stylish jeans, ripped mid-thigh and a black, sleeveless halter, cropped ever so slightly above the waist, showing a tantalizingly brief touch of her torso.

You grab your phone and try not to stare. “PLEASE have mercy on me for a bit…”

There is no answer, but also no change between your thighs. That low rumble. Amazing, but you’ll be able to control yourself at least.

Her name is Florence and she’s meeting a couple of girlfriends running really late. For the next few minutes, you talk about your jobs, relationships (she’s single and looking), and you tell her I just got caught at work and will güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri be late as well. She’s obviously funny and smart to go along with the sexy. You stop yourself from just plowing through a third drink. You’re thinking thoughts…

“Baby, if you’re out there, are you seeing this?” you ask.

I answer at first with a couple of quick stabs from my remote control. You jump and lose your balance on the stool, grabbing Florence for stability. She smiles. “Getting tipsy are we?” She doesn’t flinch and your hand lingers. The phone buzzes. I’ve actually answered.

“She’s pretty, having fun?” You glance upward and nod, still unable to find me. “Good,” comes the response. “Keep going, I’ll find you in a bit. :)”

The conversation continues through drink three and you’re feeling warm. It’s difficult not to stare brazenly at her huge boobs. They’re barely contained in the halter and you could swear the nipples are rock hard.

“Ok,” you manage, “I need a drink break or you’ll peel me off the floor before anyone else arrives.” You’re more in need of a distraction from Florence than anything else. She’s been swaying alluringly to the music this whole time, staring into your eyes.

She slams an empty glass on the bar and smiles. “We’re dancing.”

“Oh nnnnnoooo, I’m not doing that.”

But she’s already grabbed your hand and made it halfway to the floor. She’s beautiful, you’re tipsy and it can’t be stopped. It’s crowded out there and a little warm but Florence isn’t shy. Nor should anyone be who moves like that.

You’re moving, but hesitantly. You’re too busy staring like everyone else.

She laughs and approaches you slowly. Her hands go to your hips and she presses against you, swaying her hips back and forth and encouraging you to move with her.

Shy has never been your issue. You instantly loosen up. It feels like you’re slow dancing with this gorgeous creature. Your eyes close and you breathe in deeply. She smells amazing as well.

Oh fuck, there it is. I’ve obviously played with the dials and you can feel that swelling of momentum deep inside you once again. Whether it’s the vibe between your legs, the beautiful girl you’ve met, the alcohol, or all of the above, you’re feeling more comfortable as you dance with, and for, Florence.

But for the moment she’s lost in the music, eyes closed, a perfect smile on her face, rhythmically moving her hips. I seem to be getting into the rhythm with the two of you as well. The strength of the sensation between your thighs moves and sways with the music, getting you closer and closer to cumming in front of a few hundred people.

The next song is a banger with a ton of bass. Florence is shutting the world out now and dancing WITH you. She’s staring at you in the same way everyone else in the place has been staring at HER. Her hands touch your hips and back and you instinctively thrust your hips, wanting so badly for her to grab your ass.

Instead, she turns her back to you and lightly rubs her beautiful round ass against your thighs. You’re more than a little amazed she can’t feel the vibrations through your dress.

The moment is coming fast now and won’t be stopped. I set the dial to what must be the max and your body starts to shake. Instinctively, you reach out for Florence and hold on for dear life, trying desperately to make spasms seem like dance steps. Your hands accidently slide across her bare midriff, but you couldn’t ask for a better reaction.

Florence is grinding back against you now, throwing her arms up over her head and pulling you to her. You whimper into her neck and shoulder as you cum, your legs shaking. If feels like a minute passes while you’re paralyzed, holding her tightly to you while the music pulses, her ass thrusts into you and her hands caress the back of your head and neck. It’s a miracle the entire floor below you isn’t a puddle.

The song ends and Florence turns. “Ahh, wow, that was…interesting.” She’s smiling. She’s a little shy, but you also know someone who’s turned on when you see it. Your heart skips a little and you’re staring at each other. A slower song comes on. You reach for her hand and start to turn for the privacy of the chairs and sofas in the corner.

But before you know it’s happening. Her lips meet yours. You whimper quietly and return, shyly rubbing the sides of your hips. It only lasts a few seconds but, from the flicks of the tongue, the heavy breathing and her hands finally going to your ass, it’s obvious what’s going on.

As you break and smile, HER phone buzzes.

“Oh dammit,” she frowns. “My friends, I ummm, have to go.”

“Shit is everything ok?” you ask.

“Yeah, they’re just stuck without rides and…it’s a whole thing.” She hesitates. “Give me your phone,” she güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri demands with a smirk. You unlock it and hand it over. “There, my number.” She squeezes your hand. “Use it ok?” You can only nod as you watch her walk away.

“Well that fucking sucks,” you mutter to yourself. You take a deep breath and text me. “Get this pussy home, now.”


The cab ride home, the elevator ride up, the walk down the hall. It’s all one big effort to touch each other as much as possible without getting arrested. You’re going on and on about your new friend and the things you can’t wait to do to her and my swollen cock tells you I’m not jealous in the least.

The second the door shuts behind us, I slam you against the wall and run my hands all over you, kissing your neck and shoulders, nibbling at your ears. “I’m running things tonight understand?” I say flatly. You nod. “Mmmhmmm. Get on that bed now and spread eagle for me.”

You push me back and smile that wicked smile. Tugging that dress over your head, you get to show off the sexy number you’ve chosen to go underneath. It’s new, and you watch with satisfaction as I shake my head and stroke my dick through my pants. Black, snug and sheer, it suits that banging fucking body of yours to a tee.

You’re 44 with a daughter back home with her dad, so you’re not flawless, but you’re a textbook MILF. Big blonde curls frame a pretty face with a perfect smile. You’ve had a breast reduction but they’re still 36 DD and have barely sagged even a bit from your glory days.

There are some stretch marks on that tummy but it’s still almost flat. You’ve always had naturally big hips and a big round ass, but it’s the classic hourglass and you’ve turned me on since the moment I first saw you.

As for me, I’ve managed to stay in pretty good shape myself. A college athlete, I’ve always had a muscular frame. I gained a lot of weight in my early 40’s but I credit you for fucking me back into shape the last couple of years. There’s still a little trace of a dad bod, but I look fucking good for my age.

Staring at me and licking your lips, you tug the shoulder straps down bit by bit like you’re doing a slow dance for ME now. When your tits finally spring free, I moan just a little and you smile wider at the effect you’re having. You lay back on the bed, tear away the snaps holding the number together between your thighs and spread your limbs wide.

I stare you in the eyes as I toss my shirt on a pile with my pants and stroke my cock through my boxers. I kneel down and pull out the restraints I’ve hidden under the mattress and it’s your turn to moan. “You planned this out you little devil,” you purr approvingly, letting me pull them just a LITTLE tighter than normal.

The last thing you see before the black of the blindfold settles in is me blowing you a kiss but then shushing you and smacking your thighs with the leather flogger you didn’t know was there. You know now I’m not fucking around tonight. The room is quiet. Your pussy throbs.

A few minutes go by. You can hear me moving around the room, making you wait, testing you. You’re squirming like mad, anticipating what’s to come. Finally, there are light kisses between your legs. For a couple of minutes, they tease your lips, your clit, but there’s never any real contact.

You whimper again, consider begging, but hold off. There’s another pause. The lips have started focusing on your breasts, but are carefully avoiding your nipples. This goes on for minute after agonizing minute until finally, a hand slips between your legs.

You let out a low moan as two fingers easily slip inside your soaking wet pussy. A pair of lips go back to your tits and this time, your nipples are lavished with attention. The fingers are flying in and out of your pussy now and you can’t take it.

“Sir, can I talk please sir?” It feels like forever until you lean into my ear and whisper.


“Oh baby it’s so good, don’t stop. You wonderfully evil man, you’re gonna get what you want.” You’re getting wetter and wetter and wetter and wetter and this time there’s no need to hold anything back.

You’re shocked I’ve allowed this to happen so quickly but you also don’t give a shit at the moment. You can barely get out the words now. “Can I please cum sir?” Your whole body is stiff and almost looks to be lifting off the bed.

Immediately two fingers are back inside you and, within seconds, lips are wrapped around your throbbing clit. You’re on the edge instantly and you’re sure as fuck going to take that as permission. “Oh my fucking gawwwwwwd,” you practically scream as it rips through you and you let go.

Instantly, you can hear your cum splashing against skin like a garden güvenilir bahis şirketleri hose against the pavement. It seems to go on forever before you take a breath and push again. You hear the second stream hit the wall across the room.

“Fuuuuuck girl,” you hear me say in the darkness. You love how much this turns you on and you can’t believe how much more you feel is there. Just when you think you’re about to come down, something slips inside you just a little. It’s rock hard and hits that spot you know will keep me cumming.

It feels like minutes pass and the sensation won’t subside. “Fuuuuuuuck, keep goooooing,” you moan, and it does, sliding in and out of you as you push constantly, not wanting to lose the feeling. After what feels like forever, the throbbing and the gushing stop.

Those fingers don’t move from inside of you for a very long time, a tongue laps at you for a few more minutes, cleaning you up oh so eagerly. “Sir, can I taste me,” you moan, still shaking.

You hear the “yes” coming from what sounds like across the room. And when the kiss starts, it takes a moment between the alcohol and excitement. But it’s clear this isn’t a normal one. Someone tugs at your blindfold and it takes your eyes a couple of seconds to focus.

I removed your blindfold, but it’s Florence’s smiling face you’re cleaning with your tongue. Your eyes go wide and you pause to take a breath. In the soft light of the room, you watch droplets of your cum dripping from the perfect nipples of her huge tits onto yours. It may be the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen.

“Explanations later?” She asks, holding one breast out for you.

You nod and moan, slowly bringing one nipple into your eager mouth. You have so many questions but as you look to the side and see me in my boxers, big cock straining against them, big wet spot of precum making them wet, you know they can wait.

On the table by the window are a bunch of our toys from the sex dungeon. It’s gonna be one of those “choose your own adventure” nights. Oh god how much you love those. You watch me slowly approach, rock hard cock not moving a centimetre in my boxers.

Wordlessly, I put one arm around Florence and grab your hair. I grab her breast still in need of cleaning and guide it into your mouth. There’s a spiderweb pattern tattoo on it and the nipple is still dripping. You moan in approval and watch

as Florence swallows hard and closes her eyes, licking her lips. She’s so turned on by you and it’s making your head spin.

You lose yourself in Florence and how sexy and open and vocal she is. “I couldn’t believe how lucky I was when I saw you walk in in that dress. I wanted to fuck you the moment I saw you. Yeah, bite my nipple bitch, fucking bite it.” Her hands start to roam your body and you instinctively thrust your hips in the air.

She reaches for your pussy, but her hand gets a quick smack from me. She jumps, but grins at you. “Sorry sir,” she breathes. Her tits are ripped away from you suddenly and you whimper in disappointment. Until you see my cock in your face that is. You lick your lips and stare up at me.

“Please can I have it sir?” You ask in as pleading a manner as you can summon. I look at Florence. She drops down to her knees on the floor. “Please sir, let me take it out for her.” She bites her lip and your pussy gets wetter if possible. I grin with satisfaction and nod. She jerks my boxers down and my steely cock bounces free. Florence reaches for it but you smack her hand again.

“You get it when she says so only.” You wave your head toward the table. Florence smiles and almost runs over. You watch her ass sway as she re-ties her pony tail and you whistle at her. You put her in her late-30’s but her body is unbelievable.

More tattoos of all designs cover much of her back, sides and her left calf. She turns at the sound of your cat call, bites her lip and winks. Her tits barely move.

They may be fake. You couldn’t care less. Fuck, your man knows your type.

My cock is right there for you now. You stick out your tongue but can’t quiiiite… I smile down at you. “You want this cock girl?” You breathe deeply and nod slowly. “Then ask for it nicely.”

“Please sir, can I taste your big cock, I want to suck on it so bad. Pleeeeeease! You can cum down my throat and make me choke.”

“Can she share with me sir?” comes a meek call from across the room.

“Only if she wants,” I say calmly, nodding down at you.

You glance around me to Florence, smiling. “I love to share.” I follow your gaze.

“Hey, no, you have to earn that.” I say sharply. Florence pouts a little but then smiles, peeling off the strapon she’d been tightening. I turn back to you, grinning.

I grab the back of your head and pull it toward me. As my hard cock slides between your lips, the sweet taste of my precum hits your tongue and you whimper loudly.

The last thing you see before you close your eyes and let me fuck your face is Florence, staring between your legs and smiling. Toy for your ass in one hand. One for your pussy in the other.

End of part 1…

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