Just Another Day at the Office Ch. 04

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When Danial awoke in the morning he looked to his wife Janice and found her still being fucked by one of his friends from his university days. Five of them had dropped in the evening before; luckily his daughter Kimberly was staying with a friend as his friends had been fucking Janice and himself since they arrived.

Janice appeared to be sleeping as she was shafted but his friend said “The slut passed out again!”

Danial said “Awake or passed out she’s still a good fuck, eh?”

His friend replied “Fuck yeah, I’ve never known a bitch to take so much cock and keep coming back for more, you sure scored well marrying this cunt and I have to say and don’t take it the wrong way but I’d sure love to fuck the shit out of your daughter, she’s a dead set fox!”

Danial reclining on his pillow as he watched his wife being fucked said, “No that’s alright mate, I know what you mean. I’m her Father but it hasn’t escaped my attention how much she’s blossomed.” He wasn’t going to tell his buddy that he regularly gave his daughter a thorough shafting in her pussy or arse or how well she sucked cock.

As he lay there watching, another of his friends lifted and pushed his legs back before sliding his cock easily up Danial’s receptive arse and started a leisurely fucking motion.

Danial said “Ah man, I could wake up like this every day, you guys are staying for a week right?”

His friend said “We’d love too but we’re actually catching a cruise ship today, It’s an adults only clothing optional cruise. We’re gonna be doing a lot of fucking but we’ll stop in again on the way back.”

When his buddy had filled his arse with his morning load, Danial got up and showered and prepared to go to work. Before he left, he kissed his wife goodbye and said to his friends “Help yourselves to Janice and make yourselves at home before you go, I’ll see you when you come back.”

They all said their goodbye’s as they swapped spit in some deep kissing then Danial was off to the office.

His first port of call at work was the security booth where he watched the monitors as one of his day-work security team, Leroy pumped his bowels with a big black cock. He’d been well fucked by his uni buddies overnight which made Leroy’s penetration a bit easier.

Danial lived to fuck women but he still loved being a receiver for hard cock figuring being on the receiving end made him a more attuned for pleasuring the sluts in his life, except for when he was just using an available fuck hole to get off.

With his lower intestine once again brimming with another mans seed he made his way to his office and set to work.

Danial having a spare moment recalled that Becka, the head of Sector G, had failed to make the quota and was due for penalty, so he drafted an email.

He directed the email to the 250 male employee’s in his company; all worked in the building and Danial had been intimate with every one of them. Danial made it a point to only hire bisexual men. He knew women would do anything with any gender once they were warmed up.

“It has come to light that Sector G, has failed to meet the quota, which as you know is an easily attainable minimum for the given time frame.”

Therefore it has been decided at managerial levels that department head Becka Conway is to receive corporate penalty for failure to properly motivate her team.”

I have drafted a roster for all 250 male personnel, with each receiving a half hour window”

“Miss Conway’s punishment will come at the hands of company personnel to remind her that we achieve our goals together.”

Commencing on Monday from 8:00am and continuing on business days until completion, you will all attend Miss Conway’s office and fuck the useless bitch’s arsehole until you unload up her guts.”

“She is to be given no respite no matter what pleas she may make, your task is simple, get in, unload and get out.”

“You have all been rostered according to penis size so that she will be tight for traction as punishment proceeds”

“If during the process any of you are finding difficulty unloading (I imagine the cunt’s arsehole will be a sloppy mess in short order), you may use her vagina or mouth to get results. If so it is imperative that the useless slut does not enjoy herself and under no circumstances should she be allowed to achieve orgasm.”

“I recommend that if Miss Conway shows signs of impending orgasm that you utilise means to prevent her pleasure. Might I suggest, pulling out, roughly casino oyna twisting her nipples or simply slapping the bitch across the face.”

“As usual punishment will be recorded for office playback to inspire others.”

“To those of you who are subordinate to miss Conway, you will wear a mask when you rape her to avoid possible backlash, should she feel so inclined.”

“I will be passing miss Conway’s office on occasion during her penalty so be sure to give this task your best. I know from experience that you have never let me down in this activity.”

“Thank you gentlemen for your attention. I know you are all behind me and I welcome you there.”

Danial’s email was received and responded to enthusiastically by all within twenty minutes.

Danial pondered that in the time his company had existed, he had only ever instigated corporate punishment three times, and it had to be said that those three employees were the best performers on his payroll, each recovering from their penalty and bouncing back stronger and only one had been hospitalised with anal bleeding. He was justly proud of his managerial skills.

Just thinking about the pain and torment that arse slut Conway was going to endure had Danial barred up and his erect penis throbbed painfully in his pants.

He got up and went into his en-suite rest room, Yui the Japanese rest room attendant started do say “Can I help you Danial-sa…” as Danial slapped her across the face.

The diminutive girl yelped in shock and slumped to the tiled floor, Danial flipped her onto her hands and knees and brutally shoved his whole cock up her dry snatch, satisfied as the little Japanese girl screamed at the penetration.

Danial fucked the wailing young girl until she started to juice up then pulled out. He stood up and relaxed over her until he started pissing on her, that was her job after all. Having emptied his bladder, he zipped up and said “That’s for your country’s treatment of China you fucking yellow filth!” and he returned to his office.

Using the intercom he summoned Lucas and Tracy to his office. Lucas arrived first and Danial ushered him over beside his chair and proceeded to extract and suck on the young man’s cock. His own cock was still throbbing, as yet unsatisfied.

When Tracy walked in the office, she stood before the desk, saying nothing about the blatant homosexual behaviour before her. Danial had Lucas sit on his desk and bent over to resume his blow job and said “Eat my arse Tracy, fingers and tongue!” Tracy crouched behind her boss and parting his cheeks commenced eating the hairy and musty cleft, probing her tongue into her employers sphincter.

Lucas moaned in pleasure at the feeling around his cock as it was expertly felated,

When Tracy had both her thumbs in his arse ring, gaping him and stabbing into the ring with her tongue, “Danial said “Lube, slut!”

Tracy started hocking up saliva and spitting into Danial gaped arse ring, it was truly a spectacle to behold and Danial would enjoy replaying the scene at home as he fucked his wife or daughter.

Danial stood up and rearranged the two, saying, “Tracy on your back on the desk.” The young girl quickly shed her skirt and blouse leaving only stocking and heels and lay atop the desk.

Danial stepped between her legs and pushed deep into her cunt. When his balls were resting against her flesh he said, “Okay Luke, let me feel everything you’ve got.

Lucas positioned himself behind Danial and pushed his nine and a half inches slowly to the hilt in his boss’s arsehole. Once they were skin to skin, he leaned into the penetration and assumed a stance for better leverage then started shafting, enjoying the snug fit of his employers butt.

As Danial was fucked by Lucas he sucked and chewed on Tracy’s ample tit flesh, saying “Ohhh fuck I love your tits, Tracy, they’re great to suck on and I love blowing a load on them.”

Tracy said “Thank you sir, I’m glad I can be of service to you, the only reason for my existence is to be a ready fuck for men.”

Danial said “True, women are a waste of space when they’re not taking cock, though females are good for cooking and cleaning so your worth having around.”

Turning to Lucas he said “Pull back and just leave the head in.” Lucas obliged and Danial started to fuck Tracy, as he pulled back he impaled himself on Lucas before pushing back into Tracy and sliding back up Lucas’s cock.

Danial rode Lucas, exercising his sphincter slot oyna muscles in the process as he drove in and out of Tracy’s now dripping snatch. He loved fucking this way, enjoying the best of both worlds and he felt gratified when Tracy tensed up and started gushing from her cunt, squirting around his rampant tool just as Lucas started grunting behind him and unleashing a river of sperm up his receptive arse tract.

The double stimulation felt amazing and Danial started to cum hard, it felt as though he were pissing semen into Tracy’s convulsing cunt, the ropes were being jettisoned from his balls so fast.

Danial pulled out of Tracy, impaling himself once again on Lucas’s cock and said “Thank you Luke, you may eat Tracy’s cream-pie.” the young man leaned between her legs and started slurping away at the sticky mess there.

Danial put one foot up on the desk and positioned his bottom over Tracy’s face and said “Eat bitch.” he felt the girls tongue snake around his battered ring hole with the sound of swallowing soon after. When he felt she’d finished he got off the desk. He said, Good work Luke; Tracy be a good slut and clean our cock’s.” Standing next to Luke he made out with the younger man as Tracy dutifully sucked all traces of their coupling from the glistening cock meat before her.

When they were both clean Danial said “Thank you both, you may return to your work.”

Lucas said “Sure thing boss.”

Tracy said “Yes sir, thank you for letting me be of use to you.”

After such satisfying sex Danial needed to piss again and went back into his rest room. The young Japanese girl Yui flinched as he came near her and Danial said “Calm down you geisha slut, I only slapped you before because you’re a filthy piece of immigrant trash. Now get on your fucking knees so I can piss down your worthless Asian throat and if you don’t drink it all, there’ll be trouble.

Danial inserted his cock head in her mouth and started urinating, Yui opened her throat and allowed the pungent acidic fluid to fill her stomach. When Danial’s flow stopped she sucked on the softened meat to extract any remaining drops and said “Thank you Danial-san, for keeping me in my place, it is my honour to serve you!”

Danial went to the sink and washed his hands, he looked back at Yui then spat in her face. She looked back at him with his saliva speckling her face and said Thank you Danian-san.” he returned to his office.

Setting to work once again it was just before lunch time when he summoned Chastity, Lucy and Georgia to his office. When the three ladies presented before his desk, without looking up from his work he said “Go over to the lounge and have lezzo sex, I want something to watch as I ponder a few issues here.”

The girls went and sat down, two started Frenching while the third started to unbutton blouses and suck on nipples, soon enough they were all in varying states of undress and the office was full of moans and whimpers as fingers and tongues delved and caressed.

When Danial next glanced over two were in a sixty nine while the other was giving a rim job. He took a moment to admire the lithe toned limbs of the three beautiful women and he felt satisfied that there were no ugly fat cunts in his employ. All the women kept themselves in shape with controlled diet and exercise to be most sexually appealing as stated in their contract.

Suddenly Danial was inspired and drafted an email to his female personnel, it read “Ladies, Please be advised that from here on Tuesday of every week in Winter will be ‘Tits Out Tuesday’. So dress down accordingly during that season.”

Danial was now looking forward to Winter and all the magnificent tits and erect nipples that’ll be on show. He felt very lucky to be in charge of his perfect world.

As he watched the three women engaging on his lounge he drafted another e-mail. He chose twenty of his male employees at random with this instruction “Assess your work area and identify the female most distant from your position. Attached you will find a directive from me, print out this page and hand it to the female. When she has read it, fuck the bitch any way you want for the next hour, then return to work.”

With that sent out he took the list of names and went for a walk to the various offices to see what was transpiring. At the first he found a typist on her knees being skull fucked and obviously not enjoying it.

At the seventh office he visited he couldn’t initially see any action but when he canlı casino siteleri looked further he found Marie the department head bent over her desk being slam fucked by one of the Junior staff members. Danial thought ‘Wow, the bitch must have been pretty hard on him because he is holding nothing back’ the young man was fucking her that hard that her desk had been pushed across the room and was hard up against the wall as he pounded into her.

The sounds Marie was making were plainly ones of discomfort. Danial glanced at his watch and thought ‘You’ve only had twenty minutes so far Marie and I’d say you’ll get arse reamed and have your face painted before this is over. It may teach you a lesson on how to manage people.’

As Danial witnessed each coupling under his directive he saw acts of passion through to mild brutality, he saw one young girl being fucked by a black guy and each time she whimpered or moaned he’d slap her face, tits or hips. Not hard enough to cause bruising, he wouldn’t condone that behaviour, but certainly hard enough for shock value.

The things Danial observed had made him hard, so he grabbed a girl in the elevator, pressed the emergency stop button and with no explanation, bent her over, whipped up her skirt and started fingering her twat. When she was wet enough he started fucking her.

He knew her of course but he couldn’t quite place her name, not that it mattered.

He slid in and out of the girl steadily for ten minutes, changing his rhythm and depth of stroke. He made her cum a couple of times before he pushed her to the floor in the corner and stroked himself off, cumming in streams all over the hapless young girl.

He flicked the last of his seed from his dripping cock in her direction and zipped himself up, as he hit the start button on the elevator. As it pinged on his floor and the doors opened he said “Thanks cunt.” and he walked out before eleven men and women walked in seemingly unconcerned about a dazed, half naked young women on the floor covered in cum.

Back in his office Danial paused from his work and phoned his wife Janice.

Janice recognised her husbands private office number and answered the phone “Hello this is ‘cum-slut-whore’ speaking!”

Danial said “Hey babe, I was just thinking how much I enjoyed having all the guys in bed with us last night and I thought that while Chantelle is staying with friends that I might bring home some of the office staff for more orgy action, what do you think?”

Janice said, “Yes please honey, but invite at least six guys and as many girls as you want, I want three guys in me all the time. I so enjoyed having all your uni friends up me.”

Danial said, “Yes it was great, okay I’ll tee it up. Did the guys get away alright?”

Janice said “I guess so, truth is I woke up covered in cum with more leaking out of my pussy and arse and they were gone.”

Danial said “Fuck babe, you’re the nastiest slut I know, the boys really enjoyed using you, they were impressed with your sex drive.”

Janice replied “Well of course honey, it’s what bitches are good for!”

Danial said “Okay slut guts, I’ll see you this evening. I know ‘tellies not coming home but call her and tell her you and I are having a fuck-fest just in case.”

Danial hung up the call and then searched through his company directory until he had located seven guys who were at least 9 inches hard and seven girls with double-D tits figuring big cocks and big tits would be the most fun.

His plans had made him horny again and he didn’t want to waste another load so he summoned three guys to his office. When the men arrived he had them all sit on the lounge and he got on his knees and blew them each in turn, loving the huge mouthfuls of creamy cum they fired down his throat.

He sent the guys back to work and drafted an email to that nights guests.

“This message is a directive that you will be required as guests tonight at the Shaftbury home for a night of debauched and depraved sexual activity.”

“Refreshments and sleeping arrangements will be available.”

Please congregate in meeting room D at days end.”

Danial CC’d all in the message so each could see who else was invited, then he sent a message to Janice including pictures of all those invited. He could well imagine his slut wife would be creaming herself over the pictures. The pictures of his employees were staged pictures of them in certain poses. The men were naked and oiled to highlight their ripped muscles and erect cocks.

The women’s pictures were in lewd and revealing lingerie, spread eagle and laying back fully exposed. All highly erotic. Danial perused the pictures himself, it would be another great night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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