Happy Ending Ch. 04

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This is a work of fiction, based on no true experiences or actual people.

** The Happy Ending 4 – Working the Tip and Beyond **

Michele and Raina sat at the workstation, going through the data from their latest sessions. Things were going well, with Michele having three clients for LSRT and Raina about ready to take on new clients. The book was also coming along, with a legitimate publisher showing interest in the work.

“I was thinking the other day that we need to focus our development on an area we’ve missed so far.” Michele said.

“Oh?” Raina queried.

“Yeah, what we’ve been doing is developing our internal muscles to massage a man’s organ, and we have – so far at least – on full penetration.” Michele replied.

“Okay, so the clients seem to enjoy that don’t they?” Raina responded.

“Sure; but it’s a well established concept that the most sensitive region of the penis is the head and the area just behind it.” Michele responded. “And with full penetration our muscles are working down close to the root of the organ.” she added.

“Oh yeah!” Raina giggled. “So… we need to practice working the muscles around just the head, right?” she asked.

“Exactly.” Michele agreed. “We can practice some of the technique on the Syb; but it won’t be so easy on a live client.” she said.

“Uh… why?” Raina asked.

Michele laughed. “Because your average male is going to go crazy when your asshole starts working his most sensitive spot!”

“Oh yeah!” Raina shared the laugh. “It’s really closer to sex at that point I think.” she said.

“Oh I think we can perform the therapy in a clinical way.” Michele suggested. “The motion just needs to be well controlled, so we’ll have to work on mounting position.” she added.

“We’ll need Rod to help us with this for sure.” Raina observed.

“Yes; but first we can get started with the Syb.” Michele replied. “I’ll work it first.” Then she carefully cleaned the tool before lubricating both the sensor-equipped phallus and her anus.

Two hours later they had both worked the Syb successfully, although Raina had some difficulty keeping the bulbous tip inside her ass when her muscles were engaged. She would get more practice on the Syb before their ‘group’ session with their preferred client. Michele placed a call to Rod’s cell, leaving him a message about their need. She knew he would respond favorably, and he did. It would be several days, so both she and Raina would have time to refine their techniques on the Syb.

Rod knew only what Michele had told him – that she and Raina had a new technique they needed to work on with a ‘live’ client. It was always exciting to imagine what that meant, as he knew it would mean more time in one or both of their snug behinds. His most recent session with Raina had been fantastic, her bottom working his cock for nearly an hour before he lost control, and when he did her rectum milked his organ dry. She even had a tiny orgasm of her own just as he began filling her bowels with his semen, the spasms in her ass pushing his own climax beyond the norm in intensity. He drove through the gate and watched it close behind him in the mirror as he parked.

“Come on in Rod.” Raina said with her usual smile. She was wearing a shirt and shorts which may as well have been transparent, with no undergarments to obstruct the view. “I hope you’re ready for us.” she laughed.

“I – uh – think…” I stammered.

“Hey Rod. Just try and relax.” Michele said. “We have something to try which we believe you will like.” she added.

“So I gather.” I replied.

“And some new oil to try for the LSR therapy that should help us all” Michele said, winking at me. “Come on, you know the drill. Got any hot spots for us today?” she asked, referring to muscles other than the one between my legs.

“Nope, just the usual tuneup.” I replied, walking into the therapy room to be surrounded by the soothing music and the fragrance of incense candles. I stripped and got up on the massage table to wait for one of them. I didn’t know which of the girls would be working on me, and didn’t care. They were both superb massage therapists.

The door opened. “All ready Rod?” came Raina’s voice. I mumbled in response as she began using her hands expertly to find the areas she needed to work on first. By the time I rolled onto my back my body was almost limp. Raina worked on my legs and feet, her fingertips barely brushing my balls and semi-flaccid member as she made her way up to my hips. She proceeded up to my shoulder and one arm, then I felt Michele’s familiar touch on my cock. A moment later her lips circled my cockhead to suck as her tongue lashed at the sensitive flesh. Raina finished her kneading and stretching, then backed away to watch Michele suck my penis to full erection. “Mmmm… he looks almost ready.” she cooed.

Michele lifted her mouth from my cock, maintaining a gentle grip with her fingers. “Yes… Raina why don’t you get the special oil.” she suggested, returning her lips to my meat. Raina went to the cupboard and pulled out the marked bottle, returning to the table to watch. Michele noticed her arrival and again pulled her lips from my dick. “Okay Rod, I’m going to escort service apply some of this special oil, a little at a time because we don’t yet know what affect it’s going to have. It’s a new formula we’re going to try, and the supplier says it is guaranteed to desensitize your penis so that what we do will not cause a premature – um – ejaculation.” she told me. Without any delay she took the bottle and squirted a small amount on the head of my cock. I felt it immediately, and she quickly began to work her hand around my member to spread the slippery liquid. “Okay?” she asked me as her fingers slipped easily up and down my shaft. I nodded in response, and she squirted another stream on my cockhead before cupping her palm over it to contain the formula to the sensitive head. I was numb and highly aroused at the same time, and moaned to let her know.Michele applied a dollop of the lube to her finger and reached back to apply it to her anal port, then deftly mounted the table with her hips straddling mine. “Relax Rod, this should be good therapy.” she said softly, reaching back to grasp my organ, guiding the head to her rear opening. “mmMMMMmmm..” she moaned as my shaft pushed her sphincter aside to enter her backside.

I could definitely feel the snug sweetness of her bottom surrounding my meat; but it was as if I was dreaming about it. Michele slowly worked her hips down until my cock was buried deep in her asshole, then began to work her rectal muscles on me as she slowly lifted upward. “ohhhhgawwwwwwdddd” I moaned softly as her outer sphincter reached my cockhead and began clenching gently. The sensations were exquisite, drawing any tensions I may have had out from within my loins. She held herself there with just the head of my meat in her butt, and gently worked her muscles on the most sensitive area on my organ.

“Feel good Rod?” Michele whispered, a soft smile crossing her face.

I grunted and nodded, my cock twitching almost to the point of jerking free of her bottom. She expertly recovered, sliding down an inch or less, just enough to maintain her contact. She let my excitement ease a bit, then slid down until I was again fully engulfed in her asshole. Another long, slow stroke upward brought her sphincter into contact with my cockhead again, and as before she gently clenched her ring around my organ. This time when my dick twitched she let it slip free. “ohhhhhhhhh…” I groaned, looking up at her as she gently dismounted.

“Okay Raina. Now you try it in the other position.” Michele instructed.

I looked over to see that the pretty blonde had removed her flimsy shorts, and was reaching back to lube her bottomhole with a smile on her face. She squirted a dollop on the head of my penis and spread it with her fingers before wiping off her hand and climbing onto the table. She was facing away from me, which was a bit of disappointment until I looked down to see her perfectly rounded behind. Her cheeks parted slightly as she leaned forward and reached back to guide my penis. Her pink anus glistened with the lube as she positioned my bulbous head against it and gently leaned back. A low, gutteral groan escaped her as she slowly penetrated her ass with my dick until her soft buttocks rested in my lap. As Michele had done she took the full length into her rectum and began to work her muscles on my shaft, then slowly lifted her hips until just the head remained inside her hole. Again the sensations were incredible, and I watched this time as her snug ring squeezed my cockhead in a rhythmic pattern she had obviously practiced. My cock slipped free a couple of times; but Raina quickly recaptured my organ with her tight rectal port and resumed the wonderful therapy, her anal ring clenching and releasing just beneath the head of my cock.

“I think we may have something here Raina!” Michele said, her fingers gently stroking the hair on my forearm as her protege’ performed their new technique on my penis. “Rod seems to be enjoying it.” she added. She knelt to get a better view, amazed at the sight of Raina’s little pink ring squeezing my dick.

After another fifteen minutes Raina slowly lowered her hips to engulf my organ inside her rectal sheath, then willed her muscles to spasm around it as she lifted her body up and off of me before she skillfully dismounted the table. “I think he may be ready for release soon.” she said, running her fingers up and down my shaft as she smiled.

“You’ve been so good to let us use you like this Rod.” Michele told me. “So how would you like your release this time?” she asked. I looked at her quizically. “In my ass, in my mouth, or would you prefer Raina brought you to release this time?” she clarified.

“Uh…” I stammered, unsure how to respond to the lewd question.

Michele hopped up on the table and quickly captured my penis in her bottom, stroking down on it quickly. She smiled down at me as her muscles began to clench around my member. “Want me to fuck you with my ass Rod?” she asked, her hips rising and falling with a little wiggle. I must have nodded my agreement, because Michele began working my dick with her bottom. Her rear channel was smooth and snug, and the desentizing effect of the lube was wearing off. Her hips moved london escorts in gentle but firm strokes, her sphincter gripping at my cock as she rode me with her asshole.

It felt wonderful, and within a few minutes I was rising up the hill toward my climax. My breathing began to speed up and my hands gripped her lithe hips as my own hips pumped upward to meet her. “ohhhhhmmmmyessssss” I grunted, my cock beginning to twitch inside Michele’s ass. “sogooood” I whispered hoarsely. She moaned, then her anal ring convulsed around my penis. That was all it took after nearly an hour of ‘therapy’, and I howled as my semen began spurting into her tight rear. I gripped her hips and forced her down to take my full length in her bottom, and blasted splash after splash of sticky seed into her spasming bowels. We held each other for several very long moments before I let her go. She took her time extracting our bodies from each other, then carefully dismounted.

“Wow.” Raina said, in awe of what she’d just watched.

“THAT” Michele began. “was NOT therapy” she clarified, laughing at Raina’s response.

“uh…” Raina stammered.

“It was anal intercourse, pure and simple.” Michele told her. “I mean – that last part.” she said.

“Oh… okay. Yes.” Raina acknowledged Michele’s point. “So… we don’t do that part for other clients.”

“Well no, not like that. I just thought Rod might enjoy a good buttfuck after all that work.” Michele chuckled. “But now it’s time for a debrief guys, let’s go sit and talk about what we’ve learned.” she suggested, pulling on her shorts and heading out the door.

Rod watched to two girls walk out, pulling on his briefs and jeans before heading out to join them. He found Raina already sitting at the small dining table while Michele gathered some crackers and brought glasses and a pitcher of iced tea. He joined Raina at the table where they were soon joined by Michele. “A debrief, huh?” Rod queried.

“Yes” Michele replied. “We applied a new technique and I would like to hear from both of you how it went, what your thoughts are about it, and how we might improve or enhance the therapeutic value.” she told them, flipping open her notebook and pressing the ‘Rec’ button on her voice recorder. “Okay, well I think it would be useful if we get your initial responses to the therapy Rod. Can you tell us what was good – or otherwise – about the experience?” Michele prompted me.

“Well, I guess to say it was enjoyable would be an understatement.” I began, chuckling at the oversimplification. “and without that desensitizing lubricant it would have been very brief.” I added.

“MmmHmmm… so can you give us any suggestions about how to better incorporate the technique into our therapy regime?” Michele asked, busily taking notes.

“I think if you – perhaps – used the technique initially to bring the client to a heightened state might help some clients.” I suggested. “And to periodically employ the technique during LSR therapy would be a very interesting protocol as well.” I added, trying to be as clinical as possible.

Raina chimed in. “So you think using the technique is a good addition?” she queried.

“Sure.” I replied. “I mean let’s face it, stimulating that area of a man’s organ is going to feel good for him no matter what else is going on.” I added. “I just think today’s session was a bit more intense from the beginning because we were focused on the new technique.”

“Good point Rod.” Michele said. “I think perhaps we need to work on developing a rhythm to the therapy – much as we already have with the conventional massage – so that it is tailored to the client and we only use the new technique when it is appropriate. Is that what you’re thinking?” she asked, looking at me for a response.

“Exactly.” I replied. “Develop a flow so that the LSRT is a natural extension of the massage, and the new technique is a natural element in the LSRT.” I suggested.

“Alright, now I think the last question I have for Rod is which position did you prefer?” Michele asked.

“Let me think about that” I responded, finding it difficult to make a choice between the two. From a purely erotic standpoint he preferred the ‘facing’ position; but then the view of Raina’s perfect ass… This isn’t about sex! “Well… both positions have merit, and the sensations are slightly different – or at least I think they are.” I began. “In the next session we should try the two positions while retaining the same – uh – therapist.” I suggested.

“Good idea Rod, thanks.” Michele spent the next minute writing on her pad, then looked at both of us. “Okay” she said with a smile. “I think we have enough to work with, unless you have other suggestions Raina.” she said.

“I just have to say I think the new technique definitely enhances the experience for me as the therapist, as the nerve endings and muscles can really feel what’s going on.” she said, blushing slightly at her comment. Michele and I looked to her for more information. “M-my anus was – uh – stimulated by the technique. It felt – um – good” she added.

“Hmmm… that’s an interesting point Raina. Thanks.” Michele said, making more notes as she thought about how it felt to her own sphincter. london escort “Okay guys, I think we have plenty of work to do.” she told them. “Rod, how about another two weeks?” she asked me. I nodded my affirmative response while pulling on my shirt. “Great!” Michele exclaimed, standing up. She came over to me and gave me a hug. “Thanks again for your help” she told me.

I headed out and drove home with some pretty lewd thoughts going through my head; but I always came back to the fact that these ladies were working on a very exciting therapy, and I was the beneficiary. After the discussion I was looking forward to the next session!

Michele and Raina did some housekeeping in preparation for the next ‘normal’ client, then Raina headed out to pull her shift at the wellness center. She was still only a receptionist there; but was hoping to pickup some massage clients soon. Michele went to work on her documentation, putting together a plan to refine the new technique. She made a call to her techie friend, then made another to her sensor supplier to order the next iteration of the Sybian tool. This one would have two separate sets of sensors near the head to better detect and record the contractions of the two anal sphincter rings. Once she had that new tool, Michele would call Raina over and the two of them would develop their skills further.

By the time I got home I was thinking through my schedule, as I wanted to make certain I would be available for the next session. The new technique was incredibly stimulating, and I knew Michele would be working to improve on that. The new ‘lubricant’ really helped with stamina while not intruding on the pleasurable aspects of the therapy, and Raina was certainly taking things seriously, and had one of the most incredible backsides I’d ever seen. The time couldn’t pass quickly enough.

Michele did her usual thorough job of preparing tests and experiments for the new techniques. She was genuinely curious about how to train not only her own anal muscles; but Raina’s as well, and she knew the updated Syb tool and its improved sensors had to help. The package arrived and she carefully opened it to retrieve the new tool, unwrapping it to examine the changes. She compared it to the second generation they’d been using. There were two additional wires, and she could see the two tiny sensor rings within an inch of the tip. The enclosed installation instructions were thorough enough that she had no trouble making the required connections to the input matrix. There would now be five traces on the graphic display, and five sets of data to observe and analyze. She picked up the phone and called Raina to let her know about the arrival of the new tool, setting up a test session the next day.

Finished with her last massage of the day Michele went into the lab, flipping on the video monitor so she could see any potential interruptions before they got too close. She confirmed the gate had closed, then slipped off her jeans and panties. A quick test of the new tool showed normal operation of the five sensor rings, so she dipped the ‘head’ into the lube jar and pressed it against her anal port. Michele watched the display as it recorded the penetration of her nether opening in all its digital splendor. The top trace moved first, then the second as the new sensor ring registered her outer sphincter, with the first trace picking up her inner ring at the same time. PERFECT! she thought, consciously clenching her outer ring to observe the sensor response before pushing the tool deeper to reach the next sensor level. Her asshole throbbed, her muscles clenching at the tool as it moved deep into her rectum. She groaned, her body giving in to the sexual tension as she lost touch with the sensor display and began fucking herself in the butt with the long and slender tool. It had, after all, been several days since her last orgasm; and Michele usually didn’t let her satisfaction go that long. Her free hand moved to her pussy, feverishly whipping at her wetness as she worked the tool in her bottom. A few minutes later she exploded, her body shuddering as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her loins.

Once Michele recovered she slowly withdrew the gadget from her asshole, wiping it with a disinfectant towlette before placing it in its case. She glanced at the computer display and reached over to stop the ‘capture’, then moved the cursor back to find her initial ‘calibration’ before analyzing the traces. As she moved through the data she noticed that some of the transitions were ‘clipping’, and made a note to reduce the gain on the input channels to avoid it. The data got pretty wild as she got closer to the point where she lost control and just fucked herself with the tool; but all five sensors were working well. She could even tell where each ‘stroke’ began, with clenches only on the tip sensors, and where the tool was as far inside her as she could get it. The tip sensors appeared almost dormant at those places, as there really weren’t any muscles that deep inside her ass. The other three were busy indeed. Michele made two pages of notes about how to prove some things, and how to test her theories – but she would need Raina and her backside for those tests. Her assistant was scheduled for the entire afternoon tomorrow, and that would just have to do. Michele worked up a test plan for the new and improved sybian sensor tool, very detailed to include multiple ‘passes’ and timed measurements at each phase of the test.

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