Just a Haircut Required! Pt. 03

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If you’ve not read Parts 1 & 2.

Rob was a retired teacher and widower, in his sixties, who had befriended Evie, a young hairdresser in her early twenties.

They had become friends with Laura, one of Evie’s neighbours, and Jimmy her boyfriend. They were in their thirties, and into ‘swinging.’

After an evening swapping partners, all four were about to go to a ‘party.’


The invitation for the party on Saturday, arrived via Laura.

Evie texted me, excitedly, ‘I’d really like to go Rob, are you up for it?’

I said I’d meet her for coffee that lunchtime, and we’d discuss it, but essentially I’d love to take her.

“What do you think Rob?” Evie asked, as I sat down in Costas with her.

“Yes, it sounds like an exciting evening Evie, but I’m going to say some stuff to you that I want you to consider between now and then.”

I could see her pouting, as though I was about to scold her. God I loved it, when she looked vulnerable like that. But I was concerned that I had lit a fuse with Evie, and I actually felt a responsibility to guard her against throwing caution to the wind.

“If we go, and we go with Laura and Jimmy, I don’t want you to be like a kid in a sweet shop, and go off shagging everyone. That may sound like I’m being possessive or jealous, and I said I wouldn’t be, but there will be a lot of people there, and possibly single guys who may be a bit predatory.”

Evie’s pout remained, but she did say that she understood where I was coming from.

“Good I’m glad, then bring it on,” I said.

Evie had to get back to work, so we parted with the arrangement that I’d meet her at her place at 8.30pm on Saturday, and we’d get a taxi with Laura and Jimmy.

As I walked home, I remained concerned about Evie getting carried away at the party, so much so that I thought I’d talk to Laura about it. I got home, and took a chance of finding her in, and drove round to her flat. Unfortunately she wasn’t at home, so I left a note to phone me, and my mobile number.

I got a text from Laura when she arrived home. I phoned her directly back, and told her of my concerns about Evie at the party. I asked her if I was being a party pooper, or being possessive.

Laura said that she understood, and the fact that I was concerned was really caring. She added that if I was really worried, and wanted to discuss things over a beer then pop round if I was free.

I thought that might be a good idea, a joint plan thought out ahead of the party, to keep her safe. But I needed to be careful not to bump into Evie on my way to Laura’s.

I parked up a few streets away from Laura’s, and walked a circuitous route, and crept into her block.

Laura greeted me all smiley, and with a big hug. It felt strange remembering how I’d been so intimate with her and Jimmy, and here we were being fairly formal and business like, but it was all about Evie.

“Rob, I know from personal experience that Evie has a high sex drive. She might be easily persuaded to take chances with the wrong people. We can’t hold her hand all night. So I seriously think all three of us must just keep our eyes open throughout.”

“I agree.” I said, “You’ve probably been to more parties than I have, so you know the pitfalls. I’m sure there won’t be a problem, but better safe than sorry.”

Laura pulled a face, “Before I met Jimmy I went to a big party I saw advertised online in Brum. I went on my own. Big mistake. I was persuaded to go to a room upstairs by a real hunk. It turned into a gangbang with four other guys waiting for me. It was horrendous.”

“Oh Laura, how awful, it must have really damaged your confidence.”

Laura was looking forlorn, and her voice cracked, “I couldn’t tell anyone, I had no one, I was off work for three weeks,”

She started sobbing. “I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t be like this.”

I went and put my arm around her, and as she buried her face in my chest, I was kissing the top of her head. Her body was trembling, as her tears dampened my shirt.

“Oh Laura, get it all out, you’ll feel better.”

She raised her head, and looking up at me, she said, “Oh Rob, I’m so sorry, I’m not normally like this.”

She seemed so unsure, but she needed comforting, and I kissed her.

Laura just threw her arms around me, kissing my lips, my face, my eyes, just covering me with kisses, and emotion.

“Take me to bed Rob. I don’t want to be alone tonight.”

I wasn’t sure, but how could I refuse, I couldn’t.

For an hour we lay in each other’s arms. There was very little kissing, just the feeling of being close to another human being.

Gradually we began to talk, “I’m so glad you’re here Rob, I needed someone to hold onto. It was strange when I told you about my trauma, I’ve kept it bottled up for so long, it feels cathartic to have told you.”

It was then that we kissed properly, lovingly, even though we weren’t ‘in love.’

The heat from our bodies melded into one. I started to become aware of her contours. casino oyna I started to drink in the perfume of her body, and I started to be conscious of her movements, her breathing, her hair in disarray.

My leg slid between her thighs, moving up until it was pressed against her crotch.

Mutually we both wanted something unhurried. I felt Laura find my cock, and gently hold it, feeling it grow, and at the same time my fingers slid between her pussy lips, both of us playing with the other.

“This is so nice,” I could hardly hear Laura, but knew what she meant, as she smoothed her fingers up and down my shaft.

She was on her back beside me, as I lay on my side. Time drifted away with just the sensuous massaging, and the occasional sigh, as either I, or Laura, responded to the touch of the other.

“I think I’m going to cum,” I eventually whispered.

“That’s ok, I want you to, just keep doing what you’re doing to me.”

It was another couple of minutes before she heard me groan, and a spurt of semen landed on her tummy. She twirled her fingers over the head of my cock, feeling the fluid pumping it’s way out, lubricating it’s whole length, her fingers slipping over it.

I was still caressing her clit, and moving my fingers within her very wet pussy, but I took some of my spunk from her tummy, and used it to smooth over her little bud.

“Oh Rob, don’t stop, I’m very close,” she said, and I could tell as she shifted her body slightly, that it was starting. With the softest of moans, I felt her body momentarily go rigid, before sinking back, and her moaning turning to a long sigh.

“I think that was so good for both of us, we needed that,” I said.

“Sex can take so many forms, but that was so loving, thank you Rob.”

We both fell into a deep sleep soon after, and it was only the dawn chorus that awoke me. I lay there for, perhaps, half an hour just watching Laura breathe, until she slowly fell on one side towards me, opening her eyes, and kissing me gently.

“Make love to me, Rob, it would be the perfect end to such a beautiful night.”

And so as the room became brighter in the dawn sunlight, our bodies moved slowly, and sensuously, until we both climaxed, almost together.

I departed the flat carefully, to avoid being seen by Evie, but at least Laura, and I had promised each other to try to keep her away from trouble at the party.

Saturday arrived, and again there was anticipation in the air. Evie had asked me a dozen times what she should wear. I kept telling her, something sexy, but something you’re comfortable in. Finally she decided on a tight, low cut jersey top, and a leather mini skirt, not too short, but short enough to show off her legs.

Laura was dressed in a summer dress, with again lots of cleavage on show.

It was a warm summers night with a full moon, and everyone was excited by the prospect of pleasure to come.

The taxi delivered us at about 9.30pm at the house, which was a large detached property in quite a well to do neighbourhood. The party was in full swing with, I guess, about forty to fifty people, mostly couples, but a few singles to make up the numbers.

We made our way to the large open plan kitchen to grab a drink, and then myself and Evie went into the lounge, while Laura and Jimmy went into the garden room.

Evie and I started talking to another couple, and their friend, who seemed to take an interest in Evie. He was a guy in his forties, and from the conversation, was probably an accountant, or solicitor. The couple were slightly younger, and had their own design business. Evie had obviously taken a liking to the single guy, and caught my eye. I gave her a smile, and subtle nod, and five minutes later they disappeared. I had made the judgement that he was an ok bloke.

As I was standing chatting I felt someone, or two someones, behind me, lightly gripping my arm. From the giggling, and excitement, it was clearly two females, in fact two young females, in their twenties.

“It is you! Mr Finch!”

I turned around, and if anyone had been watching my face, I think they would have described it as showing shock and horror.

“We thought it must be you, fancy, of all places, seeing you here.”

I was quick to reply, “Oh dear, Emma Price and Tracey Ford, oh my god, how embarrassing.”

These two ‘girls’ were ex students of mine from about ten year before.

“You do remember us, wow, how cool is that. Do you remember us in your science lessons being a pain, sitting at the back of the class? Do you remember Tracey asking you that embarrassing question, when we were doing human reproduction?”

“And what might that have been?” I said, clearly remembering exactly what it was.

“How long does the penis stay in the vagina before the semen comes out?”

Flushing bright red I muttered, “Oh yes, I do.”

Both of them erupted in fits of giggles.

Having gathered myself a little, I began to take in what they looked like. Emma was tall with blonde slot oyna hair, and clearly worked out in the gym. Tracey was slightly shorter, and with an ample build, and huge breasts.

“Well Mr Finch, we were always asking ourselves questions about you, and your sex life, and now we know.” More giggling ensued, and by now they were both gripping my arm so that I couldn’t escape, even if I’d wanted to.

Emma then made the suggestion that was to have huge repercussions for me into the future, but probably it was I who needed looking after rather than Evie that night.

“Come with us Mr Finch, I think we need to do some catching up.”

I thought it was their intention to find a nice quiet space, and talk about their schooldays. How naive could I be!

I followed, or should I say I was led, passing along a corridor into what appeared to be an annexe of the house, or what might be called a ‘granny’ flat.

There were other couples in some of the rooms, one couple totally naked on a sofa having sex. None of the doors were shut, it seemed everyone was keen to exhibit themselves.

Emma and Tracey led me into a room which was clearly a bedroom, and it was then that I realised that this was not going to be a chat.

Tracey was first to speak, “Now Mr Finch, we were quite naughty in your lessons, but you must have realised that we are even naughtier now.”

As Tracey was saying that, Emma was unbuckling my belt, and sliding down my zip. Literally within minutes I was naked, and lying on my back, on the bed.

Looking up at them both, I could feel my cock stirring, and i could see the glint in their eyes, and their mischievous smiles, were signs of what was to come.

They both completely stripped, and sitting down on the bed either side of me, began to play with my cock. It quickly rose to attention with Emma saying, “Mmmmmmm, just as we imagined Mr Finch.”

And in a flash Emma had straddled me, and drove herself down onto my cock. Almost at the same time, Tracey sat astride my shoulders, and pushed her pussy onto my face. And there I was, being fucked by two ex pupils.

I was unable to see anything of course, but at first I could hear their giggling, and then as time passed the giggling ceased, and became more sexual moaning. After some time, Emma lifted herself off my cock, and they swapped places, another pussy to lick, and another tight pussy gripping me.

This happened twice more before finally they sat down once again beside me, and this time both of them began to suck my cock.

I wasn’t going to last a lot longer. Various people came past the door, and looked in to see what was going on. If they had stayed they would have seen me explode, sending spurts of spunk over both Emma and Tracey’s faces.

All they did was giggle again, and lick the spunk clean from each other’s faces, and then my cock.

“How sexy was that Mr Finch? Both of them were pleased with their work.

“I hope you didn’t mind us taking advantage of you. But seriously we must catch up if you wanted to?”

As we got dressed again, I nodded saying it might be fun, and I gave Emma my mobile number to put in her phone.

The girls left to go back to the main body of the party, leaving me slightly mesmerised. When I had gathered myself, I made my way back too, intending to seek out Evie, or Laura.

I went into the garden to get some fresh air; it was now nearly midnight, and the party was still in full swing. I kept seeing various people in states of undress, and in various compromising positions, but no Evie or Laura.

After a little while I decided to get another drink, and wandered back into the kitchen. Standing near the soft drinks was a tall, elegant, blonde woman, I guess in her late fifties, and who I seemed to vaguely recognise.

I remarked that I needed something non alcoholic to chill out with.

“I’m not surprised after those two girls, Mr Finch.”

I looked puzzled, and slightly guilty, “Oh you saw me. Rather young for me I guess, but how did you know my name?”

“I’m Emma’s mum, and we used to discuss her progress at parents’ evenings!”

If there was a sound for dropping jaws then there would have been a loud crash.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry Mrs Price, Emma, your daughter, oh god sorry, sorry.”

Mrs Price laughed loudly, which I took as a good sign.

“Don’t be silly, I find it amusing. I’ve been single for twenty years now, and I’ve dropped in and out of swinging. I introduced Emma to some of my friends a couple of years ago,

so she knows what’s what. But what a coincidence finding you here. I guess she and Tracey couldn’t resist winding you up.”

“I’m grateful, yes it’s been quite an evening, one I won’t forget in a long time.”

“Well the night is young Mr Finch, and if you’ve had my daughter, then I think you ought to have the mum too!”

My brain thought, “is this really happening?”

I didn’t have time to follow that thought, because Mrs Price took my hand, and led me out canlı casino siteleri of the kitchen, through the garden room, and out into the garden.

“The Andersons, whose party this is, are great friends of mine. They give me certain privileges, follow me, and be careful where you walk.”

The moon was bright, and I followed her through a gap in a hedge, and round a corner to where there was a small patio, and a summerhouse. Mrs Price produced a key, and we entered. Inside was a fully furnished space, with table and chairs, and a large sofa.

Locking the door behind her she said, “We don’t want to be disturbed.”

She stepped towards me, and I caught the smell of expensive perfume as she put her arms around my neck.

“Shall we see if I match up to my daughter,” and then kissing me she told me, “Get undressed.”

There was enough light from the moon for me to strip off, and put my clothes on the table.

“I can’t go on calling you Mrs Price can I, what’s your name?”

“Actually I thnk it’s a bit of a turn on using Mrs Price, and Mr Finch, it’s fun. Sit down on the sofa and enjoy.”

I did as I was told, and in the moonlight I watched as Mrs Price reached behind her neck, unzipping her dress, and letting it fall to the floor. I caught my breath. This evening continued to surprise.

She stood there in black bra, black lace panties, black suspender belt, and black lace topped stockings.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” I couldn’t help blaspheming. ” Mrs Price, you are sex on legs.”

“Hmmmmmmm, well let’s see if you can fuck me like sex on legs.”

Mrs Price knelt on the sofa beside me, and leaning forward kissed me. Her mouth opened and our tongues played, the taste of her lipstick acting like an aphrodisiac. I reached behind her, and unclipped her bra, her breasts tumbling out, so that I could stroke the soft skin, and the erect nipples.

She slipped between my legs, and on her knees on the floor, placed her breasts around my cock, and started to titty fuck me. I could see her face looking up at me, and so I kissed her again. I deided that it was my turn to be assertive.

“Ok Mrs Price, Mr Finch is going to see how obedient you are. Hopefully better behaved than your daughter. Stand up.”

“Oh Mr Finch, I might be naughtier than her.”

Standing up I told her to bend over.

The sound of my palm on her lace covered ass echoed round the summerhouse.

“Ouch,” and then another, “Ouch,” as my hand landed on her other cheek. “Mr Finch, oooooh that hurts.”

“Just a taste of what happens to naughty girls if they step out of line.” As I said that, I slid the black panties down her thighs, and they dropped to the floor.

She was still bending over, her hands on her knees. “Spread your legs Mrs Price, I want to feel your pussy.”

I smoothed my hands over the cheeks of her ass, where my slaps had just landed, and from there my fingers slid between her pussy lips into the wetness beyond.

There was a gasp, followed by a louder gasp, and a moan as I pushed my cock inside.

My thighs were pressing against her buttocks, and I gripped her hips pulling her onto me.

I started to thrust forwards, both of us grunting like two animals in the dark.

“Mr Finch, Mr Finch, I’m cumming, god yes, I’m cumming, fuck, fuck,…fuck.”

Mrs Price’s legs started to buckle, and it was all I could do to hold her up. My cock slipped out, and I turned her around, and laid her back on the sofa, before plunging my cock back into her pussy.

“Oh god Mr Finch, don’t stop, fuck me harder,” Mrs Price’s hips were rising up to meet me so hard that I was finding it difficult to hold on. Gripping the back of the sofa, I pumped harder.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming again. Mr Finch, make me cum again.” And she did. She shouted at the top of her voice, “Mr Finch!”

The pure carnal violence was enough to start me cumming. As I began to spurt, Mrs Price’s thrusting upwards caused my cock to slip out of her pussy, and the second, and third spurts of semen shot up over her tummy, and breasts. As the rest of my ejaculation seeped out I pushed my cock back into her pussy. The semen on her breasts smeared itself on both our bodies, the characteristic perfume of sex mixing with our perspiration.

We both collapsed, and kissing each other softly, I heard Mrs Price say, “Oh my god Mr Finch, you certainly know the science of sex, I want more lessons.”

It took a few minutes for both of us to recover, and finally we got dressed.

“Mr Finch, that was fantastic, I really would like to see you again, would you give me your number?

“Yes, I’d like to see you again, you are such a very sexy lady.”

We left the summerhouse, and made our way back inside.

The first people we bumped into were Emma and Tracey. They took one look at us, and Emma said, “Mum you haven’t?”

Mrs Price just smiled, and Emma and Tracey started to giggle yet again.

I left Emma and Tracey with their mum, and in the lounge I found Laura and Evie who told me that they had spent the evening with Evie’s accountant friend and two other guys. Jimmy joined us a little later, and we all got the taxi back to Laura’s.

We were all exhausted, but thoroughly satisfied.

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