Marina Outdoors

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She was a girlfriend of a friend of mine, but couple a weeks ago they parted. Honestly say, Marina was not my type of the woman for the serious relationship: always smiling, merry and ready to laugh at everything. Marina was young Russian girl, 19 years old, with a pretty face, beautiful long dark hair and petite body, nice tits and ass. Of course she was a constant cock-tease. It was hard to speak with her and look in her face, cause she always wore a tight short skirts, which showed her shapely legs, and little tops, which exposed her tanned flat belly with a piercing in the navel. She knew very well that she is beautiful, and she advertised it constantly.

We live in small town in the south Canada, and near it situated a small forest – about a two miles long and a mile wide. There are two roads through it: straight highway and little path that is leading right in the middle of the wood and circling there a lot.

We decided to walk a little in this forest in one of the long hot summer days – me, Marina and four other guys and girls. I never felt any enthusiasm about this walk, cause I thought it would be very boring. About a 40 minutes before the time of our meeting weather turns bad. There was a lot of hot wind, clouds and all other signs of the oncoming rain. All my so-called friends called me one after another and said that they would not go anywhere, and they told me that I must go and tell Marina about it, – she left her house first. Their arguments was that she live closer to my house, and that this damn walk was my idea all the time. I said them what I think about all this shit and left my house. After all it was a little exciting to meet such a tease in the wood without any other people for miles.

Marina was sharp and came in time to our meeting place – the most unusual behaviour for a girl.

I told her about the situation and suddenly invited her to walk in the forest for ourselves – without other people. She agreed with strange excitement and we started to walk in the wood by the small path.

We walked unhurriedly, talking about different things. Her English was good, she only had a little accent, and she talked a much, but I almost didn’t listen. I thought about her, and I decided that I was a blind man all this years – maybe she was little too light for me, but what’s a illegal bahis hell? She was so teasing, and of course she was a great lay, as my friends told me.

Marina turned me on with her dress – she wore a short white top, as usual, and tight jeans shorts. She moved with certain grace, her shaped legs calls for me and urged me to fall her in the grass and fuck her silly. I had my doubts, and maybe I would not did anything, but she turned her face to me with some question and looked me in the eyes. I saw a hot desire in her green eyes and felt a wave of excitement. She asked me silently: “Fuck me!” – it was clear. I looked down at her breasts and Marina smiled knowingly.

I answered something, I don’t remember what, and lead her faster in the depth of the forest. Marina showed no ability to make a first step, she just walked by my side and continued her babble. We walked for about a ten minutes, and was deep in the forest, we passed a distance of loudest scream. Marina, of course, understood what was going to happen, but she only smiled, clutching my hand, jumped merrily over the tree-roots and walked on. If I was going to do anything with her, it was my decision and my initiative, I was in charge here.

I stopped near the small opening in the wood and lead Marina after me through the bushes. We came to the small glade, surrounded by the high trees, like a thick curtain.

I took Marina by her arm and rounded her to me, pressed her to the tree and passionately kissed her. She opened her mouth, almost unwillingly, and my tongue entered her. She placed her hands on my shoulders, maybe embracing, and maybe pushing me away. I never wanted to waste any time – I has to fuck this Russian slutty tease immediately, or…There can’t be any “or”. Marina caressed my back, trying to lift my coat. I wanted to do this for so long: I began to squeeze her tits, enjoying the feeling of her firm flesh under my hands. Her top hindered me, so I savagely tossed it and threw white material away. Her small bra was beautiful, but I don’t wanted to look at it. Marina helped me to unbuckle it, or the bra would had the fate of the top. I threw it.

What a tits! They was so nice, firm, perfectly shaped, with a pink nipples hard of arousal. I kissed one of her tit and caressed another with my hand. Marina threw back her head, illegal bahis siteleri letting me do what I wanted. I played with her nipples, kissed and tongued them, gently bit them. Marina breathed hard, I saw her arousal.

My cock was hard as a rock, pressing my pants and aching to be free. I hastily unbuttoned and pulled down Marina’s shorts, then tossed away her little white panties. They was all soaked with girlie juices. She was very excited, I never expected such passion. I entered her vagina with two of my fingers, girl arched her back and moaned passionately, muttering some words in Russian, pressing her crotch to me. Couple of movements was enough, she couldn’t bear it any more, moaned, her vaginal muscles clenched my fingers, and she get her orgasm.

I did not let her have a rest, took one of her tanned long legs under the knee, unzipped my pants and entered her with all my 8 inches. Marina groaned and pressed to me tighter. Every thrust caused her to moan, she screamed, biting her lip, and almost hanged on my hands. I locked my lips on her mouth and kissed her while rhythmically pounding her hot, wet snatch. It was a little hard to hold her in this position, I begin to get tired a little, so I freed her leg and forced girl to kneel in front of my throbbing cock.

“Suck it, baby!!!” -I groaned, and she obediently took my long fat dick in her small mouth. She diligently sucked my tool, deepthroating it, caressing my balls and jerking me with her hand when I pulled it out of her trembling, hot, wet mouth. I placed my hands on her head and pushed her harder when I wanted to enter her throat. Marina gagged, giving a sweet moans and not on a second stopped her sucking, flickering the head of my cock with her tongue.

“I’m cumming, baby!” – the sensitive head of my cock was deep down her throat then it happened at last. I pressed Marina’s head to my crotch and my cum splashed spurts after spurts into her willing moaning mouth. Never in my life I cummed so long: load after load of my sperm entered her mouth, I groaned “Swallow it, suck me dry, swallow it, baby!” – and she sucked and swallowed every drop of my hot sperm, continue to caress my balls, as if she wanted to take all of my cum for the rest of my life. She gobbled all that I could give her soundly, but it was not the end.

She canlı bahis siteleri continued to suck my cock, now very tenderly and dutifully, and the excellent little cocksucker she was: my dick was hard again after a three minutes of her work. I pulled my tool out of her willing mouth and said hoarsely:

“Now I want to fuck you, sweety.”

She breathed her willing consent, but never I waited for it. I turned her, let her press her hands to the tree, and stepped closer. Marina arched her tanned back and presented her open snatch for me. Her vagina was dripping wet, and I placed my hands on her tits and started to pound her as a last whore. Marina moaned and sighed, after some time she turned her face to me and softly asked me:

“Fuck me in the ass, please!”

I never left a chance to fuck a girl in such a way, so I pressed the head of my cock to her anus and thrusted forward. Marina screamed and thrusted herself on my penis, I moved and my tool entered her from behind. I pounded her ass with a great speed, hurting her badly perhaps, but girl seemed to had a big pleasure in this. I saw that she furiously fingered her snatch while I pumped her anus, so I let her came third time and pulled my cock out of her ass. I brought her down on the grass, positioned her and begin to pound her doggy-style in her ass again. I take a handful of her long hair and stroked it with every my movement. Marina screamed so loud that I thanked myself for showing a lot of wits to walk so deep in the forest. A begin to spank her with every thrust, and her cries was unbelievable exciting for me.

I was close for my second orgasm, so I turned girl on her back, pushed her, pressed her head to the tree and moved my dick to her quivering panting mouth.

“Ass to mouth, baby, suck it!”

She happily received my fat long cock in her wet mouth and I begin to fuck her with a frantic rhythm. It cannot lasted long, so I entered her throat again and my dick unloaded. I still had a lot of sperm, so I pulled my cock out and cummed in the face of moaning, slurping, swallowing Russian teen.

“Clean my cock, honey.” – Marina wearily sucked my softening tool till it was dry.

Everything was over today, so we dressed up, Marina only in her bra and shorts: her top was tossed now. We walked out of the forest, and parted near my house.

“You can call me every time you want.” – said Marina, smiling. “I would be happy to see you again.”

“Of course I will call you, Marina.” -I smiled and embraced her. – “Next morning, sweety, I will call you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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