A Cozy Bonfire

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It’s been entirely too long. We were supposed to have just taken a month off from making love. Just a month apart while we put the finishing touches on our wedding. A month apart so that wedding night would be special. I wanted to make sure that the minute we had closed that hotel door he would be on me. I wanted him to rip my dress off, throw me on the bed, and claim my body as his. Lamont and I both wanted a big family, it would be amazing if I came back pregnant with our first kid from our honeymoon.

Our wedding was going to be in March of 2020. Then the pandemic hit and we were all separated from each other. No wedding, no hotel room, no romantic honeymoon making love through the Italian countryside. We had some dirty video chats but that’s not the same as having his large shaft in my tight pussy, his hands squeezing the life out of my small breasts, pinching and rolling my thick nipples.

Now that restrictions were starting to lift our friends and family arranged a wedding shower at the beach, all properly social distanced. Just his parents, my parents, and some of our closest friends. With my parents there, I didn’t feel comfortable in the string bikini I knew Lamont liked. The tight yellow top that was almost transparent when wet, propping up my tear drop breasts. The almost too small triangle of fabric that couldn’t contain the forest of hair that he loved nuzzling before diving down to eat me. The bit of floss that disappeared between the cheeks of my bubble booty. I was short, hot and taut, and loved to show off for my man. Yet now I’d be in this rather conservative one piece that my Mom got me last summer.

It didn’t seem to make a difference to Lamont though. The minute he first saw me he ran over shouting “Indra! Indra!” and swept me up in his arms and kissed and hugged me. His passion at finally being near me after months of not being in the same room was obvious through his swim trunks as he held me close. I didn’t want him to let me go but we had to greet everyone else.

We spent the day frolicking in the water, occasionally stealing kisses before our much more conservative parents found us. I was wet from more than just the ocean. Every time he brushed by me, he made sure I could feel his cock. Lamont is a good bit taller than me so it pressed against the small of my back or my belly. We both wanted to get away and really violate the social distancing order but all eyes were on us.

Evening started to approach and my Dad and soon to be Father in Law made a pretty big bonfire. They had both brought meat to roast while our Mothers set about getting the rest of the food together. Soon the smell of roasted beef and chicken and pork filled the air. Other people wandered up. Our small gathering became a full on beach party. Someone started playing music and we were all dancing and having görükle escort a good time. Our Fathers made sure people stayed a good distance apart, which made some people complain. That is until the police came by, thanked us for following the rules, and moved on to bust some other groups further on down.

My Lamont is tall and thin, moves as graceful as a cat and is a natural born runner. There’s nothing hotter than watching him run shirtless, the muscles in his arms, chest and legs rippling under his dark caramel skin, sweat glistening. It makes me weak just thinking about it. He’s a hopeless dancer though. He knows it and I know it so instead he exaggerates just how jerky and uncoordinated his movements are as I writhe to the rhythms in the air, making me breathless with laughter. I took up belly dancing with all my unexpected free time, not great at it yet but a promising beginner, and I surprise him with some of the moves I’ve learned. His eyes are glued to me. Sure this swimsuit may be more conservative but it still clings to me like a second skin, showing my every gentle curve as I perform for my man as the music shifts back and forth between Shakira and Rhianna.

He comes up and holds me close, feeling me as I feel the music. The sun is slowly sinking into the ocean and we are bathed in the orange of its final rays and the flickering light of the fire. He is so hard, I can feel him pressed against me as I rock against him in time to the music. I want to strip those trunks off of him, pull the crotch of this swimsuit to the side and take him here on the sand. To just lose myself in lust as my tight pussy gets filled with every inch of the man I’m going to love the rest of my life. I lose myself in the fantasy and am just grinding against him till he quickly steps away. I look up at him in shock and he has an apologetic look on his face as my Mom comes up and tells me she wants us to cut the cake.

It’s another hour of milling around, talking to people about how hard quarantine has been, even though I’ve spoken to these same people every day online. The only person I want to be with right now is the one person everyone seems determined to keep me from. All I could think about was his cock and wanting to get away long enough for a quickie. You know just long enough for both of us to get off so I can free up some headspace for thoughts that didn’t involve me impaling myself on his massive shaft.

Things started to die down, people came up to say their goodbyes. Yet not everyone was ready to leave. Someone had set up chairs around the bonfire and the cool ocean breeze gave me an idea. I always keep a blanket in my car, it’s something my parents always did and now I do too though I never knew why. I practically sprinted to go get it.

I walk up to Lamont who has already taken bursa sınırsız escort bayan a seat, absent-mindedly watching the fire dance before him. “Can I sit with you?” I ask quietly. I don’t know why this makes me nervous, all the other couples are curled up together. Even my parents are and I can’t remember the last time I saw them when they weren’t yelling in their own hellish version of domestic bliss. I guess their little girl getting married was enough to bring them a bit closer.

He smiles up at me and I can feel my heart flutter in my chest, “Well I was waiting for Cardi B, but since she hasn’t got here yet I guess I can cuddle with you.”

He laughs at his joke, laughs harder when I swat at him for it. Then he grabs my arm and pulls me into him. My back is pressed against his chest and his arms wrap around me and hold me close and our lips find each other. Everything falls away in the moment when our lips meet. The ocean waves are drowned out by my pulse pounding in my ears as his lips part and his tongue lightly seeks entrance. I deny him at first and he presses harder, quietly insisting. I can feel him stiffen beneath me through his trunks. Finally I relent and he claims my mouth in victory and I revel in my defeat.

“That’s enough you two.”

“Sorry Daddy.” I say, breaking the most wonderful kiss. I could kill him as he just chuckles over there in the half dark.

Still, I won’t be denied what I want. So I stand quickly and unfurl the blanket then settle back down on Lamont. He grunts as I trap his dick between my ass cheeks and grind down against him as I wrap the blanket around us. It’s big and fluffy, hiding our outlines from view. I’m cold all the time anyway so no one will think twice when I pull it up to my neck as I lean back against my man.

I can’t make any big movements, so I’m just slow grinding against him. I can hear a faint rumble in his throat and I pray he can keep still and quiet as I get him up to his full length. The way the lycra moves into my ass while I grind down on him feels weird but in a good way. He reaches around me and hugs me to him, gently kissing my neck when he’s sure our parents aren’t looking. It feels so naughty, like we are highschoolers sneaking around in my room instead of two consenting adults.

His hands travel up my body slowly, careful not to move the blanket and I do my best to stifle a moan as his hands cup my breasts. Each one is just a handful for him and I love the way he takes one in each hand, massaging the sensitive flesh with his fingers through my swimsuit. I’m so wet, I can’t wait any more.

I move as carefully as I can, using my fingernails to gently roll his trunks down, freeing the object of my lust. He’s whispering frantically, asking what I think I’m doing. bursa otele gelen escort bayan Telling me that my parents are right over there and his parents are over there and our friends are all around. I ignore him as I get him completely free. The feel of his naked shaft against my thinly veiled backside is amazing.

Now I work slowly on my own swimsuit. Praying I don’t move the blanket too much, I carefully roll the lycra from between my right inner thigh over to my left. I sincerely hope that Lamont is the only one who can smell my high arousal on the ocean breeze.

“Indra! What are you doing? We can’t do this here!” He’s whispering desperately in my ear. I’m too busy watching everyone, waiting for my moment, now.

One swift movement and I’m up his shaft, using the crack of my ass to guide him down and around till I feel the head of his cock press between my pussy lips, then down hard. I want to yell as I engulf him in one movement. He actually bites my shoulder to stifle his own cry at the suddenness of finding himself in his fiancé’s warm pussy.

I stay perfectly still, watching the faces of all those around us in the flickering light. It feels so good to be full again. I’m never going to be that long without this man’s dick again. I’m going to wake him with a blowjob every morning, give him a handjob at lunch, and fuck him till we pass out every night. I want to swallow every drop of his cum, caress it into my skin, feel it shoot into me. To everyone else I will be his wife, but he will know I’m his little slut. His cockwhore.

My vaginal muscles clamp down on his steel hard shaft, milking his entire length without me having to move. I’d been practicing this for weeks on my dildo, thinking it might come in useful some time. He squirmed beneath me and I dug my nails into his thigh to get him to stop. I could feel him twitching in me.

He finally remembered his hands were still on my breasts and he began kneading them again, pinching my nipples where they poked through the fabric. That sent electric shocks right to my clit and I bit my tongue to keep quiet. I used some of what I learned belly dancing to roll my hips up and down gently, careful to make sure the blanket hid all.

“I’m sorry Indra. I’m so close. I can’t hold on much longer.” His desperate voice whispered in my ear.

I reached down between my legs and fanned my clit, determined we would cum together. He pinched both nipples hard and bit the back of my neck as his cock swelled further and I felt that first blob of cum travel up and shoot into me. I closed my eyes as feeling that first blast sent me over the edge, lights danced in front of my closed eyes as I trembled against him as he shot more and more cum into me. My little cunt milked every drop from his balls as my pleasure rolled through me like the ocean waves on the shore.

Neither of us dared to move till he had shrunk back down and slipped from my gaping hole. I rolled my suit back across my pussy quickly so it would keep any of his cum from dripping down my thighs.

The fire burned low and he just held me there as we listened to the wood crackle and the tide roll.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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