A Birthday Massage

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I hope you don’t mind if I share another story with you. I’ve only just sat down to share this with you and already my wife is looking flushed.

My wife and I have a wonderful relationship, don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our fair share of problems too. But we are both loving, open and honest with each other and have a mutual respect.

I think we’ve already established that my wife likes the attention of other men. She likes them to look at her. To watch her in the throes of passion. Watch her while she pleases me. As for me, whilst I don’t share, so to speak, I do like men to desire what is mine, to feel envious, to know that I’m the only one who gets to touch.

So, here we are, a Saturday morning in August and it’s my wife’s birthday. I prepared breakfast for her, which we both ate in bed. I have also had to keep my hands to myself, which is killing me. I have a little treat planned for my wife and I know I’m going to benefit from it greatly. So, instead of fucking my wife, I tell her to go and jump in the shower.

I can hear the water running in the bathroom as I rummage in the back of my wardrobe for the gift box I have hidden there. I place it on the bed and call out to my wife, “Honey? I’ve left something on the bed. I want you to wear it when you come down.”

I hear a muffled shout of agreement from the bathroom. I pull on my robe and make my way downstairs.

I’m pottering around the living room when there’s a knock on door. I glance at my watch, “Right on time,” I think to myself.

Opening the front door, I greet our visitor and invite him in. Showing him into the dining room, I instruct him to set up in front of the French doors. “It’s nice and light there,” I say. I also know that our neighbour often looks out of his upstairs study window to see if he can spot my wife.

“Sweetheart, where are you?” my wife calls.

“In the dining room. I have a surprise for you,” I call back to her.

The door opens and our visitor and myself turn to face it. “Holy Shit!!” I hear whispered from just behind me. My wife has entered the room wearing her gift. It’s a black, diaphanous robe. It reaches to mid-thigh and although my wife has it secured tightly, the fact that she is naked underneath has my cock stiffening.

Ok, I admit I didn’t leave anything other than the robe for her to wear, but still, it’s even more erotic than I imagined. We can see everything through the gauze. Firm, high tits with light brown areolas. And a plump, bare mound.

My wife’s eyes widen when she sees us both standing staring at her. “Oh, bursa escort erm. Hi!” she says, looking at me for an explanation.

“This is Ben. He’s a masseuse, and he’s here to give us both a massage,” I explain. My wife smiles, and if I’m not mistaken, her nipples harden against the soft material.

I volunteer to go first and have my wife sit in the armchair I have placed facing the French doors. I remove my robe, now naked and climb up onto the massage table and lie on my front. Ben covers my arse with a small hand towel and proceeds to massage me.

We make small talk between the three of us and before I know it, I’m ready to turn over onto my back. Ben picks up the corners of the towel on the side where my wife sits and lifts it. Allowing me to turn over, preserving my modesty (me modest?? I know, don’t laugh!). Ben starts massaging again and we continue talking.

Now that I can see Ben’s face I can see his longing looks at my wife. She is sitting opposite us, legs crossed hiding her pussy but tits visible through the robe. My wife shifts, uncrossing her legs, moving to the other arse cheek and re-crossing her legs. I feel the pressure from Ben’s hands increase, as we both strain to catch a glimpse of pussy.

Deciding I don’t want some bloke’s hardening cock near me, I declare myself done and say it’s my wife’s turn.

Situating myself in the armchair, robe back in place, I watch my wife remove her robe and climb on the massage table, lying on her stomach. Ben covers her peachy arse with the towel and picks up the massage oil.

I watch as he oils and rubs his hands over my wife’s back and arms, before moving down to her feet. My wife’s legs are slightly parted and as he massages her feet I know he’s looking under the towel. He must be able to see her slit. I wonder if she’s getting wet. He puts one foot down before picking up the other. But I notice he put the other foot down in a wider position than before.

“Nicely done,” I think to myself. Has he managed to part her pussy lips slightly? Is her clit peeking out? After a few minutes of me watching him I clear my throat. He takes the hint and puts her foot down and starts to massage her legs. I’m enjoying watch her skin glisten with oil.

Ben instructs my wife to turn over. Only this time instead of holding the towel so that only I can see my wife’s naked body, he picks the towel up from the other side, blocking my view and greedily giving it to himself.

My wife is now laying on her back, her torso covered with the towel. Ben continues with the massage, and I bursa üniversiteli escort can tell my wife is enjoying it. Her body is relaxed and her eyes closed.

Ben is back massaging my wife’s legs. Trying to steal glimpses of her pussy. His hands over rubbing up over her thighs, pushing higher and higher. His hands have started to dip a little under the towel and I’m watching intently. When he starts heading for her inner thighs, I decide to check out a theory of mine.

“Ben? My wife had a boob job a few years ago,” I start, getting both Ben and my wife’s attention. “The doctor said she should massage oil into them to keep them supple. You’re a professional, would you mind…?” I leave the question unasked.

“Of course,” he replies, a wide smile stretching across his face. He lowers the top half of the towel down, exposing my wife’s tits. He picks up his oil and drizzles it all over. The oil runs over her hard nipples and over her tits. Ben rubs his hands together before places them on her tits. He proceeds to kneed and massage the firm flesh.

I’m watching his face and he’s oblivious to my state. My eyes travel down and I can’t be certain but I’m sure he’s pressing his hard cock against her arm. I’m starting to get a little pissed with him and when I look back at his hands and see he’s started to pluck her nipples, well, I’ve had enough.

It would seem my theory is right. I do not want to share!!

“Ben!” my firm voice getting his attention. I take a bit of a gamble, thinking of the hint of cigarette smoke I’m sure I smelt on him earlier. “I think my wife is done. Why don’t you go out the back for a smoke while she gets sorted,” my arm is guiding him towards the kitchen, where the back door is. He takes the non too subtle hint and leaves the room.

I stride over to my wife, ripping off my robe as I go. She sits up a little and laughs, “You went all caveman on me.”

“I’m about to go all caveman on your arse,” I growl. I whip the towel away and pull her legs round. Her torso is now on the table and her legs are hanging over the side. I grab both ankles and pull them straight up. I’m holding her legs up in the air and they’re parted in a ‘v’.

Her pussy is wet and it had better be pussy juice and not massage oil. My wife is panting as I rub my angry cock up and down between her pussy lips. She gasps a little as I poke the head in her entrance. But that’s not where I’m going.

I grab the massage oil and squirt a liberal amount on my cock. I line the head up with her karacabey escort puckered hole and press firmly, I feel her pushing back as I slid pass the tight muscle. “I hope you enjoyed his hands on your tits,” I growled, “Because it won’t be happening again.” And with that I slammed my hips, pushing my cock deep within her, until my balls were pressed against her cheeks.

She screamed in shock, pain and pleasure. Holding her legs high I started to fuck her. Pumping my dick in and out of her arse. She was moaning and pulling on her nipples. I looked up and there on the other side of the French door was Ben.

Cigarette in hand and mouth open he watched. I pushed my wife’s legs back towards her chest, lifting her arse up slightly. I wanted him to see that I owned every part of her. Including the hole a lot of women won’t give to their men. In this position I was sure he’d be able to see her pussy was empty and my cock was currently ploughing her arse.

Ben raised his head and I looked him in the eye. “Yeah, bitch,” I thought, “This is my arse to fuck.”

Ben nodded his head towards my wife, obviously not getting the message. Was he really asking to come and join in? I shook my head, a clear no! He shrugged his shoulders and reached down to push his draw string trousers down. Freeing his rigid cock he started to stroke himself.

Remembering that it was my wife’s birthday and wanting to please her, I pulled my cock from the tight tunnel. I flipped her round, arse up in the air, so she was now facing Ben. Pulled her cheeks apart, placed my cock at the slightly gaping hole and shoved myself back in.

My wife gasped and as she did she lifted her head. There in front of her was Ben, cock in handing, wanking. My wife moaned out loud, and raised herself onto her elbows. She grabbed her tits and began squeezing and pulling on her nipples.

My hips were pumping furiously and my balls had drawn up tight. I could feel my wife’s inner muscles clamping down on my cock. My wife shouted out something unidentifiable as her orgasm hit, milking the cum from my dick.

Panting, I looked out of the door to see Ben shooting his load on to the patio. On shaking legs I withdrew my softening cock from my wife’s arse, satisfied to see a little of my cum dribbling out. I stood with my hands on her arse cheeks, watching her hole close up again. Keeping my seed deep inside her.

Later, when I saw Ben out, he handed me a card with his private number on. So I could call him direct if we ever wanted another massage. Yeah, that wouldn’t be happening!

Today it’s cold and snowy. My wife and I have the day off work due to the icy roads. She has been looking over my shoulder as I have typed this story. I think it has brought back fond memories, because for the last ten minutes she’s had my cock in her hand. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get my dick wet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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