Valentines for Suzie

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Her legs were long, but her kiss was longer, and oh my god she was beautiful.

Simon’s sister Suzie first saw Adam at her brother’s writers’ club, one winter’s night when she’d arrived to give Simon a ride home. He, poor boy, had broken his arm and couldn’t write.

He’d used a voice recorder for a while, but their mom was slow typing it up. It didn’t seem to matter: there were always giggles from Simon’s room, followed by satisfied sighs, whenever Mom popped upstairs with tea and the latest transcription. Suzie guessed they took turns reading his latest story and acting it out.

Suzie was a little worried though, because her brother was spending a long time at the beach and was on the phone a lot to Auntie Melissa, who Suzie thought might be leading Simon astray.

So she phoned Adam. “Do you think it’s all right, to leave the boy with Auntie Mel?”

“Yes, I think it’s all right. So long as there are no baked beans. You know he’s got a thing for Ann Margaret and has been watching old Ken Russell movies recently; but he does appear more interested Betturkey in fishing.”

“I hope so,” Suzie replied.

“But enough about your brother,” said Adam. “How’ve you been?”

“I’m excited. It’s coming up for Valentine’s Day and I’m hoping someone will give me roses.”

“I’m sure someone will. Why wouldn’t they, a pretty girl like you? Do you have a favourite secret admirer?”

“Not so much a secret admirer. More someone I’d like to admire me, without secrets.” As she talked, Suzie curled a fine strand of hair through her fingers and thought how good it was to be alone, listening to Adam’s slight English accent. “Tell me, Adam, did you ever go out with a blonde girl, when you were younger?”

“A blonde girl? Not so much went out with, but was good friends with. A young woman at work. She really was quite lovely.”

“Tell me about her,” Suzie whispered, undoing five buttons on her blouse and sliding out of her skirt. The cool breeze from the open window tightened her nipples, pressing them against the lace Betturkey Giriş of her bra.

Suzie clung to the phone with one hand, the other hand slowly caressing her body as she listened to Adam tell his story.

“She was a tall girl. In heels, nearly as tall as me. Usually she wore a black skirt with a crisp white blouse, because the PAs took turns on the front desk, front of house. But Fridays she was rostered off, so often wore tight jeans and a casual top, and let her hair down.

“Such beautiful hair: a long mane of golden blonde hair, down to her waist. I just wanted to -“

“Wrap it around your cock?” suggested Suzie, tugging her knickers off and tossing them to the floor.

“Something like that,” replied Adam.

“Fridays. What happened on Fridays?” urged Suzie.

“She’d come into my office, just after two. She’d lean up against the column, or sit on the window sill in front of my desk. From outside, nobody would know she was there, unless they came to my office door.

“She’d push back against the column and watch my eyes move up her body to her face. She was only twenty-two, still learning about her men. After a while, she’d rest her hand on her belly, to show me the slight roundness there. And of course, to remind me where the buckle of her belt was, and the delta of Venus below.”

“Did she know what she was doing?” asked Suzie, her fingers gliding between her pussy lips.

“Oh yes, she knew,” Adam replied.

“Did you ever kiss her?” the girl asked, ever so slightly jealous if he had.

“Once. In a bus-shelter, one lunchtime when it rained. Her legs were long, but her kiss was longer.”

“Was she beautiful?” asked Suzie, knowing perfectly well that she was.

“Oh yes,” Adam replied.

“Were you intimate?” Suzie sighed.

“Once, when I was waiting for an interview. She brushed an imaginary piece of lint from my collar. Better than sex, in that moment. She wanted me to look my best. The look in her eyes!”

“Good god, ” said Suzie. “Do you always worship the memory of your women this way?”

“Do you know,” replied Adam, “I think I do.”

“Whisper something to me, Adam. Make me come.”

“Shall I buy you roses, Suzie?”

“Oh God,” Suzie moaned. “Yes, please.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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