Daddy Says No Ch. 01

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Huge Dildo

Hi everyone. I’m a long time reader, first time writer. I have been mulling over story ideas for a long time and this one seemed the one to share. I’m my own editor so please be gentle on spelling or grammar errors. I also appreciate any constructive criticism or comments. I hope you enjoy. No sex this time. I’m working on a part two though!


She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, even as the squashed up, red-faced, pumpkin that he first cradled within moments of her birth. She was tiny, with only the slightest orange peach fuzz covering her head. That girl could scream though. Her first cries after the cord was cut made a few windows in the delivery room rattle and everyone winced or moved to cover their ears.

“Aria… My baby Aria” He said, cradling the squalling infant as the doctors moved to take care of her mother. “It’s okay, Daddy has you now and he will always be there for you.” Aria opened her eyes for the briefest of moments and looked up at her daddy, seeing his face calmed her to her first sleep.

… 18 Years Later …

Skin pale and smooth as white marble, with fiery crimson hair in a sassy pixie cut, and sparkling emeralds in each eye. Aria took well after her Irish heritage in looks if not in mannerisms. A face that could better be described as cute more than beautiful. A button nose and dimples in both cheeks frame thin but well shaped lips. Her teeth were straight and pearly white, years of braces and strict dentists had taught her the joys of oral hygiene.

Aria is an active girl. She plays tennis and jogs illegal bahis every morning but she still has the delicious curves of a young woman who hasn’t quite finished growing. Lovely rounded thighs leading to a luscious bottom, curving around her hint of a belly and up to her firm and supple breasts. She turns side to side as she examines her figure in the full length mirror in her bedroom. It’s her birthday and she can’t decide what to wear for when she goes out for the special dinner her daddy planned.

The dinners started about five years ago, when her mother passed away. She had been sick for a long time and she held out as long as she could. She didn’t make it to see her baby graduate and in fact, died not hours before her daughter would turn 13. Aria and Daddy were sad for a long time but they tried to treat Mommy’s death as her release from her pain, and decided to do a special dinner both in tribute to her memory, and to celebrate the life she brought into the world.

Aria rooted through her closet, dressed only in a pair of white cotton panties that gripped her hips and young pussy tightly. They were her favorite pair and just worn down enough that you can see the hint of her delicate lower lips and the darker red of her trimmed pubic hair. She liked them because the subtle pressure they put on her girl parts made her tingle all over. When she is really excited the wet spot she leaves makes her sexy bits visible through the normally conservative underwear and she feels so naughty thinking how men might react when they see how sluttly she is. Or rather, how slutty illegal bahis siteleri she wishes she could be.

You see at the tender age of eighteen, Aria was still a virgin and had never so much as held a boy’s hand. Her daddy was very strict and sent her to an all girl’s school where she had limited contact with males of any age other than her daddy. This frustrated her but she did understand that Daddy was just doing what her thought was best for her, like he’s always done. Aria loved her daddy with all her heart, and maybe a bit more than that.

It’s said that a girl’s first love is her father. He is supposed to set the example of an ideal mate and shows her what she should expect of men. In most girls this is a strong infatuation that fades in time as young women find potential mates closer to their own age. But when the only example you have is your own father, sometimes that infatuation can run deeper… darker. Aria has had sexy thoughts about her Daddy before. Having his strong arms lifting her up onto the kitchen counter as he kisses his way down her neck… It was not rare for her to wake up in the middle of the night soaking in sweat and her own delicious juices. Thankfully she does her own laundry so Daddy doesn’t smell how dirty his baby girl is!

“Yes! That’s the perfect outfit!” Aria exclaimed. She had picked out a pair of fishnet black stockings that went up to mid thigh, attached to a lacy black garter that she had bought online to make her feel all grown up. She covered her torso with a deep blue dress that highlighted her bright hair canlı bahis siteleri and gorgeous skin, it showed enough cleave to draw the eyes of those near but was still tasteful. Daddy didn’t raise a harlot after all! A sudden breeze flowed through the room and drew her pale rosy nipples to tight peaks. “Daddy must have turned on the AC. Better dress quickly.. She thought, gathering her things and turning away from the closet. She saw out of the corner of her eye that her door was open, and that must have been the source of the breeze.

‘Odd. I was sure I closed it.’ Aria thought as she turned to face the door and fully exposing her nubile for full on. A brief surge of movement was just barely visible as, unbeknownst to her, Aria had been watched. “Daddy?” she calls out softly. But there is no reply. ‘Was Daddy watching me get dressed? Why would he do that, I’m old enough to dress myself.’ A sudden warmth flooded her pretty kitty as her clit tingled and swelled, Someone knew why Daddy was watching his princess dress, but Aria was too naive to fully grasp why she suddenly felt the need to touch her girl parts.

Down the hall, her daddy closed the door to his bedroom hoping that his baby hadn’t see him spying on her barely legal form. It had been years since he felt the touch of a woman and his baby was still the most beautiful person he had seen. Now he was seeing her in a new light and a deep shame was pushed aside by his need to feel the insides of her virgin pussy. He leaned back against his closed door and swiftly took care of the throbbing erection his daughter had spawned… climaxing as quietly as possible into a stolen pair of Aria’s panties, shoulders sagging in relief as he sated his forbidden urges. He didn’t know how he was going to get through the whole day with his innocent child… when he knew he must have her.

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