Just Being Neighborly

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Rita logged onto Craigslist, clicked on “Casual Encounters,” filled out the required information, then sat back and thought about how exactly her ad should read.

She already knew that “women seeking men” got more hits than any other category. But since there were so many semen hunters out there—women who loved to suck cock and eat the fruits of their labors—her ad had to be enticing enough to attract even the fussiest connoisseur of bukkake.

Rita took a deep breath, then began typing.


“Flirty, curvaceous blond with cupcake tits, a rock-and-roll caboose, and dynamite legs seeks pro-sex sperm donors for backyard bukkake. Must be cut, clean, disease-free and multi-orgasmic. No druggies, winos, or geriatrics (sorry Dad). Looks, race, or body type not important; stamina is. My goal: to become absolutely drenched from head to toe in your secret sauce. Yum! Refreshments provided. Safe suburban environment. All parties sworn to discretion. Send particulars, and let’s get this party started!!”

The ad seemed a little wordy, but Rita hit “submit” on her computer screen and immediately felt her pulse quicken. Jesus, she’d actually gone and done it! She’d invited a posse of strange men to her modest stucco tract house so that they could violate her naked body with what she hoped would be oodles of warm, syrupy cum. The very thought caused her to shiver with pleasure.

But what would the neighbors think? Well, who gave a fuck? There was no brow-beating Home Owner’s Association to worry about. And besides, she was a free, white, thirtyish single female with a healthy libido, and she had every right to express it in whatever way she chose. So there.

Hell, she might even tell Jan, her next-door neighbor, just to get a rise out of her. Poor thing, her husband Tom was cut down in that stupid Afghanistan war and was now confined to a wheelchair. Jan had confided to Rita that she could still get him off with her mouth or her hand, but when it came to getting something for herself she was left to her own devices—the kind that took double-A batteries.

So maybe she should invite Jan to the party! How hot would that be if the two of them, conventional suburbanite women who paid taxes, put out the flag on holidays, and kept their lawns neatly groomed, got defiled inside a circle of masturbating horn dogs? Corrupting the neighbor lady would only add to the excitement!

Rita couldn’t sleep that night, even after rubbing one off, which usually did the trick. She was too keyed up by the fantasy she’d created, and though she’d vowed not to check her email inbox until the following day, she felt like a kid at Christmas unable to wait for Santa.

Would anyone actually answer her ad? Or was her idea too twisted for even the horniest guys out there? Fuck it, she had to find out.

At 4:00 a.m. she fired up the computer and braced herself for rejection. But what she found instead was just the opposite—her inbox was overflowing with responses! There really was a Santa Claus!

Her eyes darted across the screen, trying to take in everything at once. Some men asked if they could fuck her, but only after she was covered in semen. Other men wanted to piss on her while she sucked cock. The idea intrigued her, but it wasn’t part of the plan.

There were even a few guys whose only interest was in licking up all the ejaculate from her body when the party was over. These guys were clearly unclear on the concept. This was her kink, not theirs.

Rita even got replies from a few women. While her heart hammered in her chest and she felt herself becoming moist underneath her flimsy nightie, she read them. Most asked if they could join in, and congratulated her for her sex-positive, go-girl initiative. A few asked if they could simply sit on the sidelines and bring themselves to orgasm while they watched.

One crusty old broad who identified herself as “Granny Pervert” asked if the guys could cum a second time into a pair of her double-wide panties, which she wanted to wear all the next day. Go granny!

All told, Rita counted 137 replies, and the ad wasn’t even a day old! Assuming that she could weed out the creeps and weirdoes and impotent pretenders, that still left plenty of men to reach her goal of two dozen.

Twenty-four men playing with themselves in her own backyard—what a trip! She closed her eyes and with growing arousal imagined the scene that she hoped would play out on her lush lawn inside her high fences. The sun would be shining. The birds would be chirping. And a shitload of sexed-up men would be grunting and groaning and crying out as they came on her face.

Mother, Rita thought, you’ve raised a very dirty girl.

The following day Rita asked Jan over for coffee and croissants. She was anxious to let her neighbor in on her debaucherous plan, but she needed to gauge the woman’s temperature first. If Jan ran as hot as Rita did it would be smooth sailing. casino oyna If not, then she would have to take matters—and multiple cocks—into her own hands.

“You’ve invited how many strange men to your house? And what the heck is bukkake anyway? Is that like croquet or something?”

Rita laughed. “Jan, honey, when is the last time you’ve been seriously fucked, and I mean fucked damn well?”

Jan choked on her coffee. “I don’t see how that’s any of your business. Besides, ever since Tom’s injury I haven’t even had time to think about, you know, doing it.”

“Bullshit,” Rita said, smiling pleasantly as she took Jan’s hand. “We’re no different than men. We have desires. We have urges. That’s why I want you to come to my party. You of all people deserve it, girl.”

“To your bukkake party? I’m sorry, but I still don’t know what that is.”

“Don’t watch much porn, huh? Let me ask you something, Jan, woman to woman.”

“What?” Jan said, looking visibly uncomfortable.

“Do you like semen? Now before you answer, I’m not talking about the thimbleful of spunk you probably milk from Tom’s cock. No offense intended. No, what I’m talking about is getting marinated in so much sperm that you stick to the lawn furniture.”

Jan looked at Rita with open-mouthed disbelief. “You can’t be serious. You mean that’s the reason you’ve asked all those men over?”

“Pretty incredible, huh? And get this—one’s a cop and one’s a firefighter. Wouldn’t you love to see some firehouse hottie wanking off while you’re sucking the cock of officer whoever?”

“This is insane, Rita. You’re insane. These guys could be criminals or rapists. Or pimps looking to kidnap you! You can’t trust anyone online these days.”

Rita took a sip of her coffee, then crossed her tanned legs and gazed out the sliding glass door into the backyard. “Right out there, Jan,” she said, gesturing toward her well-manicured lawn, which was surrounded by a beautiful rose garden. “That’s where it’s all going to happen. Think of it. You and I stretched out on lawn chairs looking downright fuckable as the boys come filing in through the gate.”

Jan was silent for a long moment, but her prurient curiosity had been piqued. “They’ll be nervous, won’t they? They’ll be looking around to see if they’ve been set up, maybe even caught in an FBI sting.”

“Yes Jan,” Rita said. “There hearts will be pounding. Beads of perspiration will be running down their necks. But despite all that their cocks will already be swelling and pressing against their flies, and the lure of hot, filthy sex with a couple of wanton women will be too powerful to resist.”

Jan sighed longingly. “We’ll watch them undress, won’t we?”

“Hell yes!” Rita said. “We’ll ogle the fuck out of them. And who knows, maybe you and I will already be naked. And maybe we’ll even be masturbating while we watch them peel off their clothes. Do you know what the sight of a masturbating woman does for a man’s cock? It’s visual Viagra!”

Jan had closed her eyes and was imagining all the vile, degrading things she and Rita could do and have done to them. “Yes, she said. “Go on.”

Rita put down her coffee cup and stood abruptly. “I can’t. Talking about this is just too difficult because I’m… I’m just so fucking…”

“Horny?” Jan said. “I know. I am, too. I thought after Tom got hurt that I’d learn to live without sex, but right now you’ve got me so wet that I’m going right home and have that invalid husband of mine eat me out from his wheelchair.”

“Well hello kitty! Then I’ll see you on Wednesday? Around one? You do enjoy the feel of a warm, throbbing, spurting penis in your mouth, don’t you?”

Jan giggled. “In high school when we used to suck guys off under the bleachers and let them cum in our mouths, we called it cock gravy. And every guys cum tasted different. Once we even had this party where the girls were blindfolded and had to guess whose cock belonged to which cum.”

“Why you filthy little tramp,” Rita said. “You were born for bukkake Now all you have to on Wednesday is make yourself pretty, tell Tom that you’re going to a Tupperware party, then come on over and we’ll drive the little boys wild.”

Tuesday night was another sleepless one for Rita. She tossed and turned, thinking about the day’s events to come. Had she chosen well? She was pretty sure she’d eliminated the losers, like the guys who sent her pictures of their junk. Not that she didn’t love looking at them, but it seemed a little too look-at-me presumptuous.

And what about Jan? Was she totally invested in the fantasy, or had Rita’s cock talk only gotten her momentarily hot-and-bothered? It was probably a good idea that she had called Jan and asked her to come over at 11 a.m. instead of 1 p.m.

“Why so early?” Jan had asked, sounding more eager than Rita had expected.

“Well, not that we need any mood enhancers, but I thought we could shave each other’s pussys to get our juices flowing. slot oyna Just think of it as a sisterly bonding act.”

Jan didn’t immediately respond, but Rita could hear heavy breathing over the phone. Finally she said, “You’re scandalous. You’re very immoral. And what’s weird is that I’m starting to like that about you.”

“So I’ll see you around eleven-ish?”

“I’ll be there. And I’ll bring my own razor.”

By Wednesday noon everything appeared ready. After showering together Rita and Jan took turns sitting their fleshy bottoms on the bathroom’s marble vanity and had their pussys lathered up and shaved to a baby-smooth finish. Then they each put on a pair of sexy summer cut-offs and skanky, strappy tops before dragging out a large metal tub of beer on ice, some chips and cookies, a pile of old bath towels, and several tubes of flavored lubricant.

“Now we wait,” Rita said, tamping down her anticipation with some deep-breathing exercises. “I’m so glad you’re here, Jan. When I think about it, if I’d had to swallow the loads of twenty-four men multiple times, they would have had to wire my jaw shut afterwards. This way we can both get a bellyful of cum without ending up in the hospital.”

Jan smiled. They were sitting in the sun on lawn chairs, feeding off each other’s excitement. “I have a confession,” she said. “I decided to be honest with Tom about what I was going to do.”

“You didn’t!”

“Oh, don’t worry—he’s into it. He said it was the nastiest thing he could ever imagine his mousy little housewife doing. In fact, he showed me how to set up the video camera on the tripod, because he wants to watch the tape when I get home. That’s it just poking over the fence, see? Are you upset?”

“Upset? I’ll show you how upset I am.”

Rita got up from her chair and put herself in view of the camera. “I hope he’s rolling,” she said. She lifted her top up over her sumptuous tits and jiggled them, then pinched her nipples and let out an exaggerated groan. “That ought to give him something to jack off to.”

“Oh, Tom will love that. He likes women with more than a handful of tit.”

When Rita returned to her chair the women sat in tense silence while they each nursed their second bottle of beer. Then they heard the metallic clank of the gate being unlatched, and they both sat up straight and joined hands.

“This is it, sister,” Rita said. “They’re here. Are you still with me? Are you still up for putting some strange guy’s marbles in your mouth while he jacks off in your face?”

“More than ever,” Jan said. “I feel like the star of my own porn shoot. Let’s do this.”

The men shuffled uncertainly into the backyard in two’s and three’s in the awkward manner that guys have on first dates. They quickly assessed their surroundings, ready to run at the first sign of trouble. When everything appeared as promised, they relaxed and let their eyes fall on Rita and Jan.

“Help yourselves to a beer, fellas,” Rita said, ever the gracious hostess. “And put yourselves at ease. We’re all here for the same reason—to act out our kinkiest fantasies. Cheers!”

When the last man walked through the gate and shut it securely behind him, Rita whispered to Jan. “Well this is better than fucking Baskin Robbins. We’ve got white cock, brown cock, black cock, even pink cock, judging by that guy’s complexion.”

“And check out that redhead,” Jan whispered back. “I’ll bet he’s got a freckled one.”

“Okay, neighbor—get ready to get spunked on.”

After beer and brief introductions, Rita and Jan positioned the men so that they formed a lopsided circle in full view of the barely noticeable camera. Then Rita stepped into the center of it and gave each man a quick once-over. Some of the guys were tall, some were very good-looking, and some were neither. There were pudgy ones, stout ones, and some who clearly spent lots of time at the gym. Most had short, close-cropped hair or completely shaved skulls, but a couple wore ponytails and earrings.

“Not a bad crew,” Rita said as the men eagerly undressed her with their eyes. “And I’m sure your wives and girlfriends know exactly what you’re up to, right?”

The men chuckled nervously and stared at their shoes.

“Well first, thank you for coming. And later I hope to be thanking you for cumming. Because, as my ad suggested, this little get-together is all about me and my desire to get bathed in that precious, goopy stuff that squirts out of your little spigots.”

“Who says their little?” one man said, getting a big laugh.

Another man, a tall, muscular guy with a brush mustache who Rita was convinced was the firefighter said, “Where have you been all my life?”

Rita motioned for Jan to step inside the circle. “As an added bonus,” she announced, “let me introduce my terribly naughty neighbor, who we’ll just call Madam X. Madam X, do you have anything to say to the boys before we begin?”

Jan blushed like a canlı casino siteleri schoolgirl, then spun in a slow circle to check out the quarter-acre of male flesh that encircled the two women. Then, to Rita’s pleasant surprise, she hooked her thumbs under her Love Pink top and flicked it over her head, revealing smallish but still very perky tits. Thanks to the already sexed-up atmosphere in the backyard, her pointy nipples were engorged, and this gave Rita a sudden inspiration.

“How would you guys like to see me suckle my neighbor’s titties? Yeah?”

The men answered with a rowdy chorus of Fuck yeahs!

Rita rested her hand on Jan’s bare shoulder, and while her petite neighbor stiffened under her touch she bent low and completely engulfed one of Jan’s tits while she tweaked the opposite nipple with a thumb and forefinger. Some guy let out a whoop. Another one groaned with satisfaction. Jan mewled softly under Rita’s exploring tongue, and the women could see some of the men grabbing at their crotches. This was a very good sign.

But Rita wanted to provoke the men further. She looked at Jan, and with a dirty-girl gleam in her eye she said, “You’re not by any chance pregnant, are you sweetie? Because there’s nothing I enjoy more than drinking from a woman’s lactating nipple—unless it’s guzzling a milk glass full of fresh semen!”

As Jan’s eyes widened with surprise, Rita made another pass over her saliva-damp areola with the entire length of her tongue. “Oopsie,” she said. “No milk this time.”

Things were definitely heating up. Jan loved the way Rita was toying with the men, feeding their arousal. She felt the delicious power of her own nakedness infecting the men as well. They were growing weak in the knees. Their ability to restrain themselves was breaking down. And because they made her feel so sexy and desirable, her confidence soared.

“I’ve got something to say, gentlemen,” she said.

“Talk to us, sweetheart,” one of the ponytails said.

Jan cocked a hip and tossed back her long, brown hair. “I’m her for the same reason Rita is,” she said. “I want to suck cock. I want to roll your testicles around in my mouth. I want to make you so crazy with desire that you forget your names or where you live. Then, when your fucking cocks are ready to spurt, when you just can’t hold back a second longer, I want to wear your cum like a second skin. I want it in my hair, on my face, running down my ass crack, dripping down my throat. I want you to feed me your cum like honey.”

A stunned silence followed. The men stared at her with glazed eyes and open mouths. Then Rita laughed and said “Seriously! I could not have stated our mission any better. Good job, neighbor. Now the first order of business is to lose our fucking clothes. It’s such a nice day out—let’s get nekkid.”

The men clapped and cheered like they were at a pep rally and quickly undressed while they watched Rita and Jan undress each other. When everyone was finally naked a surge of synched-up sexual energy passed through them like an electric current.

The men closed the circle tighter. Jan and Rita squatted side by side on their haunches, their womanly hips flaring, their butt cheeks unashamedly spread wide open. Rita already felt on the verge of an orgasm—and she hadn’t even touched herself!

She looked around almost in disbelief. It was fucking amazing what she’d accomplished. Twenty-four men had walked in off the street into her cookie cutter backyard, taken off all their clothes, and were now engaged in bringing their cocks to life in whatever way could make them hard. Forehanded, backhanded, cupping their balls, choking their cockheads—the guys were really getting after it!

Rita took Jan’s hand and whispered in her ear. “Let’s give these jackoffs some added inspiration.”

“What do you mean? They look pretty inspired already.”

“I know. But still it would be fun if…”

“If what?”

“If we licked each other’s pussys.”

“Oh my God, are you serious? I’ve never, you know…”

“Eaten pussy? It’s easy. And it’s so good. Just do the things to me that you like having done to you. Remember, you’re doing this for Tom, too. And nothing excites guys more than a little girl-on-girl action.”

The backyard had grown eerily quiet, as if the men were loitering inside a dirty book store. Their brows were furrowed in masturbatory concentration. They stared at their hardening cocks or simply out into space, honoring the Guy Code of not meeting each other’s eyes.

Rita coaxed Jan to lie on her back in the cool grass, then told her to raise her knees and spread her legs. Then Rita lowered her ass over Jan’s face until her lubricated slit was inches from her neighbor’s mouth.

The men watched as intently as if they were at a sporting event. Rita pried open Jan’s swollen vulva, then lapped hungrily at the exposed inner lips, smacking her own as she relished the taste of her neighbor’s cunt. She chewed indecently on the hot pink folds of pussy flesh while Jan writhed and moaned beneath her. Then she sucked Jan’s engorged clit into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it while she buried two fingers into her wet cunny.

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