A Breath of Perversion

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A Womans

(A note that I am not promoting this kind of behavior; domination, adultery, blackmail, etc. These themes are used only to shock and maintain suspense, not to offend. None of the characters or events are real, obviously, and I look forward to exploring more extreme ideas in the future… maybe. This is my first effort in quite a while and is not connected with the Scared Stiff series or the “To Live Forever” novellas I have previously written).


It was four years ago today, the news came as a shock to everyone in my family. We had been friends with the Grays for many years, and it was hard to believe that both Daniel and his son Max were gone. Max had been my best friend since we were three, and we had done everything together worth remembering, it seemed.

Max left a mother and two sisters behind, and though I had seen them less and less over the years, I couldn’t help but dread seeing their sad faces at the funeral. I wished so much that the nightmare would just be over with, and I could go on trying to forget them. Despite my clouded mind, I ended up having to endure the funeral to its full extent on account of my mother being such a loyal friend to Mrs. Gray, or Anna, as we call her. It was one of the toughest things I ever had to do, watching these three women who I thought of as my other family cry uncontrollably at the feet of the fresh graves. It feels like so long ago now, a memory of a distant life.

My family and I remained good friends with the remaining three Grays, and we often went over on weekends to their house to keep them company. Over time, we all worked to get past the deaths of our loved ones.

Chapter One

It was a little over a year ago that something changed. It was during the move. Anna and her two daughters, Liz and Katrina, had decided collectively that it was time to leave their home full of memories and get a smaller place just outside of town. I was called upon to help them pack one night, and I would be doing most of the heavy lifting in the morning. I agreed, of course, not being able to deny these poor ladies in their time of need, and I arrived just after supper to start sorting through my rested friend’s items.

“Remember this?” Anna and I sat on the floor looking through a bunch of Max’s belongings in his old room. She held up a small picture of Max and I, it had been our first day of kindergarten. I gave a half smile, not wanting her to get too emotional and cry.

“Yeah, I have a few of those left.”

“I always loved this picture,” she stared at it sullenly, her expression wavered from sad to empty. I wondered if she had really gotten over it at all, or if she had even tried to move on with her life before her decision to move. It was then that I noticed her wedding ring still glinting in the light on her finger. Perhaps she still wasn’t ready to take such a big step. She was a slight and pale older woman, her hair still black as the day we’d all met. She always wore these ridiculously long and colorful skirts and baggy overshirts. Her eyes were as blue as the ocean, and I found it hard to believe they were real at times. I remember a time when she was always happy. Always had things to talk about, and whether you’d known her all your life or for only a moment, she’d keep your mind possessed with her captivating notions.

That time was over, I could see then and there.

“You still wear your ring.”

“Mmhmm,” she was distant, off in another world as she stared at the picture. Her trance lasted another moment, “I’ll never love again. There’s no reason to take it off.”

I could say nothing to that, for it was clear she was serious. I hadn’t meant that she should try to forget him, I merely supposed that a widow had certain needs to fulfill that would be difficult to achieve while wearing such a trinket. Now, Anna was not the type who embarrassed easily, and I could have said it in just those words without feeling awkward, but I couldn’t possibly interrupt her moment of reminiscence so intrusively.

“Did he ever have sex?” her question caught me offguard.

“Uh…” her eyes pierced through my own. “Yeah, there was one girl.”

“What was her name?”

“Julie,” I lied. The reason I was forced to do so was because the one girl he had managed to sleep with in his short life had been a girl Anna had hated for many years.

“Did they have something special?”

“I think so,” it was a fling.

“I wonder why he kept it from us…” she looked at the picture again for another few seconds and then tossed it aside. “You can have the picture if you’d like,” she offered.

“Mom!” the call of Katrina came from a distant room. “I’m sleeping at Reala’s tonight!”

“Thanks for your help, sweetie!” Anna shot back sarcastically. “Jeez,” a smile formed across her lips, and for a moment it felt like she was back to her old self. “So reliable, those girls.”

“They both leave?”

“Yep, Lizzy left an hour ago. Hasn’t even begun to pack yet, bursa escort the bugger.”

I laughed at this. You could never expect any more from that girl. Lizzy was twenty now, and Katrina was almost nineteen, which I found hard to believe then, knowing them since they were babies. Even harder to believe now that they’re a full year older than that!

“Thanks for your help, again, Caleb.”

“Don’t even mention it,” I stood to stretch.

“I’ll go make your bed up,” she rose from her kneeling position and headed off.

I poked around the familiar room a few minutes more, remembering all the time I had had at this old house. It was not long before I could hear her whimpering from the other room, desperately trying not to let me hear it. What could I have said to make it better, though? Nothing. All I could do at that moment was sit on the bed that hadn’t been used in three years and wait for her to come back.

When she did, I was instructed on what things to rummage through next and we were on our own for the next couple hours. The next time I saw her she announced her sleepiness and retired to her room for the night. I stayed in the guest room, something I had done many times in my life, and tried desperately to get some sleep.

Chapter Two

Three hours had passed by and I still couldn’t find sleep. I just wasn’t tired, and I just needed something to do to waste the hours away. I quickly and quietly headed out of the guest room towards the basement to watch television when I heard sounds of cupboards closing from the kitchen. Curiously, I crept up behind Anna and waited for her to feel my presence.

“Can’t sleep?” she asked without even looking at me. Somehow, she just knew I was there.

“Not tired,” I confessed.

“I was… then I got thinking about not being here ever again,” she was groggy and her hair was a mess, but she still could have passed for 35 years old in the dim kitchen light. She just never seemed to age in all these years, yet so much had happened.

“Maybe it’ll be better,” I suggested.

“For the girls’ sake, I hope so,” she continued to rummage through the cupboards, I wasn’t paying attention to what it was she was trying to do. All I could do was watch her movements, wondering suddenly what it would be like if those pale and soft hands were to be on me. I had certainly never looked at her in such a light before, of course, but it was something about the change of circumstances. She just seemed so vulnerable, nothing like the mother figure I had come to know through my years of childhood. There was no doubt in my mind that out of loyalty to our family she would have done anything for any of us if we needed it, at any time, yet I had never considered the possibility that she may need me someday.

“And what about you?”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Strong words from someone who’ll never love again.”

She stopped moving around and looked at me, some sort of recognition that escaped me. Perhaps I had caught her off guard, and had made a strong case.

“I don’t need a man anymore.”

“I’m sure you could use one for some things,” I tried not to sound too obvious in my implications, but I had obviously failed.

“You mean sex,” she smiled in that cunning way she does.

“Erm… uh, amongst other things.”

“Not everyone needs sex, Caleb. Besides, I had my fill over the years.”

“You mean… you haven’t done it since he died?” I was too shocked to leave it alone now. She wasn’t the most gorgeous older woman in the world, but jeez!

“Haha,” she pretended to be embarrassed, but I have yet to see that woman blush in my life. “Well, who would I have done it with?”

“Any single man in existence?” My suggestion was strong, but probably true.

“Oh, no. I don’t get out at all anymore and I’d feel so wrong doing such a thing with a stranger.

“Well how about with me?” my heart jumped in my throat and I almost immediately regretted saying anything. I was just so lucky that of all the people I knew, I was dealing with her, the one person who could make light of any situation imaginable.

“Oh, stop,” she laughed. “Your mother would kill me and she would probably kill you too for having even suggested it.”

“I didn’t hear a no,” I smiled back, instantly feeling a bit more at ease by her reaction. “And she’d never know.”

“Haha!” her head swung back and she beamed a wider smile than I’d seen on her in a long while. “I could never do that and you know it! It seems like just yesterday when you were still a little baby,” she stepped forward and pinched my cheeks teasingly, probably still not convinced that I was serious.

“Doesn’t that make it all the hotter?” I took her hands from my face and held them in my own, staring straight into her eyes until she realized my true intentions.

“Caleb are you crazy?” her voice went high pitched in playfulness.

I will take a moment now to admit to you that yes, it did take me this bursa escort bayan long to realize she wouldn’t get the point until I made a move. I let go of her hands and slowly came in for a kiss, closing my eyes and pressing my body tighter and tighter to hers.

“Mm,” her short gasp sent a chill up my spine, now she understood. In truth, the 4 second kiss lasted longer than I’d expected, for this was bound to be difficult.

“Caleb, you can’t be serious!” she was a little more serious looking now, but her smile had failed to completely vanish. I’m sure she thought it was cute in a way. At that point I felt her hands trying to push me away.

“Why not?”

“Because it’s wrong! I could never betray your mother like that.”

“That’s why she’ll never know.”

“Caleb…” the smile died.

I grabbed her hands from my chest and brought them back to my face, kissing the palms in unison and then pressing our hungry mouths together again. It may sound to you like an unconvincing scene, or a very failing attempt, but I knew exactly how to deal with her. She was unlike anyone else, and at that moment, I had to have her.

Her hands rested on my face now, her resistance delayed another short while. This time it was I who broke the kiss to say what I needed to:

“I want to have sex with you, Anna,” I breathed into her face.

“We can’t…” her words were a whisper now.

“This is how I’m going to pay you back for all those years you took care of me,” I softly bit at her lower lip.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” she said to herself in shock, almost repulsion. “How long have you wanted this?”

“My entire life,” I lied, but I felt no shame about it at all. I wanted her now, and I wanted it to be wrong. She loved the idea that I had a crush on her, but taking it anywhere was something she was very unsure of.

“You liar,” she tried to smile again.

I inched her closer to the counter, kissing her mouth on our war across the floor. She barely did anything, not able to decide what to do. When her ass hit the wall of the counter, my right hand slid down and underneath her housecoat. I found her panties and delved inside with my fingers. She was leaking a warm liquid, and she gasped when she realized what I was doing to her.

“Caleb!” there was nowhere for her to go now. I clogged her mouth with mine, not wanting to hear her protests, only her soft moans.

“Hmm!” her hand reached for the back of my head, and I knew now that I had succeeded in seducing her. With my other hand I pulled down my pants with a bit of difficulty and guided her left hand to it. I couldn’t believe how soft that first contact felt, it was almost inhuman. I was already so turned on that the pre-cum was already free flowing from the tip of my head. She didn’t grab and yank at the foreskin like so many other women do, no… she just let the shaft brush softly against her tender palm, using her fingers to spread the sticky substance around it.

“Fuck!” I gasped, too far gone to be embarrassed by my short timing. Her breathing was short and loud, and her eyes were shut as tight as could be. “I’m gonna cum!” I warned, she could only breathe her response. Now her grip tightened slightly and her jacking speed increased severely. I came in her hand so vulnerably I thought I could never let go, her own orgasm sweeping over her at the same time. She rubbed the tip lovingly for another few seconds, and then regained her composure.

“Oh my god,” she was nearly in tears by the sounds of it.

“Anna,” she was off to her room in a panic before I could do or say anything more. It seemed my plan had not been so perfect after all.

Chapter 3

Of course I wasn’t about to let it go, not now. I had been sitting upon the counter for a good while reflecting on the events just passed, thinking about what I would do next, but time seemed to creep by at a quickening pace and I had yet to move from my perch.

I hoped that my next move could take place while she slept, but I wouldn’t know until I tried, and the longer I waited, the better my chances were. I wish I could say something interesting happened in that time, like perhaps some other possible ideas that went through my head on how to finish seducing her. I can’t. I had nothing.

It was probably about an hour later when the next phase took place. I turned all the lights off in the rest of the house and went to Anna’s room. Slowly, quietly, I reached for the doorknob and opened it. I could hear her controlled breathing, and knew right away that so far, she was asleep. When I was in the dark room, I closed the door silently so that my eyes could better adjust to the darkness.

I couldn’t see her at all. She was completely covered by the blanket. That ruled out crawling in beside her.

Carefully, I pulled the bottom of the blanket upward to allow myself under. I won’t recount how hard it was not to wake her up at this stage, all I will say is that it escort bursa took more patience than you can imagine. It was just my luck that her legs happened to be parted widely enough for me to squeeze between them.

Oddly enough, it was at this point that I began to rethink the entire plan, just when there was no way of going back. Here was the woman who in many ways helped raise me, and probably remembered me most fondly from my early years. It was no wonder she may find the whole affair so disturbing, and now… I was risking the entire relationship just to get some. But was this more than just a stupid attempt to get laid? No, it had to be more. She meant more than that, surely. My mind strayed to thoughts of penetrating her, something I had hoped wouldn’t happen so prematurely. It wasn’t right, not when there was so much more to accomplish here first.

Taking a few last deep breaths, I pressed my hands to her panties, feeling my way up to the straps, and softly hoisted them down her legs.

“Mmm,” a soft moan escaped her and her entire body shifted to lay on her left side. I was barely able to get out of the way, and I was sure she would wake any second. But after a moment of waiting, she stirred no longer. And my plan was fucked. I had no way to access her pussy, and thus, I couldn’t have her wake up while halfway to orgasm. And to turn back now, there was still the risk she could wake up as I left her bed.

Fuck it, was all I could think.

I slid my way up the bed to face her silently sleeping body, moved in close to her, and softly began sucking at her lip. My hand reached around her body, massaging her back as my mouth tried to softly wake her. She let another soft moan escape her as she suddenly began to wake. Before she could fully awaken, her mouth had begun to kiss me back, and my tongue thrust its way inside to meet with hers once again.

“Caleb,” she whispered, not able to resist her body’s temptation.

“I’m going to have you,” I whispered back, taking her face in my palms and forcing her onto the flat of her back. She still did not resist.

“Why are you doing this?” her whispers were barely audible.

I could think of a million reasons at that moment, but perhaps they all led back to one: I was young and horny, and she was the object of my desire at this moment.

I kissed my way around her face, her skin was so smooth and soft it made me nuzzle against it. I moved down her neck, my hand reaching down to her cunt as I quickly found the little entrance to her being. She was only wearing her bra and panties, it was just that easy. I undid her bra and started sucking at her left nipple, her hands guiding my head now as I began to finger fuck her.

I couldn’t take it any longer, her breasts were not enough to fill my animal lust. I moved down further and pulled off her panties, revealing her sweet, beautiful vagina. My tongue lunged for her clit and my fingers moved in and out, her juices were already flowing into my suckling mouth. I needed more.

‘C…Caleb!” she moaned as I sucked furiously at her twat, each small gush of water urged me to lap her faster, and more forcefully. She moaned freely now, quietly but at a quickening pace. I wanted her to cum, needed her to cum at the will of my tongue. Eventually her body went rigid, and strained as she shook uncontrollably. I never knew women to cum in such gushes before, but a salty mixture came in waves into my mouth, warmly streaming its way down my swallowing throat.

When her orgasm subside I lunged my mouth towards hers, hoping to sustain the passion that had taken place long enough for me to get mine. The lust had completely taken over now, and we groped at one another like wild animals, our loud breathing pushing us on and on and on!

Upon the realization that I had her at my whims, I pulled down my pants and revealed my long, quivering cock to her face.

“Take it, Anna,” I whispered hoarsely. “Suck me,”

She complied right away, taking my firm member her both her loving hands and wrapping her lips around the leaking head. I moaned as her mouth spread my thick pre-cum down the shaft.

“Oh, fuck!” I let out my frustration, knowing that once again I was too excited to last long. “I can’t!”

But she knew! Somehow… she knew exactly what had agitated my nerves, and removed her mouth from me.

“Shhhhh,” she cooed.

“Anna,” I felt my building orgasm subside, slightly, knowing that to return to her gentle mouth meant its instant regain.

“It’s okay, baby,” she assured me. “Just relax and let it flow.”

She cupped my sack with her one hand then, and with the other curled her soft finger around my lubricated shaft. Placing her mouth around the head once more, she moved her hand softly up and down while simultaneously massaging my balls. I felt my orgasm begin to overtake me, and it was then that her tongue began to lap carefully at the very tip.

I shot the biggest load of cum in my life down her throat, or at least, it felt like it. Her soft moans hummed through the air as she milked me completely dry. She never let go until she was sure she had squeezed every drop from me, and when she had, I collapsed on top of her.

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