A Day With No Panties

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This is not something I would usually do. I mean on the sexual spectrum, I was a mostly nice tame vanilla. Today though it was hot, and boy do I mean hot; I suppose in other parts of the world it would be ‘mild’ but in Canada when it feels like 45C it’s time to strip down. That being said, since I had a few things to do and places to go I had to wear something.

As a big girl, people often assume I am ‘ashamed’ of my body, but with my 40E tits and my plump ass and curvy things there was definitely more to love. The love for my body also spurred my little side habit – taking nude, semi-nude and risqué pictures. I even ran a blog for it, which got enough attention that I continued for over a year. My hobby of showing off had never taking a step into my real life; except for when I lost my virginity but that’s a story for another time.

Today, however I decided to take a little risk. I slipped on one of my tighter dresses, which I usually reserved for clubbing. I was on my way out of town for a weekend camping with my girls; we’d been friends for forever. So I knew I’d be doing some travelling, however while getting dressed I decided to skip the panties. I had never gone commando in public before not even with pants so it was going to be an exciting day.

I had a few bags with me but I figured I’d finish my errands before I grabbed my stuff for the4 weekend away.

What I hadn’t expected was the freedom I felt throughout the day. While I was doing groceries I swear I could feel every eye on me. It’s like they knew, they knew I was panty less and with my dress so short, if I bent over too far they’d see it all. It was like they knew and waited for it. I enjoyed being wanted, who doesn’t. It was one of the main reasons behind my blog. So naturally it was all turning me on. By the time I finished and returned home I was completely and utterly turned on. I was about to get myself off quickly when I noticed the time. It was already four thirty, I’d miss the rush train. With a sigh I called a cab and gathered my things, no release was in my future.

Waiting for the cab I wondered if I should put a pair of panties on. ‘Fuck it’, I thought you only live once. The cab arrived and I lugged my bags down the stairs. Throughout the day my dress had stayed mostly in place at least while I was pulling it down every three seconds. With both my hands busy, the dress was free to ride up. This would be fun.

I paid the cab and stood on the side walk of downtown. The train station would be centre of the biggest city in the country. By now I was just hoping I wouldn’t get arrested for public indecency. It was just past rush hour, by the time I arrived so the station wasn’t packed, but who am I kidding – this was Union station it was always busy.

Picking up my bags I walked in and bought my ticket. Even though there was another ten minutes before my train arrived, I was going to start on the stairs. I hated stairs I was always self-conscious about someone looking at my ass. It was a childish fear from an incident in high school but when you’re only 21 like me, high school seems like yesterday.

With a shake of my head, my short, https://bursali.org coloured red hair, moved out of my face and I proceed to struggle my two rolling bags and my purse up the stairs. I took about four steps before I stopped to wiggle and try adjusting my slipping dress. After realising it was just making it worse I just took the staircase step-by-step. I could feel the air conditioning from the station caressing the bottom of my ass cheeks. I had almost reached the top of the first set when I felt my dress finally move from the safety of under my butt to be fully exposed.

“Oops, sorry!” I was momentarily saved – sort of – when a man bumped into me. “Hey do you need some help with those?” I could’ve kiss him in thanks.

“Oh my God, thank you!” He grabbed one of my rolling cases and I quickly took the chance to cover myself back up. The trip up the stairs was quick and silent. When we reached the warm and sticky outside air, without another thought, he placed my bag down and wondered off in the standard “ignore other travellers” sort of way.

It wasn’t long for the train to arrive. I was surprised at how empty it was; I walked to the upper level there was one person in each seat except one. With all my bags I went for the empty four-seater and slid in by the window placing my bags beside and in front of me.

As the train started moving, a man sat in the empty seat with me. He was somewhere in his twenties, and wore a business suit. An obvious commuter, he looked fit under the well-tailored suit, and his green eyes shone when he gave me a smile. I frowned a bit in frustration, but couldn’t do anything about it, so I pulled out my book from my bag, and start reading instead.

It was a good hour and a half until my stop, since I missed the rush train. I like being comfortable when I read and I momentarily forgot about my lack of panties. I placed my left foot on the seat opposite me so it could rest against the side of the train. A few moments later I heard a small cough, and remembered my surroundings. I snapped a look to my right and caught the man’s eyes staring directly in between my legs.

I quickly shifted my position and clamped my legs shut. His eyes showed his guilt as he looked at my face, knowing I caught him. He had the decency to flush, and with that an awkward silence followed. He had seen my pussy, almost undoubtedly. As I thought more about it, it only served to turn me on. It also didn’t help that the back I was reading was definitely not in the pg-13 category. Shifting in my seat now, completely uncomfortable, I wiggled and felt how wet I was. Suddenly this man stood up trading seats with my luggage that was in front of me.

“Do you usually you commando?” I was startled at his sudden question and blushed. It was a good thing no one could tell clue to my chocolate coloured skin. “Sorry, that was rude.” He apologized, however there was a playful tone to voice. I sighed and gave up on reading; I had read it four times before.

Taking a good look at him I realized he was really attractive. His dark hair was cropped but the back, while being a bit longer on top with bursa escort kız just enough product to look taken care of. A slight sharp nose and a chiselled chin completed his handsome face.

“You know, I wasn’t going to help you up the stairs at first,” Ohh, so that was him. “But now I’m glad I stopped the public show, especially since I now got my own private one.” He winked at me, and I slammed my book shut glaring. Feign anger, I told myself don’t let him know it turns you on.

“Do you usually perv at fat women in tight skirts?” I looked at him through my lashes, suddenly very happy I decided to wear a full face of makeup. Even with my self love for my full sized figure I was even happier with my face. My family was a mix of Irish, Scottish, Native and of course Black, but these straits shimmed through with my almond shaped eyes and slimmer nose.

“Only the hot ones who beg to be looked at.” Cocky, but cute. I shifted my legs. They were getting sore from being clenched together. The seats were so close together that out knees were touching, as I was tall at 5’10, he had to be over six feet. He moved his own legs so they were closed, either our knees would be pressed together painfully or I would have to spread mine. With gusto, I reopened my book, my legs just outside of his.

We reached the first stop in silence. Hoping it was over, I got comfortable reaching my book. I tried hard not to squirm in my seat. The scene I was reading making me even more aroused than I had been all day. I had to be leaking onto the seat by now.

“Good read?” He smiled at me but his eyes were locked downward. I gave in, if he wanted to look fine. It was useless pretending I didn’t enjoy the attention.

“Yep, one of my favourites.” I replied smiling. I tucked a piece of my hair my ear and shifted my hips and so they were a lot more forward and continued reading.

“What genre is it”” I didn’t expect him to make conversation so it through me off. “Let me guess, Fantasy? With all kinds of creatures that bump in the night?” His smile made me only went to bump one thing in the night.

“How’d you guess?” He shrugged, and went back to what he was doing before – watching me. I worked out a stretch pulling my right arm above my head. The movement causing my dress to drop lower on my right breast exposing a lot of its skin as well as my star tattoos.

I became bolder and hitched my right foot up as my left had been earlier. Only this time the leg was effectively blocking him in. I continued reading until I heard something that sounded very suspiciously like a groan. Barley lifting my eyes from my book I could see him mesmerized by what he could see of my wet pussy. I tried not to laugh.

“Oh, sorry do you mind?” I asked in my sweetest voice? It got me what I wanted quite a bit. He looked up at my face like he snapped out of a trance.

“No, it’s fine. Go ahead and get comfortable.” I shrugged and took his advice raising my other leg and slouching in my seat. He now had a prime view of my smooth lower lips.

“Thanks!” I smiled brightly at him showing my white teeth.

“Don’t bursa anal yapan escort mention it.” And silence fell again, I knew I was teasing him but I really wanted confirmation. I’m a girl who gets off on being wanted. I looked down at his lap and noticed quite a large bulge in his suit pants. If possible I got hotter.

“Nice view huh?”

“Amazing.” The face he was looking at me instead of out the window where I was pointing gave me courage. I startled by rubbing my neck and my sides. My flesh was on fire from both my arousal and the heat. My hands wandered my body while my eyes searched his face. His eyes were glued to my movements. He wasn’t even shy about looking. Biting my lip and looking around I found I was covered by my bags and also didn’t care if I was caught.

My hands move to my thighs, rubbing them. I could feel my nipples rubbing against my bra now, and I was so close to just shoving my fingers in my pussy.

“Fuck.” My seat mate whispered before quickly undoing his fly and pulling his dick out. I couldn’t help but lick my lips. His cock had to be seven inches and thick and cut, which I found extremely appealing. It was rock hard, and I found myself wondering what it would feel like to have it inside me.

“Good.” I moaned out, stared at him blatantly and he blushed. It was cute considering how cocky he had been. My hands nested but didn’t proceed to masturbate. I was waiting for it, waiting for when he would.

“Do it.” He nearly growled, cutting off my train of thought and I moved my right hand to my clit, which was already swollen and oh-so-sensitive.

“Yes.” He hissed, his hand pumping his hot shaft. We were being quiet so as to not get caught. I was so turned on and I knew it wouldn’t take long. He shoved his hips forward and we were now only inches away from having sex. I moved my other hand from where it was teasing my nipples to shove two fingers roughly into my soaking centre.

Our breathing was getting heavy and I could see him tensing up about to cum. It drove me wild. I stared at his hand on his cock, craving it in me with all I had. Then he came, ribbons of hot, white silk landed on my pussy and I just rubbed hard just cum seconds later, a small splash of my juices falling to the floor.

We looked at each other both out of breath and smiled. Looking around I saw no one had even noticed. Taking my fingers out of my snatch, I licked them both clean while looking him in the eyes. I could taste both of us. With one last groan he tucked himself away and sat up. I pulled my skirt down and crossed my legs. I pulled out my phone and texted my friend that I was almost there. When I looked up he had his hand out, I shrugged and handed him my phone. He spent his time with it, and I froze remembering the pictures I had on there. Oh well, I mean he’s pretty much seen it all. When he was done he handed it back to me.

“What stop are we at?” I told him and he jumped up.

“Wow, missed my stop! Guess I was distracted.” He winked and ran off the train. I frowned not getting his name I still had an insatiable craving for his cock. Damn.

I started getting my bags together since it was almost time, my stop when my phone buzzed: Text message.

“You usually take naked photos on your phone?” I snorted at the message.

“Do you usually add your number to fat girls’ phones?”

“Only when they’re begging to be fucked.” Looks like I would get my wish.

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