Urology Miracle

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I’m a male in my late 50’s. Not to brag, but with all of my physical activities and strenuous workouts, I’ve been told I look more like a man in my early 40’s. Back in 2011 I was diagnosed with early stages of prostate cancer. I immediately took the positive approach and was implanted with over 100 radium seeds. It cured my Cancer, but the side-effects were devastating. My prostate swelled up and after three separate trips to the emergency room to have a caterer inserted to urinate, I had a procedure where a catheter implanted directly through my belly into the bladder to relieve the pain and discomfort.

After three months, my prostate’s swelling was reduced and I had the catheter removed. Unfortunately it left me impotent. My Urologist prescribed Viagra, Cialis and one other pill that failed to work. After nearly a year, my wife of twenty years couldn’t take the neglect, even my expert tongue and assorted toys couldn’t satisfy her. She took a lover, which I knew about and was okay with at first. She became emotionally attached to him and after six months, she left me for someone who could satisfy her.

My next urology appointment came up and Dr. Mitchell told me about two other options, one was a pump, I’ve tried it in the past, not a medical one, but one just the same. I found it ineffective. The other one was a shot where a needle was inserted in the side muscle of the penis and it stimulated the muscle and would keep me erect for well over an hour. I shuttered at the thought of sticking a needle in my penis, but was at wits end. I was still a very sexual man, even though I couldn’t perform. I agreed to give it a shot, no pun intended. I was given an appointment for the following week and I nearly cancelled. Just the thought of a needle shoved into my penis made me very, very nervous and if it did work, was leery I performing the procedure myself at a later date. I read up all I could on Edex and figured, what the hell, I could suffer a tiny pin prick, again pardon the pun, to make my prick good and hard and keep it that was for over an hour. Let me tell you, the worst part is the physiological impact not getting it up while in bed is the worst feeling in the world.

I arrived at the doctor’s office fifteen minutes early, I was so fucking nervous, I couldn’t sit still. When called in to the cubicle, I was met by a pretty blonde nurse. First let me tell you I love watching all of the beautiful women on Fox News, that being said, the nurse had the body of Megyn Kelly, slender, petite with breasts slightly larger than Megyn’s. She had a full head of light blonde hair. It was pulled back in a French twist and had two tentacles on either side of her face. Her bright blue eyes sparkled as she instructed me; “Please strip from the waist down, leave your shoes on. You do not have to put the paper gown on, just place it over your lap, the doctor will be in shortly.” She turned and just before she left I noticed her name tag, it said Georgia Cummings, R.N.

I pulled off my sweats, I was told to wear them last time I was there. I pulled off my shorts and folding them, I took a seat on the cold paper covered bench. Placing the paper sheet over my lap I sat there and waited.

Dr. Mitchell came rushing in and shook my hand. I hardly noticed him, because beside him was a living goddess. Her name tag said; “Dr. E. Henderson, P.A. She smiled at me and I nearly melted. She stood no more than five foot nothing. Her raven hair was pulled back and two large chopsticks kept it up, along with a large comb. Her face was without a doubt, flawless. Her large green eyes were moving from me to the doctor and I tried to tear my eyes from her, but couldn’t. She was wearing a long, nearly knee-length lab coat, same as Doctor Mitchell. They both had them unbuttoned. Beneath the coat, she was wearing a sheer white blouse, showing off a lacy demi-bra containing her small, but pert breasts, no more than a small B, most likely a hefty A cup. Below that she was wearing a tight, black pencil skirt and covering her short, but shapely calves were sheer black stocking. I wondered if they were pantyhose or thigh high. My cock began to stiffen, even before the shot, it was a miracle.

I tore my eye away and stared at Dr. Mitchell, he was going on about the shot and concentrating on him, my slight erection quickly disappeared. He instructed me to pull the sheet aside. Slipping on a pair of rubber gloves, he took my flaccid penis in his hand, pulling the skin taut; he injected the needle in the side of my penis. “Now you need to rub it for about five seconds to make sure you don’t bleed and make the injection spread along the entire muscle. Just make sure you don’t inject it on the bottom side, you urinate from that point and don’t want the injection going there. Either side is okay. We’ll give you ten minutes and we’ll be back to check on you, just sit back and relax.

I waited nearly twenty minutes and the door opened suddenly and in walked Dr. Henderson, she looked nervous, but Betturkey flashed me a smile; “I hate to tell you, but Dr. Mitchell had to leave suddenly for an emergency surgery. He asked me to check out how the injection was working and to write you a prescription if it did work. I have a few samples I can give you till your prescription is ready, if you need it.” She stepped before me and looked down at the huge tent in the paper sheet covering my upper thighs. She looked up at me with a weird smile on her face. She licked her red lips; “It sure looks like the injection worked, hasn’t it. Shall we have a look at it?”

I nodded and slid the sheet down and my stiff cock sprung to attention before her. I watched as she put on a rubber glove. She reached out and closed her slender fingers around my shaft. I heard her let out a tiny gasp as she hefted it in her hand. Her fingers slowly tightened and she stroked it a couple of times and her eyes darted up to me and back to my cock as a tiny drop of pre-cum oozed out and covered her rubber covered hand.

“Mmmm Dr. Henderson, you have no idea how good that feels, that and having an erection, especially in front of someone as beautiful as you are!”

She sucked in her breath and licked her parched lips again. Her gorgeous green eyes darted back and forth several times from my erection and to my eyes and back again. She took a deep breath and squeezed it a little harder and it caused me to let out a moan; “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cause you any pain.”

“Oh don’t you worry doctor, it was a moan of pleasure, not pain. It would feel better if you used your other hand, the hand not covered in a rubber glove.”

She continued to stare at my thick, seven inch stiff cock. Her other hand slowly came up from her side. She rolled it from the rubber gloved hand to her hard, soft-skinned bare hand. Closing her fingers around it, she began stroking it again. This time a little faster as I thrust my hips off the paper covered bench. I watched her firm taut breasts rising and lowering from her heavy breathing.

I put my hand on her wrist; “Your hand is a little dry doctor, I think it would feel a whole lot better it you made it wet.” Letting go of her hand, my hand slid up her slender arm and up to her shoulder. I tugged lightly on her shoulder, not wanting to scare her away.

She stared up at me with those mesmerizing green pools of lust. She licked her lips again and I let out a groan when she slowly sank down to her knees and once again staring up into my eyes, her head slowly lowered. Her full pouty lips parted and a tiny wet tongue slipped out. She lowered her head and I let out a loud moan when her tongue flicked out and ran around and around the fat mushroom head of my cock. She pulled back slightly and whispered in a deep husky voice; “Is that wet enough Mister…”

I groaned out; “Call me John, and yes that is wet enough, but I think it would feel even better if you quit using your hand and used your lips instead!”

She sucked in her breath; “Oh my, I’m not sure if that would be appropriate John. I’ve already went too far using my bare fingers and my tongue.”

I chuckled; “Oh Doctor, you could never go too far, come on just suck on it a little bit, give an old man a little thrill!”

She smiled up at me; “Oh John, I’d never say you’re old. I saw your chart and for someone your age, you are a very, very vibrant man, a man I’d be proud to be seen in public with.”

I nodded and looked down at the angelic face, a face with a stiff cock a few mere inches from her lips. I tugged slightly on her shoulder and she relented and parting her lips, she opened wide enough to allow the tip of my cock to pierce whose precious lips of hers.

She let out a tiny moan and opening her mouth wider, she enveloped the entire head and holding it there, her tongue began flicking all around the head. She worked her tongue like magic and took a couple more inches into her extremely hot, wet mouth. Her tongue seemed to be all over my cock at once and I knew at this rate, I wasn’t going to last very long.

I leaned back on my elbows and wanted desperately to undue her long, silky raven hair and see it spill all over my legs and groin. I couldn’t move all I could do was look deep into those mesmerizing green eyes and watch those lips of hers, swallow up my cock.

Dr. Henderson suddenly jerked off my cock; her lips were covered in her saliva, as was my cock. Standing at the open door was Nurse Georgia. A look of shock turned to a wicked smile. She approached the table and stared down at Dr. Henderson, still on her knees; “Well, well what do we have here Erin? Looks like I finally caught you with your hand in the cookie jar, haven’t I?”

I looked at Nurse Georgia and then to Erin. She tried to get up off the floor, but Georgia placed a hand on her shoulder; “Oh no you don’t Doctor, I want to see you take him back into your mouth. That was so fucking hot. I want to watch him cum Betturkey Giriş all over that pretty little face of yours, NOW SUCK!”

Dr. Henderson knew the nurse had her over a barrel and if she didn’t so as she told her to, she could be reported and be disbarred. She looked up at me with pleading eyes, as if she wanted me to cum fast so she could get up and leave. I was close already and when she opened her mouth and took me back into her mouth.

I looked over at Georgia. She had unzipped her tight nurse’s uniform from her upper chest down to her waist. She had it parted and had one of her large tits out. She was rolling the nipple, squeezing and pulling at it. Her eyes were locked on my cock and Erin’s mouth. She sank to her knees, but stayed back.

Erin watched Georgia and seeing her play with her tits, urged her to suck faster. She coughed when she took my cock too deep into her mouth. She let out a squeal when she felt me explode and fill her mouth with my cum.

I didn’t have much of a load, I take Flomax, after my prostate surgery, my flow was low and taking Flomax increases it, but decreases the amount of cum expelled, but the orgasm is just as strong, with or without it. I pulled my cock from her mouth and she licked her lips and suddenly pulled Georgia over to her and fisting her long blonde hair, she kissed her hard and fed what cum I did give her, directly into her mouth.

Georgia kissed her back and breaking the kiss, stood up and re-zipped her uniform. She looked in the mirror and touched up her lipstick and a few stray strands of hair. Turning back to Dr. Henderson, she giggled; “Get his address Erin; I think the two of us should visit him this evening after our appointments are complete!” She turned to me; “Are you okay with that? Would you like to try out that injection, I mean the medication again tonight? If it works as well as it has now, you can inject the both of us. She turned and left.

Dr. Henderson now stood before me; she stared down at my still stiff cock. She reached out and drew the paper sheet back over my lap; “I believe we have your address on your chart, will six be okay?”

I licked my parched lips and nodded. I was too stunned to speak.

“Fine John, we’ll bring Chinese, food that is, not the Asian nurse, maybe next time.” She looked in the mirror and touched up the smeared lipstick and turning back to me flashed me a big smile. She was about to leave, she stopped and pulled a prescription pad from her lab coat. She tore off the injectable prescription and handed it to me. “Have this filled as soon as possible; you may need it sooner than later. I’ll have Georgia bring a couple samples for you to use tonight, see you at six!” She turned and left me there to dress and leave the office stunned, but even hornier than when Dr. Erin Henderson entered the cubicle. Still unable to fathom what just occurred, I got into my car and drove home. I showered and changed and sat around waiting impatiently for six o’clock to arrive.

There was a knock on my door, just before six and in walked Erin and Georgia. Erin was still dressed in what she worn at the office, I noticed immediately she lost the bra and the lace beneath the see-through was missing. Georgia had changed out of her nurses’ uniform and into a lavender wrap around flowing dress. It clung to her curves, many more than Erin’s but with Erin being such a petite woman, any curves on Georgia would be larger than Erin’s. She, just like Erin, was missing her bra and as she walked past me to the counter, I surely didn’t see any panty line either. I must have had some remnants of the injection in me, because I could feel my pecker stiffening just seeing that luscious blonde naked beneath that clingy dress.

Erin placed the bag of Chinese food on the counter; “Got any plates?”

I was shaken from my fantasy and hurried to get plates. Both Erin and Georgia chatted back and forth as they dished out the assorted Chinese from the cartons. We all sat around the counter on stools and when Georgia crossed her legs, her wrap-around skirt drifted apart and gave me a view of her luscious, full thighs, right up to where she crossed them. I thought I caught a glimpse of her clam, but she tossed the skirt back over her thighs before I could really get a good view. She smiled up at me with those blue eyes and smiled; “Oh don’t you worry John, no need to strain your neck looking, you’ll see it soon enough!”

Erin burst out laughing and nearly blew fried rice through her nose. Putting a napkin up to her face, she composed herself and cleaned her beautiful face.

We finished dinner and rising up, I took Georgia by the hand and led her to the bedroom. I turned here to face me. With my hands on her shapely hips, I pulled her to me and when she was inches from me, I placed my fingers just below her chin, tilting her head up; I looked from her lips, to her eyes and back again. I noticed her breathing was coming faster, I ran my thumb along her bottom lip and she pursed them and sucked gently on my thumb. I looked into her eyes again and I saw need and passion in them. I slid my hands along her long graceful neck and to the back of her head. I slowly began plucking away at the pins holding her long light blonde hair up in a twist. It began to tumble free. I combed my fingers through it and tugged lightly on it. Her head came back and her lips were wet from her tongue. They were parted and waiting, I lowered my lips to hers and she let out a long guttural moan. I felt her body come tightly against me and her arms came up and wrapped around my upper torso. I continued to comb through her hair and it now was down around her shoulders and halfway down her back. Letting go, I slid my hands down her back to her gorgeous bubble butt. I cupped her luscious cheeks and now knew she was naked under the dress. I could feel the heat coming from between her butt cheeks and her pussy emitted a scent that caused me to clutch at her ass cheeks and pull them apart slightly as I ground my lower body to hers.

Georgia pulled back from my mouth and began raining kisses all over my face and down to my neck. I looked over her shoulder and saw Erin through the mirror on the dresser standing there watching us. She had a syringe in her hand and it looked rather full compared to the shot I had in the office earlier.

I placed my hands on Georgia’s shoulders and urged her back until she bumped into the mattress. I gave her a tiny push and she fell back onto the bed.

She started giggling and clamored back onto the middle of the bed. She fell to her belly and slid to the edge of the bed and reaching out; she caught my belt and pulled me to the bed. She deftly undid the belt and lowered my zipper. She tugged my pants down and nodded towards Erin; “She had your syringe ready, but she’ll have a rough time giving you the shot with you still wearing your pants and shorts.” She tugged my shorts down and watched as I toed off my shoes and kicked aside my pants and shorts. She drew me onto the bed and rolled me onto my back. She hovered over me and tossing her long wavy blonde hair over her shoulder, looked me in the eyes. She reached down and untied her dress and as it parted, she leaned over and all I could see were her two luscious mounds of flesh. “Okay John, look at them. I know you were watching them at the office and here while we ate. You can touch them if you’d like. I know they will distract you while Erin administers the shot, that way you can give us both a hot beef injection afterwards.”

I laughed at her and as I reached out, I felt Erin climb up onto the bed. I moaned when I felt her soft, cool fingers grip my cock. She rubbed the tender flesh on the side of my semi stiff cock and I felt a pinch as the needle went it. I sucked in my breath and pulled Georgia down to my waiting lips. I captured one of her large, C cup tits between my lips. I groaned when I felt the soft pliable nipple stiffen. I sucked harder and flicked my tongue out and she crushed my face to her tit. I forgot all about the injection and all of a sudden I felt another twinge on the opposite side of my cock and felt the fluid slipping into my flesh again. I was beyond excited; I knew Erin was giving me a double doze of the medication. I moved to Georgia’s other tit, her first one was dripping with my saliva as I went to work on its twin. I worshiped her gorgeous mounds of flesh and she was moaning and cooing softly as she shook with excitement.

Georgia rose up and with a popping sound; my lips came off her tit. Her entire upper body was flushed and she was licking her lips. Her bright blue eyes darted from my face down to my growing cock. She looked over to Erin who was sitting demurely on the bed beside me.

I tore off my shirt and pulling off my socks, I was now naked. I slid to one side of the bed and looked over at Georgia; “Why don’t you slip out of that dress and help Erin out of her clothes. While I grow stiff, I want you to kiss her and get her as hot as you are right now, okay?”

She nodded and shrugging her shoulders, the parted dress fell to the mattress. She tossed it aside and crawled over to Erin who still had her arms crossed. She placed her hands on Erin’s slim, petite shoulders, under her jacket. Drawing her hands upward and outward, she drew the jacket off her shoulders.

Erin’s breathing increased when she did this. Erin dropped her arms and allowed Georgia to slide the jacket from her body. Erin bit her lower lip and threw back her head as Georgia’s hands moved back to her body. Reaching up she unbuttoned the two top buttons at her neck. She deftly did the same to the next two and the inner slopes of her pert breasts came into view.

Georgia leaned forward and parting the silky material, she planted a wet kiss on the hallow of Erin’s neck. She moved to the side and left a wet trail along her jawline to her dainty ear. She caught one of Erin’s earlobes in her lips. She tugged at it and then closing her teeth around it, she nibbled at it. Her tongue darted out and ran around her ear canal. She smiled to herself when this produced a shiver and a tiny moan from Erin’s lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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