Two Girlfriends Find Love Ch. 02

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A Hike

Lizzy and Cate had their soiree last weekend. They had precious little time to get together beyond passing phone calls and e-mail. They had busy lives, which meant periods of abandonment.

Lizzy had gotten back on Friday, and she wanted to see Cate in the worst possible way. Their brief phone call allowed them to plan some “me time”. Cate had suggested a day outdoors. Lizzy agreed. Lizzy would come over Friday night.

Cate and Lizzy had exchanged keys. When one was out of town, the other would keep an eye out for her home. Cate did not travel nearly as often as Lizzy, which allowed her more time to suffer. Every night Cate beat her pussy into submission, and it was getting old!

When Lizzy called to say she was home, and would come over shortly. Cate said, “don’t bother putting your panties on!” Lizzy laughed hard, and accused her of being a tease. Cate said, “you can’t imagine how much I have missed you.” Lizzy said, “get off the phone, and I’ll be over pronto.”

Shortly, there was a knock at the backdoor. Cate muttered, “I gave you a key for a reason.” Lizzy was shocked when Cate opened the door without a stitch on! Cate closed the door, and gobbled Lizzy up. While they were french kissing passionately, Lizzy was doing her best to strip, without falling on her ass.

Cate was mumbling, “how good Lizzy tasted, and how she had missed her terribly.” Lizzy pushed mad-dog back to the couch, and immediately assumed the position. She fingered Cates pussy roughly and quickly, while sucking her clit hard. Cate popped in a matter seconds, and Lizzy said, “you did miss me.” Cate said, “shut up and eat!” Lizzy chuckled, and continued sucking her pussy. After about 20 minutes, and at least that many orgasms, Cate was coherent.

She said, “please, let’s switch.” Cate was on Lizzys cunt in a flash, and apparently Lizzy had missed Cate a lot, as well. Cate mumbled, “she loved it when Lizzy hadn’t showered yet.” Lizzy said, “shut up and eat!” Cate chuckled, and said, “at least pay me a modicum of respect and come up with your own lines.” Lizzy grabbed Cates head and jammed it into her dripping snatch hard. Lizzy had already had a couple of orgasms, but was greatly enjoying the attention. After turn about is fair play, Cate says, “let’s take a breather?”

Cate dashed into the kitchen to pop a bottle of Asti Spumante. She snatched a couple of glasses, and returned to the couch. She poured the Spumante slowly down the sides of the glasses, and handed Lizzy one. They clinked glasses, and drank heartily.

Cate started the conversation. “I just want you to know how badly I missed you this week. It was hell. I’m lucky to have a crotch for you to eat.” Lizzy was in the process of taking a swig of the Spumante, and began to laugh – almost squirting it out her nose. Cate laughed hard too.

No shit, Cate said, “I missed you so much. After last weekend, I couldn’t even focus on my work, without needing to go to the bathroom to jerk off.” Lizzy cut loose with a big smile, and said, “skank!”

Lizzy said, “if you will shut up long enough for me to get a word in edgewise, I’ll tell you something.” Cate snapped her jaws together in mock rage. Lizzy said, “I felt so lonely when I went home last weekend. Fortunately, I had a big meeting I needed to attend, and had to prepare for the flight. That kept me occupied so that I did not set my pussy on fire masturbating. I have masturbated multiple times a day, and twice on the flight in and out – while in my chair!” Cate horned in with – “Skank!”

Lizzy stated firmly, “I have never been in love, before you opened me up last weekend. I thank you for that. But without you around, my pussy is one hurtin’ hole!” Cate chuckled, and said, “at least someone else was in purgatory – misery does like company.”

Lizzy pulled Cate over and kissed her with a long, passionate french kiss. Cate went limp.

Lizzy said, “let’s get this party started.” They made a quick dash to the bathroom, with their wine glasses held firmly. Cate started the shower, and looked down at Lizzy. She was bare ass naked with her shoes on. To which, Cate said rather dryly, “planning a quick exit, are we?” Lizzy kicked her sandals off, and said, “fanatic!” They chugged their wine, and moved to the shower. Cate screeched loudly – “the cold water too, dip.!”

They drew the curtain closed, and embraced warmly. Both confessing their intense suffering the last week. They were kissing hungrily, while finger fucking the other babes hole. Climaxes were coming hot and heavy. Cate yelled – “time out!”

She jumped out of the shower almost busting her ass in the process. She let out, a largely silent, “shit!” She hauled ass for the kitchen and the Spumante, and sprinted back to the bathroom. Lizzy held her glass out through the shower curtain, which was filled quickly. Cate topped hers off too, and stepped back into the shower.

She said, “let’s do a lovers toast.” They wrapped their wrists, and began to drink. They Betturkey broke, and kissed each other again. Cate had quietly and quickly switched the wine glass to the other hand. She immediately put it on Lizzys tit. Lizzy screamed, “what did I tell you about cold!” Cate wasn’t paying a great deal of attention, as she put a lip lock on Lizzys other tit. Lizzy screamed again!

That didn’t last too long, as they began to french kiss each other warmly and passionately. Cate sat her glass down outside the shower, and pushed Lizzy back to a small ledge. Lizzy perched herself on the ledge, and drew her knees up against her chest, held in place with one arm. The other arm taken by the wine glass. Cate looked at Lizzy and said, “I love you.” Then she dropped to her knees, and began sucking Lizzys pussy hard. Lizzy started to grind her pussy into Cates face, but had a little bit of trouble not slipping off the ledge. Lizzy was moaning and squealing. Then the first of many orgasm slammed her. She almost dropped her glass. She was drooling, though. She moaned, “Catey, I needed you so much this week. I’m glad I’m home.”

After several minutes, Lizzy pushed Cate off, and said, “to bend over. But first fill our wine glasses!” Cate squeezed the last drops of wine out into their glasses, and said, “we need a refill.”

Lizzy said to Cate, “turn around and bend over.” She did, and Lizzy put her wine glass on Cate. Lizzy chimed in melodically, “the payback is a bitch.” Cate screeched, and began to laugh uncontrollably. Lizzy took the last swig of her wine, and held it in her mouth. She then spread Cates cheeks so wide Cate thought see was being ripped apart! Lizzy put her mouth over Cates asshole, and squirted the wine up her rectum. Cate shivered. Lizzy placed her wine glass down, and went back to Cates asshole and began to lick it. She inserted first her fingers then her entire hand into Cates pussy. Cate climaxed almost immediately. She was a little shaky, and Lizzy steadied her. Cate mumbled, “I needed that.” Lizzy continued to pound Cates pussy with her entire hand. Cate moved her free hand to her clit, and began to bang away. She was having climaxes so quickly she didn’t know if she had a ten minute orgasm, or ten orgasms.

Cate declared, “timeout.” Lizzy gently pulled her hand from Cates pussy.

Cate stood up, and ordered Lizzy to get on her knees. She did, and Cate spread her pussy very wide, and began to piss hot, steamy piss into Lizzys face. Lizzy was able to swallow some of it, but it was coming in torrents. Cate let out sigh of relief, and said, “I needed that.” Lizzy looked up at Cate with one eye glued closed with piss and said, “I hadn’t noticed.” She then wiped the piss off her eye, and shook her finger off.

“My turn”, shouted Lizzy! Cate got on her knees, and Lizzy tried to do the same thing. Cate cheated, and immediately jumped on her clit, and began sucking really hard. Lizzy said, “bitch!” As she began to orgasm, she squirted a torrent of piss out of her pussy. Cate paid her no mind, and continued to suck. She did, however, slipped three fingers into Lizzys vagina. Lizzy moaned, “oh yes.”

When Cate finally moved back, Lizzy pissed a stream of liquid gold into Cates face. Cate licked and swallowed what she could. Lizzy said, “and I needed that, my love.”

Cate said, “let’s get out of the shower.” She turned the shower off, and snagged a big bath towel, and began to dry Lizzy. She dried Lizzys pubs, and Cate replied, “and if God had not made a woman’s pussy look so much like a taco, no one would want to eat it.” Lizzy let out a deep laugh. Cate wrapped Lizzy in a bathrobe.

Cate began to towel herself dry, when Lizzy snatched the towel, and ordered Cate, “to hold her horses.” Lizzy dried Cate slowly while staring her in the face, with a smile. She moved Cate back to the toilet, and began eating Cates pussy. Cate immediately lifted her legs to Lizzys back, and quietly began to come – repeatedly. Lizzy halted her goat chewing, and stood. She said, “I hoped you’ve learned your lesson young lady.” Cate replied, “in a rather fuzzy way, what?”

Lizzy then pulled Cate up from the toilet seat. Lizzy wrapped Cate in a bathrobe, and said, “she was absolutely out of her mind in love with Cate.” Cate remarked, “well then, you got it half right!” Lizzy looked sternly at Cate and said, “you are not too big to whip!” Cate stuck her tongue out. Lizzy immediately grabbed Cates tongue, and acted like she was giving it a visual inspection. She remarked, “so this is what has been probing my tonsils, and every other hole I have.” Cate tried to giggle, but it was hard when someone had about 14 inches of tongue pulled out of her mouth.

Lizzy sucked the extended tongue into her mouth. She sucked it hard. Cate grabbed Lizzys head, and opened her mouth wide over Lizzys. When finally Lizzy returned Cates tongue, unharmed, to where it rightfully belonged, she said, “I am totally in love with you. Everything that I have is yours.” Cate kissed her again.

Cate Betturkey Giriş said, I’m hungry. Lizzy said, “my god girl, do you have a tape worm? ”

Cate pulled out a couple of pairs of shower slippers, and pulled Lizzy in the general direction of the kitchen after getting them on, while Lizzy was hopping on one leg trying to get the other slipper on, and trying to keep up with Cate.

Cate had a little counter bar with elevated chairs. She parked Lizzy on the first chair, handed her another bottle of wine, “and told her to pop the cork.” Lizzy gave a salute, and opened the wine with a cork screw.

Cate said, “now that I can think with my real brain, you must be hungry. What would you like to eat?” Lizzy said, “how about some panty perch?” Cate gave her a stern look, and said, “you’re not too big to get a good spanking, missy!” Lizzy stuck her tongue out, and went nah! Cate grabbed for the tongue, but was not fast enough.

“How about if I order a pizza?” Lizzy said, “perfect.” Cate ordered pizza fairly often, since she was often too busy, or too lazy, to cook. She ordered a pizza, over the phone, with the works. The pizza guy said, “it will be about 20 minutes.” Cate said, “thanks”, and hung up.

Cate pulled some wide mouthed wine glasses from the rack beneath the bottom of the cabinet. Lizzy poured the first round.

Cate asked, “how was your week?” Lizzy said, “it was a bitch. I almost missed my flight; then the airline misplaced my luggage. Fortunately, they found it, and I could check into the hotel I had reservations for. After I got there, I had a couple of guys hit on me at the hotel, and another couple of guys at the business where I had gone for the meeting.”

Lizzy said, “can I confess something?” Cate waved her on.

Lizzy said, “in years past, I might have been interested in getting hit on. I might have even gone to bed with the guy or two. But since we have admitted our love and devotion, I absolutely was disinterested. In fact, I got annoyed with the persistent ones. I have something that I bought for you, while I was on the trip.” She got her purse, and returned to the bar. She held out a small box. Cate had gone down this path before. Cate took the box, and opened it. She held her hand to her face, and wept. Lizzy said, “too much, honey?”

Cate quit crying for a moment, and said, “I love it.” Lizzy said, “then let me put it on you.” It was a beautiful golden band with knurling around the edges. It also had a very small diamond. Cate looked at Lizzy, and began to bawl. Lizzy moved around the counter, and held her friend tightly. Lizzy said, “she wasn’t confident that my gift would be accepted.” Cate said, while blubbering, “I love it, and the person that gave it.” She kissed Lizzy.

Lizzy pushed her back, and said, “I have more.” Cate looked at her through her tear filled eye with a puzzled look in her face. Lizzy pulled out a second box, and opened it. It was an identical ring. Lizzy said, “would you pay me the honor of putting this ring on my finger?” Cate started bawling again, and nodded her head up and down. Lizzy began to cry, as they held each other tightly.

Lizzy held Cates head up, and kissed her again. Lizzy said, “I love you so dearly, my very dear friend. One night in my bedroom at the hotel, I decided the perfect solution to all of these horn dogs was this ring. If they thought I was engaged, maybe they’d back off. That is the exact explanation for my gift to my dear friend.” Cate cranked up again, with tears flowing freely. Lizzy lifted her head again, and she really began crying. Lizzy blubbered too. “I had hoped you wouldn’t be upset or offended.” They maintained their embrace, until the door bell chimed.

Cate said, “that’s the pizza guy.” She took her robe, and wiped her face of all the tears. She told Lizzy, “it’ll only take a minute, my love.”

She went to the door, and the pizza guy said, “twenty even.” Then he saw her crying, and asked, “if everything was OK.” Cate showed him the ring, and said, “it really and truly is.” He said, “oh, congratulations.” She gave him thirty bucks, and said, “keep the change.” She closed the door holding the pizza in one hand, and the ring proudly displayed on the other.

She placed the pizza on the counter, and hugged Lizzy and kissed her. She said, “I love you so very dearly, as a friend and a lover and my lifelong mate.” They both broke out in tears again, and embraced and kissed.

After a few minutes, Lizzy said, “hey tape worm girl, the pizzas getting cold!” Cate broke the embrace, and muttered, “brat!” They both laughed with tears of joy in their eyes and down their cheeks.

Cate opened the pizza box, and the aroma bowled them over. Cate said, “I don’t like wine with pizza. Would you like a Coke, that’s what I’m having.” Lizzy said, “good idea.”

Cate got a couple of plates and dished a slice each. She then poured them both some Coke. They ate methodically and quietly.

Lizzy said, “this is great pizza.” Cate had a full mouth, and sounded out uh-uh.

After finishing the pizza, Cate said, “I have a confession too.” Lizzy looked at Cate intently. Cate excused herself, and went into the bedroom. When she returned, she had a couple of jewelry boxes with bright red ribbons. She handed one to Lizzy.

Lizzy opened the box, and saw the beautiful gold necklace. The necklace was half of a heart, with a small diamond in the center. Inscribed on the back simply, ‘Yours’, in flowery script. Lizzy began to cry, “and asked Cate to put it on her neck.” After draping the necklace around Lizzys neck, she kissed her and said, “I love you.” Lizzy was crying freely. Her face was buried in Cates shoulder. Cate could feel the depth of her friends tears. She held her for several minutes.

Cate then pushed Lizzy back, and said, “I have a second box.” She had Lizzy open it. Lizzy opened the box, and found and identical necklace. On the back, it said, “I’m all yours”, in flowery script. Lizzy burst into tears again, and draped the necklace around Cates neck. They embraced again and blubbered in unison. They were inseparable for several minutes.

Cate said, “the two halves make a whole.” She embraced Lizzy again and kissed her. They mouthed, “I love you”, to each other.

Cate told Lizzy, “I was a wreck all week. I just knew I had to give you something very special. I looked for several evenings, and then I found the hearts. They were sold together. I felt they were perfect for us.”

Lizzy said, take your ring off, and read what is inscribed on the inside. Cate took it off, and read, “Je t’ aime.” Cate was weepy again. Lizzy said, “the same was inscribed in her ring.” Lizzy embraced Cate, and said, “I love you more than you can ever know.” Cate kissed Lizzy, and said, “thank you very much.”

Cate said, “she envisioned giving her gift to Lizzy at a very fancy restaurant. Better for both of us, that we gave symbols of our love here in our home, in privacy.” Lizzy nodded.

Cate suggested, “they adjourn to the boudoir.”

They peeled their robes, and let them drop to the floor. They then got under the sheets. Their wine had been placed on the bedstead. They snuggled. Cate then passed a wine glass to Lizzy. Cate said, “I propose a toast, and held her glass up. To a very dear friend, dearest lover and I love you.” They clinked glasses, and drank.

Cate turned the television on. Lizzy had had a hard week. She laid her head between Cates breasts. It wasn’t long before Lizzy was snoring. Cate felt she loved this women more than life itself, and kissed Lizzy on the top of her head. Lizzy did not stir. Cate went into a sound, deep sleep with her love held closely.

Several hours later, Lizzy woke up, and said, “I need to go the bathroom.” Cate was only partially awake. Lizzy sat on the toilet and pissed and pissed. She dabbed her pussy off, and went back to bed and immediately fell into a deep sleep. Lizzy awoke to find Cate was not there. She almost panicked, until she heard Cate in the kitchen.

Shortly, Cate came in the bedroom with a rather large tray. There was coffee, eggs, bacon and some cut up raw fruit. She stated, “that she knew her dearest would need a good breakfast to recover from the previous night’s romp.”

Lizzy smiled, and said, “I need to tinkle.” She jumped out of bed, and walked to the bathroom. She hurried back into bed where the vittles were. Before leaning back, Lizzy kissed Cate, and said, “you always seem to know what I need most. I love you.”

Cate poured the coffee; Lizzy sweetened hers and poured some cream into it. Lizzy took a long drink, and said, “breakfast of champions.” Cate took a clothe napkin, and placed it on Lizzys chest. She said, “hot bacon grease will definitely ruin your day.” Lizzy smiled. Cate then scooped up some eggs, and held her hand below the fork, as she offered it to Lizzy. Lizzy smiled. Lizzy said, “I’m not certain that I’ll ever know who you really are. You do one thing after another that blows me away. I never know what is next, dear one.” Cate said, “roll with the punches.”

Cate handed a juicy piece of bacon to Lizzy. She opened wide, and began chewing. Cate took a swallow of her coffee, grabbed a piece of bacon mixed with eggs. Cate confessed to Lizzy, “that this has been the best night of my life, dearest lover. Lizzy, I may not know who you are either, but I hope to spend a good deal of time trying to understand. Know this, I love you more than you can imagine. I just keep saying, ‘I love you.’ I can’t say it enough.”

Lizzy reached up to Cate, and kissed her. Lizzy said, “I feel as if you have saved my life. It seems so long ago that I was hysterical about some jerk. I am very glad that you were brave enough to reveal your love and desire for me. You have saved my life, and I love you so very dearly for that.” She kissed Cate again.

They hadn’t been paying attention to what was on the television. It was just some guy selling a sure elixir for a better love life. When they focused on the commercial, they turned to look at each other, and burst into gales of laughter. Cate said, “buddy, have you got another thing coming.” They laughed again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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